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    Starring Greater Liar Than DONALD DUMP, SHILL Bill Ritter. Yes, that's a lie. Donald Dump's a Great Liar so could probably only be equaled. Even by the deceptively great Bill Ritter. After all, Dump's A verified American Tragedy. Ritter's still getting away with stuff. Sympathy cards probably will be refused by Bill's BOSS Bob Iger's staff. 
    DISNEY/ABC sue Ritter. Been paying a Military Industrial Empire Functionary. Fraud really, or accomplices? Judged yourselves for well over half-a-year. Flashing STRIP ACT STORMY RITTER in front of the public as if just a caring person. Stomachs will turn as mine has for too long. Anyone keeping score besides GOD? Calculations well past my bothering to notice. Just glimpses of smug written Ritter face. The eyes though. I don't hate anyone so I don't care to know how shallow you feel or arrogantly deny. Bad Vibe City. 
    ABC? Your employees will be very angry, risking their careers by not disassociating from SCUMBAG. Not rehabilitating HERR riddler RITTER? No? WAY LATE! Even in the worst engagements I can't say I feel hate. But Jerk Off? Engages to produce hatred. Fool few, A #1 SCAPEGOAT MAGGOT. Maggotry enjoyable, your face read to me. Anyone as ridiculously devious deserves my risked reputation even risking mine frying with Stalin's HELLFIRE. At least my giggling about HELL, hopefully won't be included as a point of arrogance in my turmoiled conscience. 
    Expecting entertained by a devil is not accurate, when just reference to humanity's manifesting evil. The Enemy is US, everyone.
Diane Disney remembers her parents.
See Walt's introduction of DISNEY'S Progressive Future
    Abigail Disney and investors? Of course all this in court would have a judge understanding, but you know. I'm not a person for finding more pay days for lawyers. Iger has no conscience? Let GOD's Will suffice. Bill Ritter's arrogance destroys a lot more than pathetic Bill. 
    That's right Bill. Think accusing Iger or ABC proves maliciousness? No. Real enemies don't warn to protect people. Opponents are confused with BS to move into line of fire. Remember? Your exact tactic with me!
     Shill Bill Ritter's never faced anything about how he interfered well past what being a human is. Pathetic shyster without a law degree. Player with a Harem can't face his being Categorically Despicable Twerp? Not my, or our lives as I've redundantly repeated cause you're not hiding under a rock or anything. But there's always The Great Escape. Funny, really. Me vs. You. History will take care of me. Your money rules. Where from here? Ta da! She says no to me three times I'm gone. Disappear. I've said. Repeatedly. And Ritter? You're just a tad of a sidebar. Child's Table. 
    How history works. Disney's Legacy will want nothing of you whenever. Not my business. This me needing it understood. GET RITTER AWAY FRTIOM US! * How history works. * Sell Churchill in light of Hitler, while among history's worst racists as well? That British Flag treasured comforted by Fancy Public Relations. 
"There's Winston Churchill dressed in drag. ..."
    Public Relations San Diego Conquistador Whore expects still covers his identity as Pathetic Reagan California Military Industrial BLOODY Conquest! 
    Shove that penis tongue further up YOUR brain without cells! Slapdashed Donald Dump WHORE! 
    I wrote "bad things" about you? Taking responsibility for actions could have probably been the Eleventh Commandment Moses broke over rocks. Frustrated seeing his fellow JEWS as corrupted as Today's SELF-LOVER-OF-HIMSELF-ABOVE-ALL Billy-Boy-Toy "HITLER Riddled" RITTER. Raised as most important in his world. You are. Shriveled Donald Dump Brain RITTER.
    Ritter really deserves being a VILIFIED symbol of BOYS projecting to the public, all over America, that maintaining the embedding of OIL is FACT OF THE MATTER unchangeable as to we're owned. SLAVES TO BIG-OIL etc., SO SHUT THE ____ UP. 
    Bill Ritter's delighted GOD hates him or me FOREVER? Heartfelt, but not soulful ambition. Having risen so high to a pinnacle of New York Celebrity? I hate how people enjoy the show of those going up going down. Probably why I was always content and not bothered you specifically had me depicted Mr. Nobody. Long after Sade and I and Ryan Field and Lee Goldberg knew darn well how legitimately sincere I was and remain. It's all skull in there? No brain, huh. 
    But! Attention, The Happening! ABC! 
    Eat him up Lincoln Center Boys. Other Lincoln Center Security, besides Ritter's Personal ABC Crews set up to harass me are a part of riddled out of his gourd RITTER-HITLER's Resume. Uncomfortable? Took no classes related to conscience at San Diego State or The New School? Good. Why prepare? Your life thrust in my face just had to be a Piece of SHIT! Look Bill. You vs. me. Funny. AI protects innocent. Unbelievably wow that. Anyway. You must have been so high. 
Must have been out of your mind?

    Sure Ritter, maybe? I know SPY EMPIRE PEOPLE trick all sorts. Woman I lived with for years deeply offended my life went elsewhere without her. Good person. But when a State Attorney makes the point of having me look at The National Enquirer's Mike Hammer with her buying me food after which both their eyes and grunts continue playing out that I'm not financially aware and in need of caretaking. Crap. Bike couriers didn't make real money. Whatever she could save I wanted her to have. The last years I didn't make enough so ate free food. So getting looked at as someone out of place was routine before you pulled the scam on me FAT NOSE.

    Devious crap Ritter. I sat in this kitchen anguishedly saying to her she at least needed on some level to engage with my sarcasm. Good woman. It was something more than being in separate businesses. But not her fault. I thought about many women then. Foremost the sweet woman I met just before coming to New York, at The Kinks Concert in Lakeland, Florida. Her father delivered The New York Times so I left a hammer and cycle card under the door at The Times of all things. Yeah, I'm a hoot. 

    Anyway, turned out Sade Baderinwa has been in my heart all her years in New York. Then June 2023 I saw something. Then another and if she knew GUY? Became doesn't damn matter. She knows something. And some years back I had stopped looking at her on TV not to feel unfaithful. Specifically remember stopping myself from fantasizing about her because that would definitely feel unfaithful. 

    After my and Guy's and Sade's connection with Baltimore walloped me? We spent months of steps figuring ourselves out, with that glass wall and Ritter's, that she knew would come and I better be ready and calm. Woman's a genius. 

    Point is only Sade Baderinwa is capable of having me by her side. If not, I know first love took years to get over. Sade, I'm afraid, that's not happening. Or eternally missing you HELL. Mortally missing sure is. I miss being anywhere near you so much. Something how it's so obviously exaggerated on my part, yet not. You know I'd be writing about you like this all along. Interference just changed the slant. But seeing the lengths went to, to just stop our starting trying to be friends? That's the only way to start trying towards. Right. We're here. 


    ANYWAY. Can't face SO EVERYONE participates to Bill's comfort in Bill's lie. Robert Iger? This long, weirdo insinuates you're just as guilty

    Really? Came back to Rule DISNEY and end with A SAN DIEGO MILITARISM FAÇADE adorned in contrived anti-Vietnam pedigree. Then Ritter's planted and embraced by an LA KING, in DR. ARMAND HAMMER, hypnotized with all the fellow destroyers of the world in comfort and privilege. Just money? Abigail Disney took it easy on ya'll. Bill Ritter's shallow. How damned STUPID can Executives be? 

    Many pretend stable men, and women, only participate in political design. Producing a stockpile of successful DUMP CLONES. Marjorie Taylor Greene has actual status! BARF BAG EVERYONE! As in Bill Ritter. Stupid steps in more stupid

    The tragedy of people not thinking through lying's nature. The Donald Dump an exemplar of what aiming at or avoiding ramifications can mean in damaging mush of everything that to some he's convincingly denies what he damn well has done. 

    See that's people aren't helping p[oor Bill Ritter. Bill Ritter on top of MOUNT BILL? Can't come down. Like Dump, expects over is rest in peace not sabotaging his own self-esteemed self down. No. GOD forbid, Bill. Sure Bill. But between you and me? Wrong, I burn in HELL forever for you Cheapskate. Insist I scorch as HELLFIRE forever if GOD in any way sees me wrong.  

    Not seeing Sade is HELL, so what the hell.

    I don't give a bill ritter. You sought my hatred, Giggly Boy. So remember Ritter? As that PEACE SIGN feels more like just stroking your butt? You asked for it. But don't worry. You worked hard for that line of Lincoln Center Toy Boys up yours in front of everybody - ON BROADWAY! Not GAY MEN. VULTURES!

    You masturbate your tongue near me again? Any money ever earned, will go for a BILL-BOARD of just FAT NOSE in Columbus Circle so it's clear who wants honor as HAREM WORLD KING. 
    We could reach 
SUPREME COURT celebrityhood Bill? Good. ON THE RECORD supporting you? Already condemned pompous driven tools for 2000. You're just icing. Me? I don't care. You helped me make history. Really that line is a real line where no one pays the right cho9rd to be read and appreciated just wasn't found. Why literature isn't supposed to be just a game Jeff Bezos scavenged for a leg up on crucifying the better nature soil capitalism, you Honky Cracker off Bezos. 
    World where no one paid me and I'm not worth knowing. You Ritter opened the window larger on the depth of my Blacklisting going back to starting as an enemy of that damned Racist Sheriff since I was age 5 and you thought 66 near 67 gave your 70 something a margin of wisdom? You're shallow end. Bezos has gazillions reckless with conscience. Hereafter where. Maybe you and he share grills, Bill? Anyway. Scrape head on bottom of pool, fool.

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