Tuesday, April 9, 2024

The Thoroughly Disgusting World of Disgusting "Bill and," "Bill and," and "Bill and Bill and ..."

Damn Right SIDESHOW-Bill Ritter's First. Bob Seconds?
    Since Sandra Bookman, of New York's ABC Channel 7 News, scowled directly in my eyes while riding by her standing where a bicyclist was doored and killed the day before, though we've not talked, eye contact indicates we're sort of friends or acquaintances. Nice that logic and intelligence isn't above her, less than Bill Ritter "pay grade." As Bill Ritter himself described his own lack of intellect deprivation
    I thought I could look at him again now, sticking neck out NAMING RITTER Disgracer of ISRAEL Bibi Netanyahu's soulmate. Geez, I am that disgusted by what that _ss permeates through my my my mind. Disgusted just looking at #1 EXPENSIVE HUSTLER Cowboy From ... + San Diego." 

    Whereas with Sade it's not only our eyes, but she introduced us to each other and I PROMISED to "see you."   

    So Bill is off as announced nightly risking fellow ABC workers as co-conspirators in the BILL FIRST NETWORK IDEOLOGY supporting Male Hierarchy Figurehead indifference to world functioning properly. Most Overpaid BOY-in-Oil-World? BOY TOY BILL "Excrement" RITTER. Bob Iger's inflated ego! 

    Abigail Disney is politically cordoned off. Ego Riddled ABC still fondling Ritter's Shallow Complexities. Means why care? I believe eventually GOD's solving all of us. If only to spite Bill Ritter? See, what Bill Ritter's ego is capable of. MAY AS WELL WORK FOR PUTIN BROADCASTING. SCUMBAG! 

    Scumbags who hold themselves, while fondling their fellow NUTS, above anything and everything. Especially GOD? In your cases are Sperm Whale HeadsBill Ritter, Figurehead. Idiots. Dear Bob ...

    Believed in or not. Infinity's obviously not our business. So in Jesus Christ's name I ask GOD my wrong soul fry forever if wrong responsible for improperly facing down the Male Hierarchy Pinhead "Shill's The Skill" Ritter. Right, can't face. The permutations of why lying was sincerity out of you, were a puzzle. But not puzzling. Just dominoes, each falling one into the next

    Is Bill Ritter capable of knowing it's not myth, his head's a mess? Bet Ritter's Carbon Footprint's the size of the SUN. Reckoning that ego. SShole. Holes, Bob? See, I don't hate. Just understand the obvious. I don't abide people toyed with. Tend to especially allow myself to be alone in the way. 

    Human ego that bad. As Jesus Christ is quoted pointing out, that's the condemnation factor. Idolizing ourselves. But Bill displayed pride claiming, "(I) don't believe in GOD." While I couldn't and still can't recall his claim I brought up GOD. I asked and got back, "oh you did." Then didn't want to qualify a memory so I could retrieve how or when I'd do that. Especially confronted by someone I already knew had ulterior motives. That shallow uncovered, Knot-head Numbnut. That chest of yours thrust so far up your nose invaded brain not a cell left. Walk and talk on instinct alone, Donald Dump Clone. 

    Claiming an irrelevance to not know who I was but had seen Sade and I and others acknowledge each other. Why Bill Ritter thrust himself in in irrelevant relevance. Most Chief Executives are wasted when associated with a FRAUD as scummy as Bill Ritter. But then he is a well-financed propped-up figurehead up his butt. AND entire American Economic Structure is prostrate before the Warfare Machine KOCH Industries still selling paper towels that will inevitably not be enough to cover Bill Ritter's incessant balling(crying). Mr. TELLS SECURITY "I don't have to deal with this" so Sade and I got

    While NYPD and I smile ABC SECURITY called and police wouldn't come. Our last time after we exchanged our few words after 6 PM, Three Security screamed in my face, keeping me in the street to hide Sade from me the last time she left for her long sabbatical. Threatening I'd go to jail. While the one who'd called when police wouldn't come, looked at the Pennsylvania Carbon Footprint Guard in disbelief he's threatening that. Funny, but Sade and I probably preferred seeing each other. 
Not Bill's fault we had this wall? We've torn at brick-by-brick? Wishers, but no - 

    Don't wonder if his immunity about afterlife applies. BELIEVE and appreciate condemned, possibly forgiven, soul. People get carried away by the idea of original sin. Whatever's Happening? Warping what sin and doing evil to people is, is the issue most likely. And Bill's insisting Figurehead's all necessary to withstand any Revelations? Like Nixon's forbears and afterthoughts think. GOD probably appreciates good stories, however twisted. But BOTTOM LINE, warning's face what's done. Nixon, Quaker? Used Quaker for sure. ...

    It's not just the distortions emanated from "The Riddler" Ritter's ego riddledness. ALWAYS about larger pictures pronounced over the populace, to fall in line from. Announced by ABC-7 News Talent as "Bill and ... are off tonight." Bill Comes First. And everyone at ABC is happy SHILL BILL's first? Already there. Jerk's fate's above my pay grade. Thank GOD. NOW bleep off Bill "Shallow" Ritter and boyfriends 

    Bill Ritter & boy who had Rupert Murdoch finance his retirement. BEACHED SPERM WHALES! 

    King Everything You Want, really made me hate you. How freakin' worthless can a human get to get someone who can't hate to hate? Mike Hammer sell you the Brooklyn Bridge too? And Dr. Hammer? Not felt a thread of innocence in Bill "Hectic Serotonin" Ritter. 

    Much my editor couldn't tell me. Something. Last two times together, I recall his giggling to himself. Knowing I'd explode once more steps unfold, I'd just told him about.

    Ritter, You Are An ego riddled sociopath. FOREVER in fellow devoted self-lover Geraldo Rivera's empty vault. Sorry, mean empty mean mind! NOW the honest truth Bill R$tter NEVER COULD FACE HIMSELF! Ritter's a jack_ss! Stay away from us you Hereditary NAZI. Don't cry for crying all over himself. Too many disgraceful got away. Jerks at Cape Canaveral that became Kennedy wouldn't allow wives there? What throne manipulation always creates. Superior crap. 

    Foul Prussian Warrior Beauty Mark. Planted to be kicked out of college in the town of the US San Diego Naval Base, as against his team's Vietnam War from where the profits to support his/your worthlessness came from. 

Netanyahu's Warrior Soulmate

Bill Ritter

CHECK. Bob Iger, your turn(move). 
Foul For Eternity is GOD's choice from already filled in questionnaires.
Yes. Answer's your laughing's of immense satisfaction. Seen your completely irrelevant head. Family most likely too. 
Time, "pretending men," boys FACE Prostitution Roles.

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