Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Capitalism's Sport, Reduced To Shriveling Money

     Sporting metaphor broad, but essentially, covers overall fixated problem.

    While money's manipulation has proven past our capacity to face for generations. Demonstrated simply in one offs, such as how FDR appointed Joseph Kennedy, First Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman, because he knew the tricks to reign in Wall Street. True, he was a shark. But no doubt used too. 

At one time owner operated diners were the spirit of New York Entrepreneurial Capitalism, and remain so. 

        He'd, Kennedy Senior, had turns with exploiting starlets. Marlene DietrichGloria Swanson. And it is audacious the idea that there was really authentic competition at the beginning of movies? Preposterous when New York owned Hollywood. As in the end? Kennedy - dilettanté. Studio Head gazillionaire Howard Hughes? Huge experimenter in aviation? Hid in hotels, care-taken by conspiracies of individual Mormons who knew, or were used too, in the lines of commercial enterprise between corporate, government and criminal elements known to manipulate events along their path facilitating slaughter. 

Watch whole film, Mr. Stone's case. "When the truth can compete in the marketplace ..." Thomas Jefferson

    This is a 1995 CHICAGO TRIBUNE REVIEW example of shaping American Denial. Using James Ellroy's interpretation of JFK's killing. reviewer targets author's imagery to undermine novel's point, using guise of writing criticism!

For example: One of the major themes of the book is the way the evil essence of J. Edgar Hoover hangs like a noxious cloud over Washington, D.C., and the rest of America. Ellroy plants the idea early in a scene where one of his three fictional characters-a charming, ...

    Planted idea? The "oh-it's-so-all-what-if crap the review espouses! Nonsense still rules Naive America! Under the misconception People Rule Power. Why those that rule are so fooled and get ticked perpetually like the Dumpster dude who has not one rational thought capability in that moron of a head of his. Selected loose cannon

    Ukraine's Comedic President travels world collecting funds + Putin can just truck in crap from North Korea or wherever. Evil people have a goal! THEY DON'T PAY EACH OTHER BACK FOR FUN! 

    Defund the Police? Everything's a joke. Never should've been racists in the police. The Constitution demands they protect and not kill even the criminal you out of touch with reality enforcement bastards!

    Bad people got away with bad things and covering up is big business. Look how many people hid when Nixon took the fall for WATERGATE. As tip of the iceberg at how conspiracies rule the world while enjoying burning bridges while paranoid as hell. On page 46 in the Hell Book, the Los Angeles Times' Publisher Otis Chandler is described, in 1960, upsetting his family's elders who supported the evolving John Birch tactics of the noses up their paranoid ___es Republicans.

    The Elitist Façade while Joe Kennedy's sons are killed because the last rungs of prejudice and American Totalitarianism weren't giving up. Right down to needing gas guzzling school buses to needlessly deliver and enforce sharing schools that could, and should, have just been built between neighborhoods. 

    Lying is big business and what the Constitution warned would happen when the Corrupted perform unexposed. Because enough public doesn't want to know. So much money was made giving up independent thought, the nation's reduced to a Roy Cohn pinhead dump trump evacuated head. 

    Seriously, a marble in there would just float, like his head did that time before 2016, when on Fifth Avenue his head flew up, documented, claiming his religion is Presbyterian. A denomination of Christianity I've been a 52 Year Member of and never demanded the same of anyone but the respect everyone deserves based on GOD having us all here NOW!  

    The rich are so (deluded) stupid. Having financed the paranoid delusion that counting money hides from responsibility for ruining the world. The valuelessness of those unable to face the humiliation of only loving themselves. 

    Facts are hard and cold, and why so, well paid, to the executives, who manage the professionally ignored irresponsibility through PUBLIC RELATIONS of the United States of America. 

    In the story of the siphoning off of newspapers' money, is the Hallmark of the Constitution - THE FREE PRESS. THE DEAL FROM HELL by newspaper reporter/editor, James E. O'Shea


    Everyone should try to look beyond what's sold as a comfortable Jingoistic Americanism in the disgusting face of Donald John Trump. To have ever been sold the public as anything but complete disgrace is - A COMPLETE DISGRACE! Period. Perishing with the thought is choice.

    Our well enough well paid selves compete inflation beyond reason because tiers within our American Capitalism have been leveled off. Destroyed. In Manhattan, New York, as elsewhere, there used to be a subsistence attainable level where SociaL Security PAID for a room and some board. Then we did even much worse, and before, destroying American Retirement Funding through collapsing the Home Interest Loan System. Credit swaps it's called. Right, through devoted rich ignorance we've eliminated the lower leveled capitalism of this country and made the rich so damned scared of themselves the whole place hides so much money that income tax is a joke. Corporations pay accountants and lawyers to move money around and away. WORSE, so many it's their jobs they don't know how to recreate. NOT LABOR. THE GOD DAMNED FRAUD. 

    Who the HELL tells the IRS to let my debt ride. Let's see how far this goes not filing my CONGRESS ESTABLISHED obligation to file. Debt forgiven. Play ball now. I wasn't purposely stealing money, standing up against undermining the whole idea of independence through INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR-SHIP. TAX off the top. Count it. Even corporations wouldn't be paying more than 10% with an effort. 

As Jack Nicholson said, we "can't" (face) handle the truth." 

    We're too well paid lying to ourselves and laughing in the evenings at the comedians enabling our vanities to muddle our irresponsibilities as those of the vain others. But understand. If The Bill Gates can be shown the country and world, like another Walt Disney or something? Then something's bad. IT stinks!

     Warren Buffett and Billy are passing on their shriveling money expertise when dead? To more slicers and dicers ultimately naming themselves charitable since the penny is no longer any help to anyone! YOU Buffoons did it and blame everyone else while manipulating the value of money constantly. No rules? NO ETHICS!

    Right. We knew and know that. Warren Buffett sat back smiling while BEZOS assigns executives to destroy the wholesale and retail traffic by others all over the world. Smile, but sound GOD DAMNED to me! 

    Buffett uses America as a train set stuck carrying chemicals. TORCHED BY MONEY NOW ___HOLE!  Now what do your Wall Street friends say NOW you're stuck on the line for the ______it you jerks have been running generations. 

    Go ahead let Black People invest. Who knows what your Oklahoma lineage really got when BLACK WALL STREET was destroyed there back when. But no. Finance doesn't face jack-___t! Not when you compel the desperation to begin with, with tactics that just play shriveling money between you nonsense makers. BULLSHIT! 

    Alcohol commercials for Little Billy to play wash his whitewashed divine IBM scorched lost integrity! Not necessarily? Scorch me. Crap written all over about the PT Barnum of the keep buying new software juggernaut that financed his continued BULLSHIT

    But Billy Gates advertising alcohol? Accurate Vanity Plate for retiring and wrongly touching more women or whatever, wherever, it's wrong too, ____head. Yes, Bill Gates! Sue me! You know I can't prove it's actually ____ in there. But I'd try. Come on? Stupid GOD Damned Batters up! 

    The thousands who read me weeks ago, every day, cut off? You're responsible for BLOCKING the thousands that read me for the months, OR NOT? You are Warren's Prince Billy. You're still guilty for it M____r f_____r!

    Because carving money's a business, and how can lawyers fix themselves when THE PHYSICIANS are just scorekeepers now. Hey everybody WALL STREET knew about Charles Komanoff when in college as his father yelled on the Stock Exchange itself, so he's made money for 30n years reminding the world congestion pricing is logical when CHRIS CHRISTIE's wife and all their friends told the country screw us. The world's money's just for the criminal playing with by people who buy integrity from each other supporting their criminalities. That bad. Inions already won everything and the lawyers still pay themselves pretending it's a fight. the fight? Between Bezos and Buffet because they'll never outlive the desire for little Billy the little dick prick Nixon clone. And Pharmaceutical Nancy Reagan will cheer and be jealous it's you three Ronnie wants to mount NOW. But Nancy the money no longer means anything and you NANCY will be remembered in history forevermore as worse SHIT than too many GOD DAMNED MEN!

    The word "personal" is a right the public has to stab ourselves with in MODERNIZED MEDICAL CARE. Rotating doctors doesn't sound EVIL? Kidding?

    Conquer the algorithms, redundant input. Plus beg us on the phone because they won't actually read what they explain you can do to get a response!

    Socialism For The Rich, for the most part, is a hurdle. It's good paying credit cards on time, + getting rewards. But basically it's paid for by hobbling the less well off with administration fees the digital world PROCESSES AUTOMATICALLY ANYWAY

    If the practice were also done to the better off? There'd at least be larger fines AVOIDED - PASSED ON TO THE CUSTOMER ANYWAY! Isn't that some kind of coordinated monopoly among card companies acting in concert? It is but it's just among much of which we can't afford to face. Like men making women make less?

    For the self-idolatrous of the level of a Billy Gates? Necessary their noses believe they'll survive all the nonsense up Rupert's? Only their disdainful concern. 

    Microsoft came to the Internet late? Whatever. Façade likely. It's like algorithms search for generations and now they want you to let AI lure us in further indecision fixing what shouldn't have been entered wrong in the first place. 

    Example: First week? In and out of AI. After informing IT, what I'd done, I got credit for two more books I'd no clue of and departed. As with Google Maps. Want it good? Work for free for us taking credit without full responsibility. These gaps in integrity happen everywhere!

    Why accept that for the exempted financial elite, the Internet everywhere bounces like it's a bucking bronco for the purpose of clicking somewhere that got a hundredth of a hundredth percent of a penny. When MANIPULATORS don't care to count pennies anymore. Money shriveled to MAXIMUM INEFFICIENCY! 

    Everything bounces so much that useless time IS ALWAYS SPENT FINDING YOUR WAY BACK TO WHERE YOU WERE. By bullcrap to tickle the knee-jerk buyer. Advertising at one time was finding smart customers? PUBLIC? That's the point. Public Relations is so rounded off, liars lying to themselves. 

    Jim Jordan, Speaker of the House? CASE CLOSED! 

Why doesn’t NETANYAHU stick his diamond encrusted idol self up every sycophantic scrotum. FACADE! BOTH SIDES need each other to collect for their hatreds. All IN ON IT! GOD never condones war. SOULS scorch for it. Cut the ____ out! Iran is not sponsoring HAMAS to win. Just keep the idiot looking stupid in power. People are killed? Idiots like Netanyahu don’t give a __it!

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