History's Destructive Midas, King Rupert Playing Miserably With America's Undigested Mike Hammer - Diseased Illiterate Stagnate Financial Degeneracy

July 3, BigBig OIL, TOIL and TROUBLEMisRule Washing Out Exposing Money Disappears Insuring World Destruction

Right, like not obvious as HELL ... Crops grown home feed the world better, duh ...

All News is History, especially the fabricators. http://www.soapboxview.com/2023/08/lets-do-this-keith-rupert-murdoch-be.html

Bigger than trade, circulation issue. Well-meaning Chinese are here because their economic system did not mature. SLAVE LABOR CLASS generationally later, not growing their own food in their own fields AND OIL SPILLING SHIPPING + digging out whatever's the core of the world. Supported by AMERICAN MONEY stagnated by WALL STRRET's worst ones in eliminating retirement funded housing Mortgages + interest on deposits wiped out so everything suits being stored for loaning to fellow storagers. Conglomerate Wasteland, oh no, it's a Con Waste.
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The Washington Post @washingtonpost
· President Biden is making it clear that the United States’ rejection of full-throttle globalization during the Trump administration was no aberration, as he continues a remarkable break with decades of trade policy. washingtonpost.com
Biden’s course for U.S. on trade breaks with Clinton and Obama
President Biden is reshaping the U.S. approach to trade policy to focus on the needs of Americans as workers rather than consumers, breaking with 30 years of trade policy.
Revelations 18:23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: For Thy Merchants Were The Great Men Of The Earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

    Decision: Purpose to exposing Rupert Murdoch Miasma of inherent conspiracy to control wealth to ruin the world. KING MORON for all time. Australia isn't fools . he can sleep in cargo on his own jet when locked up. Because split MY SPACE bananas down the middle? My Republican Party endorsement for President of our United States of America Al Sharpton Rules and Vice Presidential Nomination ...

Fake Dump Hater and Art Of Scandal Dealing. Elect a fool for president once and you're exposed fools forever. Not even GOD could be expected to forgive that. Well. Obviously getting away with anything is the art of trying, where I am with you idiots and tools. I'm still hearing why hurt personal friends? Person living with me doesn't have to read and know? This is ludicrous using everything is?

Rupert rules humans keep ruling world blaming Chinese conformed not to raise the lower class in better wages because that Walton Group was coerced to carve more while the Murdoch funnel paid enough to claim to me Mike Hammer got noting Total TV sold to TV GUIDE. Seeing what even lying might provide to scope. Something thinking does but committees can't competing to evade Rupert's ruthless eyes. Give me a break. You're educatedly too stupid for words King Rupert ruling for people who don't care about you too. But tat least there's lock up for all of us for protection. Right. you

'll get a prime suite having subsisted Americans on the ideal housed in pens is punishment enough. Rot, facing rot in HELL I live for. I think I can rest my case describing you a problem.

    Sean Hannity turn to Self-Address King Rupert's Last Spurt. Australia, Mar-a-Lago whichever's arranged first. 

Thank GOD for Hillary ... for good luck.  Monica Lewinsky For Lunch. Roots of Monica Lewinsky's father's Republican Wealth? How far is the lying magazine National Enquirer deepening disloyalty to America now Pay us money to criticize what we don't bother to understand supporting an idiot Conservative the envy of GOD DAMNED Stalin you GOD  DAMNED FOOLS. Mock you? Lerks mock themselves and lie not facing themselves in Roy Cohn tears who willing sacrificed himself to gay fanfare right in front of the aristocracy's witless eyes. Right, your society king's here to rule mediocrity and won't pay for ruining New York Real Estate on Black Backs again so LIVE - DONALD DUMP and Mike hammer in tryst with insisting on failing upward acting mediocrity in ther own lost gains of unwarranted vanity. Either already packed or expecting the kicking back of literal Fools Gold they though they bought the country to uphold. Something Our Constitution protects us against. Get him, whatever. But if something's not done? I don't see the GOD DAMN reason why facing the IDIOTS doesn't give them the power to face their own selves and locke me up. LIARS. Go To Hell. Face anything, for GOD'ssake, Jesus Christ's and even your own determinedly unforgivable souls. Given you know and selling everyone else's is what? Sure as HEL not SOCIALISM or even the CAPITALISM that can work if your claiming wasn't some helium of pretend to rule country because money bought you highlights in your photo shopped hair. GOOD NIGHTMARE AMRICA. may not merpretty but I didn't wake up, just more than fed up.

    I don't believe anything other that at best and worst Monica Lewinsky is contrived nonsense. Picture link, is Barbara Walters contrived as in HELL ofr the rest of us believing crooks get to get away with lying that bad. Right. I can forgive barbara Walters. Tooled around forgiving Roy Cohn. But source of Honesty America? No one haas been able to do that since who knows when the crooks got the leverage to lie so thoroughly to even themselves. They can't stop doing it an became precisely the problem. Money's circulation sure isn't Wall Street's circulation BY LONG SHOTS.

    How far opinions are manipulated to twist results? Is an open, eyesore, showcase as what Representative McCarthyism's Totalitarian Rule showcases, is his disgruntlement at how his handlers so confuse him too. Let's all play president hypocrite it worked for the worst ever. WAKE UP is a joke. The people still causing the illusion DUMPSTER DUCK isn't a nightmare aren't facing the nightmares they they've become. Or lock me up, and GOD DAMN IT, good luck. 

    Here, forget me. Look what's conspired to cause this - ESSENCE IS the entire Medical, Short of Circulation, Insurance Industry’s packaging evolved as socialism for the rich and reigned in didn't happen. The ongoing prices go up we make deals at convenience. Cornered into having no money. Threatened with government sanction if not registered at 65, NYU Dentistry pulled 2 lost teeth the pandemic changed calculations on and so what. So why not doctor visit too. Over $3000 dollars the insurance hospital whoever network charged among themselves and I saw and objected to an inoculation I'd be charged $114 for. "I don't want to see the insurance company charged a lot of money. Seriously I said that and come on if the audience isn't laughing and needless to say I'm astounded how I can delineate an objection and I get answers back that they can't read a thing I say. But I am told if I call, and plead, I'll kindly be helped. http://www.soapboxview.com/search?q=Obama Maybe wheelchair to be pushed down a slope? Option to pay with another's credit card by now, but unfortunately me? More obstinate’s a fate. That two term president thing (Michelle and Barack) has to be a safety valve against displaying really thorough anger in the name of standing up for presidential and Congressional action. If tired of medicine’s denial fixing, while more messed up, ritually, denying the fixing? The disgust still has n’t solved the Republican McCarthyism filibuster or bust ruling an openly tolerant way of understanding anything or than, REPEAT AFTER ME. Don’t understand anything and get out of out overly polite rude way. Solving idiots belligerence. When they’re running for president? That’s not Americans ruling America, it’s nonsense that appeals to losers who deny facing they’re still LOSING TOO GOD DAMNED MUCH > 

    Mike Hammer poison tester shipwrecked him screwing himself again with whoever's wife thought best you two were left just screwing yourselves. Wingnuts. What I am truly pissed about is the thinking of getting by on little enough applied to thought. And if noticed wasting my time left you both wide open not realizing hating history is hating my guts. You misplayed deceiving me as if making a mockery of American History and how the world sees things is just soap suds people buy so you're lathering up again screwing America again? Get it? A lot of people are misled and I was warned I'd not like what I found when I started on tearing down America's ridiculous symbols your swarm swarmed around. Again, women victims for the shallow who just find witless f___ing around good enough.

Forever, Forever CLOSING BOOK ON WORLD'S HUGE evil TOOLKIT https://www.facebook.com/CriminalEnterpriseSystem/

Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise Syste

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