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Friday, June 1, 2012

President Putin Publicly Covets Pawn

  Touring two European capitals, Russia’s president is explaining why he’s not yet endorsing the immediate resignation of President Assad of Syria for that country’s level of violence. President Putin is quoted by The New York Times as not wanting to take sides as Reuters also reports.
  Vladimir is not joking. If President Assad walked right now, where’s his refuge? Would it be as when in 1978 the Shah of Iran was chased off to Hawaii? Assad is most likely unenthused by banishment to Vladivostock nor does President Putin really want to be responsible for a poor persecuted monarch. President Putin has enough grief from other pawns. But what’s done with pawns is you trade. Chechnaya? Any nation-state ready to remedy that area’s tragic territorialism? I bet you solve Chechnaya’s position on President Putin’s chessboard, he lays a red carpet himself for commandos to swoop in and take President Assad for his ride.
  Syria’s Assad’s real problem is where to retire hence his down with the ship mentality. Problem is the country’s management was a toy. Success was doled out by government so it’s also those around Assad who don’t want to give up their nest now. Really there’s only one way out for him, which is of course the best lawyer the world has seen. Except apparently you just can’t buy that result anymore, as Liberia’s Charles Taylor recently found out from a world court that sentenced him to fifty years in Great Britain.
  Ah well, rulers do their best. President Assad never really lived among the people anyway. He was raised a prince and only became President to compromise. Probably has no clue what to do outside his palace. The pleasure dome is collapsing, what the hell. He’s in check and probably mated and doesn’t get it. There’s no return to the better police state. A couple hundred more civilians die and nations are poised as Assad doesn’t realize he’s just taking pawns while lawyers have him cornered. The United States’ Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is practically publicly telling President Putin to do the right thing here. There’s no walking away from this for President Assad.
  Vladimir Putin is not just not taking sides in a civil struggle, he’s also not stepping in to clean up a mess that might eventually be a lot easier than getting this particular fish in the boat at this time. Then again it is a fomenting disaster, who’s call? Assad’s father stifled social progress for decades to live in the cocoon. It’s probably the old man’s fault. But no amount of understanding seems to protect the world’s innocent from the shrewd calculations of the significant players. So what is Putin asking for to trade for Assad after all?
April 21 - May 18, 2016

6/1/2012 concluded: But no amount of understanding seems to protect the world’s innocent from the shrewd calculations of the significant players. So what is Putin asking for to trade for Assad after all? 

  Well. Time's passed, Mr. President. What's different? What could have changed that would have really leveraged a difference between the world's opponents? While children still suckle on revenge. Still. Modernity's a reward the elite mostly reap an American presidential candidate is portrayed representing. But what's been thought through other than the necessity of bandwagons success to even face the absurd thinking war brings peace? That's actually, even justified, just jousting, for the commercial upper hand, so to speak. This is utopia for some of us alright. Though we're all, more or less, perpetually caught up in the principality feuds that have shadowed human history since the dawn of organized man from which we descend and have yet to thoroughly progress past. No? 
  Now we're even shown, plus told, how there's commercially too much oil. An abundance. Meaning however much else is exploited will be gotten away with if only those pesky people not in on our end of the deal would get out of the way of economic success. A car in every pot? Yes. Saudi Arabia recently announced refocusing their commercial interests on alternate fuels. As Russia will/is. While every country eludes responsibility for the present. 
  So the new Saudi Oil etc. Minister Khaled al-Falih announced their doubling down on their profits from Mother Earth's oil. A business deal as one American presidential candidate proves. They want a bribe just as we've failed to provide for the world's forests that are the backbone of our ability too breathe. 
  Yes, Mr. President. Big Money rules the world and you're no fool either. The only way to stay ahead is more. So important that the world's economic structure's as stuck as ever. Accruing, yet nonetheless stuck. We're lost thinking charity's benevolence. Where it's really just making up for commercial socialism's shortcomings. Donating time when people and work of every kind should be paid for. Wall Street's just a scapegoat when you look deeper and see capitalism's reach not being stretched to the socialism that capitalism either is or has nothing to do with but greed. Which is hardly the case. We're supposed to be better than gouging the customer to the extreme. 
  Capitalism is give and take. But running properly should be a smoother machine than the current lopsided monstrosity. Hey. I get it. No one can just stick in a wrench and tune the world economy so the responsibility's no one's fault. Clear, but not perfectly. 
  Ah, Mr. President. Wasn't that so nice a poll affirmed Russians prefer having been a super power to how the country's identified now? Gorbachev demonstrated super-power. Everything since just affirms leaders capacity for self-aggrandizement.
  In Assad's case check's limits meant lashing out. All too classic if you catch my drift? Мистер Президент, you adroitly blocked pawns. Gaining contemplation time and imagery. Shrouding the contest in patriotic defense wrapped with still more ribbon for appearance's sake in the grand charade.
  My feeling of what's happening is war, and its threat, is an addiction. Sure everyone's offended by senseless dying. Yet here, there we are. Historically built to carry out peace once war's won as Orwell parodied in 1984. Ya know, in America, President Obama is portrayed as too timid. Though convinced to use drones? Give me a break. It's common sense the world's feuds are driven by profit along the bottom line. Pragmatism's not an excuse.
  War is more propaganda than the actual finite movements of chess that obligate both winners and losers to those fates. When there's really just so many more losers in war, the symbolism of victory has yet to realize favorable outcomes. Unless you count the British in the United States, who it's said are still doing quite well I hear. But war's no bargain. Allah/God's people should start realizing revenge isn't holy. 

  An American Presidential Candidate has boasted of doubling down on the drug war. Intensifying the public relationship with a police state and protecting the profits of the Criminal Enterprise System. No, he didn't say it quite like that. But bending the truth is not this political review's intention. Ultimately the wars will continue as long as the propaganda, huh Mr. President?

May Day's for symbolizing liberation. Not exalting military prowess as the most patriotic thing to feel.

  Ah. Something else that, of course, from your vantage can be shrugged off as Stalin always had since most problems aren't yours to personally solve. Well. So it was a Sunday, Mr. President. May 1st I'm watching New York City's TD FIVE BORO BIKE TOUR where people come from all over the world to ride New York City's streets without car traffic. A nice event. But obviously inconvenient for drivers, hindered by traffic changes, sitting at lights watching bikes go by. Not their fault the augmentations the transportation system should have always had still aren't in place. Drive and ride civilized. 
  But the sight of all the bikes, as happens every year, got me thinking the fee paid to enter and support the tour is the same for both sexes. Now I'm sure Russia has the same problem as the United States, Mr. President. Where women are paid less for doing the same job. Or chauvinistically excluded from the profit chain. So it would be proper for all fees paid by females to be less than those paid by males to at least symbolically offset the actual social disparity.  
  Yeah, yeah, I know. But I've also seen where women are sought out as bargains and whatever equality is demanded in the workplace is dominated by the custom of male hierarchy without the actual proof men are a lick smarter. Reducing women's fees until overall parity is reached would be a start. Hey at least this challenges more than you and your complacent self-re-rewarding elite. Huh Mr. President? 
  Yes I just fill space with content. Basically curious what'll be come up with next. 
  Lunch? Мистер Президент? You name the spot. Havana? Talk about geopolitical quagmire. We could invite Bukharin's ghost for Molotov cocktails and drink to the Possessive Enterprise System's 800 pound gorilla in the room. No one really promises Socialism anymore nor truly faces its capitalist instrumentation. Castro? The Cuban Elite can't prove Cubans in general eat and travel that much better than North Koreans. Stalin's excuse too was that he'd never admit to having anything to do with what went wrong. For which a lot of innocent witnesses were executed/ murdered and punished totally disproportionate to the reality of claiming to end bourgeois abuse with authoritarian. Well. Yes. If we have lunch we should also drink to reality's bad dreams. 
  Ya know. If you, Mr. President, really had any influence with Assad, I think you should talk to him. Sit down over tea and look each other straight in the eyes on your big screens. Right. No public relations cakewalk like speaking to Elton John was. Any news on your taking your shirt off with Bruce Springsteen? Because for things to get better we need huge starts. Ask your Mobile Throne driver to slow down enough for you to look outside to see and think about what having your legacy bought for you really says about you. What your legacy could mean versus someone who really didn't try to make a difference to not just be another czar. 
We know basics but are uncomfortable feeling the truth. That's best done. There's just too much ambivalent destruction in its escaping.
8 Heartbreaking Cases Where Land Was Stolen From Black Americans Through Racism, Violence and Murder 
  I'd prefer Eleanor were next to Franklin (FDR) on everything. Ditto Martha. Put Harriet Tubman on the penny and make 1 cent worth what 1 cent says again. We don't even know what minimum wage chases anymore. 
Harriet Tubman: Still the solution.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Big Deals Made At ECONOMIC SUMMIT In Russia

Titling their news summary, For Putin, a Flight of Fancy at a Summit Meeting‘s CloseThe New York Times described President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, limping and in pain this weekend, but as the annual Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting wrapped on Sunday, in Vladivostok, the Russian leader showed trademark swagger by hitting back at political opponents who mocked his latest stunt, flying a motorized glider to help lead endangered cranes from Siberia migrating south.
Oh yeah? I bet if Michelle Obama flew that glider we couldn’t hear enough about how significant a journey that was for renewing the public’s involvement in what nature means, now that we’re so inundated by machines.
So the President of Russia has a photo-op helping nature. Fabulous, next he’ll grow a garden in the Kremlin, himself, or at least help during The Photo-Op. As with litter on beaches, or crap blowing in the wind through our parking lots, people have to even be coerced into cooperating with what’s good for them. So this means President Putin is signed up for whatever it takes to get and keep the earth’s atmosphere clean?
Hardly? As The Times states – Seizing on a question at his closing news conference, that may or may not have been planted by aides, Mr. Putin signaled that he was not bothered by jokes and ridicule, including assertions that some cranes, like some Russian voters, opted not to follow him. “Only the weak ones,” Mr. Putin said, after urging the audience to applaud the question, which was asked by a reporter from the tabloid, Komsomolskaya Pravda. “The weak ones didn’t follow me.”
Mr. Putin also made clear his little interest in working with the United States to encourage a political transition in Syria, where President Bashar al-Assad’s government continues to cling to power with a violent crackdown on the rebels there.
There it is, isn’t it, Vladimir? No one has bid enough to compensate for Russia’s cooperation. And true, as the Russia’s President has spoken, it’s hard to guess which crew will end up ruling the neighborhood. All President Putin knows for sure is he’s not moving in.
The Times continues, painting President Putin’s picture of the crane episode as a parable about how his tight control and strong leadership keep Russia from descending into chaos.
The New York Times quotes President Putin, thus, “To be frank with you, not all of the cranes flew, and the leader, the pilot, has to be blamed because he was too fast in gaining speed and altitude and they were just lagging behind; they couldn’t catch up. But that is not the whole of the truth: simply during certain circumstances, when there is strong wind and bad weather, the pilot has to lift very speedily or otherwise the flying machine vehicle could overturn and capsize.”
The Times’ DAVID M. HERSZENHORN and STEVEN LEE MYERS maintain – It was a thinly veiled description of his view of himself as Russia’s paramount leader, and it echoed a speech he delivered to lawmakers just days before parliamentary elections in December, in which he urged them to unite behind him “so that the boat really does not turn over.”
Big deal. The Press can tabulate rhetoric. Swaggering President Putin is just playing. How could it matter that The Times can state – Accounts of widespread fraud in those elections led to big protests in Moscow last winter, when tens of thousands took to the streets, often chanting “Russia without Putin!” Because Mr. Putin still went on to easily win election to a third term as president, and, on Sunday, essentially mocked his mockers of his bird adventure, deriding them as out of the mainstream as odd ducks, perhaps, or dodos. “What else can be said? There are certain birds that don’t fly in flocks. They prefer to have their nests separately. But this is a different sort of problem. Even if they are not members of the flock they are members of our population, and they have to be treated very carefully to the extent possible.”
Pawns kept in their place? You’re kidding? Right, President Putin? Maybe? Because public relations is just a toy. Boisterous, public, political theater. A ceremonial backdrop to The Real World point of what Vladivostok was all about.
Even The Times concludes – The jabs at the opposition were bookended by more serious declarations of success about the, held for the first time in Russia, summit meeting. Mr. Putin used the event to underscore his country’s eagerness to sharply increase business and trade ties with the Far East. “We believe we have reached all the goals set for the APEC leaders’ week in Vladivostok,” he declared.
And – In a joint declaration, the leaders of the 21 members of the economic conference, which includes nations from the Asian Pacific and several North and South American countries that border the ocean, applauded efforts to address economic damage in Europe.
In the declaration, the leaders also said they would continue to promote free trade and combat protectionism, particularly in food exports. They announced a new agreement to reduce tariffs on a list of goods identified as beneficial to the environment, and they pledged to combat corruption and protect endangered wildlife.
Platitudes. Yet business moves forward, nonetheless. Numerous important deals were reached, including an accord signed by Japan and Gazprom, Russia’s state-controlled natural gas monopoly. A station that will help increase Russian energy exports to Japan, which is in need of alternatives to its largely shuttered nuclear power industry.
The Times prints – Mr. Putin’s swagger could be seen in relations with the United States, too. Only days before the meeting, injecting himself into the American presidential campaign calling President Obama honest and rebuking Mitt Romney. But when it came to Syria and Iran, he rebuffed the Obama administration and its highest representative here, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Mrs. Clinton met privately with Mr. Putin and sat next to him for 90 minutes at the closing dinner on Saturday night, chatting about wildlife and the Winter Olympics that Russia will host in 2014. But the two failed to bridge the gaps that divided them.
Really? Apart from reporters she grilled him on Olympic wildlife, or more probably spent the dinner exchanging goo-goo eyes with everyone attending they wanted to maintain influence with. For appearances sake, they could have talked about the Vail, Colorado ski season, so the entire room knew who remained the most powerful. As Mrs. Clinton said in Vladivostok before returning to the United States, “We haven’t seen eye to eye with Russia on Syria. That may continue.”
His move, President Putin’s power to decide, is what he’s not giving up.
According to The Times, Russia, along with China, has vetoed three United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding Syria. But Mrs. Clinton had hoped Russia would show more flexibility as the violence has worsened. Instead, Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, publicly rebuked her on Syria, as well as on Iran.
“Our American partners have a prevailing tendency to threaten and increase pressure, adopt ever more sanctions against Syria and against Iran,” Mr. Lavrov said. “Russia is fundamentally against this, since for resolving problems you have to engage the countries you are having issues with and not isolate them.” While President Putin, in his news conference, called his discussions with Mrs. Clinton “useful” and said they concerned “primarily economic ties and certain political issues. We touched on hot spots in the Middle East, in Asia. It was a constructive, very businesslike conversation.” But, he added, “no special decisions” were made.
In his summary on Sunday, Mr. Putin expressed condolences to the Chinese, enduring a tragic earthquake, as well as to Ms. Gillard, the Australian prime minister, whose father died unexpectedly.
Mr. Putin also strongly defended the huge expenditures in Vladivostok that were undertaken in preparation for the economic summit meeting. Including money for three new bridges and an entire new campus for Far East Federal University. Two luxury hotels, a theater for opera and ballet and an aquarium are under construction.
Sometimes enterprise is government, right, Vladimir? Certainly economic compromises are made, but, between whom?
The Times prints that Mr. Putin said, “We will certainly continue developing and improving the living conditions in the Far East,” arguing the goal is to “tap the new opportunities that integration and partnership with our Asia-Pacific neighbors opens up.”
And this is what a third elected term is for President Putin? The highest public official in your country micro-manages international business?
The Times said Russia’s president was swaggering. So, without directly saying so, implied how now is the time to let the power trip go. No? What really requires the Russian President’s attention is how far, and well, trickle-down economics permeates your country. Address what is of real consequence, Vladimir. Your legacy is not just how much money Russia made, but what all your fellow Russians are left with today, and tomorrow.
Month Day - ..., 2017

_/__/2012 concluded: ending


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Does A Mexican Trip And Invitation To Moscow Make A Difference Surrounded By Handlers, ALL THE TIME?

  Heads of state follow protocol by meeting on neutral ground or exchanging home bases. Retinues transport and place leaders where safest for pictures at some particular time. Could Hawaii have loosened up Presidents Putin and Obama? Then next time take in the Black Sea if the muscle and might of Moscow weren’t so important to please. Point being, travel, even for work, is usually a form of vacation. Why else have this pretext of exotic summit locations lending issues a level of (self-)importance? How necessary is this expensive carting around of such flamboyant roadshows other than to stimulate local economies? Oops, never mind, maybe they could tour the world’s ghettos? Or how about their having a TED TALK to iron things out in front of a crowd rather than just threading together agreements practically walked away from while being signed?
  So, Putin and Obama travelled and saw the G20 Summit‘s sights and everything is hunky-dory now that Reuters reported agreement on Monday that violence in Syria must end while offering no new solutions or sign of a healed rift over tougher sanctions against Syria. Ba dump bump. President Assad’s jam was noted here Jun 1, 2012
  While professor of government and politics at George Mason University, Mark N. Katz wrote the following on Tuesday for CNN. "Moscow doesn’t see itself as willfully and wrongly defying 'the broad international community.' They genuinely believe America and its Western allies are pursuing misguided policies toward Syria and Iran. For Obama to think he can get Moscow to adopt the American approach without compensation is simply an insult to Putin. If it wants Russia’s cooperation on Syria and Iran, it is going to have to make significant concessions to Moscow on other issues. Washington must now decide whether the cooperation it wants from Russia is really worth that. The Obama administration needs to understand America cannot have its borscht and eat it, too." – Mr. Katz’s CNN essay also includes the concessions President Putin might need to do the right thing as far as Assad is concerned.
  So with the public excluded, the Press was reduced to commentary on the two pitchers, Putin and Obama, and how they looked and what that meant for the game. Except there’s no reason for leaders to tell anyone anything and they’re never alone. There’s probably a table vote for this week’s designated loud mouth to reveal tidbits to the public(s) as inevitably politics is a circus performance and Press this time upset the acrobats didn’t jump higher. Even though Obama told reporters afterwards, “We agreed that we need to see a cessation of the violence, that a political process has to be created to prevent civil war.” Plus President Putin said, “From my point of view, we have found many common points on this issue,” adding they’d continue discussions.
  Diplomatic. However reporters cited attitude, pointing out U.S. and Russian officials described the meeting as positive and business-like while both leaders were seen as cool and detached. A personal dynamic that sharply contrasted chummy Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush. Journalists entering the cramped hotel ballroom, saw neither smile while leaning toward each other in discussion. Then remaining seated, President Obama initiated a handshake for the cameras. It was reported Obama sometimes gestured while Putin sat stiff through the joint appearance, and both glumly watched reporters leave and made no move to re-engage with each other.
  The Press is kidding too, right? Thinking this confrontation should be more like J.P. Morgan’s Jamie Dimon establishing a humbling rapport before Congress? Why would Obama and Putin not display tension over what probably can’t be reconciled to everyone’s satisfaction? For them to portray anything beyond grim is just putting a face on things, don’t you think? But sometimes its hard to tell. Wouldn’t it be great if all that mattered to have a fantastically happy day was All The Presidents Smiled?
  USA TODAY covered a joint statement issued at the conclusion of the meeting that symbolically, if not in fact, repeated an at least year-old mantra: In order to stop the bloodshed in Syria, we call for an immediate cessation of all violence and express full support for the efforts of UN/League of Arab States Joint Special Envoy Kofi Annan, including moving forward on political transition to a democratic, pluralistic political system that would be implemented by the Syrians themselves in the framework of Syria’s sovereignty, independence, unity, and territorial integrity. We are united in the belief that the Syrian people should have the opportunity to independently and democratically choose their own future.
  Uh huh. Who’s cleaning the mess up if not the suit taking credit?
  Smile, everyone’s watching. Politicians?
  Yeah, I’ve never seen two men colder toward each other my entire life.

While this masterpiece was faked.
  This was a presumably valid, MSNBC, American television discourse on the presidents’ meeting.
  First you try and try and try again …
September 29 - October 11, 2016
Does A Mexican Trip And Invitation To Moscow Make A Difference Surrounded By Handlers, ALL THE TIME?

6/20/2012 Uh huh. Who’s cleaning the mess up if not the suit taking credit? Smile, everyone’s watching. Politicians? Yeah, I’ve never seen two men colder toward each other my entire life. While this masterpiece was faked. This was a presumably valid, MSNBC, American television discourse on the presidents’ meeting.
 First you try and try and try again …
  The original essay's first paragraph could have been written today in light of September 9th's cease-fire treaty over Aleppo that was shredded past mulching the documents themselves. 
  Try again, 6/20/2012? Been here before. Where it doesn't matter what doesn't change when the same is the change being called for. Unleashed discipline worked up to feverish devout proportions that already cultivated what's foolish about us. How the vast schemes civilization spawns, viciously inflate politics to resemble a country's peoples' framed reference that's the real game personalities, heading pyramids, rule. Go team. Ah machinations. Really we're all just sitting back, shaking our heads, baffling over what political professionals want understood when there's not an issue jargon can't undermine and beat? 

  Go forth and diversify, my eye, since capitalism's supposed to prove it's socialist. But besides that. What if the resources that make the world so hospitable are necessary to the planet's health? Science can't prove otherwise. Hell yeah the atmosphere's screwierBut I could feel better if the planet were more solid-ish. So what?  
  The future will manufacture oxygen and this generation scapegoated for their inconvenience. How every era's remembered, when faced, for tragedies passed from the past. Useless not to forgive generations that naively developed modernity's fossilized cultureComplicated sentence. Complicated formula? Bottom line. Mass transportation should have been subsidized to the level the automobile was and still is. Safety? We're so d___ smart the reality is we can't finance solutions. Too expensive or cheap. Not enough moola flying around to replace coal with solar. Earthlings could imagine burning our souls. Money making decisions people do, because what should a mechanic do? Collect buggy whips? So transportation's song remains the same. Where the mentality is bikes are in the way and meant to be the pedestrians' bane. Because cars can't be safer. So custom adapts and makes it all our faults the entire transportation system isn't already designed safer. Bridges, trestles and tunnels should be everywhere trains and the rest of us cross. How could we expect people to accept room for bikes when so much more room than necessary was used to explore congestion? Going in one direction doesn't mean losing the other entirely, because, as I understood decades back, people aren't giving up mobile thrones
  But this generation's so smart and why responsible for all the blame now. Sure China copied the United States. A crystal ball wasn't necessary to see that coming. It was important to sell more cars to a culture that already knew how to ride a bike. Ethics have nothing to do with law is probably why the law's most sought after as a means for revenge than the promotion of lifestyles that would thwart bad things happening. Poverty? Doesn't have to be that difficult to be poor. Yet capital remains so hog wild pretending to chase inflation, ignoring the penny's value reduced to relative meaninglessness. 
  So the entire Congressional  apparatus, bureaucrats, head-in-ground citizenry, dinosaur-ish commercial interests, all are responsible for September 29th's New Jersey train slamming into a wall killing a woman and injuring 108 people because better technology to prevent mistakes, termed accidents, are on hold because SAFE TRANSPORTATION was never affordable for a country that irresponsibly over-indulged the loving of our mobile thrones
  No accountants worth their fees would undermine a client, or former client, disputing that said client weren't the one who genius-ly figured their way through the tax code to profitability after a substantial business loss. But not all of us wedge access to that great wealth provider, falsely attributed to P. T. Barnum, described as "a sucker born every minute."
  No reason for comfortable children to do no less than support every stance their parent might take when addressing the public on the national stage. Chelsea Clinton for instance. 
  When coaxing the American public,  integrity ...

  Some credence to the idea civilization is in full ironic mode. Maybe turned up to 11. Where everything said before turns out exactly as ironically expected. Trade and treaties last as long as militarily feasible, whereby contestants are comfortable with either dependent strategy. Uh uh. Doesn't make exact sense to me either, but let's look for what shapes up next. Anyway ...

The title - 
Does A Mexican Trip And Invitation To Moscow Make A Difference Surrounded By Handlers, ALL THE TIME?
is apparently accurate.

  So choose your conspiracies wisely shouldn't be good advice, yet. Everything working up nicely for the Vegas presidential debate. What better place to bury the remaining hatchets? The only question, will the roulette wheel ever stop so we can get off? 
  From 6/20/2012: Obama told reporters afterwards, “We agreed that we need to see a cessation of the violence, that a political process has to be created to prevent civil war.” 
Uh huh.
  Cut to the chase. The perpetual spiral needs relooping.