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The Alamo - Play By Play ... Wrapping Up

Carlos Alberto Lema

    I, Charles M. Fraser, won't surrender but am destroyed sounding overly dramatic? True contemporarily, as of today. Long run, no. The drasticness in my situation is not my game. It's like hippies labelled hippies. There's a momentum that can't be erased. Why rednecks unwilling to read, or learn, I've kicked ALL YOUR GOD DAMNED _sses! 

    History as a novelist is my trade. Power decided to prove I'm valuelessness going on six decades. That's the thing in good people, like Ina and Robert Caro, revealing little chunks of things to me that they knew about me. I was freaked that close to history. Caro, was ready. Dropped the hammer and cycle card in his pocket and clued me he knew exactly who the "transparent" messenger IS! 

    I know people are not used to prose written in this manner. But I'm after the jugular. Separate the root of the disasters facing us, from our just not having grown up from civilizing ourselves around competitive war in so many GOD Damned self-righteous ways. Moses didn't destroy the second ten commandments. He illustrated people are known to see themselves naturally first. NOT ME. 

    Nuclear waste lasting centuries? Experts can't face generations that that's an extremely arrogant fiasco. CONVICTED. Even told GOD can't see garbage past people's lifetimes acceptable. 

    Liberals I always felt bad that the conservatives so obviously wrong, deserve the squelching. Bill Clinton had to walk by me for himself. Whatever liberals have been sold pretending just stating points like idiot conservatives who claim ideas that are only evolved things from the very idea of the word liberal. Condemning catch phrase?l That's like blaming IRAN for all the hate in the MIDDLE EAST. Everyone caught in a lie and the fact it's all hiding money from each other is exposed however the commercial freee enterprise system gets away with destroying me. Means paid yourselves well to continue the game generations. NOW ____ you I identify siding with MEN RULE! Women? 

    Thank you NEKTAR, the _rick never wanted in a NEKTAR conversation three different times. Go ahead Komanoff, do a dose of LSD. Give that conscience a well earned damned ride. 

    Komanoff is supposed to be smart enough to know that money is DETROIT shriveled money you damned BOB MURPHY Goldman Sack of Crap Ally. 

    ALL paid to solve your own nightmare of shriveling money acquaintances. Right, I don't care. Jokers had plenty of time to say something. Even Peter Shapiro was always something else up his sleeve above the importance of simple me. Oh yes, impeccable credentials. Met in Robert Wyatt's criminal menagerie. You know, the one who had sense to point out you're only using me. 1987 he said it. Said it to use me himself. But the point is for the public to see how I understand being always surrounded. Since my parents died.

    Your (Komanoff ego level) friends can hate me fine. ACLU? You're all criminally accepting the defined supporting of this game manipulating politics because conservatives represent idiocy. Scapegoat using isn't facing.

    JANUARY 6 was an actual planned failed insurrection! Nice AMERICA. (Show Trials of the Racists Manipulated.) Cool. Juxtapose that event, January 6 and me. Both overseen to fail except right, the fingerprints on me are too huge to distinguish. 

    May be days left for people to read. Money shut down. Payment system done and then many weeks later dissolves because debit card frauded 2 days ago. nBullshit. Go get Argentina's corrupt control of you charity Wall Street's fingers aren't onh. BULLSHIT! 

    Stopped and the money to save The Hammer and Cycle Putin would shrug happily. Who knows how the circle of idiots destroying the world trails off. Mostly in the excuse the Koch's didn't want to give up petroleum plants. Hardly. Billy Warren Buffett Gates money's on scheme overload ____heads! 

    Not enough people to make what this Thomas Paine says have influence in the country. See how insolvent I am? Not making the money first. The perfunctory nonsense I've heard out of people's mouths who'd not fathomed creating a novel with the ambitions mine was and still is straddled by. By bullshit that walks because moneys talked and GOD's decision is ruin yourselves. Nothing's changed except I no longer believe it can be proven I didn't try. Censored? Think GOD gives a shit when this is about being in the way of the genuine improvement of the world. Oh well people don't approving. That thing up the Komanoff _SS in HELL everyone experiences? It's Sheriff McCall's brains you aspired to in egotistical befuddlement. And I'm not laughing NOW!

    Don't expose yourselves, as usual, making sure charity, government and whatever else keeps up the fraud chasing an uncatchable inflation. See how even on an intellectual level you didn't draw me into discussing more. That's how I know. No one said Charlie this or that. Just a Texan in and out and I made the good Village Women film and right, I'm worthless my production team's sabotaged six decades. Huh? Great liberals? See? Gaming. BS. Why the whole Republican field is people with heads buried in the sand. Where thew money is keeping liberals occupied making money on the same centuries old ideas that evolve. Idiots rule is transparent.

    So I'm kept occupied dissolved failure. But how does what didn't work, work? Money. Owning everything and me wanting it circulating and known as only circulating the top generations ago? 

    WELL HELL they had me boxed. Saying in college. So helping the simpleton who came up from Florida, Komanoff? You self-exaggerated your and your wife's importance and judged. Don't bother. I thought it was Jay I no longer want facing me. Again, he made sure. 

    You stayed WALL STREET's WHOREv Judy Komanoff me you nEWGOTISTS BEYOND forgiving. Act like great people ands be elitist scum. See the anger doesn't stop because of you as you. Grin that friendship right up BOB Murphy's Canola Oil nMonopoly. That's the game you liars where everybody with money liberal get help getting more liberal money. It's like Putin needing to ship the Arctic. Little things in the overall adaptation of a world of people more imporatant than GOD's World. Gift kickers and made money shrivel pretending you're not complete frauds. 

    I tell you Uber's going to screw up and you have to tell me your father yelled you off the Wall Street floor because they know about you! Story over. No one is above their owning everything and at least the thing I was warned of came true. My fear GOD could show I didn't try hard enough. I think I made OUR CASE!

    Criminal intent may not override everything, but the world of little people might only see the suffering when PATRICK HENRY is completely erased by American Aristocracy's criminals owning everything. Donald Dump was always closed case.

    We're not GOD, and abusing big decisions are godlike decisions. Harry Truman was tricked into experimenting the demons' bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Historical fact. I learned from editor Jay. I learned to grin conversation was about what I didn't know in Komanoff's world. Why when time to talk tho Stollman it was always new adventure. 

    My fault you did so much work on The Great Hall. I'm sorry. Dragon stole away a better film and I believed history watches after me. Your history and everybody - last Keegan-Charles meeting they wanted nothing to do with my going with them to OCCUPY WALL STREET. May not be bad people, but connections thoroughly enjoyed destroying me for the naively condemned American Public. The Constitution was designed to defend against and the elite pretend it's only their foot meant for the gas and eternal fires of HELL. Your kids couldn't Bookman the eyes EGHOTIST JUD and KING GOD damned Egotist Charles. Framed yourself. Why documenting its being performed. Your day perfect. Mine defined healthy enough to write today. 

    But oh no Devote everything to submission to the woman used to manifest misery when I faced my being used. Nothing missed in in my face Mike Hammer saying trusty him I'm nothing without her. I'm everything I need to be and Sade is just "NO COMMENT!" Brilliantly. So looking at Gabriela and saying she didn't read book condemned you verifying the level the controller of me was at. Before meeting setting up his Great Hall too bad he's so marginalized effect. Right. Black People see film, screw anyone waiting to decide I get to be as good as near them. No one was studying what I was at age 6 so back the GOD DAMNED HELL OFF FROM ME. Your money is poison. Go suck on it on a beach you're a part of eroding for all I care. No seriously. That's what learning little things from Jay meant. To see how shallow the liberals' figureheads' MUTT and Judy are buried.

    So therefore the damned ____ed up as that's the manner people speak when they categorize decided. Of course Charles Komanoff and Judy are superior to and above that language. Their children ciouldn't watch television like that was a mistake forming me. I was raised by Janet Fraser, not Judy's girlfriend in HELL Elizabeth who I learned around age 8 pretended to be my mother. We dealt with it, but never lied to myself as I found friends had believing, well believing In should explain everything when their banter wasn't trustable worth jackshit. I trust Andrew Cuomo scowling at me more tha Charles Komanoff's claiming he's removing garbage. TrueCongestion Pricing is what fixing should cost. But really, these are the people that shriveled money out of Detroit and elsewhere and they're burning in Hell so who cares anymore that they get away with it. GOD does. Why GOD said see how people turn their backs on me, then GOD's is turned on them. No oner's proven forgiven in the current context. As written it's my Alpha-Omega soul burns forever. As conscience I relive a descent ride. I'm forbidden from caring to describe more.

    So, allowed no leverage to help, Mike Hammer himself made sure I knew he was trapped. That's right, JUDY and Charles Komanoff you're the center of the universe where liberals and conservatives stay still blaming everything on the other side. Politics? Game! No, complacent money DEBILITATES us every day. The valueless penny. Not your oh they're more stupid than us. Like Muslims and Jews having the better understood resourced hate. BULL. Both rich elites haven't fully circulated money in the MIDDLE EASt and the earth's inside are destroyed obliterating it. And money justifies everything? Right, Jesus Christ warned and people said not good enough establishing our fates as biblically predicted.

    People made our miserable interactions up. GOD did not as GOD. I just write it down. Prove who GOD is with war? Those aren't religions, they're nonsense dictators. 

    Anyway, added up, in about ten minutes Ina and Robert Caro became the best, and practically only friends I've ever had other than Guy and isolated others driven by both sides of the track(s). Since parents died when I was 12 and 16.

    The manipulating me to keep me straddled needing money and help from the woman used to control me just rolls on. Money supposedly taken weeks ago to pay for the hammer and cycle site now comes out unpaid because of VISA's ease to be stolen yesterday! Debit card blocked because of ease of fraud, and then impossible for the abused to have help unless I lean back where controlled.    

    Just label yourself needy and flawed so stifled you/me. No moneyed publisher, no validity and the worst are free to wait out their mockeries on their own lonesome soulless holes. 

    With friendly protect and destroy all the weak service. Sure protected the $92. Yours as Caesar? No. But the hours involved to unconfuse? Same tactic why I sacrificed teeth. Occupy yourself with insurance for free when dentist of twenty years can accommodate. But no only the Insurance dole because my fault uber is exposed destroying me and MANY COURIERS in the demonic scheme to dwindle enough for themselves and away from the future making sense off it. That's what we're riding on. They don't face it but they know it's true. Give up Wall Street and all money only want money so shriveling is investment out the door. GOD DAMNED LIARS, good luck.

    Come on. Economic Woman Titan can't even hide she doesn't actually understand backing me is more than wanting my authors identity destroyed! She never wavered that this is what I get because the other is nothing. Your eyes looking at her while you held the book. Those are the ones appealing to me from wherever you are that I'm forbidden to acknowledge. Just as you and JUDY so glamorously epitomize ___t that my mornings were taken up with carrying your son's to a doctor for examination. Liar, you came first. ____head!

    And I'm insensitive. Deals off when my life's revealed screwed up SPY We're Shredding in The Cold by John Le Carré. 

    So right. Beg and get the $10 from her in her credit card paying the website fee. I'm not even doing that to even get the $92 usable. I prefer the elite of New York condemned for enjoying screwing with me. Mr. Komanoff you knew and know. YOU and your pretend believe in me self-righteous wife. That crap you pulled at a THANKSGIVING. You've always been part of destroying me. 

    Nonsense BOTH OF YOU AND YOUR FORTUNE. Conservatives may be evil but you two buzz off. You know money, I don't. Didn't work. People know fortunes are made to use HARVARD degrees to hide things. 

    Students there probably knew there Komanoff again claiming credit for himself under McNamara's limousine to become semi-Curtis Sliwa famous? And you were so proud telling me. Acting, what? Like Jay, owned so screw me too. At least Jay created things for me to know and see. Bad people pretended  help, competing and wanting me destroyed like this NOW. 

    NOW where their pristine credentials and adequate financing mean no finger prints and I'm ___hole. If I were competent money couldn't destroy me. Meanwhile, all over the world money destroys people and no wealthy person is innocent because your representatives are known destroying me. Just like in Congress. Stupid ___t.

    Sabotaged so long I was treated easily destroyed, like a hobby. Like women have been abused centuries. Same difference. POWER. My actual friends most of my life are real crap? Those not are nameless here to slow down evil

    So of course Sade Baderinwa isn't expected to pick me up. I love her and wouldn't want her messed with as I've been. So JUDY just enjoy Mike Hammer HELL or wherever is finally faced being allies. Because I can tell you, the most disappointing thing of all is knowing your husband's smile at me never meant more than sorry to conceited a genius to fully believe in me

    I even asked and you said you didn't believe I could write that novel. Even after shook head not good enough. That draft that had to publish first day of Putin Olympics means more than knowing you wanted to made offed. Jealousy and a prick for not being truthful. Been through that. Years of that Elizabeth used by all that corruption in Militarized Central Florida. 

    Why Baderinwa isn't expected to help the loser because either way I've defined the real people behind misery. The Self-Righteous overpaid ELITISTS who never sacrificed. GENERATIONS Hollywood increased theater ticket prices ahead of inflation. The theater is supposed to be another living room. More than just cash register flow! 

    To show they're ineffectually not really giving a shit unless crying on BIDEN's chest like good old pretentious JEW Netanyahu! Like him Mr. Komanoff, condemned for lying to me and too stupid for a Harvard education. But that's just a cute thing for Cornell people. - Knowing both the creeps at YALE and Harvard fry together. Oh George Bush help us NOW, doesn't owning everything rule forever? Yes since AMERICA wanted you to win. Party down! 

    I remember thinking I don't want to hate JUDY. Effort idiots is all it would have taken. Cart me through your home like leaders. JUST FUCK YOU TWO and your blame Wall Street on everyone else. The people who gave him an office. They couldn't even look in my eyes, but the witch did. And the Paris woman warned me, "I don't know what you two have going on." She always knew I work alone. HELLO! Not good enough. Meanwhile that's the game the paid people played. Sorry fixing the world wasn't professional sport for me. Punished for wanting it done free. You liberals can be proud all by yourselves. Conservatives are _____ for brains but Komanoffs friends you people have egos fro brains. Sorry I used to feel bad wondering about what I see out of that man he doesn't make clear. Imagery? Screw you, you don't know the penny is the only problem. GO where GOD Damned lying to me goes you wanter of NUCLEAR WASTE for centuries because you're a financial complainer about jack___t. I keep waiting to see where I apologize and it just doesn't happen you self-righteous crap. Know so much to judge me. Why I called before both COHN READINGS because the fraud is being underscored. Liberals sit in Congress wanting to sit there complainers. None of you assholes cared to evolve politics at all. Living on your shits. WHY DON'T ALL OF YOU ____YOURSELVES ON THE SUPREME COURT! 

    Something though. Got me in The Great Hall and you're bought to destroy me a little hopeless cause. Admired and hated. The criminal Rob Wyatt threatened once not everybody will like me. You shits weren't but are friends. Nice mix off consciences battling here in ____.

    Now after the sabotaged card is cancelled, weeks after payment submitted and taken, nothing works that was processed weeks ago. The cancelled card only yesterday destroyed what should have been functioned properly by a GOOGLE that wasn't owned by liars who claimed to want to saver the world. Komanoff The Liar too. My destruction adequately planned. They're at work screwing other people. I've always been auto-piloted well enough.

    Complain to GOD? Why the hell do you think you're being fried by a friend, shitheads Komanoff an JUDY! Even the criminal, Robert Wyatt said way back when you're just trying to use me. 

    Fact is Sade Baderinwa shouldn't help me. It's a clearer picture destroyed. HELL. Fully documented destroying LA and Central America controlling gangs with Cocaine. Denied. They just can't stop lying. The next one will work. 

SUE ME, "your lullaby is an ancient tongue," ____HEADS!

    Why history documented as exposed destroying me is best. At least an accurate record and not bullcrap where  we've ended up with Netanyahu playing martyr AGAIN! 

    Komanoff righteous would agree. But me screwed? Good, I showed I am a better friend. Those wife's eyes, glaring face to face in The Great Hall? Memory's  yours frying in HELL. You're all fried going along with Komanoff and the editors wanting victory no matter how they made me fail. Yes Dr. Evans. They are really crazy about their self-righteous selves. Your wife was let in on emails to lawyers and officials you maybe should have read. I write another, you wish you just asked out like Jay did. He has things to remember. All you have is asking if Steve and I talked before The Great Hall and knowing he thanks me for his life, as a person I expect better. German? I would only smile with Elie Weisel? I have to tell you. Jay said that out loud. You two should have faced I'll remember a lot more than you two in your self significances avoided facing. But7 my ordeal. Watch Gabriela's appeal. Work some uber beg the money from her account. Of course I trusted her to keep the retirement illusion and money from me. I didn't make enough to afford a wife. I was smart. You people GOD DAMN used her and I see it. But7 face that face making a mockery of what my heart means. Right JUDY nothing to do with me so why the HELL I have to be left with this crap. Don't know money. Shove that refrigerator and teaching your kids math up your ass and Komanoff you're the guard. Don't take your ____ing eyes off it.

    GOD the belittling memories in that home. At least Jay wanted to know, you're just a resentful competitor piece of crap. Hey everybody! It's true ion that man's back bicycling got that far and he wanted me humiliated for not having an eye for a fortune. Know what it's like everyone looking down on you but the reality is obvious. Whatever money time to think. 

    YOUR GABRIELA games, seriously pricks. NEKTAR had the waitress allow Gabriela to make a deal out of a wine bill that's just a formula thing. Her eyes grabbing my eyes to look. They knew and showed me - the middle of all the shit. Yet you're screwed having thought then details handled by others.

    NOT PROUST IN BED LAMENTING but Charles M. Fraser at Ina and Robert Caro's place shoving out the shallow trash.

Here, lawyers can munch on telling a judge this, _rick Komanoff. 

 Sorry. I don't get to forgive and using up Christ's forgiveness Jesus warned not to do.

    So in days or a week Soapbox View will disappear and hammer and cycle, hopefully preserved by Australia. But I can't do it. I don't care I earned the money. The woman looking at me as destroying her emotional life. Work pennies at uber and beg that from her account that made sure went into an account the last five years I said I don'y know how that relates to me. She smiled. Of course they all don't work together. Cute how they thought the transparent attention adequate. Why I say stupid so much. In their places I'd have carved me up years ago. Like Dump Komanoff. I only believed GOD would;d judge me not trying hard enough. Thank GOD not my decision. 

    Mike Hammer (National Enquirer) and those people are really creepy the way they use people. Fingerprints? Unnecessary in HELL. GOD doesn't require the condemneds abilities for confused identity or anything. You screwed up writing history behind my back on my time. Get away. Especially Judy and those eyes at The Great Hall. Makes me want to watch that self-righteous liberal soul fry. Burns the same as self -righteous illiterate conservatives I'm TOLD.

    Obviously apology isn't wanted from people so dedicated. Judy? Charlie ____Kathy Hochukl cause the three of you in infamy are fried together. Friends of the anti let's waSTE UNION MONEY.        And so what's going on? Komanoff took me to a union meeting once so I could be felt there. Something so devious about you and how friends obviously washed their hands long ago knowing GOD hated them so they became  

     See, retired MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL voice Al Michaels is still a valuable individual marketable voice. Not as a reissuement of the product by the company that lets him play king. That he got to do when Frank Gifford was done. In fact Frank's wife's the one I should be bugging cause several times I heard her say "I have to find you" and boom, husband. Hoda Kotb ... so in fact ... no nevermind ... I'm still worthless. I don't need another lesson of a woman programmed to control how I've failed needs a proper financed retirement now. See? Not like I wasn't saying this is wrong. I requested the IRS give my principles a chance. I didn't say oh yeah when my money's been manipulated my fault I'm going to beg the government to bail me out. I didn't file for the reason everyone's being ripped off. Not an experiment. 

    That a personal friend Mike Hammer even plants a get him on a Background Check scheme is all of the same grabbing at straws. 

    For years I felt bad about the exchange with my professor, UCF Dr. John E. Evans, about the low grade I'd get for no polish in the incomplete but with traces of insight paper. "Trying to prove I'm crazy" and he "they were here and I think they're crazy" never sunk in where I'd see more. Wow. He was uncomfortable and not from the grade. But from what I picked apart, meaning I really was after the damned jugular undermining America. 

    Sade gave me that scared for me look once. Everything she gives sticks. My hair's probably a porcupine under these hats, living out of a bag as office for months actually. Last shower though, clueless. 

    If the $92 hadn't become defaulted through the usual cooperation between crime and finance, I'd probably do something at a city pool. But now. No I can add. They win. Keep the $92. So valuable to screw loyal Americans, you idiots deserve that highlighted too. 

    I don't blame the woman used, controlling me for a generation financially. It's just the face of hurt and loss I was always there for is different since my facing things is wanted to not be so inconvenient. A pattern I always understood but I had work to mdo. Then work to carry out. She probably never had a chance to understand Sade did not beat her. The picture above story will explain more. Revealing much was known about how distorting my world was happening and loyal people intervened. Right up to and especially including THE ROCK BAND NEKTAR ...

     I got mad when I started piecing things together and was right to be. 

    In other words, but Robert Caro was the one who let me know I'm alone in relation to my own world. Not his fault either. But again hearing myself called ruthless from the back of the uber room, about restaurants? Nothing compared to what these people led themselves to believe they should get away with ruthlessly wrong in respect to me AND AMERICA! 

    Get it? Aristocrats have been preparing America to betray Patrick Henry all along. Shutting down neither completely, yet, except perhaps for those wanting the world's money kept burning in amusement pretending their mastering it is enough.

    So, the picture above ... Carlos Alberto Lema ... . We met ... wait, - A good two hours NOW was spent shut down. That's coming anyway as no electricity here, nor street wifi so the phone hotspot has battery below 50%. Problem outside ABC is the new Apple outlet from computer doesn't translate to phone chords that city provides electric for. 

 I've got what I get. Let Beautiful look at me after 11, but not require anything special. In retrospect I couldn't even see her eyes last night, enraptured by the glow of the eyes pointed right at me. As I said, I'd have fallen over if I didn't just turn into a statue. It's not felt that close since the first time we locked eyed from our sides of the glass. 

    Why when walking to position around the corner I moved my had like slamming the glass cause I knew she was looking. Then this person watching the outside screens needs me to honor his existence more than anything while I'm watching her standing and anyway. 

    So point is, like man all bubbly wanting attention. Two hours down because 5 South Americans thought jabbering for two hours right next to me was a right of passage. Pretended not to know anything, but several times I yelled for neighborhood residents to hear. 

    ELITE SOUTH AMERICANS PAY FOR PEOPLE CAMPED ON THE BORDER to be shipped to New York City to play LIBERAL MARTYR. Mayor Adams is part of cover up acting like he's offended. Going to discover more in Central America. LA COCAINE Empire encompasses Central AMERICA. The pharmaceutical Nancy and Ronnie plot letting bullshit rule for their shallow hearts. Ron Jr. said it. Those two were in their own world. He diamond in local ruff with alcoholic father, could manage their city for them. Same schemes Hollywood used manufacturing him a dream. nAnd they even joked meeting because Nancy was afraid of being accused communist. Both totalitarian ____ for brains to the core.

    Mayor Adams is most likely most offended that he hasn't an independent thought in his head. Albany programmed. He's a mouthpiece making public statements as if he's in charge. Like HOCHUL. Don't give the public a chance just listening to technicalities meter explained by actual experts. HELLO PERPETUAL PANDEMIC PRESS CONFERENCES uselessly controlled. 

    As with Netanyahu a lot of people are positioned in power precisely to be bad people. Hating Muslims is a right of Jewish honor? People are kidding me. MEANWHILE stop allowing Netanyahu to be a disaster NOW! As humiliating as the Mar-a-Lago not designated Penitentiary yet. 

    Their EXECUTIVES IN COMPETITION RUIN product competition and throw up their hands, not their fault. The documented links, endless.

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