Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Envelope Please? PUSH IT, Glass Ceiling And All ... TIME'S UP - NOW

Glass Ceiling And All? TIME'S UP - NOW

    Hey Mr. Wylieremember little open-ended things in our lobby conference?  

    One, what additional meaningful things had me focus on your agency. And, as meant for encouraging inspiration, I preferred our not identifying those things as stepping stones. But I'd actually dropped two manuscripts elsewhere, and hedged like I hadn't but did. And you called me on it. Man, that was fun. 
    Anyway, couldn't help it. David Brown is doing something in Moscow and I know where he sits at his 57th Street desk mornings? Think it was the next day I dropped it and he smiled. They lost it. Love it. We both know the hammer and cycle was crap then. But ideas happened in the 1990s, nonetheless. Hadn't thought of Colonel Srilenko's name yet. You'd think that'd be first. But stuff writes itself, just keep up. Some time after, on 55th between 2nd and 1st Avenues, waited for Helen Hurley Brown to walk past with a group. Marvelous. 
    Women, understand men really aren't capable of transitioning power. But inherent selfishness must be overcome. Look at SOUTH AFRICA. Time. 
    And boys? YOU NEED, and earned, MAJOR KICKS IN THE _SS. Huh. Bill smiles on all his other cues. WAKE UP!

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