Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Our Eyes Are Flying Gracefully Tuned or I'm Dosvedonya

❤❤❤ and YOU&I

"... waiting for you ..."

    Thing is I'd never think I'm attending my victory parade. Wouldn't consider enforcing my views. Why facing losing Sade is reality. Reality Rules. Having YOU not hurt comes first. The lengths went to ... . In previous Dark Ages, our tormentors would be crippled at dawn the very least.
    Dosvedonya (До свидания) = Bye. Happy to see YOU, even if only on TV. Couldn't look long enough to see in your eyes. Landing on your face my heart softened. But Set's wrong. You looked good but my heart said turn off, crying started when I heard your voice. At least something's planted, moving along a course however designed against me(US). 
    PREDATORS WON portraying me as National Enquirer's Mike Hammer had thought me polished off. Loser without a dime. Pretending poverty vow. From atop Mount Male Hierarchy Pinhead Doofus, where pinhead crap percolates, I made quite a target. Hank Greenway would be proud. 
    I AM COMPLETELY DESTROYED coming up on a year. UNWORTHY OF YOU. Couldn't write as much at job, with writing required this year. Nothing would suffice near your economic league anyway. Only at ABC because I LOVE YOU. Not playing celebrity sweepstakes as it seems your inappropriate caretakers contrived if credit for some imagination warranted. 
    Two guys mangled conversation to slip through unnamed though I wouldn't. Doesn't matter. People that work at ABC long ago told me the building's full of separate fiefdom's. Palace Sade Baderinwa and I had no choice in the matter. Neither of us chose lying for a living. So left waiting on this dag gum moat crossing is technically no surprise. Style hasn't changed much from being goofballs.
     Ya'll hired that boy and support him for his and your handlers. Fine. But. Money for pilots, surgeons, nurses and sailors and soldiers is one thing. But a load of crap boondoggled just creating what's resulted in Russian VENGEFUL ADVOCATES OF BIG-OIL. Exaggeration? STOP damned wishful thinking. 
    There are people that don't care or enjoy destroying the world that needs fixing. See Sade? I've nothing more to say. Stopped some years so Soapbox View didn't repeat myself. Repeat yourself, please?
    Writing's made sense going for broke time-wise? Short term faddish something. Didn't commercially work and fool's gold. I really did sabotage myself standing up and interrupting the teacher's introduction of Americanism vs. Communism as a high school senior in 1975 in the middle of Military Industrial Subsidiary Land. Revealing history's horror and shame when Burgess Meredith wakes up to read about us is what I got? People who don't wear glasses laugh at that Twilight Zone. First time watching I was more horrified than the actor. Imagine the world so destroyed he couldn't even crawl to find another pair. Next time you remember a tree hugger feel that hole in your foot resting in your mouth.
    Sade I am not your job or problem. Faced last year going out writing in a Thomas Paine facing tyranny style was my cause. Done? World's owned by paying for ruining it. Dead End's my choice. My life.
    That's life. Anyway, ruining me goes way back and a relief to know, geez, huh. I knew I wasn't bad with money. John Le Carré? My adversaries sniff their own kryptonite
    Anyway I need to talk. Say goodbye. Hope you might know of the model for Terry in the novel. Told me not to come back to the restaurant to see her, where she worked, after the second time. Few years later Union Square Park night said, "Why didn't you come back?" I'd already made her the model for Terry and she had a friend waiting and ... . And be simple. We don't need hurdles. Three times told I'm unnecessary and those eyes I've followed are relieved of my damned burden to myself. Otherwise I miss you every moment. All the time.
    Calm One. You knew I'd need to keep from freaking out. Yeah well, tell me I'm not freaked out anymore because when wouldn't be. 
    Something. People grinning, denying crafting nonsense at ABC. Dirigible Chris Christie explains expansive crap. This is between me and the ABC NETWORK NAME. Walt died young and innocent of at least some CRIMINALITY however legally framed. Walt would have built monorails further if he outlived American Mediocrity. I went to the Lake Buena Vista Preview Center twice. We might have met if Walt lasted longer.
    Guilty because why interfere at all? I wrote something bad about someone that all signs said was manipulative. I would not have said GOD to him or anyone till after actually knowing them. I don't babble collecting people.  
    What Pinhead saw between Sade and I is because we were gauging each other openly and honestly despite that glass wall.  
    LIAR watched us and went after me because he relished playing GOD's myth. I don't care. GOD's everything and I don't judge people one way or the other. You're saying you don't believe in GOD, then telling me I had mentioned GOD first. DAMN BOY. Anyone knows me, knows that's impossible. Wicked stuff.
    Ritter. I despised Racist Groveland Four Murderer Sheriff McCall, but I have to accept I'll always truly personally hate San Diego Naval Destroyer Shill Bill. 
    Players who use women are out of bounds. But hiding using women? Disreputable. Again what's upset me. All over the country pinheaded news reading supports chemical destruction's economic control. Ritter's for BIG OIL explaining economy's ruined without them. You freaks didn't want Putin stopped enough! Of course not enough Russian Money circulates Russia like everywhere else. So he wants to vacuum it up like all other ethicless nonsense.
    ABC? It's called screwing up. But Dan Rather did lose his CBS (PARAMOUNT) job for playing with fire. Sade or even Ritter may be a fortune to you, but only GOD could count infinitely how much she's worth to me.
    I'm not losing a job. Technically blacklisted over 60 years. Although drudgery distracting me from my project's something I was taunted to feel bad for failing to make more attempts at real m money. I had choices. Darn novel. Take a bow, warrior freaks! Proven just money and thrills works for the top of the economy. Top doesn't drag bottom. Sits on it.  
    Right. Corporations outlive most all scars. Yet there will always be only one The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service. FOX hates me, ya'll'll do fine. Stop being goofy ABC Executives. Face ART of CHARACTER undermined by Pinhead Bill and Muddled Jeff' meddling on Columbus Avenue. 
There was Liz Cho by the elevators. SECURITY JEFF's last chance to save franchise face. Actually back today I walked up to him and softly cursed. Oh well. Not like I'm not really mad. Smug grin back then and today. Had screamed "leave anchors alone" when just one aggressively made my bothering HIM happen. Letter full of hiding SECURITY incompetence.  
    Princess start me up. Anything. Looking at you will take a while. Remember? YOU turn me to actual stone. I I I eye eye eye ... . My heart told me, "you have to say something." You weren't even wearing PINK and woke me up. Unusual can't remember what YOU wore. Grey thing maybe? But your eyes that close, were all mine were in. I swim in them anytime. So why I am here. Neither of us so immature to lug this weight otherwise. 
    The gaul people are capable of. Well at least Smug JEFF produces hilarious laughter. Other one? Protecting me from me issue. Ritter probably knew impossible I'd hurt anyone. Remaining THE SQUEALER of ABC. Oink oink.
    However pawns (dominoes) fall? Whether together, or as we would start my staying awhile to just talk as friends till our end. I need to go August though. You are something. I spent a winter outside when I never wanted to be here at my task's end with no reason to stay. Disappearing's most comfortable. They'll sell I wasn't blacklisted. But I'm haunting _other_uckers however we do this, SADE! 
    FOR THE RECORD. FACT IS YOU could have sent me away eight months ago if not for them, YOUR orbit, stopping our even being friends or brief acquaintances we passed with a PAIN OF GLASSM BETWEEN US. Dag gum it! Volumes spoken, on premises, within my vision, of grown men unable to look at King Ten Pinhead's immature arrogant eyes. Dropping heads.  
    So didn't expect to sleep after woke 11:20 PM last night. Once PINK DRESS whacked me upside the head. Writing around 3 AM consistently, I pass out early. Seriously Baderinwa. Loving you even the worst for me'll be smooth. I can feel it
    There's no word for how I (what?) am for you. Excited isn't even a glass half full description. My very favorite star. 
    So TV was on 7 expecting, and No Time To Ride In From Astoria In Time.  BUT tomorrow? TODAY! Hey Brown Eyes ...
    Where I slept during YOUR sabbatical isn't returned to after 11, so outside begins tonight. Only guest here. ANYWAY. Honesty. Gave my last dollar to the church on your birthday. Yeah I'm a hoot. More than anything want to be YOUR hoot.

    Away alone because I wrote what I came to New York to do. Nothing left for me. I'm not a people person. I was and can be blacklisted anywhere. Owners of MONEY spoke.

     I'm not wanted. Even if millions are findable supporting my work? Reading might help. Why I tried. Money's best left in people's pockets. Planned for many possibilities. Why Pinhead and Jeff pretending they're intellects is SO DAMNED FUNNY! 

    Really, YOU are the only reason I've been in New York going through pathetic ordeal after ordeal because I owe YOU the right to send me on my way. We were legitimately curious about each other.

    There was Liz Cho at the elevators. SECURITY JEFF in profile. Grin. Liked her attitude. Whatever she said to SMUG BOY. ABC, you're Ron de Santis History Majors? Believing history is hidden from? Because Bill Ritter pretending he had no idea who I was? Even near legitimate, he knew he was interfering in two people's lives. Even the friendly security guy at the end, two months ago, defending having to be extra vigilant in her regard, dropped his head. He knew SHE and I proved crap unnecessary. 
    I've no doubt it's all fraud in Florida just to cut more trees needlessly. It's in Jeff's eyes that can't face me. SCUMBAGS! 

    New York can't interest me. Moping someone was kept from me, cause no matter where our hearts go WOMAN we had genuine curiosity and bad people happened. Understand how much I miss Guy? Right. No words either. Except, really damn mad.

    Call the police Jeff BoY.

   Racists ruined me. I don't give a crap these two (laughing) morons or many at DISNEY/ABC are hidden. People should be out of the being stupid business.

❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤

She and I rode an elevator down from The Carnegie Corporation Floor.

    He nodded when I delivered to their home. Clueless me a while figuring out why. Sade, your Beautiful PINK Dress has been needed to wake me A LOT LONGER than these months your IDIOT coworker made us wait. Since that first glowing moment with all the wood looked like from the cross I told myself.
    How the poem to South Africa read, I apologized to SOUTH AFRICA about sounding rough telling WHITES to get out. MORON? Wait'll rumors fly. Haven't? Dumb _SS is stupider than he looks. Charlayne Hunter-Gault says anyone who uses a PEACE SIGN as offensively as ABC-7's LIAR? Above both our pay grades Shill Bill. Thought he was cool using a self deprecating aside. Geez. Shallow end of the pool Bill.
 This glass collapsed into tiny pieces when tapped to the middle of the block door on Columbus. Picture taken in Ithaca and I'm proud to say got to mention the trip to Lee Goldberg when we talked by his car. Didn't even pull a John Cleese as John Cleese had done with me on Madison. Mentioning using Basil Fawlty hitting his car with a tree limb. Mr. Cleese mimicked the attack for me. I guess if I were a more worthwhile writer, he'd have found a proper limb instead of imitation. 
    So. I showed Sade the most proper respect I could. Don't stalk. We both made sure I didn't go inside ABC too soon. I visited Baltimore. I know what to do and knew targeted meant wait as Sade showed me. 
    How's this Bad Egg Ritter? Challenge of the Day. One of us gets registered with the police. You've got Bob Iger and all ABC SECURITY whipping me against the whipping post. Let's see how far you get THE LAW following me since age 5 to react? I know, you have friends everywhere. I'm telling you, alive at 67, whoever's on my side, I've grown to trust? PINHEAD! I really want to watch


    Idiot mentioned about Mr. Goldberg going to Cornell on the show. And Lee said, "I thought you promised not to say that." Pinhead claimed superior intelligence he never had. His people have ruined so many, I was expected a pushover? Sean Hannity, WANTED Bob Iger's Place!
    Song on left never heard till 2008 as Michael said Guy said the early instruments weren't so sophisticated so I didn't need to hear the early stuff. Song on right always very much a favorite. Phil Collins nodded his drumsticks at me before sitting to play Los Endos with Chester Thompson and the band in Madison Square Garden, 1986. 
    Bill Bruford's on the other drum setin this version. At The Savoy, November 1981 Mr. Bruford nodded at me the third show when I stood with the floor standers for the last show. He also nodded when his EARTHWORKS did THE BOTTOM LINE, 85. YES' Steve Howe's BOTTOM LINE story of me? HOPE he gets to laugh his head off telling US BOTH...


❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤

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