Well HELL, What Person Wouldn't Be Scared

    YES Americans we are still dealing with the reality of the most worthless icon of success in World History. At least NERO only fiddled and Rome burned. The Huge Moron who ruled the, his own in-grown, bloody swamp claiming to fix it, is required by the current era to be warden of the Mar-a-Lago Home Confinement Penitentiary. The idiot will not face himself, so AMERICA the responsibility is on all of us. Fake Republicans I'm not even waiting to be asked to let you all back in, your destinies are your own. Deal with not wanting to learn AND read like your idiot rulers believe achievable. RIGHT. All the nonsense is COMPLETELY MORONIC and managed to keep the world concealing our issues from ourselves. KEVIN THE DUMPSTER TOO McCARTHYISM ... Call yourselves Americans pinned to a flag and 

    I don't know when I'll look. Flags fit for remaining raised on poles, or at half-mast, and don't you dare think he deserves a memorial or anything like even a road that jerk got through the center of Central Florida. American Flags pasted to you declaring America's mediocrity worthwhile. And a BLACK MAN was faced as desecrating an American Flag he was only appealing to for HOPE !!! 

    No wonder I wrote GO TO HELL. You FAKE REPUBLICANS have no GOD DAMNED perspective whatsoever! !!! GET IT! I'm telling you people (EVERYONE) do you realize there is nothing left to describe the moron except sarcasm and satire.

    Do you even read past your arrogant claimed headlines to see where the lies aren't even rationally explained. People with power have abused it to convince this country that we have to accept being told what to do. BECAUSE the people that rule the world love their morons. And Warren Buffet has a lot of money ready to give away to what when he dies. Another load of accountants trained to run and hide from inflation so wealth impoverishes itself and we're expected to feel bad because Americans cheated Americans out of the funding of retirement on the wealth provided by owning your own home. Shriveled by the concept of rent-to-own not even in the bargain. The game of beating inflation's just complaining to still be behind. Smart people do know the idiots are just stopping progress from being done.

    And people pay accountants to keep up the charade? No. Accountants know how to count and even lawyers know how to lawyer. Face it. people like ruining the American mind. ROGER STONE PEACOCK PARADE ... charade

    AND AMERICA ELECTED AN IDIOT PRESIDENT, allowing the fruitless meandering to continue in descriptions of this country as together if an idiot on the Supreme Court can motor around the country in an actual home propping up the lack of wisdom propping up the court that's supposed to wash our backs instead of fronting the most corrupting forces as evolved in the history of man ruining mankind. Get it idiots on the Supreme Court, notified by the proper method ignoring me. Chief Justice John Roberts? ??? ??? ???

    What GOD damned channels are people watching? Telling you the other channels are run by morons too? No wonder when John F. Kennedy, Jr. and I talked, we both knew unless you morons solved yourselves you're destroying our country. Because you loved it so much you thought your wealth would be taken away and punished everyone else for your own mismanaging the top portion of the country's circulating wealth. And claim to fix in generations what a little socialism is kept from FIXING NOW. 


    This is THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION official trumped up Dumpster (oil-dripping) AUTObiography. And don't expect the link to last long. First linking of TRUMP factions on FACEBOOK drew (unlinking) no association with talking about reality with me, IMMEDIATELY. Probably why Facebook literally suspended me daily for a, still, long while. While I'm still notified to complete ID VERIFICATION done TWICE BEFORE or they won't let me post anything on social issues. 

    LIKE THEY'VE BEEN TELLING America all along having algorithms do the dirty work they claim not to be encouraging with THEIR PROGRAMMING.  Get it? It's in the Constitution. If there's a will to be lied to, no end to people wanting to use other people. REPUBLICAN NATIONAL PARTY. 



PUT THE OIL-DRIPPING MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE, or up yours and to your own bad healths. Right, just more sarcasm not to face. Be out of the way. Morons rule politics moronically is well exposed to people who are grateful to read a lot of things, and not just what they are told superiors with an agenda, have on tap, FOR THEMSELVES. get out of my republican party … … …

    While long ago in a far too distant present, reality could be summed up with eyes upon neighborhood politics. The Tales of New York Gentrification are supposedly long and broad. But the outlines delineate the game of everything jotted down disappearing when the will to cover up LIES in wait
    Territory is what Real Estate has become as always was ...

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