Sunday, April 14, 2024

Risk Myself Hated and Killed By Anyone. Realize ALL SOULS Scorch IDOLIZING The Great Whore of HELL Prime Minister SCUMBAG of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu. His Enemies Scapegoat. Everyone's Condemned For Violence & Idolizing SCUMBAG Bibigun Netanyahu's Self Idolizing!!!

SCUMBAG Netanyahu!

    More important than ISRAEL's future & GOD/Allah. Because that's what Bibi's doing embedding in more STONE AGE, the idea that any of this revenge he's in has logic. VERY SCREWED UP BOY allowed to represent arrogance beyond human ability to reign in. PLEASE! SEND THE ASSASSINS FOR ME, Prime Minister Netanyahu! Will look good on your resume. Not only further embedding Perpetual War in the MIDDLE EAST. Your soul, conscience as brain's recitations, will never rest with my left foot personally searing your GOD damned jugular.

    Right. All get to live out Bibi playing revenge because he's such a sincere heartless, soulless boy. ALL OF YOU, Christians, Muslims and Jews wrote your tickets to HELL supporting everything behind CREEP NETANYAHU getting away with his defying GOD as a wanted criminal from SOULLESS HELL. Muslims scorch feeling Netanyahu in their souls? GOD damn right. EVERYONE pays for supporting that LIAR associate of Putin and Donald Dump. Putin supports Muslims? Putin supports war, IDIOTS. STOP BEING SO GOD DAMNED STUPID with handouts.

     Biden has to support ISRAEL? May not get HELL, President Biden. BUT HEAVEN is OFF! WORLD LEADER JOE BIDEN! OFF! Can't stop Bibi, everyone as responsible not stopping _SShole burns in HELL as the SOULS of ISRAEL already involved with Bibigun ARE ALREADY! Worship the _other_ucker? Atheists, Christians, Muslims and Jews are stuck, scorching with Bibigun forevermore! 

And laughter will ring Super Hollow within a short time. Facing testifying how criminal you judged selves. 

"No eternal reward will forgive us NOW for wasting the dawn." Texas Radio's Big-Oil Beat?

    Not stoned immaculate Jeff Bezos has a lot of cash fueling his Eternal Reward for ruining some of the basics of circulating capitalism for anyone else!

    Leaders of Iran and Joe Biden? Wish neither luck. Holes in your own boats are your own! Seriously reality. Not about wishing. I want Civility and Real responsibility faced NOW! Incredible how far the moron got, allowing hostages taken cause the best army in the world has more than toilet training to not let that many taken hostages happen however big THE HOLIDAY'S contrived to be and mean! 

    Damn you Netanyahu! !~ent straight to aggressive rid what you and your cohorts created. HAMAS as institutional revenge. HELL is your destined institution. I BET MY SOUL ON IT! GOD DAMN YOU BIBI NETANYAHU! Wake up boy, this is a test!

    No one gets out of here with souls supporting that CLOWN NETANYAHU. Bozo Bibi. Reward from GOD, probably is front row seats watching my SOUL SCORCH AS HELL if I'm wrong. _UCK ME! I don't give a crap. I've had enough of people thinking greater than GOD is their litmus test for strength of intelligence. Dumping on the world. FACE IT! Netanyahu ENABLERS! HELLFIRE'S already an address. Laughter will ring forever Laugh-A-Lots? Nice mortal infrastructure, furniture and jewelry. Except your own souls will despise selves for Idolizing Israel's Betrayer of Peace - The Pure Scoundrel Bibi Netanyahu. Devout JEWS of ISRAEL? Netanyahu is a mess, made of a mess, and on HOW MANY OF YOU?

    Want me highlighting Muslims responsible? Israel enforced more poverty on Palestine enabling the generations of bitterness necessitating the feeling of revenge that in me is all the worse on YOU, Worst as is Donald Dump and Putin's Predatory Realming tiny universe, IDIOT NETANYAHU

    The IDIOCY of PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU didn't just happen. A WRONG MINDSET created that creep his entire life. So ALL those at fault are GOD Damned as Bibi's demonstrated. Continuing wallowing, with chest thrust at everyone, in his self absorbed inability to think except militarily masturbating his jealous NO SOUL HOLE PIT from which he thinks. You Authoritarian Predator _SSHOLE! 

    See the cursing I've used to accentuate the seriousness? Probably alienates. BUT that's how that Racist Trained By The Israeli Army talked. Boy forced on me to be a roommate in New York. I slept elsewhere, except weekends when he returned to his Babylon, Long Island home. Thank GOD I met good Babylons

     Packaging taken on to reflect The Pinhead from that National Geographic Explorer documentary, presently owned by a son/child of Australia's, planted in America, Criminal Rupert Murdoch. Planted on me as roommate jerk'll maybe be the soothing voice your decrepit souls in HELL are regaled with. Jews responsible for his badgering me? Six inch knife blade at my throat, with forearm across my forehead and other around chest. Not knowing who had the knife behind me, I softened facing death. Pushing me away he laughed, but I noticed 500 5th moved their Messenger Center upstairs. 

    Bad people. Gotta stop blaming Iran, Israel and GOD for bad people. You're all irresponsible for your GOD damned selves. But Nation States playing loyalty to them so Arms Manufacturing and OIL DAMAGING remain so lucrative, they're necessary to OUR ECONOMIES. Why should GOD forgive any of us? Jesus Christ has souls. Good souls. And Christians that say only believers can be saved so the collection plate's fuller? Missing the point. Many may not require Jesus Christ's forgiving they're not involved in sin. Original? Jesus Christ paid for that too. 

    GOD's Armageddon? Doing to ourselves. Bibi bow while everyone kneels. Nonsense ISRAEL, IRAN. Get out of the game. It's not hysterically funny at all. Fatefully you have to see what's done to GOD's Universe falls on many of all of us aplenty

Charles M. Fraser

April 14, 2024

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