Friday, March 15, 2024

"What We've Got Here Is, Failure To Communicate"

    COOL HAND LUKE premiered November 1, 1967. Starring Paul Newman whose character begins film slicing off Parking Meter Heads. Theoretically petty vengeance. Plus Fine Society has everyone in tow, so an authority thing. Even drunk ya don't realize jail and ensuing crap? Guess not. But Penal Institutions know why prisoners are exploited

    Cool Hand Luke is an American Prison drama directed by Stuart RosenbergFeaturing George Kennedy in an Oscar-winning performance. Newman, as Luke, a prisoner in a Florida Prison Camp refusing to submit to the system

*** *** *** 

    To Systematic Lack of SystemSOLAR EVERYTHING. Correct what's not been done, and not turn our backs on mistakes anymore. Change the dimension, that this country looks down on itself. Seriously. News Reports where trains hit cars? People, we're crazy. Design flaw. Cars and trains should never cross the other
    Big deal? INSURANCE pays on Chemical Spills. Scapegoat MISTAKE, named ACCIDENT. Not guilty of damage done, when Shortchanging Design for whatever reason necessary? But wrong. ALL FLAWED! BILLIONS renovating 19th Century Tracks. When 20-21st Century Monorail safer! Except some quaint tracks, where I was raised. Be nice renovated with some additional 21st Century smoother safety features. 
Exactly where do ambitions lie? 
Ambitions Lie? 
    Politicians raked over the idea the swamp had a chance of being cleared. Nation actually bought the Brooklyn Bridge from a verifiable Iconic Con Man of unbelievable proportions. Needed to believe. Just not him. He, Dump, already down in history documented - BIG BUFFOON. Running for president doesn't make him not a big buffoon. And every day closer to winning or doom itself? Everyone - Bites The Big Buffoon
    Pie-in-the-sky's the Best Bandwagon though. Proven time and again. But doesn't mean fantasy works. Totally Exposed, Total Fools. Roger Stone and Donald's Rump ...
    For sure they'd even deny knowing the other in court, if necessary. They do that for a living. Charlatans. Even hedged the Bushes. Same team then. Imagine that. 
    Often enough I remember back, leaving Roy Cohn's townhouse. Where the three met. I read there Second Tuesday in November, 2016. Leaving, looking up, passing under the New York City Police cameras, corner of 68 and Madison. Thought was am I in for it? But as an American, my obligation's wanting my President smarter. Obviously, mashugana... oy vey ...

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