Tuesday, December 5, 2023

ACT III - Yip Harburg and Ever Vacillating Regime Change


    Ms. Baderinwa so that's a colorized Lonely HeartJon Anderson requested made. Squishing out as vibe's absorbed in. Woman, good thing my conscious awareness of chasing you, as just us, has been some six months, or so. Cause if you counted the twenty-some years since I first saw you, that's apoplectic frenzy on steroids. I am the patient one giggly ABC on fun and game strategy in the midst of dangling women's careers on Bill Ritter's vacuous political capabilities. No, he is better than dump. People like not believing Dump. Ritter likes slumping for vacuous RONNIE REAGAN the worst president ever and tied with the BIG OIL BUSHES destroying the world for fun profit. Can't read Car Ritter then AMERICA should know what we're being sold you damned CHARLATAN(S)! 

    WHERE THE HELL ARE WE? Because "machismo's everything" @ ABC/DISNEY, depicting me as a Random Moron, stalker, simple, nuance-less as per usual with disillusioning hype. Not mine. So I've gauged it. As with Murdoch's friend buying Total TV, where I suspected something when I did the first Murphy Brown essay

    The gist? Billy Ritter is set for benign Bachelorette friend role as The Sade Baderinwa has her life messed with for a year to contrive a soap opera out of our remaining single this long. Cause seriously. Controlled is not married. It's spyware. I've been waiting for you Sade. No Golden Bachelor, but you know I'm me. Us ... 

"I know the pieces fit! ..."

    Happy upcoming birthday ...

    That it? Promote Billy RitterClick Ritter LA BUSINESS REPORTER ... Malcolm Forbes grin to me meant CORRUPTION further than HIS ASSIGNED 20 year olds to the GAZILLIONAIRE list that Cohn and Trump so adored. (Hammer's huge LA UCLA Campus Museum.) Nest of vipers Baderinwa. I'm visualizing they want you as Bachelorette prop to further prop Ritter's political career. Didn't read Caro enough to expose PURE IDIOCY to just himself. When did the maggot Mike Hammer start following me home. 

    Last night talking with an Irishman revived the memory that Hammer hooked me up with a kissing fling when we went to hear Black 47 play on the corner near my apartment. Idiot, the band member I knew didn't talk with us and even from dispatch at the Elite office one day said, Incredible, you know a Mike Hammer?" Yeah, why? He called. And Larry Kirwan and I met the first night Black 47 played "the old location" Paddy Reilly's and the drummer Ham said since I lived a block away I should stop by after seeing "oh yeah, YES, how was it?" I mumbled to Larry it was just weird. Ham couldn't tell me my ne Blackl friend was a real player who'd use women and well another soap opera Mike Hammer interpreted for Machismo's Sake. You don't even remember the name of the woman, do you? I did. Enquirer's nuts for wrong information. What could they say but more and more "duh!" Infamy's Sobriety Test. Guy Babylon & my Supper's Ready

    But wait everything's scapegoat through and through, aren't we all forgive and let live and all? Not where destroying the planet is concerned. Point about Hannity and Ritter, I'm in the way in their lives. So what. I make simple statements of care that  have to evolve as they've been sincere. At a certain point what's thought embarrassing me, Silly Ritter - just categorizes the remnant of Disney's spoiling Florida by being mixed up with assorted mixed up alliances from our distorted pasts. That Dr. Armand Hammer himself could have personally cajoled you? Makes you an Occidental acolyte - at best. 

    At least ordinary human so infatuated with his TV image his significantly stared at imagery made FAT HEAD appear normally Over-LARGE around REAL PEOPLE! Sean Hannity and YOU? BOYS get a room. Disgusting you r impatiences symbolize around me.  

    ABC7 Eyewitness ViewersABC AustraliaCBS MorningsCBSCBS Studio CenterNBCNBC NewsPBSPBS Books Readers’ ClubCBS RadioABC News RadioNBC Radio Western Highlands, Ms. Smith ...

 https://www.threads.net/@brobtv Paramount, huh? Head of the Class to there must know Stephen Colbert and how much that grin of his staggered me way back when before Woodward and Bernstein appeared like Laurel and Hardy to me. Okay exaggeration, but. You get the drift? Not only did Patti Smith sing about the "fools" generations back, SUMNER manifested arrogant _SShole a gazillion times a gazillion Times ... ! Of course I lived a block from the school shown in the opening credits. Way back when could be seen Brian Robbins future was production. Impressive. ...

    So Yip Harburg America is your brand new conscience and the bright shining light to get us up that hill the fake Republicans falsely promised climbing, while just driving into pits of despair where money's only calculated for the ruiners profit + profit's ruin! 

    Unintentional or not? Ramifications drove us to an economy that doesn't communicate with itself, at all. Because? Shriveling money's so sophisticated the soulless have ruined the world way too exploitively long wrong. Military Industrial Uncomplex Unpatriotic Nationalist Psychoses, just evolve your rotted h___s. 

    EGO-RIDDLED Bill Ritter, respect is not allowing your lying to me three times in a row. Twice means not trusted to not lie again. No Matter what your arrogance and pride pushes you to declare what you don't believe. If all about you, I doubt I wouldn't recognize that. 
    Try loving others besides yourself and you might know not reading Robert Caro and working in Lincoln Center twenty years, at your status, means outright Robert Moses Sycophantic IDIOT! Your moves! 
    I drive a bicycle SS-hithead. You embarrass your white aristocratic ass playing we have to remain submitted to oil. You callous enjoyer of the spoils of war in ethicless adoration of Kardashian ethicless headtrip LA. Ingrate for the Chandler Military Industrial IDIOT roadways up the _SSholed Complex
    To hell with me? Visit Mar-a-Lago and visit the moron you pretend people play was established;iudshe to keep the lying sound smoother so ingrates like you keep ruining the world. YOU Vietnam Warred at home for NAVAL Missed-Intelligence you creep. I guessed and you wanted it repeated to know who gave you up. I figure you creeps out. Why you were given CHANCES! CREEP! 
    Do not buy gas where electric is not supplied as well. MORONS get off progress' throats! "Oh, hell. Can't stop us now!"

Big Money your wallets are still the world's, calm down and BE COMPETENT for your own sakes! 

SADE, I've been Sadestruck! 

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