Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Facing The Future Is Facing The Past

Top down management problem. Insecurities drive power wrong directions. Rivalries Need Ends. Power To The Economic Future of Capitalism For Everybody and especially Our Ideas!

    There's the idea history is written by the winners and how we turn out. But fulfillingly also how history documents guilt. The film Birth of a Nation declared the Honky Cracker Racists won to their utter embarrassments forevermore. As the Whitewashing use of the American Flag was used for such a long time, the redundant glamorizing evolved into the Great Tragedy of America's 21st Century. The Donald Dumpster Quagmire against Independence. 

    Showboating the actual dilemmas involved, when badly decisive people keep forcing through their relatively thoughtless bad decisions for themselves. Claiming he had instinct unlike others just framed him a braggart. PERIOD. 

    World's screwed up by too much gas excavation and use and he's an oh let him defend your gas car? RIPPED PUBLIC OFF not on electric a decade ago, playing LAZY WEALTH RULES. The problem in every country on Earth, especially ours! Wealth was meant to work, not carve everything to pieces.

    Electric everywhere gas sold! Or in on the conspiracy. Buy gas where electric sold. Let's really get going. Tornadoes should not be a half hour under any circumstance. 

    Not faced gas consciences have already defined destruction as we get away with it while they can.

Scapegoaters are there any consciences in there?

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