Monday, November 27, 2023



    Some world huh, Baderinwa? YES, I miss you. So what! That's all I've been doing. I meant to at least hang out a bit outside when Dylan played THE BEACON, and it's a nuisance to remember what exactly preoccupied me then. Anyway, cool though right? The whole Beacon Concert and a photograph. I said it to the Military Industrial Empire Subcontractor draftsman way back in college. We overshot utopiaEVEN HOMELESS HAVE PHONES/COMPUTERS! 
    But if you asked your phone who knows how many influencers prefer people thought otherwise? Clueless, careless un-discovery. Keeping the evil joke a secret, that destroying the world for fun and profit isn't GOD Damned and too many of us are in on it to TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED. 
    Evil Stuff always avoids responsibility for ramifications. Why the last president so demonstrably demonstrated how self-righteous self-love among the heathenistic rulers of the world isn't a nationalism to be proud of, but hedonism for the careless to keep ruining the world. Too much has been taken out not to expect the continued abuse of the planet to fling mud all out of whack and we've nuclear all over the world ready to explode. And BIBI Rebozo Netanyahu says trust him. A big one amongst a lot of leadership LYING for the top's comfort alone!
    Eventually ramifications are faced. BUT generations delayed is just that. An elite that sat on its fat faces luxuriating in blaming everything else, when everyone's been involved destroying the penny so charity is evidence of fraud when it should just be GOODWILL. 
    Mr. Dylan, that song, with THE BAND, the former HAWKS, really gets me off. Remember when people said that? Anything Sade! You'd think, at least for you and I, this chasing you reached monotonous a long time ago. But there it is. This game that the rules change frequently enough, almost by the day. Because we move things along. 
    I'd never follow your car all the way home, or airport or wherever, like last night might have looked. Discovered the right turn, rather than straight or left and the driver made the quick moves and lost me at 7 blocks. Even that limited fast, to beat a bike? Neither you nor I want or need. So many SUVs remembering the license plate helped, but memorized? What a joke arrogant Ritter was emphasizing ABC Security does its' job. Watching Security became messenger habit AND CIA let Bin Laden fester indefinitely.

    The male testosterone overlord overload environment rendered seriously obvious at ABC. It's obvious male's reign. Women have no business facing down potential deviants outside the studio, on the sidewalk, while the men probably get kicks making victims of poor pleading women's eyes. I enjoyed the finger pointing wave you gave the young teenage kid, who smiled at me, after coming back around the corner to tell his mom. Saw me with his left eye as you had, from the elevator, before I left the day before. 

    Another dark ominous look from the elevator. Cool how I never noticed, and your finger practically bounced hitting the other direction for the elevator to the car. Actually that brief point before Broadway, when I sped ahead, was the closest we've physically been cause what's a car but-but a piece of metal or plastics. Whatever. 

    Anyway, about the unnecessary aggressive driving. Elite Couriers did messenger work for a photo agency, and I went through there the day after Queen/Princess Diana was killed by arrogant men sensationalism. It was in the receptionist's pleading eyes. Yes they know they follow. But running like that? Contrived mayhem. Over-the-top. Contrived like that. Like Sirhan-Sirhan killing peaceful Bobby Kennedy, of all people? Or Red Neck Aristocracy child bred to blame John Lennon for the counter-culture's trying to fix their crap. CULTURE WAR? Sean Hannity and Rupert Murdoch - criminals! 

    Bad people find bad ways to do bad things. Kissinger? Your crisping soul is a head-less Rudolph Giuliani financial arms industry success. Negotiate? Am not speculating your GOD damned record has a chance. Slave Labor in China? Yeah! You and _rick Nixon, the perfect crime. On Pumpkin Day EVERYBODY! NIXON, not even the hugest liar too. Tools.

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