Tuesday, January 30, 2024

New York City Mayor ERIC Adams override of Police Accountability - "Smoke and Mirrors" - AS PER USUAL.

    New York City Mayor ERIC Adams override of Police Accountability is Fake/Democrat/Hochul Business-Machine - as per usual. Everything the police are involved in should be noted to protect them as well as the criminal. Officers whose duty is specifically entering information should be outposted in the Field. Supervising Officers are already assigned overseeing territories. More police involved protecting the police and citizens is worth the expense. Particularly restroom facilities all over the City should have 24 hour police protection. AS TOURISTS KNOW. City doesn't face _hit when something appears daunting like the total civility of complete bathroom facilities. All restaurants should have them. What of the desperate homeless? The exaggeratedly chasing Inflation Real Estate Industry/Rent beating inflation fiasco (RENT TO OWN) needs to GIVE the money to make homeless shelters as humane as I describe the change necessary that the entire prisoning system DESPERATELY needs.
The Criminal the Constitution defends to the point where they shouldn't be desperate to avoid justice. Time served. Not EXTRA PUNISHMENTS - penned in the same indifference, pretending punishment's required suffering, that carved their deviant behavior to begin with. Private Rooms with private toilet and private shower. Detectives, Wardens! All up the line threaten citizens with what takes place exposed to predators in our jail and prison system. So Mr. Adams you are connected to the guilt for allowing these crimes against peoples continuing generations STILL. Oh boo hoo you don't isolate prisoners. The entire drama is exploitative!
All interaction with police should be documented. Technology allows other Police Officers to enter The Information. Beat Officers should not have their AWARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT time abused. In arrests they spend up to hours with the intimidation Over anything GOAL a variable that undermines a defendant's watching out for themselves. We need process that lawyers can accommodate before they're involved. Process heal thyself more civilized? "Can and will be used against you." Shelve it. Neutral area stationed officer entering the arresteds' information. With arresting officer consultable while remaining on duty. This caught somebody everything's alright attitude is a bitter not wanting to work attitude. The better things work the less debilitating the work is.
Adams should have night schooled at John Jay College of Criminal Justice to know forward possibilities rather than cater to an actual hereditary police union manipulation of their own membership's mentality. As along as police feel separate from Citizens, we're screwing up. RACIST INTIMIDATION PRACTICES have to be Faced as Police responsibility.
Adams and Hochul announce they're on top of everything while worth diddley-squat! Ron Kuby for King ... 
    New York Post newspaper FRONT PAGE names the law documenting everything by the POLICE as anti-police. Rupert Murdoch's half-_ss keep America's prejudices and conceits as chips on our shoulders. Need Australia's Murdoch attitude. Murdoch? GOOD RIDDANCE! 
    January 31st Whoopi Goldberg says those days are done when Men make Women's decisions. DONE. WOMEN RULE 

------------------------------------------------------------------The saying is "Thanks a million," BIKE ZOO. But I've really experienced a humongous pain-in-the-_ss, dealing with history's evolution, so while I'm observant as ever and therefore patient. My turn to kicking _SS Now as I see it. Best to your ever so wide and diverse family. 😎😡😤 P. S. So phone was stolen maybe September so I opted out of its use entirely. I don't have even have Baderinwa's phone number or know where she's been living, or where she'd be for and after this announced knee operation. Visited her NJ address Monday and its being renovated. Even if she's in there locked down like that, I didn't want to just be Snoopy. Cover's on the pool in back but seems for small condo development but her backyard. Just worker refuse in garbage can and mailbox nothing with the top open. Anyway, like my trip to Baltimore I learned something. Go without riding a bicycle half a year and I half to walk those hills to her house. I need to get back in the pool. Odds anyone pays enough without breaking my back on the bike NOW are small. But then so much was thought avoided keeping me in that little shell of survival when DAG GUM IT ROBERT S. CARO himself knows who there hell mI am before I even hand him the hammer and cycle card. Jesus Christ, GOD ALMIGHTY now you tell me? YES, and how're you doin, Peter Gabriel, as Sade last said to me? And for those hard of hearing in the back of the room. Read what you think sometimes and find where there's no surprises? Otherwise the game's cultivating sycophants and its best when citizens represent themselves. Not dogmatic charmers for the most part running cash registers as OUR COUNTRY has been reduced to by the moronic use of the EXECUTIVE Class to destroy capitalism';s nature. Bezos in jail, BEZOS is NOW destined for ____. Him or me. I don't care. Someone's paying and the debt is owed to GOD. Not the other way around where when you're dead your money speaks for you. Judgerment is reached as everyone searches their own consciences and that's what's to be grateful for. Forgiveness is a chance. And stopping the polluting destruction of the world is people's responsibility - so economists make the penny worth a penny or it's just dribbling up and down the court of public opinion with a deflated ball because some football nitwit says that's easier for his owner to hold and stop because embarrassed using women as prostitutes. Why devolve into the scattered logic? MEN you _SS-holes did it. STOP BLAMING ME, the truth is complete history. What everyone's responsible for no matter how irresponsible.

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