Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Fixing America, That Started Before The Revolution, Needs Actual Effectiveness NOW

My favorite late afternoon thing to do is write, in the grass, with the Geese in the Joe Biden Wilmington Riverside Park. 
    Quite an elucidating trip taking in Wilmington, Baltimore and the nation's capital back to Wilmington NOW till the 11:30 train tonight. Obvious how embedded the future's problems are. All the nation has to do is concede to idolizing the car, Robert Moses and the right to be forgiven for destroying the world is too presumptuous. If companies offer carbon free in another generation, it's hiding from over TWO GENERATIONS of outright malfeasance in this regard. Court of irreversible opinion.
    It's not oh no global warming, whenever? What? Over unless wrong things are fixed. Every car could be electric. GAS INDUSTRY devoted to destroying the world is just arrogant denial that needs off ALL OUR A___S. Murderers no matter how much luxury conforms our polished eyes to accepting killing each other arrogantly in our cars, remains atop the selfishly destroyed planet. Our GOD given World. Well, at least insurance pays itself well enough to lie well enough behind hiding behind money. SELFISH ARROGANCE! 
    And so in the continuing saga of my saying little or nothing more about the obvious deniability of my being scapegoated and blacklisted by the corporate giant uber through their UBEREATS Division that combined with the other apps to destroy the bicycle as an efficient delivery system for food in New York City. More efficient motorbikes? Faced with actual responsibility for turning their backs on an obvious CLOCKWORK ORANGE atmosphere on the city streets. Well no. The Supreme Court says corporations should deny ethics like any other entity as self entitled as their corrupt selves. 
    WHY DON'T YOU ALL GO WHITHER WAVING FROM THE GRANDSTANDS, you outright polished IDIOCY idolizing the worst CHIEF JUSTICE ever! The friend of the worst BLACK MAN EVER on the SUPREME COURT! Blame my hating you? Screwballs. You're the ones stuck lying only about yourselves!
    Nope, no way. State, App companies that dominated programmers to faze out competition for labor couriers established 50 years ago. No one's fingers able to lift what exploiting independent contractors destroyed generations. The promise of proper circulation system? Made tragic tragedy just calculating money in the form of OUTRIGHT CHARADES! 
    UBER can say no one told them specifically we COURIERS  were watching for their specific sin. But obviously enough lawyers, or near enough ones, knew in my just walking away, in disgust, months ago, the apps can just keep smothering their own balls, with their own My Pillows if they insist owning the whole bed is more important than everyone SLEEPING ON IT. IT? Homes on planet EARTH? Hello! How many ways can money be subdivided such that it never reaches the bottom again? Question answered generations ago, Ethicless MODERN MAN. Burgeoning teenage child just ran through the Geese and replied belligerently when told someone should screw with his house. Children you people raise!
    So New York State and Uber will sit on their hands and volleyball money and food will arrive eventually and everyone deny if only we didn't pretend there wasn't a problem chiseling labor out of the system. Pretending figuring's all that's needed for money to work. 
    Customers were right stopping tipping. Unethical people made inadequate service happen. Started with rates that might not have needed tipping. Then oh well, as written earlier, it's acknowledged I/WE were just waiting for the collapse. It worked. Why collapse it? They didn't care and the State won't be that energetic in bureaucratic lethargy THAT DOMINATES THE COMMERCIAL AND STATE Bureaucracies. 
    Go ahead! Spend more on petty republicans lying they're not the worst bureaucrats ever on both sides of the line in cooperation with the Democratic Commercial Empires of New York Republicans are con artists anyway. Propped up with their stupidity alone, among many devious reasons. Giuliani not Democrat, is like Chris Christie ain't Hilary. Both so full of it their eyes roll the depths of a polluted ocean that'll never reveal light. ___holes! 
    Especially that GOLDMAN SACK OF A PUBLICLY FACELESS Witch Wife without the character to even sue ME BITCH! !!!  ME! The Donald Dump loves FREE HELP! 
    I don't care what your name is CHRISTIE WITCH! You're the teammate of that LIAR OF NEW JERSEY LIARS! New Jersey overtaxed pretending it's not designed as socialism for the rich. Encouraging the stupid belligerence so the money just floats where their MurphyBED Governor sniffs it in his sleep. Preparing mentally for burning in HELL with it YOU LYING GOLDMAN SACK of PIECE OF CRAP. 
    WORTHLESS PROPPED UP figurehead of smiling teeth, the public themselves wonder why theirs are so costly and yours not worth the time!
    BITE that shameless nose off with those veneered teeth! ALL OF WALL STREET'S GOLDMAN SACK OF CRAP VIG CONSORTIUM COLLECTORS OF BUTT LICKING LIARS! Buy more presidents to burn in HELL with you! Great Accurate undesirable history you wrote about yourselves. 
    Joe "DuPont" Biden? How many times was your hand poisoned touching Not Hilary Chris Christie's hand. The Token NY Met up Cohen's PILE OF MONEY butt for NOT HILARY'S wife to touch everything the unseen user witch can CAN her CAN on. 
    GOLDMAN SACKS of Crap RULERS don't need her either. They all lie pretending they know anything other than destroying the weak for pleasure, you damnable many times over worthlessly self-rewarded crap sellers of deliberately shady dealing! 
    ANYWAY. Far fetched as this sounds? In Delaware I saw a courier company, open all night, still carrying lawyer stuff for that solvent local business. 
    Well. Seems this Major Revolutionary War city, where Americans retreated, to strengthen, still has bicycles delivering. Obviously uber spent money to attack New York. These three cities they're probably just carving up the suburbs promising what's left of the malls or whatever. As if they could over-all strategize with care, sitting back and waiting on the digits doing the perpetual work of hiding people who think exploitation's just fun gotten away with.
    Filled out an application with the Delaware Company still employing bicycles. Though I'm basically rudderless as real estate overpriced getting by ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Social Security used to pay something for a rented room, that's now just space on the street or your very own line on a list of people society decided marketing as homeless was useful enough. Leaving many discarded so weak it would break any real heart exposing themselves to those truly unfortunate broken fixable lives. 
    Made more sense marketing to levels of money, rather than vouchers so real estate that destroyed economics pretends smiling effectively covers up unfortunate outright deliberate ethicless fraud. No matter how much we'd like to excuse our children's and parents' devious reasonings' faults.
    Denying the truth, Warren Buffett train man? Totalitarian useless piece of chemical carrying garbage. Money donated when you die? Why don't you just stuff it all up BILL GATES YOU BUTT-BUDDY TRASH-PILE! Burn in JP Morgan's MONEY too, dirt bags. 
    Donate when you die! Piss on it NOW! Seriously ____head! WARREN BUFFETT is somehow mistaken who I'm screaming at? Sue me NOW you co-conspirator, above that despicable contractor level, NUT with money. Good luck with that. 
    Toast with your giggly troll friend Billy Gates of IBM Dirtbag Delirium For Putrid Brains Infamy. Leaves garbage of his logged up rhythms all over the INTERNET and retires. Bill Gates hates himself that much folks. Loved his stupid head. Emulate that? 
    What National Security was telling me was a train station isn't a privileged spot for Americans to travel as their time is not similarly wanted as allowed WASTED IN AMERICAN AIRPORTS. You're supposed to remember hippies went to jail defining losing the fight to unTOP-DOWN America. 
    So? SCREW YOU AMERICA that's infuriated power's status as heralded idolatry is exposed! Facing ourselves is the world's only way out, as that Greta Woman repeated again, already near another generation ago. 
    Cops and public are still two citizens, and making a mockery of justice is making sure so many Americans are usefully criminalized that profit is still made from unethical totalitarian control. The Constitution says police are to protect the criminal, to protect the innocent. Not criminalize everything to protect the aristocracy. No? You haven't read.
    On tap lying today, PRESIDENT BIDEN? Hey, Secret Service! Think I'm taunting them? No way. They were riding ACTUAL bicycles in front of The White House. Maybe months away from getting an uber poll asking if they're angry their electric rental bikes cost too much! And you're not a part of separate companies, you know darn well are set up so everything's exploiting as much as possible! 
    I was heading south, but a plan worth thinking about, besides, of course, "NO COMMENT," is Wilmington.
    I can be in New York easily or vice-verse. Want to rotate, with empty storefronts, my films in the window(s) for the nightly theater crowd etc and as outlet for artists to commercially show. Market Street windows are a virtual downtown widow filled gallery show reaching almost near the waterfront past the Train Station.
    Here's the kicker, if gumption. Apps don't own the copyright on apps' ability. Known for years, but how to create a competitive infrastructure. Couriers have done this in small ways working with restaurants ... 
    I think Downtown Wilmington that closes early, as all Delaware does, would benefit with a well regulated properly paid for system of delivery. Just think if THE BURBS had been properly designed. Feeding trains to the line connecting the largest on the Eastern Seaboard. A pattern that might have meant half the problem with choked by gas engines, wouldn't be so obviously self indulgent alone NOW. Beg forgiveness? For pure impudence? Not me.
    A good system would not be these wholesalers acting like grocery stores doing just deliveries. That's not local stores strengthened as apps promised, before undermining owner owned dining all over NEW YORK CITY! But the whole downtown Wilmington working together? Pharmacies taking turns. Suburbs calculated efficiently?
    Problem, supplying the suburbs reaches? Don't. Idea to build support from, is downtown businesses success. Not throw a labyrinth over and say accept failure because no matter how much a disaster is caused by malpractice, the criminality of legal ethiclessness remains covered up. Seriously. Where there's a will, that's a way.
    The apps, as NEW YORK also exploits in real estate enforcing a % of locations' profits on sales. Here to help? Apps charged a percentage on restaurants that restaurants absorbed unable to pass to customers. 
    Customers pay for it is right. If not, doesn't work. Economy twisted weird & an uber court-fired woman objectifying sexist EXEC(s) delivers food FOR THE ALMOST ENTIRE RETAIL FRANCHISE FOOD BUSINESS out of mobile homesNear enough ethicless? Competition-wise, lawyers cooperate. While uber creator, historically you're just ____. 
    Nice in retrospect knowing uber hated me and I found myself left with no voice, though don't precisely hate. Explained, company trapped not giving a ____. Go ahead, state, company, fix something. I already assume it's said both are. When Uber's proven too darn funny destroying me who only wanted to help. That's right. "Bicycle Couriers can you believe these people?" They knowAll left that exploitive idiocy angry. 
    Competition is right. But people need to wonder why so important to not be judged based on ethics anymore? And that crap was elected president once, pretending stupid is strong
Dear Parcels Career Contact, 

Attention Human Resources ... and Vice President ...  as ( ... on Linked identified RETIRED)

I filled out an application at the Wilmington Office last week, and as I've travelled AMTRAK three cities, this past week, and not based in Wilmington, I'm probably not thought worth looking into. But I request at least hearing this letter out. I've delivered on a bicycle 33 years. 

Bobby, earlier today, and I listened to each other a bit. Basically, if I could be fit in, I want to live in Wilmington and work for PARCELS on the bicycle. Wilmington seems to be, so far, curbed from being overrun by kamikaze motorbikes as evolved in New York City. Wilmington, car mecca aside, is a place where I could work. Nice streets for walking at night. PARCELS stood out as worth applying to. 

This is a film I made, including  a 1987 documentary defending bicycle couriers. Likely why I'm not fired by UBEREATS. I was effectively ostracized after the system was improved and THEN leveled off destroying competition for labor among companies established by bicycle couriers 50 years ago. The big two, or so, bought up then exploited the crafting of cheaper to customers right out of the actual work's pockets. Algorythmists carvings into thinking it's fun capitalism destroying labor's cut of the pie. 
    Don't know what's happened to uber's suit to stop eight years of text disclosures that mine should be prominent among. Just ridiculous, but not PARCELS problem. THE NY STATE AND UBER are bureaucratic incapable of pulling together fixing the problem of knowingly calculating failure. HIRE BACK THE PEOPLE THAT HAD IT WORKING! 
    Not PARCELS problem. I am applying for a job. But I don't want "why didn't you tell us" to apply. 
    Basically in NYC, uber paid couriers per hour to wait around and give perfect service. When I walked in for indoctrination, 5 Muslim cab drivers had killed themselves (MEDALLION SCAM debt to city when obvious money dissolved before their dying eyes). 
    I wanted to know how they were justified dominating bicycles. At the end the man who knew looked at me and shrugged his shoulders when I said, "this could work, but they're going to screw it up, aren't they?" See? Know too much for my own good as the saying goes. 
    Anyway. I am a very efficient courier. I've had incidents where months later I remember something that's found something. Better the system works perfectly, but point is I can do the job competently. 
    The plan was back to New York to get my bicycle, then south where it's warmer. But in Wilmington I’m still accessible to New York and if the job fits I can commit to being loyal and punctual. 
    I can promise to last the winter. Technically April-ish. Not that if things aren’t working I can’t stick with it. It’s just realistically a winter promise is sincere. I want to show silent(?) films in one (as many as I can) of those nice empty windows along Market Street that's lined like a nice mall of galleries. The Music and Theater Scene is a good audience for sidewalk theater. 
    As a writer based 38 years in New York City, I still prefer easy access to Manhattan and Wilmington makes sense. Downtown Wilmington as big as it is, has nice small town written underneath how everything is so overpriced for the elite. As has evolved everywhere else the economy's stretched past proportion. 
    I don't want to be a jerk about it, but with 43 adult years on the bicycle - dropped off from a van, or something, means some motion sickness in vehicles for me. I can deal with it, but regularly or excessively isn't efficient. 
    My train to New York leaves tonight, 11:30. Going south or straight to Wilmington to talk or discuss employment I want to do. EVEN IF we are just learning things from each other, that's satisfactory. Don't worry, I find the cadgiest people reveal most shutting up. All I'm told is you still employ bicycles. 
    And this made my life as a writer, (needing a 20-25 hour delivery-week), more significant. However small and humble I could possibly hope to say I remain. 
    And this would be my essay that perhaps somewhat explains why it makes sense to relocate (retreat) to this Revolutionary War Heritage City.  
Sincerely, Malcolm 
Charles M. Fraser 

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