Thursday, April 11, 2024

Clearing Air About Disney/ABC Executive Mansion's Dwellers

    How many more inside Columbus ABC are still programmed to look at me as if it's not understood exactly who I am and motivations are? As SECURITY lamely did half a year on your accounts. Dismal performances in regard to how the MEN at ABC can be regarded as boys worthy of jail for ADULT Criminality. From six months ago through and past now, everything done keeping us apart, I probably can't name but your consciences will give you HELL for. Nice Holidays, ___kin Fellas! 

    Backing Ritter's interference in my life. Right, no law. BULLCRAP. The law of civility so broken by Ritter's DISNEY/ABC EXECUTIVE ENABLERS' support, the nameless inside ABC fondling Robert "BoB" IGER's Lack of Conscience are as condemnable as S_it For Brains Ritter

    Right, Iger top of pyramid goes first and Ritter's the only one personally hated and condemned by me. I wanted the world better for everyone. SCUMBAG got more than enough. ASSHOLE!

    There are people, besides Baderinwa, inside the company, long before I showed up, who knew of me. That includes The Liar Ritter's saying he had no idea who I was out there with that incredulous look stamped all over that pathetically insincere showboat face. Women at company seen nice with you? As I've experienced. When I'm present, THEY will receive bird fingers. GET THE POLICE THERE. I WANT YOU PEOPLE DOCUMENTED HIDING YOUR CORRUPTION on the signpost we own credibility. AND HISTORY usually doesn't condemn on time. So I LOSE? Good luck, _ssholes.

    And I don't give a crap if ABC EMPLOYEES don't understand it's all because of BILL Ritter's shamelessness. His forebears were famous alcoholics during our Revolutionary War. Some of us immigrants are more selfishly distasteful than others, the NATIVE AMERICANS have had to put up with.

    Utterly offended to nth degree that people within the ABC Building, that had to be evacuated yesterday due to a kitchen fire, are still enrolled in engaging with judging me on the sidewalk. An executive, properly plastic carded, had that skeptical figuring out look. Another starting the let's be above it all, he can't prove we're liars routine. RITTER DID! Pathetic.

For every ABC employee who ever had to deal with 

Out of Control Emperor Ritter's EGO RIDDLEDNESS!

    Something else for executives to roll eyes at and think workers don't deserve their rights to distance themselves from being held at fault for many things executives need scapegoats for. No doubt some boss intimidated a worker into a mistake? At Ritter's ABC I only have suspicions. BOB IGER'S fault, 100%. Same situation of SECURITY chasing me for the scoundrel Bill Ritter and yesterday a mid level executive stares at me like I'm the puzzle to figure out. How many more in ABC hold Ritter in FALSE ESTEEM? From where information is gibberishly decimated by "F___ed Himself" Ritter. 

Party @ ABC! 


Jimmy Kimmel, THREAD-BARE INTELLIGENCE wants to share HIS OSCAR with you. 

Stephen Colbert Advises RUN! (Hey Blue Eyes)

Bob Iger Values You Is a Confession. 
He should hate you more than me. Or you know he's among the behind destroying me, WITH YOU, all along? No matter. 
I know, difficult hiding evil behind evil. 
Stupid S_it Honky Cracker!

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