Saturday, June 29, 2024


You Loved Bill Rules, so be Suck Ups forevermore. I'm forbidden to help solve your devotion to the BUSH-BIG-OIL Whore MOB you idiots adored, too damned long, any more. 


    Bill Ritter Ruining Me is still my reward, as facing history is what I've ethically accomplished. Your decisions to believe big liar bill. 

    Ya'll face what bill decided, for himself, and everyone. That he never will be able to face himself and loves himself for that exactly. Not facing himself bill roy cohn ritter

    His own bad trip he created all himself. As has EVERYONE that had my voice rise when my personality prefers restrain. 

    But talked down to in authoritarianistic manners, by pretenders to be smarter? Is the self-deceived LAUGHTER throughout NEW YORK. Ending for Poor inconvenienced Bill the NUISANCE Fraser New York Legacy of actually helping New York Bill can shri=ug his shoulders fore not knowing who I am while owned by the RACISTS SURROUNDING ME 623 YEARS. BLACKS In LINCOLN CENTER UNIFORMS, no way halfway. Just a tiny wish for the HONKY CRACKERS is damned with them. What American Authoritarianism did against me would shame a real America. That's how disgusting mBILL RITTER's revealed the accepting of BILL RITTER Cloned American Profiteering on Ruining Women and every other destructive force against us keeping the BOYS Glass Ceiling in place framed as myth by SEARCH Engines in. the vision BOY RULE tillGOD gives up is good enough.

    Not what Sade and I are signed ups for, no matter what then BILL RITTER ABC WHOREHOUSE convinces anyone to believe.

    Meanwhile competent people at ABC never hid. So New York? All the world knows how shallow you are preferring SHOWBOAT  SHALLOW BILL. So now REST ON YOUR OWN GOD DAMNED NEW YORK LAUREL. Laugh with PAID BILL as long as he can't last.

    Wrote your own endings by the inability to face your own consciences. I've done enough. I'm damned to try to lift a finger anymore. Regardless the combined squealing. FRONTLINE received the notes and idea. Donna Brazil etc. Just New York decided to not care and GOD let everyone judge themselves BILL RITTER WHORES. But Mr. Frase his to blame parents let happen where everyone should be told. See how far hiding from kids got us. HIDING BILLS all over the Male Figurehead riddled America.

    A New York Fraser Legacy actually devoted to ending the complete defrauding of New York. But New Yorkers worshipped Butt-Bill's act. Act III following Mad King Georges I, II and III- Donald Dump. 

    Believe it. Honestly. no change? Cornell helped make New York and will not be damned at all for pulling all Cornell money out of New York. They waited on my revealing how deep the corruption goes.

    When I went to my first, forced, doctor visit (at 65) as I was told I'd be punished for not registering. So I looked. Cornell's name was already off the hospitals, I always saw the name on. 

    So when a hospital and insurance system conspire to have their compromised high prices, passed on to the public for provided free health care that charges taxpayers the rates that destroyed the system to begin with? 

    Obvious Boondoggle at $125 worth of service charged $3000 to pay themselves off. Proving the conspiracy to sabotage Obamacare never falters. No conscience? No dilemma again, because the money's all there is that's worth it. 

    MONEY fixes a problem? Always possible, but not shriveled to insignificance as our pennies are. Can't when chasing inflation includes Abigail Disney skating stock market funds but wants raises for employees to further dance on inflation. Her class of non-workers shrivel for livings slicing and dicing stocks. Where businesses should be created but aren't, because slicing money's such a fun art. Even a MUSE in the Destroy professional Jouranalism Business advertising how great it was screwing PICASSO for a living when he didn't produce SHIT like the EDITORLESS crappy HUFFINGTON POST part of money thinking hide from Effective Journalism is an answer. Works here apparently, but faced by then soul an imaginable HELL OF A RIDE.

    Like motorcycles with pedals attacking the public. No ethics, just slicing money, with even burning batteries the city doesn't replace with money since they stopped the police from stopping what should have never got in. POLICE AND FIRE solves city mess ran from like BILL RITTER SCHOLARS. OWNED by freeloaders who don't WORK EITHER. Letters to all the City stop what's coming and years later they advise slow down. SCREW THIS CITY THE MONEY MOB are responsoibn;e for BATTERY FIRES and Fentanyl. Ruining the world, a damned proud scheme. And Bill Ritter worshipped for pretending while symbolizing running from not facing a GOD damned thing about his pathetic self-absorbed wickedness framed as Nice Bill. My friend GUY BABYLON was killed by your people, FUCK YOU BUSH DICK CHENEY BILL!

    Brought GOD's inevitable REVELATIONS REVENGE on EVERYONE by interfering in Sade Baderinwa's life and New York believed Liar Bill. 

The End.

    Now keep faking you're coping just wondering about your SOULS fated to GOD damned liar bill's.

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