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    I have personal reasons for not feeling comfortable at all speaking derogatorily of someone named Peggy. Except PEGGY NOONAN is The WICKED WITCH of NBC's MEET THE PRESS. Communication. 

    Throughout her MEET THE PRESS featured years she's haughtily projected an overview of supreme capability. She'll turn to the next speaker exactly as broadcast, April 14, looking down perched above other poor mortal newspaper writers in her and her friends' confabulated wakes. Oh dear us. Pampered WITCH! 

    However paraded as distinguished? Ms. Noonan throughout all her NBC Years is JUST NBC's Inflated Chris Christie Dirigible. However much more advanced intellectually she is than Jargon Chris, she's stamped same as boy child of Wall Street's circulating money across the top of a rug laid over Main Street America Bottom Up Economics suffocating circulation. Ronnie's trickle down? Look Peggy? Your team, WITCH!  

    FEEL FREE. DENY AWAY AS HAS YOUR LUCRATIVE CAREER SUBSISTED A LONG DAMNED TIME. You arrogant twister of logic for liars. HELL's possible, plain enough for you to understand Ms. Freaking Noonan? GOD damn me, please? Wasn't just little corrupt. YOUR FRIENDS PROVED CORRUPT AS HELL!

    Your career enabling other idiots doesn't make your NOW belly laughing at gauging Donald Dump a quiver in your cap. It's called Falsifying Credibility. Judged by history as Decrepit Water Carrying Witch For BOYS Worthless Rule of the World at your Frosted Flake pleasure. Yep, you're looking darned younger on TV. Good for you. DAMNED WITCH, though. 

    Still engaged in idolizing doggrel that was spread like spoiled mayonnaise over the American South poisoning on contact. LEE ATWATER waiting in Purgatory for you on his Sanity Clause? Where you wave passing him down? Why? Because YOU ARE a pompous clown pontificating from Your NBC Rostrum as if there's no price real Conservative Devotees have to pay. Damned Donald Dump is on all liars. Up yours laughing about him now! See doesn't matter against Dump from beginning or not. The enabling was cultivated and the practitioners enjoyed the money  

this moron didn't get.

    Peggy Noonan's Play With Ideology Team created the vacuum Donald Dump drove through. April 14's MEET THE PRESS episode even included a clip of Dead Mr. Serious Face Host grilling The Dumpster himself before the turn of the century playing his face as seriously. ACTING! Waddling his abortion stand(s) as if flipping burgers or pancakes. Perpetual Pancake Face Donald Dump's so addicted to TV.

    Dead guy Tim Russert apparently, and no one could face down the aura of twisted showboatery captivating American Politics. Such that a REAL CRIMINAL is still given public validity. YOU MADE THAT HAPPEN WITCH NOONAN. Not funny then nor NOW! Pedestal Sitter, Queen Noonan of Fake Republicanism. Credited ARROGANT Scorched John Bircher Denier.

    Shallow individuals conspired together in the Friendly American Way. Guess what? Finally in the open? SHUT DOWN THE DAMNED IDOLIZERS of RUINING MONEY so it circulates best for themselves. Not Peggy Noonan? 

Peggy Noonan

    Ms. Noonan's entire career's built on premising that staunch conservatives who evolved from John Birchers to workers for Nixon can insist integrity is built into their exaggerations and confabulations defining an unproven innocence that was actually really built on lying to the public. Warmonger Dick Cheney? However your head's forced to shake is on you too Wicked Witch of NBC's MEET THE PRESS! However much Ms. Noonan may have been used by more corrupt culprits? She's insisted on surfing what I've defined a Disgraceful Reputation. 
BIG-OIL Peggy? No? Yet she/you are a WITCH on behalf of an entire apparatus deceiving Americans for more than the several generations where the sabotage is seen. The Robert Moses paving of America claiming rail and monorail a monopoly scheme. Lot of oil bucks in pockets that refused to be involved saving what's ruined generations. So take your Koch Brothers lack of credibility and stuff it up your over depending on JARGON _SS! Witch! 
    Maybe you'll just agitatedly boil in Richard Milhouse Nixon's Eternal Piss Pot Petrie Dish? Your arrogance never faced ramifications, just as the vacuously immature boy you laugh at Donald Dump is proud not to either. You belly laugh now on TV about the person your people installed and still play with as a toy. When - oh yeah we're smart! Why not select our last minute NEXT BUSH BABY the Supreme Court can install themselves.
    No, of course Peggy says she has nothing to do with The Vietnam CASH BONANZA Executive Class Boondoggle and Americans not understanding Transportation's Evolution sabotaged by Ms. Noonan's ilk. CHECKMATE WITCH!
    Sue me WHORE! Let's face the US SUPREME COURT and get all you liars howling ON THE RECORD right to the top! Yippee! Jail Me For Life. GOD doesn't want revenge? GOD's business. Just trying to prove I try.
    Culture War? CREEPS! That's the gaul that eats me. Wanting to get away with deforming history. Personally? Damn me GOD if Noonan's ilk are right at GOD damned all. PLEASE, in Jesus Christ's name I pray fry me, AMEN. 
    Rupert Murdoch, you know how much heat your conscience never faced. Ta da's coming. Peggy Noonan acquaintance or good friend, you two Wall Street Journal Pile drivers? 
    Although other FALSE IDOL idolizers insist hiding works. While much money made. Conscience-less Wastes. Stop being a STUPID BITCH, please? Why, because that's very insulting what I just wrote about you and generations of you slobs never paid for deceptions wound in polished convenience. Didn't prove crap. Soviet Union collapsed of its own dead weight and American Elitism refused to deliver the best product while profits were sharked away from an economy that tried long and hard to be built for everyone. AND PEGGY NOONAN'S LEGACY SITTERS RUINED US, for slicing and shriveling money's sake. Expecting their polished demeanors to hide their GOD damned guilts longer than NOW. Proven you CREEPS' souls are scorched HELL, WHORE PEGGY NOONAN! That's right. _uck you all to HELL self righteous Bitch, PEGGY GOD damned to Hell NOONAN! HUGE WHORE! Big as DONALD DUMP!
    Part of driving underground economy and diversity out of having any leverage, so the worst of us control what's left. COMPLETE STUPID. SELFISH Devious Witch, Ms. NOONAN. 
    Should be on welfare with all your money confiscated for something that helps the country. Of course I don't believe that. That's how disgusting Peggy Noonan's entire idealistic nonsense can inspire. Because underneath all the sweetness? How much do they all really know about their incorporated into destroying the world they refuse facing MANY GENERATIONS? Smile. GOD doesn't believe in the Earth's destroyers either. 
    A lot of people who don't care their jobs improve in relation to the planet's health? Probably denied HEAVEN as Jesus Christ qualified grace as GOD's WILLingness. This world shot bird fingers at GOD's grace. That's ultimately back at ourselves. Yeah, self-righteous NOONAN can scream or steam inside to her arrogance's contentment. Probably join others in having some security service hound me till the right sequence of adults in LAW ENFORCEMENT have leverage against exposed Noonan and shut the bitch's bastards down. Whew, nice right?
    Wasn't possible for ABC to get the police to arrest the pain to ABC at Columbus Avenue NYC. Footsteps Peggy? No, it's a knife slicing your jugular, _ucking WHORE!
    Just shouldn't end where people are stupid enough to believe in mob logic. Tossing Americans this way and that, bouncing off various fears. Realize answers BLACK LEADERS supplied many, many generations ago about improving economic flow is still shrugged off by an elite that rather than solve inflation in degrees, chose mangling money so contradictorily - FACE IT! Country's seriously messed up that sound advice is a million and a half is necessary for a comfortable retirement. 
    Money Management? Money Ruination and facing that JUST HASN'T HAPPENED as people involved are comfortable disincentivized! Yet Jeff Bezos grins he's won some capitalist achievement. ALL the lawyers are in on keeping a game in play. Because monopoly? Amazon needs that delivery system shut down and those people fill jobs at the other services. US POSTAL SERVICE should be functioning modernly not as something that's overburdened. Overpaid Union? It's money that circulates better than what Jared Kushner and Donald Dump's people are involved in. Money slicing that never sees the light of the lower classes' days. Because it's sliced off remaining at the top, while the bottom's blamed and scapegoated for charity. Charity is capitalism too and evidence of messing up that this much damned charity is necessary in America. Defending capitalism is not happening. Or can't this country count?
Nixon's Witch in PERPETUAL CUNNING  HEATPeggy Noonan, was always POLISHED TRASH!

RepeNT or go have a good screw with Rupert because you two AS all of us do, Face Judgement an eternity. get it, Donald dump Enabling Losers


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