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Bibi Netanyahu, Your Scorching SOUL'S Conscience Will Never Not Burn in HELL with YOUR FELLOW WAR SYCOPHANTIC ATHEISTIC CHRISTIANS, MUSLIMS + JEWS - You GOD Damned Donald Dump Whore!

Bibi Netanyahu's Oblivious
Extremely Not Nobel Prize 

    Israeli Army attacks an Iranian Consulate and Bibi Netanyahu has effrontery to portray self not most worthless person in power ever. Deciding he's setting off Armageddon because Bibi's GOD DAMNED HATE is of more value than anyone in the world. Look where your awards got you Mr. Fake Prime Minister Netanyahu? SCORCHING FOREVER In Your OWN Shallow Bibi The Gun HELL. You're not a victim of MUSLIMS. You're just arrogant WAR WHORE


Heartfelt From Golda Meier & I
Military Blind Bibi Gun 

Yeah BOY, Dumpster's Emissaries! 

    Good (bad) ole Jared Kushner touring the touristy political trap during the reign of King Douche Bag of the United States. CRIMINAL JARED KUSHNER, yes you and your wealth that only circulates the top. It and you can bite Henry Kissinger you Complete Donald Dumpster's Princess' Package. Are there cruses, yet? Not even rumor The Don needs the dough. 

    Sidebar: Dude made this film? Not only

do I think The Dumpster could have seen me on TV. My eyes just we-went all giggly glowy wet  smiling a 17 year-old Sade Baderinwa could have too. Why I don't scream at Netanyahu more. I cry too much. + people dying and not one death is Bibi innocent of. No matter who pulls triggers, or detonates, or puts knives to sliced up throats. Israeli Army raises braggarts. 
    I had a claimed former Israeli Army Member, in a basement, in New York put a six inch blade across my throat from behind and I relaxed accepting death. I even thought, oh well here, 500 5th Basement." Then he pushed me away with laughter, and immaturity is just what the rest was about. Years later he denied what he did happened. So couple later I told him we'll never talk again cause he's a liar. 
    Last time on the road, the co-star with Soviet in the National Geographic Explorer Big City Messenger documentary bopped up his head and sprinted his bicycle away not wanting even seen by me. First New York roommate of my messenger era, because the service owner loaning me money to survive the low wages, while not wanting me leaving, wanted his bike racer housed. Six inch blade boy ten years after, or so. While his roommate I'd slept at different couriers places every night to avoid what I saw was temperament I could not abide. 
    Once slept at the houseboat Jan van der Lande had use of, at the 72nd Street Docks, after he first landed in New York. Worked on the bicycle before building his brand and Kikkerland fame. Yep, here's a kicker. Before my hammer and cycle reading at the 38th Street Bicycle Shop, I saw you Jan. Coming in the door and I know the feeling of being recognized before taking a lay of the land and Jan bailed. Slipped backwards out the door. Sweet. Yeah, where's Rookie! 
    Anyway. Well not anyway. Describing weirdos going in The Military, not coming out not weirdo. Netanyahu straight high school to army. Never not an Army Brat in a bad way.  As noble as warriors can be. War is not and neither Bibi Bozo Netanyahu. PERIOD!

    Screwed up, fabulous circle of wealth

Circulating Wealth Vainly Owner Over-Shipped, Spilling Oil All Over The Oceans' Sea Farms. Self-Idolizing IDIOCY! Propaganda Written in PEOPLE MAGAZINE for the False Faces - Mitch Chao.

    Guns made cause intent's to kill the innocent and clear terrain. STOP FIGHTING, Putin kills everyone. Already on him. Let him and Bibi ring us all up. What the ___k?

    Go home Iran, anyone. GOD doesn't care. Everyone's wrong about WAR. GOD Damned Mass Criminality. Especially Bibi and Putin's Regal Tribes atop Militarism. Defining they're ruling the game - their game. Using people specifically defined sin, bad eggs.

Core of EARTH where The Nuts Scorch?

Bibi Netanyahu, Your Scorching SOUL'S Conscience Will Never Not Burn in HELL with YOUR FELLOW WAR SYCOPHANTIC MUSLIMS + JEWS - You GOD Damned Donald Dump Whore!

CellMATE of Netanyahu

Kids can’t eat in Gaza on top of getting bombed by SCUMBAG Bibi Netanyahu.

Vengeance Will Never End In _sshole's favor.

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