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Time Heals Respected As Privileged Tending

Why I'm Happy The Man is I Respectfully Chased after Sade Baderinwa’s Respect the rest of my life.

SOAP OPERA BILL and The Vast Tributaries of the Militarized Big-Oil Destruction of The World. Through Scapegoated Confused Contrived Complexities.

     Molded by the inevitable United in Pretend Competition HUGE OIL MONOPOLY'S PR PROPAGANDA that already destroyed the Planet Generations Ago. Half hour tornadoes mean we all face their music with them. Not just TIGHTWADS. BUT dedicatingly pushing us where now if not reversed? Nero's winding up at that harp, that's been blasting since Executives ruined basic competition in the 19th Century. Shriveling the top so the thieves run from facing themselves in an eternity of Ruthless Soap Opera never enough BILLS. Screwed forevermore unless our, through Bill's Crew, dislodging the ENVIRONMENT is not reversed. All that Eventual PR for more generations. When we've been late changing over three generations due to Bill's Kennedy Killer Legacy that all his friends deny as they're not facing their own mediocrities. THAT WRONG BILL.

    Would help removing even one Ill-Designed and Confused Monopolist HIDER. People really should all participate fairly. Without the idea money shriveling wins everything. Pure deception for the right to have business ruled by FOOLS. Warren Buffett your face knee deep in a country isolated from a MONORAIL FUTURE. That smart dumb. 

    Business, dude. 

 Dedicated to hiding mediocrity LIKE BILL. All over the everything's for Males To Rule as a "so what" Dilapidated World. BILL sits atop his tightly held Glass Ceiling @ ABC-7 New York News for decades. While Women, more capable, were shorted any opportunity for real breakthroughs in news programming. Dumbed down executive-ing having wanted coasted through responsibility by worshipping GASOHOLIC BILLS all over the country, for such a long, long, time

    I'm WARNED near a year. Don't de-Celebritize Poor Shrill DONALD DUMP BUTT-Bill. Winging that face he hadn't developed the ability to read with, as brains should. So following that J. Pierpont Morgan HONKER stuck up his trapped without a conscience self?  He's no idea how to get out of SOAP OPERA BILL. 

    We all wait on BILL's Little Adolph pointed DICK CHENEY! 

    BILL thought he's as above America, as the Great Deflating Blimped Dirigible - The Nazi Donald Dump. Gassed up, both of em. Oops, people know you LIED that huge, BILL? Yep. Historians too, Great Dirigible Pinhead BILL. 

    Eventually everyone can't be as confused by lies as tremendous as Donald's Celebrity Dump - Bill. 

    So CORRUPT PEOPLE paid enough to want me destroyed 62 years and counting. As if, every time, just a new field of endeavored planting ON MY WRONGLY TRAMPLED ON TOPSOIL is enough inconvenience for me. Every time NEW SEEDS, but identically replicated inanity. Without chance for growth to have ability to search for clues. The Goliath MALE EGO Futility Blues.


HIDING Behind THEIR FALSE Liberal IDOL CHARLES "self-idolized jerk-off" KOMANOFF. 

    THAT JERK KOMANOFF who counted up so far as Wall Street allowed? To hide BIG-OIL's blaming the public for the fraud shriveling train transportation as Robert A. Caro and I confirmed with each other witnessed by wife Ina. New Jersey's Wall Street Governor Phil Murphy keeping up the focused tax nightmare whining. 

    When the issue is they're all complicit. Condemned pretending okay blaming anyone but themselves, and thinking their left slew of clues hadn't already condemned them. That's right. Powerful people connected to destroying the money where it's not circulating, by whatever political charade happened upon. 

    Charles Komanoff's Personal Fortune signifies - look how much we pay ourselves hiding from history! 

    Komanoff braggingly barges through my life and my FRENCH GIRLFRIEND gave me a clue of his disgusting, 1990, overtures before her plane home that time. That's right JUDY EXPOSED. Both no damned ability to actually face your consciences. Except as LIARS in my own GOD damned face

    Oh yeah, Komanoff. I understand NOW. Revealed just a player. Boy nowhere near man. There'll be a TROPHY CASE in THE MUSEUM. Of ARROGANCE as you grinned as were groomed. What you two idiots revealed in The Great Hall with just those arrogant eyes. And that liberal lawyer nonsense who can't raise much of a peep that nothing should have been creating heat in the FROZEN NORTH. GAUL KEEGAN STEPHEN. 

    WILL ROGERS stays and dies framed right where he and Wiley Post were chased away by BIG OIL to die with the ESKIMOS. Real Satisfaction in me fried up. Thoroughly facing trying to help STOP Thrill Seeking BILLS and KEEGAN, CHARLES, The WITCH'S BREW JUDY Quartet

    All about slicing and dicing Liberal Imagery. Where anything not profitable, is just amusement. Hey MAD KING GEORGE BUSH I? Wanna scream louder at PRESCOTT'S DILDO, KOMANOFF'S LOST FACE? Screams, ya know? Constantly, and Barbara is fed up thinking Jr. II just a FAILURE when the  the family frame-up accomplished a whole two presidencies for the Jr. Bush MAD KING BUSH TOO. 

    Ruining the world digging too much crap up. And burning it. Theirs and a CDr. Armand hammer Tradition they fry for. EVIL SHIT. Face it. new deck won't change the cards. Fraud that family even paid themselves off digging oil wells too. What they politically stole. Beyond the ability to pace so outrageously corrupt Grinning FRYING Bushes.

    Huge fraud family of Dr. Strangelove RULING THE WORLD proportions. WHERE NO JOKE Prescott Bush put money in that contrived Hitler war for an identity figurehead. Seen miles away across his Daddy's dinner table. Imagining the glorious stupidity of the Prussian Beauty Mark for all Eternity. How stupid SOAP OPERA BILL and Prescott's LEGACIES ARE. 

    Standing for owned SCAPEGOATS blaming everyone, anyone, else. While sitting atop Liberalism masturbating each other for GOD DAMNED NOTHINGLEVINE/KOMANOFF. Daddy's Wall Street Bitches. KATHY HOCHUL UNION BUSTING WALL STREET FRAUDS! 

    Komanoff, years ago, claimed in my face Nuclear can be okay. After I told him I believe it is a SIN. GOD Damned that EVIL KOMANOFF. BILL's little Dick Cheney Adolph II. 

    WALL STREET'S WHORE Komanoff literally arrogantly acted as if his views overwhelmed my ability to watch history. While he and Witch Judy Levine (MONICA LEWINSKY California Military Complex clone) carved through liberals on the, ulterior motivated by HATE WITH BILL TEAM. JEFF SMITH'S Up-Nosed RACIST DENIALISM. 

    Perpetually endless glass ceilings of entrenched demands to live in a surreal Male's Failures are still Superior. Why OIL ruined the future already. Replacing reality with frozen myths that control news all across the country. Thoroughly CORRUPT, All-Over-the-World, MALE FIGUREHEAD BILLS. 

    Backed by FAKE INTELLECTUAL JUDY Delight & CHARLES KOMANOFF SUPERIORITY - meant to shadow me inferior in their Self-Congratulatory IMAGES. Komanoff major player in framing me face it's addiction not mu useful tool marijuana. That conceitedly dumb to not realize In would think different than arrogance up the Wazoo. 

    Personally from Eli Wiesel and myself. For being pretend friends, while despising me as your eyes couldn't hide. Shimmering inside yourselves at another deception, I'd not the time to bother with that closely observing. Supposedly. Much deceptive conceit, framing liberalism without money as not smart enough. GET OUT DEMON LIBERAL IMAGERY CIA MIKE HAMMER Komanoff!

I Leave FOREVER New York Crowned BUSH-CIA GOLIATH Bill's King of All Ruined Media Professionalism World. Sick.

    Charles Komanoff Intellectualized frame up. Right up BILL'S NAZI JEFF SMITH BUTT. Nice shot, you frauds behind ignoring surfing inflation ruined New York and the world. Tennent/Landloprd Komanoff collecting Tribute in share of Profit. Scam ruins business all over town to entrench ruining entrenchment as far as KOMANOFFS Master push it. never intended to stop destroying money. That's what CONGESTION PRICING MEANS. OPEN ADMISSAION OF WALL STREET STEAL RIGHT THROUGH Kathy Hoichul;'sd Witch Nose up Bob Murphuy'

s NAZI _SS licking his Charles Komanoff Lollipop. Up whew money hasn't given a shit for generations. JUDY DAMNED CONCEITED WITCH WHORE! Give BOB MURPHY'S DICK CHENEY A REST. 

    GET IT? I'm so damned ashamed of all of you. PLUS PATHETIC BILL!

    Generations framing money running from INFLATION while SLICING and Dicing ruining it but getting a chunk. Mets Owner. DAMNED even saying he wants to shred more New York money in a Casino. GET IT? ALL THE LAWYERS are in on it! 

    Financial Traps to stay afloat have 30% of the population on Charity. Clearly not intending to do a DAMNED Thing about screwing up The ECONOMY. Not putting the economy back together again. Still floating on kept up with INFLATION, destroying the world already. Shredding the world's money by RICH NOT RECOGNIZING ITSELF as The Holy Bible states categorically. Even GOOGLE Search runs from what the Bible categorically states about that.

    Jack fell down and broke BILL's Crown and Worldwide Brothel System Under Player Bills prospers still not giving a shit. No kidding. Never did. Kept Sade and I apart is CIA Etcetera FRAUD BILL wasting time. Hey. Results of FABULOUS BILL'S IDOLATRY? There's a song for that. 

The music I face, has Bill due too together. Despite what Bill made believe believing in Mac face he doesn't believe ion GOD. GOD doesn't judge genuine doubts about what can't be seen. But GOD most certainly is judging the CIA destruction of capitalism so OIL MONEY doesn't build a GOD Damned worthwhile thing. GUILTY TEAM BILL. 
    Whatever ya'll choose Bill Gets Away With? Understand Bill can't conceive of how bad he is all shriveled up in the head of Celebrity Status Bill. So developed to not face who he'd become among the Killers of My Friend John F. Kennedy, Jr. GOD DAMNED IDIOT BILL. Damned a cop pretending Bill means anything. POISON BILL.

    New York State Attorney Howard Sherwin, The National Enquirer Mike Hammer LEGAL PIMP. Bill's Team Against Me, ho hum pretend liberal Bill.

That stupid, those Nightmare Bill Soap Opera CIA ActorsKennedy Killer LEGACIES.

    That's how much a FRAUD KOMANOFF is coming from his covered direction. Mathematician? Proven as corrupt as Frick and Carnegie arguing over money that NEVER CIRCULATED ANYWHERE IN THEIR LIFETIMES. Except the corrupt system of judies and charlies  gladly lying anywhere for DEMON CIA Etc.BILLS.

    Cultivators, BUT NOT FARMERS, raised hating AMERICA, as was done with WEIRDEST McDONALD DUMP EVER FRYING IN HELL. Reality the fake can't face, making up incredible divisive bullshit to confuse Americans as wanting to not face themselves as Pathetic BILL'S IDOL.


    ALL ABOUT PATHETIC WORLD-WIDE GOLIATH DOMINATING BILLS not wanting anything faced. Except the EVILS THEY PRODUCE that were always about the pathetic inability to face having their NO CONSCIENCES ground to fire as carved Lost Conscience.

    Unable to face reality STUCK UP JEFF SMITH's STUCK UP NAZI butt! 

    SO RUN GOD DAMNED Little Adolph and Bill! Your NOT FACE-ABLE DICK CHENEY CONDEMNED FACES. Sprinting from not FACING ME AGAIN. Face staring @ ME as if ALL ROY COHN'S WADDED-UP MEANNESS ever meant ANYTHING. Pathetic FART little ADOLPH & BILL! 

     HIDING so THE PR MOB Crisis Surfing Entitlement Enforcement never need go away. Supplying their Lives through retirement till facing DESTINY is faced anyway. No matter how pathetically BILL'S Shown he's unable to face GOD. Supplying his ROY COHN'S GOD DAMNED face's place in HISTORY. FOR LITTLE ADOLPH'S pecker head JEFF SMITH up His GOD Damned NAZI _SS. Where the THREE HABITUAL SELF_IDOLIZERS will always bugger up perpetually together not facing they're JUDGED GAS UP THE NAZI _SSES destroying the world

    So faced, ugh, "NO!" THE SOUL never disappears? GOD, YES. NEVER DISAPPEARS - on the end of a needle where some souls rest peacefully. Others wander, never wanting what they'd done faced as they're judged PATHETIC BILLS

    But Bill promised? So Warning. DON'T IDOLIZE BILL ANYMORE! WARNED! 

    So I officially have nowhere to stay. I'm despicably framed by the ABC and NBC MOB-PORTION of Professionalized MEDIA unionized ENTERTAINMENT. Legacy from ROY COHN's BLACK HATING LORDS OVER 1970s NEW YORK. Doomed by EVERYTHING hidden from for Generations of CONTEMPORARY HISTORY


      EYES under POLICE WATCH? They don't care, since they're Military Rule Controlling the Whole World in their own VAIN GOD Damned names. With their larger weapons anyway. Capable of FRYING UP in their very own worthless Bill framed GOD DAMNED hands. 

    My Eustis friends still call me Happy, I had to leave behind moved to Scoundrelville-Sanford. Falsely Idolizing BILL without their even meeting over their FRYING SOULS, YET!

    As recent evidence, ABC (Little Adolph is back, yeah!) used an NYPD uniformed officer to babble at me. ("Who are you?" Called me "James.")  Says he's looking for a warrant while I ride slowly away saying ____ you. 

    Everyone who could hear, heard NYPD NEVER lies to me. That this one did/does etc.? Officers control situations. That this one's job is to just get me to leave is not POLICE PROCEDURE as I built the situation. 

    So of course told he'll need more cops to enact anything. Got him very excited about a warrant to enforce, as he could if there's a warrant, his GOLIATH self all alone. Meanwhile his radio keeps chirping "Charlie" very loudly. Cops control situations. NO ONE LEAVES SAYING "____YOU" to a cop. Except me NOW. Weee .... !!!

    I respect anyone. I'd never curse at police. And then brag about it in an email to the to the NEW YORK State Attorney General Letitia James? What a hoot. ... 

    So I went to ... College just to show things are stepped up different. Union Mob at NBC's The TODAY SHOW who do nothing but enforce territorialism. Want me to move outside NBC Today. No. Talk softly so  enforced on me is small no OVERALL IMAGERY. 

    I'm a TV Journalist. I'll move when I see the equipment coming. No, I do have to talk loud so the cop right there hears me. Eventually MOB INFILTRATOR IN UNION hands me off to the cop. I tell him I know you're assigned to protect me, but cover your ___ with them. IN THEIR FACES I MOVE WHEN THE COP AND I UNDERSTAND WAHT I'M DOING. 

    However interesting and entertaining,  The BILL NIGHTMARE SOAP OPERA SELF-WORSHIP FACE is? Nothing means anything to me without SADE

    Over and out? ... 

    Really nice seeing the DEMOCRATIC PARTY WOMAN thoroughly deride with her HATE HILARY crsap after I told her about mOIL LOUISIANNA JAMES CARVILLE's MAUREENN DIOWD quote, "too much power to women in Democratic Party. Tell people how great you are and know those around know BILOL IS INNOCENT and the damned REPUBLICAN MONEY in then Democratic Part can go right to that BITCH'S BANK VAULT. WHORES using a church to try to frame me. 

    Charles KOMANOFF 100% Wall Street uncirculated Money FRAUD. He and his pretend liberal siphon the entire PROCESS WITCH JUDY. Wall Street worthless gazillions pretending they're competing is capitalism competition. That's how much a fraud KOMANOFF is charging the PUBLIC while HIDING OUT BIG OIL Militarized Industrialization Fraud.

    NEXT: Rare checkers beat complete CHESS SETS. As GOLIATH BILL scares everyone playing from his Little Adolph Dildo Throne. SEND IN ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE ASSASSIN GOD DAMNED BILL and JEFF SMITH stuck up his little ADOLPH CRACK for a BILL FACE. MEANING you freaks are INFINITELY just arrogant to a T.

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