Thursday, June 27, 2024

Dear, Exemplary CBS-2 News Investigator, Marcia Kramer,

    First of all George since we had that special moment nodding on Central Park West the way Tuli Kupferberg and I would when we passed in his last years. You know, the guy who told all his friends he jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge and GOD din't let him die and uh. Well. She may have been looking at the cordon but Sade Baderinwa knows very well what I want her to mean when I hear he easy, "Bye Guys." 
    What shed said outside last year before Mount Goliath Bill presided over gfalling all over me the Literary Designate falure Winner as decided by the Military Industrial Empire Big Oil Elite who've dreamed themselves as faceless as Bill Ritter when confronted facing the truth about anu=ything. Had this Honky Cracker Black One say the word truth in my face. These Bill Ritter Warriors have no facility to even  face how stupid they are. ABC SECURITY Chief in Charge of Protecting the Celebrity of THE MR. BILL RITTER? Uh oh Bill. Not at the expense of ABC Celebrity and t=in the vernacular YOU OVERSHOT YOUR VACUOUS WADV long ago. So let's gets passed the insults the dimensions you meant from your acting confused and dominate and so you know. ROSIE O'DONNEL:L damnbed arrogance. Totally sold vacpuous one like that Bill Ritter nClo0ne Monica Lewinsky born of the FRAUD James CARVILLE is DEMOCRAT in BIG OIL LOUISIANA period. Nut shell explanation> George Stephanopoulis got the HELL away from the crap infiltrating all POLITICAL CONTROL by an elite of MONOPOLIST FREAKS. Crarville's solution as told to Maureen Dowd: Don't let women control the Democratic Party. Isn't that supposed to be Mary Natalie's Wastebasket. Witch takes a few bucks to play DONALD DUMP CREDIBILITY. 
    ALL FRAUD dumped on AMERICA by SAME CHEAP PR Hookers did ridiculous bullshit for wicked spies all the time. 
    Most every historian in world my problem is WICKED BILL RITTER. His pretend his ROY COHN FACE AND HANDS don't have to make a move. Not even a first as ALL LIE isn't a worthy a shit move. NAZI WHORE BILL! 
    Biden stop playing SOAP OPERA with that Criminal. GAVE HIM A DEBATE! YOU'RE already paying CENTURIES for going after ANITA HILL, even with regrets, debating that NONSENSE CRIMINAL DONALD DUMP. Be President. Not Meat Market Fundraiser. James (LOUISIANNA BIG-OIL) Carville - the Mary Matalin DILDO. We don't need more Roger Stone president shakers like those ulterior motived two. The bedrock of CONSERVATIVE CORRUPTION as exemplified by then Chris Christie Whale unable to face owned by the worst as Bill Ritter is. DEMONS OUT OF ABC? No, apparently it's liked the Bill Ritter joke he thinks GOD is smaller than his Dick Cheney. That's right Bill. Last night's walk again means even my loved ones burn with your unbconfronted souls o I'm not having that you MURDEROUS WHORE of the lost modern generations. 
GOD DAMNED, or me, BILL RITTER you stupid _uck! 

    Because it's easy picking off each other as sport with jo consequential accomplishment of political Scope. Just more hiding under dirty laundry. BULLSHIT.
    Don't give a crap as along as discombobulate is on HIGH. THESE CRIMINALS made politics a profitable joke? All the fates unless faced of James caravelle and Roger Stone. LIARS for Criminal Big Oil Militarism.


    NYPD does not, and will not, lie to me. Much validation follows, in this essay. Explaining what my FRASER FAMILY LEGACY means to me. Dating to the 19th Century my parents were born in. Primarily, a retired head of the NYPD Law Department confronted me around a friendly New Year's Eve Fire -  that he doesn't let just anyone meet Paul McCartney. My Thank You Sir Paul McCartney Moment

    Wasn't discussed then but means? The most delightful thing in the world reduces me to humility saying JACKASSES! Realize the responsibility people see in me for wanting things solved? Poor Bill Ritter is a throne built on the Masterpiece of Superstition that Lying good enough is not revealed if not admitted you did it. Self-confessed, nothing to respond, Roy Cohn Bill. Police, historians all over the world know about Unable to Face Humiliation Bill. 

    My obligation to New York is intensely sincere. My uncle "Advertising Legend" JK Fraser allowed me the privilege to be the only TV Journalist who'll ever be allowed by Dick Wolf to visit the Law and Order set three times. 

    While Bill Ritter still witlessly digs up police and SECURITY to play frame me Bill's pest. All followed by NYPD and me. Neither admirers of Bill. Third new assigned officer this week. I't s checkers. NYPD picks up my pieces. I won't even swat a fly. Petrolhead Bill

    Today I reported to NYPD in Reporter Kramer's neighborhood. And Rockefeller Center where the Fabricating of CELEBRITY hit ALL-TIME Audacity, in the sire of the 2000 US Presidential Steal. Untrained by experience. Manufactured celebrity fast out of college. Babbles still.

    That's how deep Bill is embedded. Where much more extremely talented Women have their careers undermined by just statusizying Throne Bill. Quality sat on by Glass Ceiling Butt Bill. 


    At New York ABC-7 News? YES. They are unable to produce the best TV LOCAL News Journalism possible? Because Bill's ever-present excessive J. Pierpoint Morgan MOBY DICK butting in nose, holds his BUTT tight to the GLASS CEILING ever so rigidly. 

    Really as cracked as his face collapses as we all watch Bill be entertained. Gleefully entrenched deceiving people all his LIFE. That damned egotistical - Every Kind of Hazard - Bill. 

    As Manhattan Island's become everyone's John Paul Jones Ship of Floating Money Abandoned State? Then this is exactly where I'm going down. 


    BILL WINS because Bill found he's whimsically entertained by not facing anything. A Parlor Trick walking the Upper West Side Streets as SECURITY represents him protected from iddy-biddy me. Blackest Non-Violent White Man Ever Lived. Black Leaders, The Reverend Ralph Abernathy and DICK GREGORY himself entered the Racists' Realm to shake my hand. Studier of History paid for by the proceeds of the Black Funeral Home I was raised in less than a block from another GOD DAMNED AMEERICAN NAZI RACIST SHERIFF WILLIS V> MCCALL the Groveland Four Killer re-elected by the racists from 1948 to 1972 till federally removed sands BIILL RITTER STILL CLAIMS NYPD has any other reason to be here than to protect me. NAZI IDIOT surrounded by ideas and historians aLL OVER THE world adware BILL RITTER IS AS CORRUPT AS ROBERT MOSES the car SCAPEGOAT EVER WAS. As evil as Charles Komanoff figuring to. the arithmetic to blame the public for yhisn lord and master stupid as shit shovelers on WALL STREET> Didn't even do the work but wanted OIL DESTRUCTCTION anyway. Facing consciences is harder. Why? Stop whining. Should have faced yourself one ago if my having people know what's gone wrong bothers you. 

    Guy Babylon's favorite band and my favorite song of theirs. My friend Guy knew he'd die young, because the Military Industrial Empire haunted me. That's how much I hate NAZI Bill. GOD Damn me or both of us. 
Either way without talking with Sade, I feel in HELL. Woman could get me to face anything. Those eyes just point, I'm there. 

    Immature Bill is the explanation for discombobulating Logical News Programming. Using Male Figureheads Standing For NOT FACING, for over three generations, killing the world. 
    Half-hour tornadoes, become hour(s). Called CRAZY _HIT! 
    None of WHAT'S HAPPENING is reversing. So FACE HOW MAD KING GEORGE BUSHES RULING an Oil Drenched World made Sacrificial Lazy Profit acceptable. 
    The Vietnam War (bullshit Apocalypse Now wasn't overtly anti-war) was the most money made and squandered, by running from irresponsibility so fast the world's overlapping messes have destroyed us  unless reversed. 
    At least GOD Damned Bill Ritter, or I face burning consciences facing truth. That Bill conveys as an IMMUNITY he has to anything. Of Rupert Murdoch proportions, no doubt. GOOD OLD OOPS BILL. 

   Again I'm apologizing for not properly thanking you for the kind words. Yelling at me "I believe in you" next to my hammer and cycle novel card on the pole near the Ford Foundation. With your dogs. Back before my fully realizing the significance of what Sandra Bookman had done, before that, on Eighth Avenue near 44th Street. Where the person on a bike was doored and died the day before. 

    Facing me down, and I ran with a grin not facing her? She might have even read of my complaining of the institutional hazards just left LYING around. When a twice written to City Council, fully face any described thing. I'm already on PUBLIC RECORD facing aspects of the overall issue of BROKEN STREET LAWS. 

    In Contemporary History, (NYPD) POLICE WERE CONFISCATING EVIL FIRE CAUSING BATTERIES AT THE BEGINNING. POLICE WERE STOPPED. Cops and I conferred. Companies and City Council owned by anything that walks out of New York with enough money to have some fall into Status Conscious OVERPAID Pockets. History repeating self ad nauseam.

    Announced in the vicinity of four years ago THEY/THE CITY COUNCIL rose the flag on fixing food delivery wages. IMMEDIATELY dropped to bupkus when announced they were fixing. What's now announced? Was what we couriers already created six years ago. PLUS VERY GOOD SERVICE, and why it worked. No way are both City Council and Companies, AND STATE, aware how to fulfill unkept promises. 

    But because people set up hazardous motorcycles with pedals as FUN TO PARADE HOSTILITY AROUND? The public was audaciously ritually attacked by people applying speed to go around and through things. Disconnected from BRAKING is DEFENSIVE DRIVING. PERIOD. 

    While actually destroying a template of actual capitalism even after being built from corporations paying for the benefits of the couriers delivering their work. Had to slip through lights to find profit. THE IDIOTS ON MOTORS PAYING BICYCLE IS IMMATURE, irresponsible City Council and Companies. NOW there IS ADVERTISING ADVISING BE AWARE. Good damned Grief.

    Monolith(s)-MONOPOLY DOORDASH/UBEREATS redesigned THGE LABOR MARKETPLACE COURIERS ESTABLISHED. Unlike the situation where 5 MUSLIM cab drivers killed themselves when the TAXI Limousine Commission stiffed everyone demanding money when the money was gone blaming the people doing the work. Scummy.

    Between San Francisco and I we established, "this can work. But they'll screw it up." "Just send the texts," he said. I said I HATE YOU PEOPLE you can never fix it now. When the people fired who worked with us come together we'll have a small service not charging the restaurants and make those companies that didn't care and think not facing NEW YORK is a good thing top get away with. BILL RITTER BITE ME!

 to not even compete with themselves. LAWYERS WORKN FOR BOTH SIDES> BIG PILE VBOF MONEYN FOR NOTHING while the workers skim what's not held tight enough in the tight pockets meant for not being that DAMNED stationary doing nothing but slicing money for amusement. America forgot about building anything the sport of sliced money became so frivolously rewarding. Why AB7 is coordinated into nDumbing Down news pretending what's affordable are Bill Ri9tt'er's friends vacations in hell. I didn't make the decision. Sceming Bill Ritter did demonstrating to the NYPD and historians around the world as has a been reported. NYPD does not lie to me, so a uniformed cop on record last night before grinning ABC SECURITY accusing me of being a psychiatric issue and grinning victory. When told this can only happen if this man is in capon tact with police well above the authority that planted you here. Well her, "Really" to the ABC Man didn't get her far. But between us he'd know my reporting the incident to The View Security, NYPD at then Ford Foundation plus The Today Show means things are on track. 

    Things got weird I rode to the college where thew chairwoman and I discussed my possible history class. One thing isa certain. Whether Bill Ritter ever faces the Big Oil War Terrorism he's defended and can't faced exposed for, is not the historians of the world problem. History writes itself Ron De Santis SOULMATE Bill Ritter. Anyone who went to YALE, those two MAD GEORGE'S ARE YOURS, can't install electric in your gas cars aren't facing yourselves. FACING BILL isn't about luck. About loving LYING STILL.

KNOWINGLY destroying what I TOLD THEM NOT TO DO IN THEIR BELLIGERENT ARROGANT FACES. I've been hit three times! Who hasn't?THE COMPANIES ARE GUILTY, Marcia Marcia.

     Wasn't that I wasn't speaking yup rthewn. Because Imnd already said things and need to raise the volume bringing us here to the FACING DOWN of the ridiculous iodedwa BIILL RITTER didn't ster in a legacy he hadno bisiness being nere. We're cleaning this mess up for posteriuity.

Contact Us WCBS-TV, 524 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019

    Marcia Kramer? How're doing as Sade said the only time she wedged words in as roundaboutly as we could accomplish. Sade is a dream. 

SO SADE MIGHT BE DOING THE NEWS. I didn't see if she came through. 


I'm writing cross the street. Just held up a bird finger aimed at the nitwit crucifies Christian music as if he's delivering his fellow blacks from the nightmare of not living as his cuddled LOST CONSCIENCE is by being led by an actual remnant of GOD DAMNED NAZI CONFUSION Power means Everything. 
    Roy Cohn hated his father wouldn't compromise ethics and spent his life being a lap dog for world destroyers. Prident Johnson knew they wouldn't be beaten and what a tragedy BLACKS were sent to die in the most profitable war ever, Vietnam where profit was just squandered. Not reinvested in anything worthwhile except thew money chain survival that's gazillions that can't drift for enough to solve crises.
    So the monorails the public should travel on that would mn'yshake so Congestion Pricing Works is just more blaming the PUBLIC BUIG OIL AND MILITARY COMPLEX always knew it was a outright destructive fraud destroying the word with GAS shoved up everyoneNAZI _SS worshipping it's good enough stroking ourselves in our MOBILR THRONES. Damned Big Oil's Charles Komanpoff loved laughing at that oner. YOPU WALL STREET MONSATER inn my lap. Mayor Bloomberg's mate tossed you off with a witticism. That was a night, you two.
     SO THE BILL RITTER NIGHTMARE NAZI TEAM can't change what NYPD and ABC SECURITY confirmed last night. All big Rittewr's idiots are his and little Adolph's alone. Incorporating Black People into saying "Malcolm you can't keep coming here" when defending SADE I have more right than any of you GOD DAMNED PAGANS to be here. Toast in Bill Rirr's Facial Denial of Anything be\caused his brain can't comp[ute once committed to never doing anything but lie to me. 

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