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JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR Walks This Way - OFFICIAL WORLD Cooperated Destroying Me. I'm outta here.

Mad KING GEORGE BUSHES Perform Routine Soul Searching? 

    Idolizing still, how more important they see themselves than GOD. How stupid FAKE ABC-7 NEWS Bill Ritter Owners of the World really are.

 Time absorbs change as unfolded dimensions mean any everything.


    Or me as NEW YORK City's Citizenry is documented VOTING FOR Bill Ritter's being NEW YORK CITY'S Fate. As Bill Ritter's Fired-Up MEDIOCRE BOY RULE of ABC-7 TV News - is FIRMLY VISUALIZED AS BANANA REPUBLICAN IDIOCY Intended To Remain Atop Our Dissolved World in CONSCIENCELESS MEMORIALIZED Losing Victory. Facing their fates as running away faster than Dr. Armand Hammer. 
    That's impossible as the ABC TOY BOYS have been far outran by ABC's Women already. Watching the Men believe INFAMY is good enough, in their letting IDIOT BILL RITTER defend Sade Baderinwa's right to NOT SPEAK FOR HERSELF. That BILL RITTER RULED is his right to decide as NEW YORK CITY'S, CONDEMNED, DESTINY. HONORING that disgusting dishonorable remnant of EUROPEAN PAGAN Leadership History. WHY GREAT BRITAIN is ruled by descendants of THE SOULLESS of GERMANY Faking Christianity
   Adolph Hitler raised to know nothing other than war is glory. And DONALD DUMP clearly proved, never cared, by claiming, on FIFTH AVENUE, that his religion is the denomination Presbyterian. Preposterous. EXACTLY AS GOD DAMNED ARGENTINA IS - following the WORSHIPPING of Dictatorshipping
    HISTORY shoved in my face. POOR KING BILL
    Greatest historical mistake? When Britain went SOCIALIST they overcharged the RICH establishing the tradition where the ELITE MONEY OF ARGENTINA is nowhere near circulating Argentina as the problem remains all over the wealthy running from INFLATION they surfed World. Gave us Margaret Thatcher, an emblem of arrogantly not facing a GOD DAMNED thing. In the name of elitism ruining something the conscienceless have already ruined worse. Talk to Gorbachev, came from WITCH THATCHER? HEY REAGAN MUTILATE MIKHAIL'S Words Worse. 
    THOSE NAZIS Aunt Nancy, Witch Margaret and Ronnie the DOOFUS KING. Are bullshit so thick? Their moron Ronnie's shot? Because a BUSH is in SECOND PLACE. Is why Nancy screamed, "THEY shot my husband!" 
    Same swarm of LIAR LEGACIES controlling history by killing Kennedys, Martin and the rest.
    Stories never change when wrong decisions keep hiding the past from the present for miserably designed futures. Such as an economy dependent on GAS destroying the world for generations, while venerated to the point NASCAR memorializes the MESS of CONSCIENCES unable to face themselves
    Shriveled EYESORE before the entire world. Screaming for another collision causing excitements, in their war is entertainment glory holes. Racist users of the word soccer, to demand linguistically ending the name of FOOTBALL describing the International Game of Football. That sickly entrenched America. Getting away with anything, so the commercial use of CULTURE solidifies an ELITE selfishness not faced over anything.
    Self-Admired REDNECK RACISTS EVERYWHERE have GAS PIPES stuck up their fates forevermore. LOVING they're known as World Destroyers for Generations. NASCAR! World Leadership of NEVER FORGIVEN SOULS! 
    The world NEVER FORGIVEN. Especially FLORIDA where NAZIS @ NASA designed astronauts showered with repugnancy in their NAZI HANDLERS-in-charge wanting them developed in the MEAT MARKET BARS around Cape Canaveral. Instead of home with their kept away from them wives. 
    Because the NAZIS built missiles pretending Man could do anything in space. Other than perfect destroying the human race(s). Why experiments up there just hide, it's MISSLE RESEARCH for the World's Worst controlling PUTIN'S value as not worth a SHIT LEADERSHIP. 
    Revenge because doing wrong is clearly understood. So if GOD DAMNED for IDOLIZING Bill Ritter rules? World judged selves that's not famous enough to believe. While imaginable from what the BIBLE states, GOD doesn't give a shit. Ya'll are LYING from somewhere it's unnecessary to listen to clearly by HABITUALLY ALWAYS LYING FOREVERMORE. BILL RITTER POSTER CHILD! 
    Realize you're to blame for ignoring your own consciences that aren't clear enough to search. Your GOD Damned Fiery Throne Placements, secure. Memorialized forever as despicably with BILL Ritter - Hiding up Donald Dump's self-heralded NAZI ASS. 
    Tormented by lives of associations that are as despicable as Bill's being owned by Dr. Armand Hammer. That tormented mess, knowing I wouldn't let anyone hide from HISTORY. Malcolm Forbes told me so. Boo, disgusting Bill. 
Monopolist-Capitalists (technically exactly what they blamed Communists for being) hiding behind beating Communists. Built tyrannies still ruling all over the EARTH. So the SECRET POLICES BIG-OIL/CIA confabulations remain super-financed. Hiding the EARTH's Wealth FROM EVERYONE ELSE. Putin, Bush, Ritter? Just checkers, loving IDOLIZING they tricked themselves believing owned by pieces of WEALTHY SHIT gave them a superior interior attitude Bill Parades as a FACE that TRULY can't face his exploded conscience. 
    The pieces of BILL RITTER that are melded into all the GLASS formed around BILL'S TYRANTS undermining WOMEN'S true status everywhere around the world. That's HOW GOD wants everyone feeling. BILL RITTER is GOD DAMNED to mean he's FULLY DOCUMENTED, mean as shit, history. A smoldering lost soul Forevermore. PIECE OF SHIT BILL!
    That corrupt, retired Idiot Mad King George Bush II. Daddy of the Witch on NBC that Bill Ritter will scream about? Because she's the only fantasy Bill the Ill-Mannered Brain will be allowed in his Spirit's hereafter. Conscience searching for Legitimacy Bill didn't find a care to bargain for in his lifetime. Even after the Women of ABC allotted Asleep-at-the-Wheel Bill - NINE MONTHS of Wake Up BIG-OIL/CIA Bill. 

"The Agency well known to GOD."

    Fact is BILL RITTER doesn't even have the character of Jim Bakker crying under the table losing SUPREMELY SELF-CENTERED Tammy Faye. Bill's wife will also just shake her head in awe at ALL ABOUT BILL's demise before, or not, her very eyes. 
    BILL RITTER is THE Biggest Waste since Bill. Right. Can't pay BILL'S bill either, New York. That you bought NEW YORK CITY! Hook, line and sinker by running away from reality, caught SLEEPING, so whoring, with unawake (Ron De Santis DILDO) KING FACE, not facing, BILL. 
    Bill Royally Screwed You New York City Citizens, running from reality. Complacently satisfied destroying money sitting atop what people aren't allowed to circulate anywhere else. Besides New York's being judged playing victim of their own surfing INFLATION TO DEATH! 
    Not facing yourselves doesn't work NAZI-ASS BILL Admirers. Feel your consciences facing a lifetime was spent running from and not facing yourselves LIKING Bill? Please? Roy Cohn's legitimate, don't face a thing, SOULMATE is BILL
    Bill's wife, while he fantasizes George Bush's mouth is Jenna's? Will disgust Superior Bill's HELLBENT TASTES. So she'll shit in Bill's mouth for the disgustingness of his giving all his attention to DAMNED King of New York BILL. Everyone's SPIRIT is the carrying on of the conscience born thoughts. Searching for relaxing whatever SIN wasn't understood as misspent fate. PERIOD. Why Jesus Christ's VISION is many answers.
    Bill's World manufactured your wanting Idolized Bill. Made you want him, like gas cars sold the last 24 years ruining the world. Now face your ruled world is ruled by Bill Ritter The Great Donald Dump Whore STILL!
    Ya know when SPIKE LEE produces DO THE RIGHT THING Part II, me reading and directed by Sade Baderinwa in the Rachel and Jackie Robinson Memorial Stadium in Sanford, Florida? Sanford's responsibility for making TRAYVON MARTIN'S Killer a completely formed SANFORD RACIST ASSASSIN is internationally FACED. So a ROYAL SCREW YOU RACIST SANFORD! Couldn't even tell me the cost of renting the stadium ten years ago. THAT DEDICATED SANFORD labelled itself, TO IDENTIFIED RACIST _SSHOLES! YOUR END. 
    I rarely repeat myself. But this did get SHARED with INTELLECTUALS on LinkedIN. Where I'm not SOCIAL MEDIA Censored yet
Nigel Tufnel says turn it up to 11. It'll go! Enjoy Le Show. Sade Baderinwa turned me up to one hundred and eleven. 111. You? 
    Positively 4th Street, east of Dr. Armand Hammer's Palace across Sixth Avenue's River Styx. Where servants need not apply. Perpetually Chained to not truly facing their lost consciences. Ever, perhaps
    Once upon a time I carried a BIG SKY EDIT to Dylan's office. The only time there, and the guy taking the package said I could look around while he did whatever with what was inside the package. Like meeting Paul McCartney. Cool as anything. Last time at Paul Simon's office? Real trip. 
    Incidents pointing to how hopelessly ridiculous, the Bill Ritter BIG-OIL/Military Industrial Complex covering me up is actual GOD Damned American Censorship History. Bill's win? Plus Ritter's subjects? GOD rewards Bill's Idolatries, is how Infinity works on me and him. 
He said, "Dig Infinity, and they dug it!" 
As my Mother Janet said the last moment I arranged we could have. "THANK GOD FOR YES!" Looking to HEAVEN our hearts always remember. 


Not a moment goes by loving you is not surrounding me.

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