Monday, April 1, 2024


In the beginning ... well, not beginning but
    Why Happy Easter is said, but can't find how reference originated. Look harder? Yada yada ... 
    Thinking back Yes was first. Actually first was 
that Carlos Santana I listened over-and-over the night before a swim race. But YES was a special find. My mother, and I kept separate unless watched all her last year, had an impossible to forget moment. She didn't want to hear anymore. She knew without much explanation. "Just come here," and she never hugged me harder, saying, "Thank GOD for YES."
 YES - "Sad preacher nailed upon the colored door of time. Insane teacher reminded of the rhyme." Poem LIFE originally written on this artwork inside the brilliant album, FRAGILE. 
    GENESIS happened EASTER Week, 1975. High school senior year at the University of South Florida with Guy Babylon's and my best friend. We listened to YES' The Gates of Delirium first and in ensuing visits found we agreed Supper's Ready's our favorite GENESIS. It was cool he asked and I reticently admitted New York might be my future and he described loving California where he went as I did New York. When we all lost him dying young I could feel everywhere the same experience. Man got under everyone's skin, nicely nicely
    And there was that time, periodic visiting in Tampa, where he asked what happened last time. Yeah that was something. Would you guys believe going back, from Tampa, and near Sanford, on Interstate 4, I hear radio announced GENESIS has a brand new album. SECONDS OUT. So off 436 I head to a new record store, opened month before, other side of Casselberry. Dag gum, owner grinned. And nothing better than Guy's smile
    Anyway. GENESIS fans come in all packages. Even 48 years later drumsticks right back atcha Phil ...

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