Thursday, February 15, 2024

West Side YMCA Confirms MY DECISION To Never Return


No longer permitted to stay at West Side YMCA - Frank Kendall

Wed, Feb 14, 5:08 PM (8 hours ago)
to me

Dear Mr. Fraser – 

Earlier today in our main lobby, you made a loud spectacle of yourself, shouting vulgar abuse at our staff. You also appear to have left a disgusting mess behind in your room, including hanging soiled underwear from the window blinds (see photo below). Your behavior is unacceptable and violates our Code of Conduct, which you agreed to abide by as a condition of staying at West Side. As a result, your reservation has been cancelled and you are no longer permitted to stay at West Side YMCA Guest Rooms, nor are you permitted to enter the West Side YMCA building for any other purpose.

        Apparently being genuinely angry KNOWING I was targeted, needn't be faced as with ABC New York 7(Herr Ritter)'s vacuous, as well, oriented security.


    The OBLIVIOUS PUBLIC RELATIONS COMPLEX ... SECURITY, carried out by Front Desk HOURS after check-in confirmed PAID @ the West Side YMCA, in ABC 7's Neighborhood pulled a thing where I was treated as a less than guest over $10 they didn't want to efficiently deal with but gouged at as a cash oh of course you know you owe. I know when Macho Hispanics influence people to follow FAT FACE Ritter's directions from whoever's giving them. NO CHARACTER FOLKS. The people laws can't solve. Sheister heaven isn't heaven and so on principle again I'm still not moving on with my life because this shallow conspiracy keeping me from talking with Ms. Baderinwa remains in tact. Even technically just punched me but of course all hot head's fault. Hot Head's insulted every time screwing with three hours of my life is thought healthy by numb nuts. AND for those thinking take a hint. Bill Ritter did and why he got in the way and paved his life with infamy starting and continuing being his shallow self. ... 

    In soap opera-esque news. Bill Ritter looks at me like I'm the source of HIS being a problem. And I can't even look at, or listen to the out-and-out liar to my face. Imagery of character, television/Internet's fate? Well, there is music. Taking Beastie Boys SABOTAGE For A Spin ... Mr. Charles Malcolm Fraser + Ms. Sade Baderinwa Seven words between us in six months ("bye Guys" "how are you" "see you") and their Ritter/ABC/assorted security systems cordon is OUR mistaken impression. MY FAVORITE? “I don't need the Police.” Told I've been surveilled since about six and if I were in trouble they'd be here. They don't interfere when I'm individually non-violently protesting. Protest what? Schlub arrogance. Like selling The Bachelor as a way for women to be a choice of a man. Competing with each other, SO OUTDATED some day. Some conundrum, kept from talking to the one person I'D LISTEN TO! ... That time I was near her car door and security stepped in between me and the door. Understand? WAR PIGS by Black Sabbath

I think my opponents have enough troops covered. Scores at ABC, now this. Be civil? Don't get mad? Pure garbage, YMCA, where the Christian name is used. Cornell University Library - Rare and Manuscript Collections. Offer my neck and people are slicing theirs. Ms. Sade Baderinwa, sorry, I know bad enough we're apart. But you know policy is you're told everything. Amazing. I look at Lee Goldberg and think Cornell and my uncle's distinguished legacy I AM RISKING and how is it I'm this depicted pest outside the window when Lee and Ryan Field both witnessed our eyes bond way back when. People, believe what you want. I don't lie. 

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    Nothing new. As developed had to face as what it was constructed as, not show negotiation ability. It was realized SECURITY is controlled by self-righteous males who've pushed women to appear blamable for authorizing destroying me. You want nice? Should have made efforts. A lot of people. PERIOD. 

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