Saturday, March 23, 2024

Happy Saturday

    Gee whiz. One happy day more, full happy week's complete. Monday to Sunday. Guess Happy April, to look forward. Happiness abounds when Aprils are happy. Who else? Need more happiesHippies? Too many fakes, and, of course, those satisfied near enough evil are disappointing. Not only had we overshot Utopia in providing for ourselves. Honoring the worst among us, remains highly profitable. Money substituting for plaques wherever applicable. Under-the-radar gun running for example. Kills for which begging might never substitute. But there's money. So killing continues. Fix our heads, Republicans claim. While protecting commerce in assault rifles, no less. Stop idolizing guns. 
    Anyway. ABC can't insist investment Ritter face himself? Nor United States of America face how ridiculous The Dumpster has proven he is? All three of 'em, highlighting what's worst about us! Innocent looking Ritter? Despicable conniving FATTEST NOSE in TV. From his perpetual staring at his own screen face so much. Without listening, bet. Though promised my mother I wouldn't bet nor do drugs. I just don't gamble with money. My life's been a gamble all along, the last year's experiences remind me. 
    GUILTY Herr Ritter's defaming of the PEACE SIGN, and 
flamboyant falsifying of Americans' Gas War interpretations. Their ethicless legal criminality never had the guts to admit by declaring. Pure CREEPDOM. Established and already fortified, over a century-and-a-half. Playing fair competition with electric cars? NEVER. MONOPOLY Gas Stations all over America
    Dis-Service Stations! Every locality GUILTY, conspiring with the Gas Combine Monopoly. Destroying the world with chemicals and carving out, too much of, Earth's innards! Every Mayor and City Council, in every town and city, in America should be jailed conspirators. PERIOD! PURE PR Lying, last three generations. Electric in Every Filling Station on the American Continent or just LYING! World? 
    I thought America is an inspiration? NASCAR, a NO CONSCIENCE Affair. After helping ignite capitalism further, GAS ruined the world that has to be fixed! CREEPS! That self-glamorized ABC-7 NEWS pair, portending to face me? Their designation as Ritter declared to the moon? "I don't have to deal with this." Gas' Declaration of Indepence too! Ridiculous fooled self-idolizers! 
    Right. History's done with you Herr Bill Ritter. ABC-7 News' San Diego Conquistador representing the Evil, Villainous Dr. Armand Hammer. Face each other where consciences rale.  
    "Don't bother the anchors," Jeff said. Running away, to not 
listen, while I emphasize only one was bothered. Intentionally. Not listening to how she and I understand each other, doesn't mean we're not true. Robert Allen "Bob" Iger? FAT NOSE and Security Jeff, despicable. Nine months later this is polite, DISNEY/ABC!
    What's true enough, is Male Hierarchy seems invincible. Especially to themselves. But that pinhead a figurehead? I know his chest stands out. He can pummel me to inches short or past my life. What doesn't change is Ritter's Pinhead Figurehead Status For The Male Hierarchy Conspiracy, Forevermore! Bob Iger too? DISNEY/ABC? Who's madder me or ya'll. No. I'm referring to King George the lunatic mad. And it dresses up and says let me and my male friends fry everyone in infamy caring less for the Earth than ourselves. I know no, but Ritter deserves being a Mar-a-Lago inmate too. Hit me, I don't care. I may or many not heal. But you'll always be a heel. 
    What's not understood is even other men can understand the lack of wisdom applied by intertwined male fool conspiracies in leadership. No one but Netanyahu benefits from HAMAS' attack, other than Muslims Hate Jews fundraising and Jews Hate Muslims fundraising. While Netanyahu, The Militaristic Creep, just reflects irritated face bitterness. THE FRAUD! Jewish? No. 
    Jewish does not mean hate, you big angry piece of crap. Who never should have been re-voted back into prestigious office, by the militarism still pervading Israel. PEACE? ISRAEL create peace. You get Saudi Arabia TO DONATE the money for Palestinian solar panels selling electricity to Israel. So the Sahara can start up making money selling to Europe and Africa. So somehow the world turns the page and gets Putin's cronies to have it through their skulls - 
    Circulate Russia's money in Russia. It's known to be somewhere. 
    Something how, on a personal level, male hierarchy 
adherents can be so exposed as mental delinquents, and still just go along, getting along, seeing their superiorness in each others' mens' eyes as validation for their superior minded weaknesses. Protecting women? You've been territorial madness, likely, from the beginning
    Biggest problem is weather. Weather's the barometer of where the environment's at, and while I never took 
meteorologist courses? I've watched and can point to imbalances of change in the weather indicating how far screwed up is already known. And really, not facing PR convinced this country to become totally destructive gambling on gas. MALE HIERARCHY BLEW IT and thinks hiding is still successful. There are hundreds of thousands of Bill Ritters across the country with people's attention while they grin knowing they're getting away with hating the future. CREEPS!

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