Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Woke To Very Bad 3 AM Dream Inspired By Lobbying ABC-7 News Reader ... Bill Ritter's Ego Riddled Victorious Grinning

There he was as predicted yesterday, laughing. Bob Iger? Your butt-boy still laughs.

    Rarely see or remember dreams. Mesmerized by her smile, I can't recall dreaming her face ever before. But dream ended in my running from the dreamed room crying, "how could she do this to me?" Maybe can't and all the dream was, was reflecting the reality I face facing twisting schemers' schemes. Face me tonight Ritter. Maybe I won't also grin, looking away from your completely overt arrogance, PRETENDING EMPATHY. THRONE PRETENDER S__THEAD! Unworthy Male Hierarchy Figurehead!
    MAYBE I'll want my eyes seeing how your's burn MORE! SCUMBAG! As fake as you ridiculous EGO-ED BOYS COME. In tragically dismally low mental digitry from self-loving the GOD damned soul you don't even care to believe in. So why can't you leave REAL PEOPLE to themselves? OIL SOAKED BRAINS' SOULS are destined for HELL! I made that up? You are a real _ucking _sshole. Idiot.
    I HATE YOU S__THEAD. Insulting yourself not facing what you and your Fellow Traveller Sycophants produce(d). No one at your work has to tell you they know you're despicable. No one told me, in words, except Sade's felt feelings, before you Prussian Warriorism Ritter revealed yourself. 
    Child of Wasted European anti+twisting-Christianity! German heritage back beyond War's Prussian Identity. Straight back to boys for boys and make women scar their way up your mountains themselves. Move over women. Have Ritter Prick by DAMNED NECK
Bill Ritter

From No Value to LA RITTER SYCOPHANTISM, Thomas Paine II 

Arizona Bay = Bill Ritter's Mansion of Glory, The Suicide Machine.

    One thing I thought I'd never see is serious Liz Cho laughing, and no one's brought as much pleasure except other women at ABC who know a man who'll sacrifice himself before these selfish men, may as well have at it cause they've been seeing THE YOLK, I'm revealing, for 30 damned centuries. Bill Ritter, EVIL BOYDUMB EMBLEM? Go TO HELL ___THEAD! 
    Wait. Here's a plan. Once I figure out your vehicle, I will take a Donald Dump on your hood and we'll force the NYPD to arrest me and have your name permanently recorded in City Records as HATED BY ME! That I want. SS _sshole! 
    I recommend LSD. I'd like hearing your conscience rolled your head for a loop. Bad Trip? Yes I believe Sade and I would agree, except talking about you is completely irrelevant to us. WHY I'M the one disposing of your having any connection to our reality, _sshole of the world. 
    Neither of us care. But if you make efforts to catch my eye again? In this case, having not seen Sade for months? Why would contact with you have relevance? I'm there to talk to her next. Your next was/is wasted on you more than ten months, Mr. Worthless Creep! 
    Hell no I don't have to face you to make anything clear. You're the one dumped lack of clarity on the rest of us. Right. Your coworkers protecting your not really having real feelings anyway. You yourself identified corrupt. Hell will probably be you and Geraldo sitting on a yacht staring at each others' pulchritude's forever. Cause in real life? Makes real people vomit, Vomit Ritter. It's old, but there's always a new way popping up to insult Insultable You. Viewers were so seduced by cuddly you. HELLFIRE A__HOLE! 
    Shirley MacLaine think Herr Ritter has Scapegoater Pontius Pilate's soul, or whose? Because you Ritter are certainly The Face of Despicable.

NOW see

What WE have DONE!
    Sade and I thank The Band. Look into my mouth I cry! 
    Ritter, you're not just collateral damage war victim. No. Warrior, dismayingly not believing his bullet proof vest's bombed. As head's left spun on yarn, threaded throughout, in bull_hit. If GOD as you comprehend is just of mythic proportions? Then maybe wondering past your pinhead could help. Otherwise, and anyway, ____ off. Because no human alive earns the attention from me YOU STOLE. CREEP. 
Face me? Herr Ritter can't face himself.
    Excuse me. Someone's earned much more attention. DO YOU HEAR ME? I do!!!

If hanging around?

I vote REMOVE Bill "The Proven Shill" Ritter from NEWSDESK!

Hey Bill? Recommend this picture a screen saver at ABC?
Mr. Nose As Fat As Your False Faces
    Clearly remember the last broadcast Ritter arranged the hug. I of course can't hear his description. My ears can literally shut scumbag down. She turned from SHALLOW BOY and her watered eyes looked straight into the camera holding mine. Next day saw your Ritter post that didn't include her stare into camera, after your back-patting yourself, falsely empathizing, hug. But watching next day heard announcement about knee. And when WOMEN arranged our looking in each other's eyes inches away they watered the same with a smile that's owned me for a long, long time. We've existed as much as we can despite Herr Ritter's belief in his rule of ABC-7 NEWS. You're in the dumpster, idiot. And if not done? You're haunting by me you started yourself. Despite your blaming anyone else!  As your infamy started 10 months ago you KINGDOM COME DUMB AS HELL! 
    Why don't you go suck on a Pennsylvania Carbon Footprint Lollipop, STUPID AS HELL RITTER! People that could drive to Philly and catch train to their escalating inflation jobs in New York City. But instead scorch their carbonated uncovered souls all the way in Mobile Throne luxury. 
    Yeah why don't we drive for them? While PROFIT sits on NOT exploiting electric to full human potential squandered the last full complete 3 generations! Everyone's turned backs on responsibility! But Ritter is Chief Clown! Robert Moses' and Dr. Armand Hammer's LOVE CHILD!
    ABC? Shed Ritter Tail. Unbecoming. People put up with a lot and I don't really care. But point is obviously totalitarianly, corruptly, connected. Tied to that load of crap. I can't even hear Bill Not Worth a Twitter read news. Fog while clarity has clearance. Some day Ritter, the man who wanted Happy Charles Malcolm Fraser Publicly Reputationally Assassinated will be remembered somewhat. 
    Shoot me, Ritter. Plenty of Lazy People want GOD condemned to clean this place up NOW. Idolizing selves telling GOD anything, especially while going through the motions of praying? Think people.
    What's clearest is how much of a waste Bill Ritter's mentality. Good riddance. 

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