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HISTORIANS! NYC ABC-7 Male Empire Figurehead, Newsreader, Bill Ritter? For an Embarrassing FULL YEAR, Proven Misdirected Direct Descendent of the ROY COHN FACE NOTHING EVER Legacy.

SELL OUT TO HOWEVER Many Bought Him. All I know is Guy Babylon was always expected to die young, just because he knew me. So as Bill thinks his innocent thoughts about BILL? 
    I'm remembering Argentine Intriguers who'd for years said anything I want. Who deliriously laughed out of all proportion I did not know Guy Babylon. My Argentine Handler honestly expressed beyond her formed understanding. I knew it was too late to jump out the window I'd wanted to. But their driver went very fast. Sure, nothing to do with Bill. But one thing Oliver Stone's JFK represents no matter how far tracking thew illusory misfits did it angle. Film represents they all wanted JFK dead. Same way I don't even care if Bill killed me. I'll be fine. But by not answering any accusation aS ABOVE AND UNNECESSARY DENIAL, YOU'VE TARGETED YOURSELF THE FACE OF A LONG LINE OF SHIT surrounding me. That killed Guy by heart attack whatever. I'm still dealing with some intestinal poisoning thing's lasted over a month. I'll not deal with unless I'm necessary for a purpose to live. Cause writing and representing history as it is? My deal. Sorry, denial to KINGDOM COME gets nowhere near that far as Bill Ritter is America's Shallow Nazi-ism Cuddled by 21st Century Procrastination, literally not facing ourselves. 
Masterpiece of Claimed Self-Deluded Innocence as SPY NUTS Habitually Construct themselves Disposable. 
THE LYING NAZI REMNANT CORRUPT UNDERWORLD  still performs their Public Relations Three-Card Monte  Mindtwist in a thoroughly corrupted CARNVAL ATMOSPHERE. Disgusting that a Black Man could PROUDLY PARADE NAZI-ISM, between 66 & 67 on Columbus Avenue. NAZI _SSes

    On a man skin toned black! Dick Gregory ventured into the midst of Racist Central Florida to shake my hand and convey to me with dark eyes. Tell anyone falls for the bullshit - from DICK GREGORY Personally - ALL BILL RITTER deceived already scorch as formed souls in HELL. All about facing yourself or not. My ride's bumpy but Sade on the horizon? My patience isn't left, but try me? What else ya got. UN Chairman. NYPD Commissioner? 


    PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN for delegitimizing Anita Hill TO SAVE HIS SENATE SEAT FROM BOY OVERRULE. An example is Barbara Walters convinced WHOOPI GOLDBERG she needed to take over THE VIEW. Because she'd been so manipulated into propping up celebrity. Even publicly documented in Roy Cohn's Autobiography, "feeling sorry for Roy."

    SO AMONG FRAUDS IMPOSED ON PUBLIC taking down liberals as The National Enquirer is disclosed doing. In my case Letitia James our New York State Attorney general being in on all the emails that needed conveying. Leading to the mdemonstration of four days of individuals fficres having it demonstrate the NYPD honors my right to know when NYPD allows an officer to convey how I'm lied to. As vehemently announced and faced as look at him yell. 

    Why? Well one officer yelled at "____ you in. there faces repeatedly and four days four different officers means if I don't announce this is how NYPD illustrates not lying to me. OTHERWISE their obligation ism put me in jail. No one's allowed to reduce officers to where I've reduced them unless NYPD approves and hey. FACE IT. Wrong racist cops. Sure. RACISM pervades. But NYPD has been professional and protecting my life a long while. make prisons hotels and stop recycling resentment and AMERICA changes overnight. Prisoners need reflective space. Not the continued cycle of who is the most powerful predator. Yo afforded crime making prisons universities of Crime.

    Long a go a friend to get pot for me had another friend ride with me to get it. Coming back was what was in it for him. Well when we get to my friend we'll see because that's not how we'd handle this. Now I'm informed you'e an additional charge. 
    We talked. The man was a muscle. In and out of Raiford State Prison, never getting much except being a muscle as working out with weights is a satisfactory diversion. Man, but boy literally trained to look for small advantage s and able to smother me between his fingers. Like thousands charged for simple medical visits. Insurance and Medical Business compromised high prices long ago and made crucifying OBAMACARE a mission paying off the over 50% Corporate Lawyer Welfare Recipients no doubt more. Chris Christie trained professional ethicless carving money for sport. Does nothin as METS figurehead who's willing to siphon more money from New York pretending gambling with his playing a sure thing helps. Martha Stewart did time for Accountant pettiness. mets Owner isn't in jail because LAWYERS own Everything and don't give a shit. REALLY!

    Such as the California Military Industrial State Monica Lewinsky HIT JOB. They sold REAGAN means security. Sold a lot of bullshit people would realize if considered questions beside s Sean Hannity advises cold minds so no future use besides recited pablum. Rupert Murdoch looking at his future wishes cryogenics works. Hey Rupert, it's all after life. Socialism for Rupert's Team is not pure Capitalism as you represent holding Bill Ritter's Dick Cheney in the after life wishing you can participate. NOPE. Screwed enough in this life, RUPERT"S SPIRIT living on will experience what GOD thinks funny with me. ABOVE M<Y PAY GARADE and as established. People will give me money if I just tie myself to n to writing. Yep world of co-dependents so relying on portraying me a failure, that Robert Caro just lust looking at me from way nap where his eyes are meant - HOLY CHRIST I really am about to see happen what I've been training myself to do all along. Then THE CIA WHORE moved when Baltimore openend=ed my eyes on Sade's and mine locked together. So whatever Bill imagined people would like and want? RUN LIKE HELL! GOD AVENGES what that SHIT RITTER PULLED ON SADE? I don't mind watching but my advice is don't be close. Bill Ritter's soul is already fired on the tip of a needle where that ego is largest. So fueled with LIES, he can't imagine a defense except but can't a CELEBRITY justify always winning like BIDEN gave DUMP a Platform. GET IT! IT's all skilled professionals providing scope of no dimensio0n for a lot of money . LITTLE STALIN'S ruling as was easiest for tyranny in the Soviet Union/Russia and tributary state Donald Dump America. Behind Donald Dump's facade there's Federal and State Evidence sea pu the sucker away. Well beyond thew CIA ART DEPARTMENT at the NATIONAL: Enquirer 's Publicity Trials. Straight ahead formed dribble the Police to the POLLS. Meanwhile the ROY COHN reading shirt was faced by Sade Baderinwa with m e holding her BIBLE AND DONALD DUMP RUNNING AOUT THE BACK AWAY FROM TTHE PRESS WATCHING US WITHOUT BILL RITTER ACE-CIA-BUSH MAFIA SECURITY.

    And little me, as BILL RITTER SECURITY LOVE PERFORMING, got to face the SHIFTIEST WORTLESS IMAGINATION ever in that poor deformed Hitlerish tyke himself, NAZI BILL. My bird finger reduced that fat FACE to an exclamation point. Can't face a thing, he's so disgustingly reduced to his IDENTITY - LIAR BILL. NOT GOOD AT ANYTHING. 

    Bill ran as Robert Moses did from Robert Caro when illustrated it's obvious corruption not evolving building monorails and THE GOD DAMNED MOSES ran from the room. Bill ran outside and hasn't stopped standing there representing No DEFENSE Sio just accept Celebrity Bill the King smother's Queen Sade's pawn, me. May keep us apart. But last time SADE spoke was, "Bye Guys." And I know none of you ABC Roy Cohn admitted guilt faces are possibly included in that except with those ARGENTINE SECRET POLICE laughing and seeing up the car when Im wnante do to just jukmp out the window and go see GUY right there at the stadium. Just let me out you people said just ask I can have anything like your friend confused except to report I've no money. The New York Times Book Review ad that got though is blamed on her. They so fed her with I'm just a joke, when the world's intellectuals always knew Mike Hammer of The National Enquirer was on top of me 35 years. Why at THE BOTTOM LINE Steve Howe just said the band's coming now go to sleep. My side knew they'd kill GUY so In wouldn't have help. TOWN BANKER of my group of three my last EUSTIS YEARS. Died young too. Kerry Carpenter his son with the Detroit Tigers better be left alone. Everyone knows Bill Ritter's Legacy of the BUSH-CIA Administrations were not just illegal but EVIL AS WELL. Bill Ritter and his people ruin the world unable face they're not wanting to face themselves. In their admiration of hating everyone else as less than them so destroying the world isn't faced? Happens no matter what ABC and Bill Ritter grin in HAPPY KINGDOM COME. BILL WON. OKAY BILL, but masturbating Dick Cheney is old so what's left is running from not believing GOD is everything and especially greater than self-worshipped to work for evil - The Greatest Donald Dump testicle Bill. 

 Bill ran away from me, pretending we'd faced, saying it was too much for him "dealing with this. Take car of this" Security. So ABC STUPID FREAKS stand in my face saying I don't know how to listen. 

    Encourage an ACTUAL NYPD Officer to play seduce with eyes with me. SADE knows that's funny cause I can't even look at women, I'm so freaked not wanting even to have every day appreciation I'm so against even an idea competing with her. 

    What a year of a illustrating what Bill Ritter manifested as GOD DAMNED TO HELL, for just being Worthless Bill. GLASS WALL and CEILING Separating Women from the FOUNTAINS OF GOLD men hold and gift tom. mean it's happiness owned by pimps, huh. Pimps who can't recirculate anywhere near the WEALTH stolen Fromm AFRICA still. MONARHS playing at least it's not WHITE IMPERIALIM. BULLSHIT. Ken Caro Wiwa was MUERDERED FOR NIGERIA for just wanting honesty among the OIL BARONRY destroying the world going infamously down judged as NO ELECTRIOTY in the filling stations mean FULL CONSPIRACY disclosed. KARL ROVE and MAD KING GEORGE II perform the afterlife yelling at mates hitting them because they enjoy up each other's PRESCOTT BUSH NAI _SSHOLE SCREWING Each other forevermore. Disgusted by their own excitement at being judged whores. That's the secret folks. GOD formed consciences that can face themselves. Can't is a wrong decision that's led to MANY Bill Ritter figureheads laughing exploiting the ruining of the world. 

     can mean in people's emotional Lives? 

means if WHOOPU+IU and I aren't clearly this up soon? Forget retirements, the damned at ABC even contemplate UNEARNED VACATIONS> SPOILED SPORTS is documented wanting to DETROY PRPFESSIONAL NEWS. A real former mayor of New York, Bloomberg's gotten email plans since, since I'm embarrassed to say hoe long ago the p[oor man's been subjected to laughing at Bill Ritter. The intellectual world is tired of DONALD DUMP IDOLIZING destroying the world. That's right. Bill Ritter, etc. Just more. Even the President of the United States forced to provide a platform for the GREAT WHORE of MAR-A_LAGO Federal Penitentiary Donald Dump. The Bill Ritter Sanitarium for those willing to LIE FOR A LIVING. ROGER STONE PRESIDENT AND Director of all the pimps deserve to be there in RUPERT MURDOCH"S memory till he arrives or GORS STRAIGHT TO HELL VERY SOON! SCREAM RUPERT. Whole World needs to appreciate the soulless are the bodies not her;d together and now Rupert's here doing THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY for Everybody. Withering head of the DISGRACED Plant Anything with POLITCIS Family CHAIN. GOD DAMN YOU MONEY AT THE TOP PLAYING LIBERAL SO YOU'RE OPKAY. YOU'ra ll just SEAb HAINNITY DONALD DUMP WHORES!

Black People laugh loudest at that little Bill Ritter Dick Cheney PIMP WHORE between 66 and 67 on Columbus Avenue.

    The BACHELORETTE Imagery (Ritter even taunted Sade once to say she liked that pablum on air. All pulp fiction, burning conscienceless Whore BILL _UCKING RITTER! Ritter the dumb as hell dumb _ss, _ucking up ABC. BACHELORETTE USING Kardashian to Hell in a Handbasket Whore Pimp Bill Wizardry. 
    Care for women's futures? You VERIFIED INSTITUTIONALIZED PIMP EXPLOITERS in the CONDEMNED GOD DAMNED FACE of KIN BILL RITTER> Delighter in all the Male Figureheadism at ABC can destroy. Too many talented professions nABC Executives can't climb out of NAZI BILL FAST ENOUGH. Your faults NEVER facing yourselves and KATHIE LEE warned you wanting to be ignorant BOYS three decades ago. That's right. Line to whine's behind BILL, AW HELL! 
    Exploiters of anything taking half a chances anywhere puzzled up. Money slicers having no0t a damn thing to do with PROFESSIONAL NEWS. That's right your MUSE Arianna Huffington will soothe your lost souls all about how the money was worth more than anything. So in homage remember. PICASSO STIIL isn't producing anything worth a shot as a result of knowing that BITCH ABC Honore ruining PR)PFESSIONAL JOURANALISM TOO. Executive WHORE CLOASS it's known all about your ruling ABC in your MASS of PURE ROY COHN DON"T FACE ANYTHING dishonesty. Written all over Bill Ritter's Condemned Manufactured in your lying images sca\r on his head he thought was his face. ROY COHN DICK CHENEY FOR VA BRAIN, Worthless FUCK YOU BILL
    Well your NO CHANCE BILL RITTER is full-on damned, or me, it's an ABC ADMISSION condemned for letting Bill Ritter pretend he had anything near a clue. Consciences wandering afraid of their, not wanting found, souls? That's what bill ritter fated his moron army @ abc here below. Don't believe as Bill doesn't a year later known just lying to a TV Journalist and fabricating protection from a man well know to THE NYPDS as non-violent to them extreme. All these PERVERTS ABC uses eventual run or stand saying crap that was irrelevant when they stared DAY 1. Not intelligent enough to find different pertinent things to say. So? Nothing ever pertinent. Especially the cop making goo goo eyes at me like just convince me I'm confused as a psychiatric study about who I love. GOD DAMNED a woman NYPD Officer these ABC BOYS are so deviously BILL RITTER SELF-CENTERED.
    All hail hitler youth boy king of MISERABLE ABC EXECUTIVES co-irresponsible for their cavity in real time. Upp bill ritter's GOD damned, the bunch of ya, NAZI _ssholes. YES. Bill Ritter is many _SSHOLES! 
    German Generals shipped Kaiser Bill RITTER here just as Stalin's pawn Lenin was shipped to Moscow by german generals. Wrong people just step in more wrong decisive bullshit forevermore. Now just scapegoating NIXON is out by FACING REALITY. 
    Uh oh ABC! Whole world knows you're an institution openly advocating a whore pimp destroying both women in news, but also any integrity, at all, in the news. You don't think George Stephanopoulos stands with me. And with the dumbing down of news by ABC? That's witless expecting your money to control everything about anyone. Whoopi Golberfg at ABC has known about me 50 years. But of course. THE NAZI BILL RITTER MEANS MORE TO MALE FIGUREHEADS RULING THE WORLD THAN ANYNE. Convicted yourselves. Historians know New York State Attorney general has be=en in on starting and following my progress a year. BOYS who are owned by BIG OIL CIA UNPAID BILL RITTER. Go where ya'll belong was performed while you kept stamping your tickets Bill Ritter FRAUD. 
    George and President Clinton are perhaps laughing, on the phone, right now at how utterly shallow it's proven defending BILL RITTER is and remains. Founded to end MONOP:OLISM and worked for its rule after all. And publicly repeated for a YEAR TO HELL with Cornell's Founder's Wall and the Fraser Family Legacy dedicated to them Prosperoit =t of al New Yorkers. Won your Cracker Jack boxes, but historically all you damned Ritter rudder consciences are in the vernacular - _UCKED! 
    Screwed selves royally, laughter ringing in FULL BILL RITTER Wisdomlessnesses.  Just INNOCENT association with that CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE SYSTEM OF BUSHWACKERS? Pays Eternally for being that evil. 
    Something Caroline Schlossberg-Kennedy and I cry often enough about,  that people should understand. I'm capable of forgiving anything. But Bill Ritter's Legacy of GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING and all is never forgiven from Caroline's finger on THE LEFT HAND OF GOD. NEVER DICK CHENEY TESTICLE BILL RITTER!
    Screw my explaining. You people are like RITTER, without the abilities to face each other or yourselves.Known in History Departments across the country. Even that campus were the Dr. Armand Hammer Mausoleum of a Museum stands regarded as BIG -OIL's documented failure to destroy GOD's wanting the world fixed when those in Ritter and Hammer's likenesses achieve full constipated DARK HELL that's easily enough faced before end;ess after life consumes a NO SOUL to CONSCIENCELESS ACID TRIPS beyond where BAD TRIPS start. No kidding. Laugh Bill Ritter. Only raises your volumes well past 11.
     on the phone right now. get it? the ritter dump of shit ism outr of the bag and tyhe pie alin the hon ky cracjker state of abc faces.

    Stupid being a CIA Plot with RACISTS this long and exposed they dribble on convincing an ELITE CLASS of PASSERS BY that they aren't condemned as well for everything ROBERT MOSES MEANT AS THE NEW YORK SUPERVIS؉ OF HELL ON EARTH. KNOWN AS RACISM. Where now Bill Ritter surrounds me with Blacks and fellow racists paid off because that's all they can think of to do responding as Roy Cohn did and how SADE$ and I exposed ate the TRUMP TRIAL with a BIBLE while The Donald Dump ran out the back. Self Righteous Bill Ritter's LEGIONNAIRES just MOREB TRUMP WHORES the Fredral Government hads known about for generations. WHY CHEMICAL HEAD BIDEN gave Dump a PLATFORM President admits guilt with 2000 BSUH/OIL FAMILY WAR STYEAL OF THE ELECTION. Just Bill stamping to Little Me. UH HUH. ALL GOD DAMNED as Prescott Bush Liars. 

 i am dying. while the ritter people run around saying i babble. just said knucklehead on phone. real stage show here. but what's wrong seems intestinal poisioning anf i'm not fixing it. these people wantewd me killed all my life. new york public idolizes bill ritter and killedfraser family legacy. ron de santis and bill titter own history and i doubt god forgives anyone thinking forgiven for that. 

    Without Sade I won't try to save myself and everyone can have an orgy or whatever you want. GOD displayed what's possible and Bill Ritter rules World as PIMP means you made your own beds. GOD's removing BILL RITTER'S WPRLD of LOST SOULS voted for by New York and America thought politics is middle de winks for lawyers getting money somewhere else. No. Stealing from yourselves and ruined me to prove more valuable than GOD. That's what BILL RITTER CLAIMS and ABC CONDEMN THE WORLD to. 

    See you in SPIRIT SADE where we've shined a year over NEW YORK TOO BLIND to see past BILL RITTER'S HUMONGOUS DICK CHENEY he keeps creaming over all New Yorkers Blinding eyes to how EVIL BILL RITTER REALLY IS. LYNDON JOHNSON left DUMP inn PURGATORY that duels. 

    Whew that

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