Tuesday, October 10, 2023


    Yes. BIG CON JOB! Perpetual war of resentment in the middle east, nourished centuries of generations. In this case, not facing The Political Opportunist most benefiting from the event - principle Netanyahu. Who with a Defense Minister chest puffs war's the-end-all in discussion with unforgiven Palestinians OR UNFORGIVEN ISRAELIS. Suddenly, really? HAMAS popped off that many more bombs? They'd have fabricated anything on less excuse. FACE SOMETHING. Martyr me forever is like Washington not facing being born living daddy Give Me A Job!

    The country doesn't understand ISRAELIS face down Netanyahu stealing the Supreme Court. NOW he gets to say look what I epitomize again DEFENDING ISRAEL? How GOD Damned convenient? COMPLETELY! HAMAS needs this aggression to maintain meaningful meaning for MUSLIMS! Sponsored by Iran! 

    BULLCRAP! They're all playing keep the idiot game of Netanyahu HATRED! Vindictively carrying out each other's groups budgetary needs. No? ACTUALLY WAKE UP! 

    Because no one stops OUT MARTYRING THE OTHER! We don't GOD DAMNED face anything! 

    Put a Statue to Netanyahu @ Ground Zero and say GOD just be done with us COMPLETE MORONS with no ability to face others and our own deceitful notions!  

    Exploitive fabrication should not be fallen for from EVERY SIDE! 

    How the resentment of centuries keeps wicked people, powerful pretending authoritarianism necessary over an atmosphere fostered in vitriolic hatred. 

    Okay, now a street person's passing who threw a bottle, and followed for a short time a woman who left this business where I'm outside typing. Saw a patrol cop earlier talk to someone. But these are the colder times, of the night, homeless are probably more agitated. Sade, whatever. I observe. I'm a dilettante. The last man, in his voice and eyes, "You're homeless," tickles me as true not the same. I don't have to be. Could have sold my priceless "Advertising legend" Nephew Soul like everyone else. 

    You know what? I've seen you laugh with everyone but me. You are serious, aren't you? I love you ...  

    Anyway, otherwise, ticked committed to working till breakfast and maybe a nod off to meet the employer in the morning. Often I learning isn't getting near what's after. Case in point, meeting Mr. Andrew Wylie. And still learning, 15 years later. While neither of us have actually heard the other laugh. Though I tell him on record about it as he'd confirmed I can keep emailing when we verified he couldn't and I wanted nowhere near the liberal or conservative taint. Like I ever got a choice. MEATHEADS!

    Wouldn't think it? But President Joe Biden's DuPontian Tainted Soul's Fried. River Styx humor? Ha ha. Perpetually forgiven doesn't erase a retribution vacuum is people's mistake. Money skated Joe's Career just as Mitch McConnell is the KENTUCKY SLAVE STATE/Elaine Chiao Daddy Bought Me Jobs and powerful ugly husband power is so important to us. And used to keep spilling oil with DADDFY'S FELLOW ETHIC-LESS ALL OVER THE WORLD. Elect and appoint me Queen, FRAUD.

    Americans screened in Public Sphere where jargon replaced debate as sure as Rush Limbaugh was as fake as Ronald Reagan and as humiliatingly disgusting as Sean Hannity reaming Rupert Murdoch in HELL. But that's how it goes folks. Ruin the world, get called as bad as you worthless people don't deserve to even get to call your worthless selves. Burn in hell. Lucky to vacation in cells. Idiots can't shut up because that's how they hide. 

    Life. Maybe President Biden, bless his "at least not Dump heart," will never un-launder his own self and state Delaware from shallownesses' fiascos. Legal Chemical Warfare Triumphs. The evil NAPALM rising from the historical record, PERMANENTLY! 

    Just as Robert Caro stared me in the eye in our understanding about ROBERT MOSES, a FAT (2) RACIST  Federal Government Agent of the United States of America in Wilmington, Delaware let me see the light of his wicked eye tell me I can't use the train station "as a hotel" since my ticket was for tomorrow nightnat 11:30 PM. How Americans all over the country use airports for this, that our the other reason. But this man contrary to policy, shown me at three stations including WILMINGTON enjoyed enforcing saying the less entitled are an enjoyment authority is entitled to demean. Not you Mr. President? 

    you're all CORPORATE Lawyers conned into a big lie and paid too much to ruin the world you throw money away at pretending to fix it. Your son is perpetually hounded and you have to throw more money into Ukraine because RUSSIAN MONEY was such a valuable investment corroding Hunter's reputation. If he can't run for MOSCOW SENATE expendable, what's politicians to do? Sit on pretending to care.

    The BIDEN NAMED crappy-low-effort high-intensity-security Train Station epitomizes how lying pervades everything. Netanyahu is vomit lying all around us uncleaned up! 

    Biden held responsible for racists Assume racism? Your Secret Service would have me jailed already, five months ago if I were the threat to anyone in this country that that man's evil penetrating eye wanted understood. He and the grunting laid back co-perpetrator included. 

     Why do Americans in your (BIDEN) employ still feel so good about authoritatively explaining no one in America that can't buy me is worth a GOD Damn thing to authoritative me. Biden not responsible? A downtown destroyed- over-built for cars, but so polished is a sign of smooth commercial-political representation. DuPont-Biden time to bury mistakes? Period? Lying's not something to worry whether forgiven or not. Should be seen as encouragement to end selfishness. 

    The easiest homeless situation to solve is in Wilmington based on numbers. How really cheap it is to actually do something if not held back by overpaying ourselves to say we couldn't solve something. Fed a little bit, the homeless fall asleep generally, as does most of the animal kingdom done searching for food today. 

    Me, I'm awake. The homeless have their places to keep warm. I'm standing with a table and convenient high chair. decent light. That's something New Yorkers should scream about. Our streets used to be brighter and safer. What accountant convinced what bank account we should have less light at night. people can be utterly ridiculous. 

    Argue Mr. President? No, no one has to. You could even complain to Rupert Murdoch's pretend enough liberal son. Whatever. However picked just mounds of money the family enjoyed taunting people with that helped ruin me. You deserve them Mr. President. Over the year see where Kamala or you put the woman vice president. Because more Kathy Hochul clones are just more  they may as well be racist for what they've been bought not to face. FRY WITCH!       

    Folks can't historically scapegoat me no matter where I die in America!

 There was never a DETROIT in the NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY. Actually finding the money that spread from building the national asphalt infrastructure that was luxuriously evaporated is fantasy. Face it. Rails are Nineteenth Century and THIS COUNTRY DROPPED THE BALL ON TWO GENERATIONS OF EVOLVING MONORAIL TECHNOLOGY ETC. 

    America paid for Detroit's being scapegoated as hiding all the money in the world. The Koch Brothers did it. Hardly, But enough, fried bastards no luck.

MAN who opens this film 

 is behind CONGESTION PRICING and we discussed his hurdles 30 years ago. They aren't really his. THEY ARE ALL OURS. 
    Cold. Should have bought a coffee. And an extra sweat pants to the two long underwear. But weight. Just the drama of fat assed America recline assed distracted me as happened, everyone. ...

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