Thursday, November 16, 2023

ABC/DISNEY EYEWITNESS 7, Celebrity NEWS READER Bill Ritter Casts Himself Centuries-old Male Soap Opera FIGURINE - Dismissive of Feminine Power

 There it was. He (Mr. Ritter) pointing out, "about the arguing" outside their studio, basically kept to the sidewalk. Face above mine, in mine, looking down. Like Caro, except your head, Mr. Ritter, went twisting up, confronting me as disingenuously not honest about why I am there by not naming Sade so you said a - someone or something. Maneuvering.

    Take it elsewhere. Ever know you ended up with a Handler, besides your INSTALLERS, in the years since protesting Vietnam in NAVAL BASED ENSCONCED San Diego? Learn you don't even have time to realize how many? Doubt it. I was shoved in LOST NAVAL BASED RACIST SANFORD and told this is what we (THEY) made me and NOW YOU Billy Ritter. Know Bill Gates OF DELIRIUM? Your past reputation too, as harmless. But a pest to women? Or why then pester me jealously? As that idiot outside taunted, don't you have something home. His wording even MORE DISGUSTING. That crap to demean me! Worse Players, than you two shelving women as trophies, faced me and found ____ for brains doesn't help.  

    So adapt whatever idealism you need to present to your employers, but with me you have to hope your ancestors like bad jokes. Because making sure I'm depicted as small as a local news reader and not a PATRICK HENRY figure makes you an opponent of the EQUAL RIGHTS AMMENDMENT that should have been passed in the first place. Right. Support that with them and I'm not a threat anymore! MORE PAWNS ABC? 

    Mr. Ritter implied I was intrusive confronting people, and that specific man (there were two yesterday), over bothering her by ogling. ABC Security he assured me in my face. He must have seen me glance away wanting to laugh. So silly, racists look at me like that and that was - lying to my face.

    So again I'm leveraged from others' twisting fates they can't get out from under. He's executive material, or some deal he's vying for. Industrial Complex & DISNEY EXECS haunt my entire life is what that meant. Trust the machine?  Kidding right? Ritter's Vietnam protest gets him kicked out of school, landing press career in state owned by Republican Press Machine and he's dominating me representing what - to me? 

    That I trust ABC, as he said, to protect Baderinwa. Within reason that I've watched. Just that disdain look Baderinwa gave me, because the contestant insisted on raising it to confrontation. She knows how to EXPRESS more. 

    ANYWAY, WELL READ RITTER. Mr. RITTER! So it's figured out, this Patrick Henry voice needs out from under my voice's limiters and that's been thwarted to not be allowed to happen. From the 5000s to under 50 a day, the CENSORSHIP ship of state kept upright, dull, unwavering, still dissolving of our own misadjusted malignant weights. Mr. Ritter?

    My female controller of 23 years, took advantage of my loyalty and wanting to solve her problems. Robert Caro said look. I looked. 

Idolized Money Supplant(ed)s Walt Disney's Dream


The psychotically maladjusted person above? Never found himself incapable of having success bought for him however corruption twisted his appeals for, and about, him. GRAND Hyatt on 42nd Street, he "built?

    She cried I'd not be returning to domestic withering once THIS endeavor failed. You know the one featuring Sade Baderinwa that men don't want around to not face being humiliated by donald john trump as they can't face how they're like him. Really Mr. Ritter? That team runs ABC/DISNEY? 

    What a DIZZY WORLD circle monorail, unconnected to anywhere else, in car consumed Central Florida means, reveals - go soak your head in motor oil then bathe in it. See? Don't confront me like a JACK ___ because you think you have me embarrass-able. I've defended women long before NAVAL San Diego passed you up the Stardom chain of PROMISED COMMAND. 

    If I can't sell myself to the money I'm a failure. Why the Grateful Dead talked to their fans and why the fans on the EYEWITNESS Facebook group page aren't even involved with the station's content! THE NEWS ENTERTAINMENT VACUUM - starring Billy Ritter! Good group leaders don't censor me for open forum. But the people don't converse about your news, entertained to the next amusing plateau. 

    So stick a nuclear arsenal up your nose and whiff, RITTER- PISSED! The elite of this country not facing themselves has gone on centuries and you can righteously stand on any pedestal you want. But look at me like I'd offend her on purpose? I'm out. People's judging themselves is (your) their affair. 

    Even Moby had to pull what Caroline Rhea did with the hey how you doin then out of here playing give them money. Everyone knows ruining me is sufficient. Not getting to say goodbye to Sade is just the cards I'm given. She'll never forget me nor I her. 

    So 23 year Economic Handler of my living on virtually nothing. Forced to eat free food so she could save money years ago. I'd complain and she'd squeal money's life. So BY JUNE she'd been crying for weeks about having helped me all along. And ALL Hers. I never made enough to have a wife with a retirement that expensive, so wanted her to have however she made it. Whatever. 

    So then PINHEAD of just the moment, Mr. Ritter, I HOPE! I then go through loves in my life, reminiscing. And of course the make-out fling with the woman The Kinks set me up with, in Lakeland, Florida, hounded me a few weeks. Just her saying, because her DAD delivered The Times, that she'd tell New York I was coming when obvious her children needed a father NOW, then. And New York, I had to go.

    So time travels, I don't care. I'm writing what I lived to do and there it was. Not on FACEBOOK. You and HER in a Google Search and your picture's together and her brown eyes stabbed me AGAIN as my memories reveal. I didn't even go to FACEBOOK. Maybe I put my own name, in the description, in all capital letters, didn't matter. SO I found out her career and American life was developed in Baltimore and my good friend Guy Babylon was specific, if famous? He'd be most there. 

    Elton John in Baltimore and Sade Baderinwa? Even if they never met. If she read what I wrote she damn well knows how much she really means to me and there's nothing not even her or I can do about it. Except I know I cry.

    Yes, Mr. Ritter.  I trust ABC to eventually respect I know elements were effectively destroyed in my manipulated childhood from antagonizing THE RACIST SHERIFF on! And directly or not. Everyone's still implicated in repeatedly deceiving me just as BLACKS repeatedly had the their successes jealously undermined in America. So much undocumented I believe. 

     I should trust competence? Aren't owed explanation. But my best friend the Military Subsidiary Complex Draftsman Plant? He yelled at me it was not all about me, when I said I would have liked to see the private Disney World Tunnels with him and the exec who showed him. See, enemy and friend. New Yorkers come out more egoistical in playing both sides against me. 

    Truth is Andrew Wylie The Jackal opened the door on all the jack___es in our 2008 or so meeting. I just pieced the other pieces together this year. What he knew from Patti Smith combined with what was revealed by Kurt Vonnegut from his learning THE Mike Hammer of The National Enquirer had me confidently friendly trapped. Hammer's woman handler rolling my momentum downhill with "he knows you're his enemy" on the baseball field with kids as he wanted me trapped unable to be background checked. D___ For Brains. 

    Money can't realize I listen for everything. SELF OBSESSED SELFISHNESS, yet I'm to blame inflation is scapegoated and just chased so the world ruins itself successfully. 

    know. I disappear bad people rule world, money's still enjoyed so what? No Patrick Henry another generation ever? Bill Ritter's news reading is gravity enough but an exercise in what gets past the merely, murky, entertaining. 

    I can't hate people, but thoughtfully face what's needed facing. Bill Ritter has said, "all about Sade," where I know last night could all be staged as an oh well. Great. I didn't want to be here in the cold anyway. Fine. I didn't lie. 

    SADE! Even Bill Ritter is lying to me. After the harasser incident that Ritter said ABC can be trusted to handle, my remark on the 5 year guy gave his head an appreciative twist up. 

    Still. Me? Death is better than another  5 - 10 years out of debt and maybe I can helplessly try again. No. I don't need sentimental. I'm out of here, I'm wanted out of here. I can't change the amount of disrespect that's already destroyed Earth. DONE you GOD damned MIKE HAMMER Wall Street Chain Smoked IDIOTS.

    I don't earn Sade Baderinwa is large to me. But the fact people enjoyed mocking me, means I can accept punishment's a just reward. Thought for sure something could be realized, eight months ago, on how to maneuver people out of the inflation trap. 

    BILL RITTER'S intellectual vacuum was soulless don't give a damn. That's not what I saw in Sade when she was introduced all those years ago. But people are so damned important to themselves. Ritter wife hate me exposing jealous? MEN. Not like the answers not written all over your lack of ethics D(tr)UMP FACES! Your man designated me? 

    See Bill Ritter? I can insult without yelling. Not my team, so you're that yellers team USING HIM! No matter how framed my fault, you tried making me feel. 

    That's what I'm saying. Sade knows better than to defend self-adoration IDIOCY. I'll unravel whatever it is, and so many tried manipulating me as friends. You're just TARGET PRACTICE! 

    What the heck. I saw the Hearst NBC studio her mother raised her from. Intentionally got kicked off the fenced in grounds by not reporting to the front desk. I sat and wrote on the one park bench on the station's grounds. Why? Suburbed outside a strategic Downtown Baltimore that was obviously made long ago car desecration infamy. 

    Could have made ball bearings, but as news source should have been center of town rather than huge evidence Robert Moses' heirs are after me still. But Disney-ABC is innocent? B____HIT RITTER. 

    DICK CLARK fan, Ritter? That crap of a man thought scowling at me gave him a sense of accomplishment too. Inflationary money across the top floor. PERIOD! All the freaks like YOU have those eyes Robert Caro showed me Robert Moses DEMONSTRATED. 

    I'll go. I don't judge, but just given the confidence that lying about me is not forgiven? Helps. See, if a Twitter reply is read by one and odds are it's Ritter then, EVEN IF SPIES ARE HANDLING THE ACCOUNT I get to say don't pretend with me. JACK _SS!

    Really? Don't get Sade mad at me? Six months of this that's not even a question. Just a taunt, like Mr. Ritter's defiant better than me Charles Komanoff superiority. Don't care how liberal you are _hit for brains! Destroying women took and takes participants. You've judged yoursel(f)ves.

    That giddy ABC security man from Insurance Company owned Pennsylvania. MANSIONS OF GLORY perpetuating squandering taxpayer money pretending to know how to count! Man's giddiness and delight crumbling the soapbox Post-It I politely asked to giver Mr. Ritter as we'd obviously spoken. BUTT BUDDY RITTER DICK FOR BRAINS? 

    Seen enough Mike Hammer crap to know the entire eyewitness news team knows and Michelle Charlesworth even had to hide pretending she can't read. BECAUSE YOUR THE GLASS CEILING @ RITTER SHIT FOR BRAINS ABC! _sshole! 

    Mike Hammer dropping his H & C card in my bag, that I then gave to Woody Allen to test if I felt assured of his innocence. Even with evidence in Ritter's behalf, he can't change acting like he didn't know why I was there. You and the PENN one would be mated in the hereafter if our last talk stands. Warning. NOT THREAT, ___hole! 

    And don't expect an audience with me again, unless SHE demands it. You're a jealous freak obviously since your grand introduction of her years ago. I'm freaking out because the wood reminds me of TRHE CROSS' wood and you're a  GUSHING GIBBERISH FOUNTAIN! I knew I didn't like your horning in then! FACE ME D__k. You created this PRICK FOR BRAINS! 

    That planned yeller so you could confront me. SHOOT a GOD damned nuclear bomb up your CONDEMNED ABC SELF-ABSORBED, SELF-RIGHTEOUS, NOSES!. YOUR IDEAS! Not mine. Tell SECURITY Jeff his mind squeezing is molded Ritter testicle, if you don't believe how offended I am! OFFEND SADE? If she has to stick up for LIARS to protect herself that has nothing to do with us. NOT PAYING ATTENTION Bill "SCAPEGOAT FOR LOGIC" RITTER! 

    ABC sends out an unaware "go home" outside security walker to a HE got us there scenario. Quality Ritter? YOU'RE embedded LYING! I trust you people less and I have to leave watching her laughingly amuse you crapheads. Seriously. You know your warning. Mocked my showing her her Bible for a gift? Even that Hammer got scared for his soul. But you know your love of money is bigger and ego LIED fulfilled in my face. Don't know why I'm there? Because Walt Disney died young and I blame all you people involved in-between me and her NOW. CORRUPT LEGACY!

    I saw it in Baltimore. Hearst manufacturing elitism apart from the people. Ritter ensconced above me to mean his eyes could not face mine! Throwing his head up like he didn't know the woman I care for. Just like that freak Trump did, claiming to be Presbyterian. _ssholes! Donald John Ritter DUMP!

    Sade, I'm gone. Just tell me three times so I can go. None of this pretend crap, your co-chair thinks his wife can't sense. I saw him giggle getting to adjust your top, and I had to turn respectfully away and heard a witness appreciate my doing that! PINHEAD RITTER! 

    I will come through that glass I see that man touch you again and I prefer you respect that, as I would yours. 

    So when I said "even I if I didn't love her" you didn't like that SOAP OPERA FIGURINE BOY! Ritter pay that yelling man? I get, understand, the security guard. How many Pennsylvania Insurance connections does it take to hold an ABC Security job to be prepared to laugh at HAPPY THE MAN? About a half a person because as insurance, the people are being worthlessly skimmed from quality's reach by a GOD DAMNED PHILADELPHIA LAWYER FEEDING FEST SIV!

    Ritter's eyes didn't face mine and just went up in a frivolous oh love somebody cause I didn't say the name. The so proud of Disney SSecurity Ritter said I shouldn't question. Man THEY sent out their front door, one of the private outside people who could tell me to "go home" but in no way was aware enough be happening himself. 

    He's probably been around, but not there. But Black Disney Security from the condemners to the knowers see my practical joking. SERIOUSLY? RACISM FACE ITSELF! GOOD LUCK! 

    Uh huh. Seriously. Weatherman and Sports Guy with Sade when our eyes bonded. Both had short conversations and waved at me on their own, of their own volition. And scowled at me when that was what I needed to know.

    Most likely Ritter's yeller-man outside, who presented self as deserving to be left alone, is ABC/Disney-Military Elite Complex PLANT tuned to yelling as is his purpose. But Ritter you convicted yourself no matter where provable your fingerprints aren't. You know, killed? EVERYONE INVOLVED CULPABLE! Confront that Mr. Ritter. No is usually tax my time so you can make up why you don't understand. Ina and Robert Caro implied there's a lot of NIXONIAN WASTES LEFT TO RID THE WORLD OF WHITEWASHING'S DISGRACES!

    ABC SECURITY, Wall Street, a Chinese Communist Party Putin Handlers, ALL need me drilled a quack for pointing out the obvious we've stifled  EVOLVING! Inconvenient Penn Guard was entranced by an Asian woman who, when I made a move statuesqued herself so her eyes followed me. PINHEADS. Parties change selves or remain ruining the earth pretending top up economics satisfies anything at all. Consumed by competition among the ruthless, making laws legally corrupt.  

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