Thursday, March 14, 2024

DONE. FACEBOOK Locked Me Out. Of Course No Phone To Verify FACADE Works. Mark Zuckerberg Ruins People, Who Have Nothing, For A Living?

Soapbox View honors my Uncle James K. Fraser, Cornell University's first Facebook editor, whose advertising break was Spotless Town for Sapolio Soap. 

   Protecting me? FACEBOOK insists algorithmed indifference works. ALWAYS BRAND NEW who the hell am I! Never near claim to have a clue! Boy Power? 

    Laughing, but the point is whatever. Figure out how to use something else that probably requires a phone, or it's easy. But bigger point is the relentless hounding's been a toy of strategic inconvenience 15 years. Way back when, misery was seen coming when people have breakdowns in their relationships with the apps' algorithms. NOW PR-ed A I! 

    Still no one's responsible. A Ten Ring Circus run through our noses to stay in line and not rock the boat. Even when the Captains march one unjustly to the end-of-the-plank. Touché. Team Indifferent Boys? GIRLS Still Rule ...

    Wow. Nice one, Team Indifferent Zuckerberg. Historians like this stuff. Mountain of indifference towards Individual Voice. Bill Ritter & Mark Zuckerberg, Poster Kids For UpNosed Indifference. T-shirts for Everybody ... 

    I'm out of Facebook for the admission price of a phone. King Zuckerberg your men will hold their chins prouder now in your dubious honor. ... Unfortunately, staying with the name Facebook is important to me. Since 2008, nonsense. Never more than letting things be difficult with algorithms having never known me. Despite redundant proving so. Reminiscent of dag gum, Ubereats really has and did BLACKLIST me too. What happens NOWThomas Paine sits up in his grave



    Now everything sent to Cornell is email. FACEBOOK you screwed yourselves and you were never hated. Now extremely pitied too. Sure, I figure out this hazard maybe. Can't scapegoat with excuses. Hounding has been strategically indifferent and relentlessly ruthless

The, "This is all your sabotage," Beastie Boys ... 
    We need to start facing. Understand pivoting money's as paranoid as anyone else. Screwed UP TIGHT FRAUDSTERS, stepping in mistake after mistake. Backing down, every chance. Enabling Burning Oil's ruining the world. Scapegoating the American Public for the choice. 
    Every community should close anywhere selling GAS that does not include ELECTRIC. Or community's all HOT AIR
    Hotter oceans, storming, etceteras. And on and on. So it goes. Industrialism PR-ed they've gotten around to adapting after hiding three generations and knowing full well their SCAPEGOATING still ensues
    So, right. Lots of FUNds enabling cornered selves. A lot of boys, reminiscent of Conquistador BillTry Zuckerberg? Opening eyes without The Roy Cohn Don't Face, Maintain Ambivalence, Posture. Just obey, dude. Mean Speech can Reign in America. But MINE GO AWAY? Boo, ya'll too! History's dumping on your boys' assisting covering up nonsense for centuries. Catching up with FOOLS as I write. Mark Bill Ritter Zuckerberg

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