Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Male Hierarchy Figureheads? Face Your Historical Records! Up Yours Scumbag Ritter

DISNEY/ABC's Chairman and Board of Directors' ABC NEW YORK Male Subterfuge Figurehead. Painted by former President "Big" George W. "Oil Pimple" Bush.

    Pictured above. "Two boys" from among the shallowly understanding and shallower deceived. KNOWN conspirators in The Ruining of Our World's Place in the Universe. Idolized selves rather than GOD's Gift. That's right. I'm wrong? GOD sizzles my soul forever. 

     What an Empathetic Face, Crackhead Bill. Sure. How I'm described to people, certainly must sound more despicable. After all, I threw garbage at the hollowed out soul six months after thoroughly shown he's a devious scoundrel. You Bill "Devious Scoundrel" Ritter.
    Deserves historically cited as a TOTAL INTERFERENCE in the lives of "Advertising Legend" JK Fraser's Nephew and Channel 7's co-top performer, with Liz Cho, at his job in his time slotsHierarchy Pervert! The Inflated ROYAL FIGUREHEAD stands out. Laugher by
Ms. Bookman's stability. 
    "I don't have to deal with this," Bill Ritter finalized after plopping down superior people aren't to be bothered by window dressing. Didn't even think on even a nominal level, Moat-WardenKnight Ritter.😏Ri-dic-ulous self-reverential displays when in your presenceTRANSPARENTLY DEMONSTRATING DIDDLY-SQUAT. 
    I'm facing? Second, Aunt Aurora's block, with JK, on Cornell University's Founders Wall. My back's balanced load. 

    That  Empathetic Actor Framed Face in front of New Yorkers weekly. (Believe me. Re-read, feel sorry for you too.) Demonstrating complete TOTAL ARROGANCE. Roy Cohn, Donald Dump and pride comes before a fall. Probably never face real shame? Worst don't get jail time. Partly why the so self-righteous enjoy the less well
provided for Prison/Jail System that's especially wrong for PETS we also mistreat the same way! !!! !!! !!!
    That's right. Fry me in HELL forever, please GOD? Just settle this score, in any direction. The enabled creepiness at ABC. I reacted weird? Noses up rectums brain activity, isn't the standard of advertised corporate performance. And this isn't SALES. Bottom line history. Doesn't matter who owns what how long. Nixon was wrong. Kissinger still wrong. And Bill "Gassed Up" Ritter is effervescent sub-mediocrity at its purest. PERIOD. 
    History Awash in Capital is not unforgiven shallowness. It's creeps ending up doing crap with it. Creeps. Ritter Sycophants. Consciences Not Faced. Unsophisticated readers too, Robert "Bob" Iger and Bored Directors' Board?

    Historians, while the nature of the chore is the loving of discovering and digging, are also regular people who can appreciate one page trying to resolve a point. Get issue frustratingly over with. Repeating myself, duh, happens often when Ritter Puppets invade lives. Innocent 
him? Label me worst, Ritter. But my history already faces you as Male-Hierarchy-DEADBEAT. POLLUTED SKULL impermeability. More back-patting in store? Heard Security Jeff does puckering exercises. 
No, made up. Satire's demanding. But in actuality, Ritter? You are a Militarized Enterprise System Liar. Go ahead, deceptive thinking. Creepy ritter.

    There I was homeless. Last year, life cornered in insignificance. Obscure, reclusive, hung on a thread. What else? Apparently a lot was known way back when my preferred bicycle courier job was losing the last of its' envelope carrying market share. 2010 or so. Why would David Rockefeller's Driver/Bodyguard smile and step in front of me, and open the door for David Rockefeller to smile specifically at me getting in his car? No bodyguard lets anyone be that close unless wanted. Many people apparently found out after the literary agent saw a getting real close manuscript, also sent to my, 30 years before, university professor as an appreciative thank you. The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service.
    I can also cite THE MAN FROM UNCLE Robert Vaughn, who wrote a book about the acting profession's scouring by lyingly falsely-accusing liberals or union people of communism. In same Rockefeller Center. Man From Uncle ran from me, hiding immediately, to not be found. That's right. What's to fear? A lot of people, or enough just me, think my friend John F. Kennedy Jr. was set up killed by The Sponsorship of Destroying America's Opportunity To Save the World from Destruction By GAS. What's next, JUST FAKE FACE, Herr Bill SS. Ritter
    I'm mean? How else could The Boy GroupBill Ritter and the Fellow Traveller Male Hierarchy have chances to face themselves? Obviously, so victimized themselves, they're nowhere near anywhere near a ballpark I've seen. Nine Lived Cats nowhere near as inattentive as Listening and Reading Impaired, BOB IGER Male-disFigure-Head BOY - Bill Ritter
Disneyguess where 65 Million could go? 
FOOLS Judge(d) Selves

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