Bill Ritter
Bill Ritter - Male Superior Figurehead
Liz Cho
Liz Cho - Broadway Spots but NOT NEWS SPECIALS she's capable of.
Sade Baderinwa
Sade Baderinwa - Ms. 
Women's Day United Nations is nice to pivot for Bill's celebrity. Specials? She is. ABC failing.
Lee Goldberg
Lee Goldberg - Cornell. I recuse. Criticize or laud I'm just trying to score points and WE hate that.
Sam Champion
Sam Champion - Very capable political candidate AND PROBABLY NOT WANTED as not in the specific men rule women vein the company supports by leveling their women off.
Ryan Field
Ryan Field - Every kid's dream as he's not listed super-starring at a sport and he's covering them in NYC. Went to Michigan State where my childhood hero Baltimore Colt Bubba Smith went. Oh yeah, Sade's Baltimore and why I spent more time there studying AMTRAK stations.
Michelle Charlesworth
Michelle Charlesworth/Bill Ritter clone blocked my commenting on Twitter because I defended an Asian twisted into hating JEWS in White Aristocratic tradition.
Sandy Kenyon
Sandy Kenyon - Princeton where Malcolm Forbes was proud to have gone.