Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Sade Baderinwa ...

 October 10, 2023. Please? 

    So before leaving Washington your mental image turned somewhat blue. + white lipstick a surprise. But Brown Eyes, your pupils are brown too? 
So of course, typical man, & woman, we made it to your monument placing. Where the 1914 Suffragette March went for speeches and I sat, wondering how I look bunched up in your winter hat in your bag? 
    Well, anyway. Quite the elucidating trip taking in Wilmington, Baltimore and the nation's capital back to Wilmington. Obvious. All the nation has to do is concede to idolizing the car, Robert Moses and the right to be forgiven for destroying the world is too presumptuous. If companies offer carbon free in another generation, it's hiding from over TWO GENERATIONS of outright malfeasance in this regard. 
    It's not oh no global warming whenever. It's over unless things gone wrong are fixed. Every car could be electric. GAS INDUSTRY devoted to destroying the world is just arrogant denial that needs off ALL OUR A___S. Murderers no matter how much luxury conforms our polished eyes to accepting killing each other arrogantly in our cars on top of selfishly destroying the earth. Well at least insurance pays itself well enough to lie to ourselves about what our percentages really mean beyond money. SELFISH ARROGANCE! 
    And so in the continuing saga of my saying little or nothing more about the obvious deniability of my being scapegoated and blacklisted by the corporate giant uber through their UBEREATS Division that combined with the other apps to destroy the bicycle as an efficient delivery system for food in New York City. More efficient motorbikes? Faced with actual responsibility for turning their backs on an obvious CLOCKWORK ORANGE atmosphere on the city streets. Well no. The Supreme Court says corporations should deny ethics like any other entity as self entitled as their corrupt selves. 
    WHY DON'T YOU ALL GO WHITHER WAVING FROM THE GRANDSTANDS, you outright polished IDIOCY idolizing the worst CHIEF JUSTICE ever! The friend of the worst BLACK MAN EVER on the SUPREME COURT! Blame my hating you? Screwballs. You're the ones stuck lying only yourselves!
    Nope, no way. State, App companies that dominated programmers to faze out competition for labor couriers established 50 years ago. No one's fingers able to lift what exploiting independent contractors can destroy. The promise,  made tregedy just calculating money in the form of OUTRIGHT CHARADES! 
    UBER can say no one told them specifically we COURIERS  were watching for their specific sin. But obviously enough lawyers or near enough ones knew in my just walking away jobless, in disgust, months ago while the uber app bellows bring your useless to yourself back!
    So New York State and Uber will sit on their hands and volleyball money and food will arrive eventually and everyone can say if only we didn't pretend there wasn't a problem chiseling the labor that made the system work right once. 
    Customers were right stopping tipping. Unethical people made that happen. Started with rates that might not have needed tipping. Oh well, as written earlier it's acknowledged I/WE were just waiting for the collapse. It worked. Why collapse it? They didn't care and the State won't be that energetic in bureaucratic lethargy THAT DOMINATES THE COMMERCE AND STATE Bureaucracies. Go ahead spend more on republicans lying they're not the worst bureaucrats ever on both sides of the line.  
    ANYWAY. Far fetched as this sounds? In Delaware I saw a courier company, open all night, still carrying lawyer stuff for that solvent local business. Carry other stuff, but digitization changed carrying photos. But certain things? 
    Well. Seems this major Revolutionary War city, where Americans retreated, to strengthen, still has bicycles delivering. Obviously uber spent money to attack New York. These three cities they're probably just carving up the suburbs promising what's left of the malls or whatever as if they could care sitting back and waiting on the digits doing the perpetual work of hiding people who think exploitation's just fun gotten away with.
    Filled out an application with the company last week. Basically rudderless because real estate overpriced just getting by ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. I was heading south, but a plan worth thinking about.
    I can be in New York easily or vice-verse, and maybe rotate with empty storefronts to put my films in the window for the nightly theater crowd etc and outlet for courier artists, through the years, to commercially show. 
    Here's the kicker, if I see gumption. Apps don't own the copyright on how they choose closest to pick up food etc. Known for years, but how to create the infrastructure. Couriers have done this in little ways working with restaurants. 
    I think Downtown Wilmington that closes early, would benefit if the lawyers received dinner etc with the important printed work they still receive. Not like these wholesalers acting like grocery stores with deliveries. But the whole downtown working together. Pharmacies taking turns when available. 
    Problem, supplying the reaches of the suburbs? Won't. Idea is to support the businesses. Unlike the apps that charged a percentage that restaurants absorbed unable to pass to customers. Customers pay for it. If not, doesn't work. Economy goes weird & an uber court-fired EXEC(s) delivers food as franchises out of mobile homes? Near enough ethicless. Competition-wise why not. But uber creator, historically you're just s___. Nice in retrospect knowing uber hated me more than I hated them. Cool.
    Competition is right. But people need to wonder why is it so important to not be judged based on ethics anymore? And that crap was elected president once pretending being stupid is strong.

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