Monday, March 25, 2024

Actual END TIME Does Not Exist, GOD and GOD's Will Will Continue

    Mary Matalin, I suggest chucking it. Support Women Rule and tell James Redneckism isn't reassuring, at all. And don't forget. Whatever witticisms propel the sycophants? I am more Conservative than the entire Self-Idolized Nit-Wit Male Hierarchy Empire. None hide any longer behind twisting history as distortedly as Stalin himself planted. Right! Both tell each other to go to ... !  !!!

    Since Bill Ritter really never gauged what caring about Bill Ritter meant? He's meaningfully done, receiving attention. Cooked and out of my oven. If he comes up? Just links. Depressing remembering people can think of themselves, and portray themselves, so highly when they know on a personal level they're seen DESPICABLY MEAN. Pucker those Rectum Lips, FAT FACE, Smuck Schlub. No, never in my life have I involved myself insulting anyone anywhere near this much. Learned watching Whitewashing's Painters.
    Pictured above, second from left, by Ms. Baderinwa, is The Elton John Band's Guy Babylon and his mother, father and sister. Right, especially Bill Ritter should know what actual really HUGE celebrities agree. What ritter and sycophants have done in our lives is reprehensible
    Kathie Lee Gifford, I know had her own problems at the local affiliate with the degenerate men probably left still supporting Shill Bill. There's no St. Peter at the gate, Dim Wads. GOD's judgement's done in real time. How would Omnipotence handle anything? Ross Douthat of The New York Times

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    Sade, fairly sure we're not to allow this stuff any use of our subject time when we talk. However represented? He can keep it up himself. Mutt and Jeff have resources, plus claim resourcefulness. Ha, ha. +++

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