Wednesday, April 17, 2024

ABC Executive Advises, "Call A Lawyer." OFFICIAL LETTER To ABC-7 ON YOUR SIDE

Guess Who's Tired of Waiting For Godot To See What Happens When Sade and I Are, Openly, Publicly Together?

    Right. Want THE SCARLET LETTER done well enough where the executive offering advice, isn't used by Bill Ritter's Arian Clan inside ABC's Channel 7 anymore. Want HITLER YOUTH SECURITY JEFF crafted Executive, relieved of their idiotic burden.       

    April 16, 2024, after 11 PM, SECURITY JEFF actually prodded the group of three, screaming in my face, to "make it about Ritter." Why Ron Kuby became my lawyer in an elevator interview, when "neither of us talk to people in elevators," couple years back. Before THOMAS PAINE II went FULL TIME! 

    Why The Law Offices of Mr. Ronald L. Kuby's email address is first. Before 7 ON YOUR SIDE'S, in the Official Letter to Nina Peneda's 7 ON YOUR SIDE. Similar to one to US SUPREME COURT, that was expected, and still, ignored. HISTORY locks everyone up. Especially Justice!

    I refuse to use lawyers. Ron Kuby can see emails and can watch, if he wants, because judges get a real kick out of hearing, and listening, to ME! Mr. Kuby's a nearly unused INDEPENDENT ALLY who can tell me to go to HELL if he prefers and it fits. Also a retired Marine Colonel are outlets if anything's wrong I need leverage with. 

    Responding to a letter last year when Ronald L. Kuby and others were informed of an issue, all The Colonel sent was a phone number. He calls Mr. Kuby if I'm working from jail. I told the Executive, next to his vehicle, with Mugger JEFF, right there with us, that I want the POLICE called to get what these idiots are still doing, interfering in our lives, on official record. BUT HISTORICALLY is enough. 

    Checkmate Herr Ritter. I suppose the words YOU PERSONALLY INSPIRED are enough to say I'm there going after you. AS SECURITY STILL REPRESENTS THEIR WALL.  But many know. I NEVER AND STILL DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH Mr. RITTER who is personally responsible for ABUSING so much SOAPBOX VIEW space. Yet regrettably, unfortunately easy to repeat. Bibi Netanyahu is an intellect Born of Military HELL!

    Ritter's Crew's characters are entertainingly running the board. I'm embarrassed to have gotten so angry that one got me to yell. And he bounced up and down, screaming, "Hit me! Hit me!" I said something close to the question, you people don't know I can only be hurt I'm so GOD damned non-violent? 

Film ABC Executive(s) likely required to not know about, 
when coerced to assist Herr Ritter and Hitler Jeff's Clearly Redundant Ongoing Fraud. 
Television journalists who smacked me right between the eyes. Hard and supportively. Unlike Ritter's watching me atop Joan of Arc's stake. Needs more than glasses. 

    The LONG-TIME INVOLVED Security Chump who delivered the nonsense letter to me, where SECURITY got a California Executive to accuse me of being in the lobby? WHEN I'M IN THE LOBBY, I'M REGISTERING AT THE FRONT DESK as PRESS. Dag gum it. I went 30 years without State ID, only passport, till New York State Forced one on me. I'm ready. My tradition was from Soviet times when ID was required to work. DAMNED NATION STATE-ISM DOMINATING individuality too, extremely, damned far. 

    And I still believe Ritter lied with that whacky thrown up in the air head shaking, saying, "Honestly I didn't know who you are out there." But saw many more times than just once, that co-NEWS DESK Celebrities Lee Goldberg, Ryan Field and Sade Baderinwa all confronted me specifically as known having nothing to do with threat and around because I FELL IN LOVE. Dag gum it. 

    Bill Ritter's own move interfering, and assigning, in my face, SECURITY "to take care of this" for him. You are that stupid, jerk. 

    Bill Ritter, inauthentic sir. Many people shouldn't want to share blame with you. No one, really. And remember? I don't care. I just want to talk with ... , sometimes named here, "NO COMMENT!"

    Bill Ritter necessitated all the crap. I acted weird? Reacting to WEIRD Herr Ritter's machinations! 

    OUR EYES agreed we had REASONS TO TALK. Why Ritter's Move was interfere. Confabulate a proper person for proper introduction. Sade Baderinwa handled our proper introduction herself, 7 months after I fell in love and SHE KNEW IT THEN! 

    Exec tried making me face "you said ... with Ritter last year, then you should call a lawyer." Proper way. Like I don't know. LAW and Order won their BEST DRAMA EMMY the year my essay about their show appeared in TOTAL TV. That disappeared as where I could be published. Disappeared by people of Mr. Ritter's ilk who'd exaggeratedly deny knowing anything about me hated by racists and war business people since age 5. 

    Why amusing for NYPD as called, months ago, by the chump letter deliverer. Afterward I was phone filmed by a run Ning man passing me going up Columbus in the street as we both were. The Squad Car following with lights blaring turned left and he stayed straight ahead. Kind of stunned, I don't recall getting out of the road. ABC SECURITY, funny stuff. But irritating? Let me tell you ...

    Hitler Youth Jeff shook head at suggesting lawyer. He'll probably explain the executive that simple explaining isn't enough. Just raise your chin and act like OMNIPOTENT BILL thinks works for him. 

    Spike Lee? You should have me on SPEED DIAL. Even Spike Lee's afraid of me? Guy who grinned specifically at me, across from the Empire State Building while I walked to my first meeting with my editor, 1993. Honestly? I see Spike's a pushover for anything I can convince Sade to ask him. Footsteps, Spike, I HOPE! You'd make the perfect producer. I want "No Comment" to direct. Guess how long ago I thought of that? ABC SECURITY? If I physically hurt anyone concerning ya'll, would have happened SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER.

    Dag gum. LAST YEAR THE EXEC SAID. Uh huh. Started and carried through AND STILL HAPPENING NOW! Everybody, see? Bill's Look At Me(HIM) thing is how ridiculous the hiding in MAFIA TRADITION thing is to safe capitalism. Elements that poison everything in life. America's Proud Patriotic Military used to Enforce The Military Industrial Empire. Thank you for your proud services, Pawn Pinhead Figurehead Herr Ritter and Hitler Security Jeff.

    As from your start interfering, HERR RITTER. HUGE WASTE OF TIME playing "all about you" behind darkened window, NOW KEPT DARK, at 66 and COLUMBUS. Where obviously Herr Ritter can't face himself, much less public. But Billy Boy and Jeff's Hitler Youth Show. Game. 

    BOB IGER'S MOVE. I can see the different SECURITY continents have paths, ready for Hatcheting Excessive SCABbery. That moat around HERR RITTER'S OVER-BLOWN HAM CHESTED News Desk? MINE!

    That sense Sade's German Heritage is refuge? Oh boy. My faced conscience in HELL's a joy ride compared to the possible  haunted experiences some face. Mr. Ritter's "don't believe in GOD" Sanity Clause exempts him. In mortal terms, that's of our human realm of judgement? Not historically exempted, Ritter. No GOD damned way. 

     Soapbox View is Herr Ritter and Hitler Youth Security Jeff's stupid as HELL tomb. Went for broke. Yep. Well, about these things no one's allowed to wish good luck. Except GOD. My left upside your head? Sorry Moron. I pray GOD damns me to HELL forevermore please if, YOU know. I really miss her, SUPERBAD.

    Funny right, Ms. Pineda? When does the official letter start? I'll have clue just before reader. Boring so long, Ritter's hook in his mouth, seems visible with this letter. But then they've got me. Penniless near a year, the joke about me only needing money for pot? Not on me, shallow aristocratic pretend intellectuals of National Enquirer Mike Hammer's caliber. I trained for having to become THOMAS PAINE up Aristocracy's _SS II, TOO!


Tonight? ABC convinced a dissatisfied disposition still covers up outright LYING? I still just watch.

ABC Advises, "Call A Lawyer." OFFICIAL LETTER To 7 ON YOUR SIDE coming soon Ms. Pineda. 

    Imagine any of us getting the last word when a Male Hierarchy Figurehead of Bill Ritter's Status and EGO Idolizes Bill Ritter. Protect me he whines, pretending fear from the man he and Sean Hannity fear they can fold spindles and mutilate and face repercussions for. Scared whiny jerks. Herr Ritter and Hitler Youth Jeff. What's in that Ritter head could fill? Nothing, Masterpiece Herr Ritter. Stolen from your own ability to think as German Generals scorched Paris. Continuing playing Spoils of War II too. We're still in because of idiotic selfish standards set by DOG MEAT in HELL people of Bill Ritters ilk!

    Technically Not Threatened Bill Ritter reminding him of his having been warned loving himself more than others, condemns himself. Everything, I edit, written about Bill Ritter, by me, specifically is co-authored by Bill Ritter. Any expression expressed contrarily is as everything I ever heard from him. LIE. 
    Ms. Pineda, hear footsteps? ... tick tick ... smack, huh? Need bigger shoe?As Robert Shaw told Roy Scheider in JAWS. Bigger coming - PEST!
    That's right. Use your own illiterate imagination, Ritter. Apparently your name's a knight in German. Self identified dragon in mine. Wanna race the moat? I was 1972 Mid-Lakes Conference 400 Yard Freestyle Champion in just the Ninth Grade. Small world pool, yada, yada, but I beat the Mayor's son. And my end of event relay included good friend Ken Carpenter, father of Detroit Tiger Kerry Carpenter. Imagine I glowed walking around Eustis, 2000, seeing his Dad's name on a stored LITTLE LEAGUE sign. Right you hurt yourself for sympathy. When you get better. Legitimate injury? Why not, but dude as big a liar as you've been hand had others be with me. Sad. 
    Memories Sade. And You and I weren't lost having some, huh? ❤❤❤
    Last night, your profile? MY WONDER WOMAN by far, please, pretty please with EVERYTHING on top?
Sad preacher nailed upon the colored door of time.
Insane teacher be there, reminded of the rhyme. 
The preacher trained in all to lose his name. 
The teacher travelled asking to be shown the same.
No mutant enemy, GOD Willing as political ends, as sad remains, will die ...

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