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Engineering Change

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By David Gelles Lead author of  Climate Forward newsletter, The New York Times Photo: Francesca Jones for The New York Times. Mammoth, giant Iceland machine to pull planet-warming carbon dioxide out of the air. 

    The effects of climate change are becoming worse. And nations aren’t meeting their collective goal of slashing greenhouse gas emissions. The stakes are very real: Last year was the hottest in modern history. Oceans around the world are shockingly warm. Floods, fires and droughts are growing more intense. 
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    Lee Goldberg, New York City's ABC-7 Eyewitness News' Chief Weather Forecaster, would lose control of his eyes going buggy. Hearing the MALE Anchor at the News Desk scapegoat The Gas Empire's Irresponsibility. Like ALL the Financial Advisors and Advisory programs and news desks all over the country, keeping America tied

    Personally? Ritter's Three Mile Islanded TOO. With all the other let's have enough nuclear so planet fries fast when detonated to extinguish lost souls, perhaps. Herr Ritter claimed not believing in GOD had relevance in our second, and last, conversation he'd prefabricated wall around anyway! How shallow? People aren't capable of seeing the depths of Armand's alliances. Me neither. When I walked the Hammer Museum on the UCLA Campus I was alone. Bet you weren't, Mr. Ritter.

    Unless reading, written for him, doubt any Bill Ritter sentence capable of not being 100% twisted.  Bill Ritter? May your twisted face feel FAT NOSED, EVERMORE. Haven't wanted to even mention you anymore at all, going back near half-a-year. How insignificance is handled. What a convoluted vision of
anyone's fate or those of others such as Sade's and mine. Nine months waiting to get to know each other BECAUSE YOUR DEVILTRY, and enablers, INTERFERED. Robert SHALLOW AS ALL HELL TOO Iger? Ritter's on YOU! ___k you too is necessary? Your move. No, Queen Sade's. "All we are saying, is give peace a chance."

Very Shallow LA Business Writer

    And audaciously proud of gotten away with New Yorkers admiring his idolization of self-admiration! Ooooo serious face, and empi-pathetic. 
    Historically? Abigail Disney can grin. Both your twisted scowls haven't changed a note. Don't think men aren't known controlling the world's money. And still partial to tricked public? Coincidentally Sumner Redstone's daughter confronted him. Tiresome connecting just Ritter dots. Notice Bill? Didn't stoop so low to collect and show your face on a fan picture. SCUMBAG
    I know uncivil. But how classify nine months? Right. Ms. Baderinwa and I should have solved this by ourselves while whatever was planned is in effect. I caught on quick. She had no choice, I saw. And so whatever I do digitally while real enough, won't interfere at all with our freshly beginning once finally eye-to-eye as I'm still doing laps in there and can only imagine where she is now. I know where I am. Missing Sade ... 
This scenario I'm there by bicycle. And would scream louder!
"And the vision that was planted in my brain, 
still remains." 
    Robert Iger pitches fantasy as substantial life! Pursuit of over-pricing everything so the elite feel more comfortable separated from those affordability's been dispossessed from by the shriveled economy of SPLICING MONEY EVERY-WHICH-AWAYLike NEWS Entertainment-ized? ??? 
    CHAIRMAN Robert Iger doesn't realize Ritter entangled conscience, means achievements aren't immunity? You
Robert "Bob" Iger are irresponsible allowing Walt Disney's Legacy to be blamed co-responsible for emphasizing Florida's continued Overdosing on Gas Pipe Addiction. Fill er up?
    Please? Circular Disney World Monorail connected to Orlando, Kissimmee and Lakeland! Revive what was possible! Expect help from Governor BURIED HEAD at Wounded False Pride? JERK's selling DISNEY/ABC & PUBLIC the Brooklyn Bridge. Why not? Could have really been the pre-eminent tourist capital destination of the world. 
    Hello World. People can visit. Ya don't really like the heat and live there in air conditioning anyway. Stay home and Visit (convenient?) Florida. So much veneer advertising. Oy vey, Potemkin Village + De Santis/Dump/Putin World.
Conspiratorial award for selves and accessorized peopleNOTHING Robert Iger! Pathetic Egos. You two can't claim intelligence in any fashion, indicted undermining little me. Believe my not suing in court isn't a relief. Male Legalized Criminality Utopian Empire. Only immoral and unethical, but not illegal. 
    Hate you fair in love and war Scumbag(s)
    America has been PR-ed for three generations to not blame the responsible for all the gas that's shriveled the environment. Pride taken reminding the public - GAS OWNS THE ECONOMY. And just because Bill "Fascist" Ritter is condemned, doesn't relieve anyone else. Every politician (anyone) in America that hasn't made sure electric is in every gas-providing-station? CRIMINAL AMERICA? Blood's on our hands.

CANADA sells more oil to USA than any country!

    So deadbeat politicians tax the public for the entire mess in congestion pricing? A few dollars, sure, a move at least. But try making car drivers pay for the whole mistake of shoving the gasoline engine down the public's throats? Described PUBLIC CHOICE, PR SCAM A SOLID SEVERAL GENERATIONS

     Get electric in all the cars. The irresponsibility of GAS SUVs these last years. Stepping on progress in pure arrogance. The public's wearing status thinking Charm Braceleted Mobile-Throne glory. 

    AND how many more times does a much-medaled police department executive have to complain (tv news podiumed, yesterday) he's offended people aren't being properly locked up? None of these people take responsibility for jail being such a bad place to be, that criminality's more embedded in desperation than needed and especially not wanted. 

    Our Constitution protects criminals to end desperate criminality and we've kept playing punish to the hilt teaches a lesson. They've lost freedom. Those places should be as comfortable and safe as hotels are supposed to be. Recidivism? Look around. Recidivist is every gas station in country not providing electricity for automobiles. As the hippies would have said - ESTABLISHMENT CON JOB. The lesson is big spenders aren't alienating what's wrong, because so much money's made shortchanging ourselves. What prisoners' families are charged for phone calls, etceteras? Our Justice System should not be so soulless! Not close if so far. 

    How many years late is direct focus on this scam, where motors are on bikes scaring the public and everyone's made hostile as money's more preposterously sliced? Demands the companies know can't be met. Made by politicians that don't know diddly and refuse to read anything different than what their alliances negotiate for them. 

    Governor of New York Kathy Hochul's husband destroys worker rights for a living! 

    Robert Iger, your team's the one dumped on compromise. Acting like Ritter's dealing with me isn't utterly unconscionable, exposing you. Revenge not my thing. Pray all I want, but I wouldn't hold GOD to promises when still GOD's choice. Maybe I need to learn fraudulent smiling like Rittery AI ClonesRobert Iger? 

    Meanwhile News Readers Across America, idolizing gasoline gives up on saving this world. World blows up and all of us really tried? Must sound better than not enough of us tried. Seems GOD's wrath covers, yet such that not everyone faces facing that. PERIOD. I prefer facing ... 

    Your floor, America? 

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