Wednesday, March 13, 2024


No. President Putin's not sitting for lectures. None of the prestigious laurel sitters acknowledge thrones' corruptions. Even ordinary News Desk chairs can create monsters exploiting the captivated. Why France, thirty years ago, didn't allow habituated figurehead newsreaders on national news. Not been there to see what's changed. But stranglehold authoritarianism is contagious
And that's the way it is."  00:56 Nothing will change but WOMEN RULE! 
    Said all the time in politics, even elsewhere. Has own bandwagon frequently. TRANSPARENCY, as often as not, just becomes routine gimmickry. That enough of the public can even be absorbed in absolute refusal, of the understanding Donald Dump's been a criminal for generations. People aren't finding out things. Sean Tokyo Rose Hannity M.D.
NOW, load up on /\/\/\

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