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NEKTAR Drummer ... Ron ... Howden - October 15, 2023 Memorial

... Ron ... , Mr. Howden. My personal apologies

    New York City, to make it comfortably I'd have left before 6 AM. Writing in the 47th Street McDonald's where I'd use the bathroom when picking up next door from one of the perfume manufacturers. No doubt NOW among the c=vast conquest-ed subsidiaries with everything subdivided by the dip-stick BEZOS as fall guy for idiocy OWN-EVERYTHING routine. Not that things happen but you assigned the destruction of wholesalers and retailers. Like Uber saying they're helping restaurants then destroying them and having lawyers say can't blame us. BULLSHIT YOU'RE GOD DAMNED MORONS on top of being straight forward unethical. 

    Elon MUSKETHEAD is useful too for penetrating how deceptive ____heads with money can be. Or without! What's critical is they're obviously ____heads. With money enough to be above criticism to look so happy ruining the world. 

    Satisfied with the relative drying of the 1 set of clothes, that shouldn't walk off by themselves for at least another week? But the socks feel they should be in the Central Park 1-4 sun honoring you too. Hey, GOD's fun Spiritually too one assumes. As with "NO COMMENT," the little you said, and I heard, was extremely pivotal. I'm not needed at the Memorial. The NEKTAR member who didn't "understand," on 32nd, whose initial IRIDIUM eye glimmer said everything, to shaken hands and Film Guy's clever discussion - is our RON HOWDEN MEMORIAL STAMP. Hearing your "understand," I can remember thinking I would have loved to have heard more from Mo, about Ron's call saying you thought it's time. 😇 😇 😇

    So pushing my body, while within acceptable limits, is not too clever as my time's currently framed. Still want to go. Anyway. Stunning the past two weeks, researching, how much Train Stations are designed to hate the American People. There's not that many HOMELESS seeking comfort from the elements, to justify continuing AMERICANISM'S TOTALITARIAN FACE!

    6:40 PM, yesterday, they seem to have dropped the temperature in here 5 degrees. Like I made an announcement! What? But if I have support, can't I beg. Shouldn't people saying Sade's name in my direction have meant more THAN SCREWED AND SABOTAGED? 

    Again, Baderinwa isn't stupid. Saw it in her eyes, even the other, last, night. Though these months of knocked around sleep patterns had my eyes slightly off. Just tired. Imagine. Three days in Baltimore no food. Healthier, warmer, and walking the after 2 Am hours when temperature drops. New York you take the hour, here today enough common folk I got in maybe quite a few. 

    Yesterday morning cops rousted my last hour in a subway warmed station. Though the draft when the trains come through. That's what I remember. My father looking at me like we know kids don't get it and think old people only complain about the draft. Something how when asked, I explained. If the draft comes after me we'll talk about it. Canada where Americans ran not to kill others. I was about ten and said it looks too far ahead, and maybe also but this is too stupid anyway. Or near enough anyway. 

    Who knows what that racist Sheriff McCall and the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Demons talked about in confidence? I know one thing. JEFF (yeah GOD Damned first name this time!) BEZOS is easily STUPIDEST DUPE ALIVE! Among many.

    Heat. Something idiots want all up in the Arctic, because they own the economy destroying the economy. Where'd all the pennies go? Sniffed up their, quote Kurt Vonnegut, "______es!" 

    Believe me. Conspiracies of Individuals' Companies of Cooperation, planning lives around defending themselves is quackery when they're all sold to each other so rapidly it's' just dissolving each other, and their GOD damned money continuously. Too simple an explanation? Unfortunately. But when the people with money, craft economy like a rocket science that pays the educated to justify slicing up money without substantially investing in anything? Then them too, they wrote themselves. 

    All economists are pathetically USED, because, ultimately (results), all you really tried for was a personal pile for your own pit. Since full circulation's not the responsibility of American Socialism or America's Capitalist Social Structure because we are the thieves stealing from the physicians who can't heal ourselves, we're cooked. Done. Bye ... 

    Yes. Right. Repeated if I keep being loud. Because the threat is required to maintain superiority! I screamed you know I am being loud because I'm outraged at the arrogance. I insulted a BLACK MAN calling me "sir," saying that's the same as telling Africans we're giving you civilization. A BLACK MAN had to take that for the PATHETIC NEW YORK PUBLIC STAVROS NIARCHOS LIBRARY! The pride must pore from the pores?

    Kicked out of the darned Niarchos NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY building, typing just like this except they'd manufactured a HORROR I FACED. Money's there need it, they made it. How much does it take not to face poisoning?

    That building? That building could have been renovated in months that took years of shredding money FOR PLEASURE. New York's a money management destruction of money not faced because America votes for FOOLS every day. Lock me or Trump up because as is, AMERICA IS DISGUSTING

    On this day a noble American Man from England should be honored. In derogatory terms, face it America. Well paid piss ants. Can't house and feed the homeless because your heads calculate overpaying your GOD DAMNED charitable selves every ALL-THE-TIME! So we need talent? Pay Charity Leadership executive salaries. Fine. So decade later republicans pretend they found what's wrong they can fix if you pay them again for what they keep breaking! Republican or not that flag's used perpetually selling crap for or against. All professionals shriveling time and wasting money but at least the gobs get to someone eventually. 


Geraldo Rivera at Rupert Murdoch's Deathbed

    I'd watch and the fake children feud can dramatize their believing jack shit as people unable to love unless adoring hating enough of everyone else. No? You have proven you can lie to anyone? I believe you miscalculated. Too many of you not caring about the world, dressed up as finely while you do literally nothing. As if tied to one of those GOD DAMNED KARDASHIAN fake lips. Tone deaf and stupid, no wonder no clamor thousands more kept from reading this every day. They're winning and spent 60 years destroying me. Good job. Applaud yourselves America. BEZOS awaits to stir your grits however you've demeaned yourselves to not face another day. 

    Vouchers to help lower class afford apartments, to be let in where the children can be around the elite's advancing their children? Sure, that's a shot. 

    BUT Lower level landlords scavenged housing the poor in the nineteen-eighties on, and they, Government and Real Estate Establishment pretend an economy for the wealthy satisfies their wealth and the integrity of inflation's necessary-ness is what? 

    COMPLETE SCAM! Landlords want taxes raised every year! They don't know how to stop making everything more worthlessly un-parallel to the penny.

    As the suppliers of nations continue ANOTHER GENERATION figuring out exploiting work? No? Don't read much history, huh? Well NEKTAR's Film Guy does nice things with history on film to their music. He even spent additional time with a NY State Attorney, I was told, than he had to, just so I could feel relaxed the show's just show. 

    Loving can be forced on anyone as a game, and emotions have been really hurt around my life. I am incensed. People used, using each other even when care is primed as an instinct. 

    Believe it. Abbie Hoffman was killed by the DEMONS committing their own suicides in the delusion their own lives meant everything. + the satisfaction of what money can cover up, made a tragedy of our culture. Come on? Governor of Florida wants your kids lives managed around manipulating history, while telling them not to listen to it or read about it? RIGHT! Idiots are so stupid they can't hear how actually stupid HE HIMSELF IS, and they are! 

    Anyway, if loving Sade means I'm gone? I'll wait. Not like my mind and heart can take being filled with much else anyway. I'm old, supposedly. 

    So enough New York money laughing at me says - who gives a shit. That wraps greed and self-worship up with a ribbon of ____. Congratulations. Fools wrote yourselves.  Names? GOD knows.

    So I ran from the library as a retreat because of being named after the feudal oil-spilling baron NIARCHOS! The GREEK part of destroying the world spilling oil everywhere. The shame not faced, drove me out. 

    So library's polished, sinking like that AMAZON liar BEZOS! Lots of little things. But for NOW, nudge out the disease destroying our ability to NOT LIE making money a living. A Library? You're an Infinite Jest Now! 

    Stavros smile me a sycophant on a board anywhere, is bought screwed up shrewd families of pure ___hole! That Greek landlord in my face that life is set with him as friend? Muslims next door build a building that makes no money for over a decade? Next door apartment neighbor screams every day, not leaving home for over a decade and cop laughs told about it. BET. 

    You dream in the head shriveled up don't (bother to) spread the wealth Greeks didn't have the courage to shoot me yourselves? Pathetic. But praise us, taking advantage of having the leverage to profit screwing the world for our own elitism. 

    See? Buy press? America, you're steaming in bought press if you'd just think. And not be trained as the US CONSTITUTION laid out as the way to get up from under people destroying each other for fun and profit. 

    And Giuliani knows Stalin was wrong? Maybe not. It is that bad if you look? The public forum, shammed by republicans controlling political discussion as farce. Rupert doesn't need Trump, but uses him. Trump uses anything because his mind can't distinguish and delineate. He's pure risk and why useful when sabotage is the goal. 

    Americanized Mafia knew Russian Mafia in Trump Tower. We're generations on and poisoned money carries on. Among MANY REASONS Why NEKTAR's Ron Howden knew REMEMBER THE FUTURE carries on!

    I'm probably allayed getting sick now, but all the factors happened with yesterday's rain and my fury towards shaming literature. Friends? Oh, I can't ask the publisher I introduced you to. Like people think I can't remember everything if necessary. Why apologies aren't necessary wasting my time. NEKTAR I apologize, really want to be there. If I'd found my way before, leaving now would work. I've seen enough half-ass directions to know promises of time management is usually pinheads not factoring in jack ____. Google maps the world and says volunteer to fix what's a mess. Thanks for saving GOOGLE. That vacuous world promise? Your employees had to protest money from military. May as well change name to NIARCHOS GOOGLE FUN MONEY! I know you can destroy me too. Plants not worth ____ were grown everywhere. Why anyone Mike Hammer introduced, dropped hints and got away. My editor, more complicated but if anyone's forgiven he is. Rupert stepped on everything except his own supply. Like trump probably imagines that head of his the perfect drug. And book closed on those two fools, no? 

    Right. Plead for help with people I'd prefer not pretending were complete help anymore. Twenty years I literally had nothing but NOT ENOUGH Marijuana and oh you need a real job is the only life I had with devious friends. Mike Hammer: "My goal is to find Chuck a job." Never heard jack shit except ask me any time to read my collection of MIKE HAMMERS. Idiot! Talking to me you say something, I can read right now! Pretend intellectuals. That's where it was opened up at dinner, with his girlfriend, and exposed I'm not even wanted thinking I'm an intellectual. 

    Okay, I laughed. Life sucks. I need to get out of this air designed not to dry anything. After a rain. Where the poor can go without wi-fi, that the rich have shoved down their throats for free wherever begging from them can appear. 

    Friends friendly insisting my work's not financially worth shit. Fabulous. Remembering that man using the South American as a pawn, reflecting valuelessness. The kids at the baseball thing set up to trap me like a Background Check wouldn't clear me. National Enquirer bought the results of aElizabeth's foul mind. In the editor's kitchen I looked at Hammer and sai8d you're bringing me her lies now. This is cool. A friend could have listened. My editor couldn't explain the traps. Confronted about what Trump sai8d to him specifically while at FORBES Magazine. He said, "I can't" with eyes flying every-which-away. 

    It was funny his daughter the celebrity access for the masses person, just brought up to be nice. Oh you're just shit Chuck is what you meant JAY!

    Rehired at the museum. Screw you used me and wanted me ruined either way. Though Sade in my life's some fantasy, true enough. But professional help? Game played in Florida years ago that Rupert's morons couldn't figure out. 

There on vacation all I needed to hear was police dispatch ask if I was leaving state. Then cop and I talked about my vacation and why I was there appreciating the harmony of the car sparkling in pure disease. 

    There's weirdness. New Jersey Finance Man in 70s said he had to introduce me to the DAD who tried to form his daughter to accuse me of molesting. She told me she wouldn't do it. I always wondered why a friend couldn't mention that other friend ever. GOLDMAN SAKS dipstick given his own territory providing the rich with a socialist web of protection denied the poor who are penalized to help pay for the rich not being as easily exploitable. As the song said, "GOD DAMN the Pusherman!" 

    Her good disposition is basically what I get among other highlights so clear, I'm not bothering defending jack___t. Because she knew I was on my path I didn't see from where she saw. Even though then course the idea she knew Guy Literally reminded my heart of how he'd just glow at me with that dag gum smile. That's all I see, eyes that smiled at me. 

    The woman who sincerely expresses not knowing those others' intentions, her world was so exploited by men it still makes sense to her I should be this mate for time to pass without understanding my own importance to myself. I was telling her, through the years, you have to understand more and it was just too late. 

    Five months ago over. Even now, I guess Sade would blind anyone to thinking the man was stolen away. Not my character. I fell in love with Sade. All of a sudden I experienced and can shake still remembering little things. Like when she was looking at me and the security guard said I'm just a statue when I can look at her. 

    Still people get hurt. Alone I am, cool. I'm wet and thought last night would be worse than a night in the Los Angeles desert. People handle cold about ten degrees colder than me. I've been miserable. Made it.

    Ah never mind. I'm a martyr missing Sade. Bupkus, whatever. Fascinated, because I'm not stupid. I can die just not caring anymore? 

    When I met lawyer Ron Kuby, leaving, at the door, I could see he basically shook his head thinking I'm facing a lot of ____. But interesting. Screwed up and cold? Know how many American housewives with kids are haunted by domestic lives unraveling? I can't share this nonsense with anyone. I never wanted anyone hurt so I am clumsy and "NO COMMENT" I could see a gazillion more reasons to explain to you why not dealing with me is your purpose. And all I have is I know I love you more than myself. 

    See NEKTAR? Crying, I'll be sick before I arrive. Going to the park to hang pout and see if I can bump into that author/paperman whose conversation with his wife and me poured more good grief on my head.  

    Still incenses me, the public didn't know. But officials did send the virus back from Europe through New York City because the president was evil, stupid, corrupt or whatever. Results speak for themselves. Georgia's REPS WHO MOVED MONEY PRE-ASSAULT ON America? They lost in next election but still ran for Congress again. The horrible shame!

    Wet and cold, will have to spend dwindling funds not to be worse. No. There's not going where I am taken care of, as some service I couldn't perform myself. I remember in The Iridium and looking and thinking why am I being shown charges for wine to understand the money? Who gives a ____! 

    Five months ago revealed my work's evolved and she'd even say she's not a part of that. I could see some innate awareness of not wanting to be a part of whatever THAT is. 

    Better not bother a busy person with my sarcasm was the answer to let's grow. Meaning as better helper she's not interfering with my mind. I explained her country developed this controlling a man with money makes sense but vice versa happened. Final note. Told about the last year marijuana specifically that was kept from me when finishing the book - was directly denied. I get it. George W. Bush etc. all willing to lie because they're trained stupid by the stupidest. 

    Especially you BURNING BUSH with that daughter on the TODAY Show like it's okay you symbolized a ____for brains President First. On High Horse Trump's no good, is like IRAN's support of NETANYAHU! You're all GOD Damned public disgraces.  Do it public. You're disgusting. 

    See? Something about honoring RON was mentioned? Oy vey. 

    (Once upon time, first sentence) Screwed up, miscalculated how freaking mad I'm capable of since riding past you and Randy that time, on 32nd Street, after the nice, wonderful, warm-up jam - had me crying at the door. Blubbering near enough to my "NO COMMENT" situation. Not to bother yourselves with. Although you guys wrote loving playing The Orion in Baltimore

 Soaked, Laughable Enforced Poverty + Thoroughly Pissed
  2020 - 2022 difficult years. But people who conceived of themselves responsibility free, face their own legacies as Contemporary History where The Soapbox View is admitting to at least something to grow up from before launching more crap. 
    Imagine some day all that power to blast up there, within BEZOS' damned conscience burned contrive=ed soulless soul? 
    And dag gum William Shatner! I read. Don't give a rat's _ss fantasy captain. If you don't publicly greet America shredding that man BEZOS The Pettiest Symbol of Wall Street Freak, every day for months, as a destroyer of capitalism! You're friable as the damned New York Public Library for putting a Greek Oil Dripping Tycoon name as full frontal name of a library building. 
    WHY DON'T YOU BUILD ONE  SPECIFICALLY for science and call it the KOCH BROTHERS Pile of Dung you idiots! Why not change the name of LINCOLN CENTER to ROBERT MOSES feels up both KOCH Brothers perpetually in ETERNITY! Award to destroying Cultures in the Name of White Aristocracy. No? Good luck. If you deserved it, you'd act different long before denying you're irresponsible NOW! LINCOLN CENTER? Piss on em Lincoln!
    Your, because New York's elite controls money's flow where they need bought positioning, (THE) library is full of information beyond what those people lie about how GOD damned bad they are for murdering planet EARTH and describing it not that bad because RUPERT's WORLD's making money. So why interfere with an economy so well sliced the people ripped off are bled enjoying it somewhat. But many know lying still lies. Dipsticks for brains. Check your oil, it's all set on DEEP FRY!
    Jackie Kennedy married one Onassis to protect her son as long as she could. John Jr. touches my heart and smiles its okay? But we can't be personal friends? Face it. BIG OIL is judged and so GOD Damned stupid not to stop their own celebrity concoction heads from John's being pushed to fly the Prima Donnas too late at night. Who is kidding whom? 
    I cried all day. A lot of people are still willing to lie to destroy the world over paying yourselves to think oil's a breakfast cereal or something! If ____heads fits, you're wearing IT! WE'RE WEARING IT on your faceless heads! That's called facing reality. 
    Not let Public Relations buy us another fraud for president. Or push whatever THEY PREFER because the public accepts the lie that twenty years from now is better is good enough. I'd willingly fry for anyone, but ya'll proved worthless pricks and judged yourselves as was expected. Three generations lying you're not irresponsible. 
    Colonialism? Just been priest-freaks pretending to not be commercial monsters - since before CHRIST demonstrated this distorted rich evil as is in a New York Public Library coerced to support spilling so much oil in the ocean and USELESSLY DIGGING TOO MUCH UP! 

    And NEKTAR I lament if the clothes are dry enough? But no not stupid, per se. Ah, I am mad. Suffering, wet, cold etc., but still dilettante. Outraged. 

    You mean because at five I knew to tell my uncle don't poison me with your money he was probably giving to Cornell anyway. People realized I was on an educated level finding answers relatively fast? May as well die alone my own worst enemy. Sealed fates folks. 

    I've heard the people however successful I was depicted as a loser, know I WROTE SOMETHING RIGHT. 

    Mike Hammer/National (CIA) Enquirer or The Rupert Murdoch far flung Machines etc. - see no finger prints, like I give a shit. You're court appointed morons. Morons controlling the world are diseased. PEOPLE KNOW IT ___HOLES! 

Guess who slipped in a restaurant FAST, WHEN I TURNED AROUND a few nights before NEKTAR and I faced destiny in Les Paul's basement club. 

    And it's like this refuge where I sit was just flushed with air conditioning because the poor are best reminded nothing's really for them since the money was stolen and denied forever more by the disgrace that rules this place. Preachers who don't hose or feed the poor. Bureaucrats of all creeds who can down to the dime tell you why they're satisfied lying to themselves they're not a part of destroying the world. At least I've explained where GOD can't just say I didn't try. For nothing but the satisfaction of having tried. 

George W. Bush fries alongside NETANYAHU!

    Shoving  wherever Know why Astoria-iansupid.  only really condescendingly smiled or leered at me? They knew apparently they're as corrupt as everyone else! Screw me? Good! Future Historians love best the ones who insist facing liars reveal the truth!

    So I can't go to Ron's funeral. Clothes won't be dry though I'm surprised my feet feel fine out of the socks. I'm across the room at this public space across from the 42 Street train Station. But it closes at 9. Dry I was riding down. But even warmer tomorrow I've had a dislocated week. My slight asthma that was little inconvenience in the mornings, this year is bigger. I'm looking at this clear stuff thinking where's this from. I was clued in and why Ron's passing is so important to attend. He called Mo and said they should and somewhere back when I'm looking at something and thirst in THE GREAT HALL. Primarily for what they said and how much the two NEKTAR and The great Hall mean top me. 

Yes, Ron I'd say not enough drums.

ink what if NEKTAR and, I'm kind of not sure if I've not placed their saying something more than the three times I'm certain I did. 

    You don't show up where people cry having made yourself thoroughly susceptible for colds traveling trains for a week seeing how lower class America isn't even allowed that demeaning distinction. Country's buried in creating a crevice of planet Earth paying themselves gargantuan sums reading their own GOD Damned press. 

    HEY! I write it down. I'm not the one making it up and neither have people been for generations. But oh no. A Greek Oil Dripping pinhead can put his name on a library and I can be warned not to typ[e so loud when I then yelled you know what I'm angry. Told the poor black man that calling me "sir"in this instance is like telling African s they're being given civilization. 

    There's people on staff there, leered at me for years. Probably think readings hobbies for losers the way they treat working writers. My computer was oj a film head down foe winks and I got the tap awake I anticipated and even wished I wouldn't but I exploded. GREEK OIL DRIPPING in our oceans is the name of the STAVROS NIARCHOS Library. This buioldinfg sat emp[ty for years while people collected money on bank loans or whatever. The beautiful business library at v34 and Madison. EMPTY PIECE OF CRAP NOW Institution of Pat Oursaelveds on the back on our own nGOD Damned own forevermore Nierrchois SYCOPHANTS. Knowther Greek landlord who played confront him as angry friend when he even once admitted telling the di=gger where the electric line was top 

    So I did it. Ideas will hover and choke out of me, willed by the most ridiculousnesses of nonsenses NOW. After a few weeks of dropping those initial n4000 extra readers a dayThank You GOD Damned Oil Dripping New York GOD Damned Stavros Niarchos GOD Damnednable Worthless Library

     You would think some authority character, rapping next to my head waking drifting me could be interpreted innocently. When such a GOD damned high and MIGHTY INSTITUTION as the NEW YORK PUBLIC Library can take years to improve a building exactly worth not a jack crap more NOW! Polish, fabulous. 

    UNLESS everything about it is properly righteous with its nose stuck so high up in the air it gives them something that fixes all the GOD Danmned disaster in the world LITERATURE'S HEROES HAV E BEEN DVOTED to actually doing something about. Right, years to craft your trophy. GOD warned comes down. So every gone tree in the Amazon will burn in the World's Libraries infamies where you pretend decent books are saved from idiots wanting them burned. Both make money on each others worthless motivations. Lawyers in Washington? Everything is paid so much to keep responsibility above the mockeries not faced. But go ahead. Jerks in Detroit destroyed the world, pay their fake unionists providing more theater of mock justice mockery in the TRUMP DUMP United States of America. The country's not at fault? Lying is why we're really inn trouble unless, you know the money in the bank blows up on you anyway. Whatever. Such good times, really economists can't feed or clothe the poor blaming them for their bad circulation. 

    That's why Christine Lagarde and I passed in St. Patrick's, the frauds are known a long time. And paid to not care are people who have enough already except their money's hidden by fear. How is just circulating around the top, more important than the penny made worth saving and catching inflation that makes sense. Not we'll catch it never, but some of us are fine. Especially that scum bag New York Mets advisor Chris my wife's ____ is bigger than Cohen's CHRISTIE ____head! Maybe riding the bike to Ron's in Jersey was just raw arrogance?

    LIARS! Give the poor something a FACEBOOK fortune sitter in ASIA says, while not facing financially being a part of destroying respect for work by conspiracies of individuals so self-important they'd lie even facing people as known corrupted but nicely dressed means not worthless as HELL? 

    Sell t-shirts with Bill Gates alcohol METAhead! Let's get America not talking even more! Loser! See I'm censored ZUCKERBERG's owners! By who knows what hiding else? Ooo, Facebook can be a library? Your conscience faced forevermore as does everyone ZUCKERBERG

    Got away from that DEMON who stole MUSICIANS' money in music? No you didn't, Zuckerturd. You jerks still independently rub your corroded get around an ethic souls in unison. MORE? How dar I get censored against racism on FACEBOOK!  How dare you pretend money buys immunity from the FACEBOOK name legacy. PRICK FOR BRAINS, Zuckerberg!

    I wouldn't want to work for anything associated with being controlled by you idiots ruining the world with money! You destroyed me financially like it's not provable without finger prints. Actual people with feelings used. Demons didn't read John Le Carré? May be able to make deception a science. But it's not credible. 

    Library needs to lie for THE NIARCHOS' LEGACY, then do it. BUT don't claim jack crap defending literature. Because YOU ARE GOD DAMNED New York Public Library, + I depended on you. Crap for minds on money's lost integrity is on your WALL STREET shelves. Condemned from books on YOUR OWN GOD DAMNED SHELVES. 

    The years that 40th and Fifth Avenue location did nothing, because people made money on bank loans etc. being while of no use mentally to New York. Libraries? But as institutions patting your own backs claiming innocence. Right. GOD Damned me. That nice business library at 34 and Madison where I'd look at Hammer's blue book from time to time to just look at? EMPTY SPACE in contrast to the HUGE VACUUM STAVROS NIARCHOS FOUNDATION LIBRARY @ 40th and Fifth. Where Security makes the line to get in take three times longer than paying attention would allow necessary. Screw owning literature from one writer may be all that's necessary, with a show so obviously all about how people can so reward themselves to the destruction of caring for others. Happy pretending Praising GOD on Sunday is Enough Day. ____heads!  


    From FACEBOOK WORLD where supposedly real people lead digital lives - my comment -Backseat of Ed Gein's Car the way country glamorized destroying a NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION GRID. As if ROBERT MOSES' vanity is the end all in lives spent not seeing ourselves looking in the mirror.      Mr. Weiss, we passed as friends at LIGHTSPEED, posted - 
The Dead Subway Car.
... Ron ... Roye ...

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