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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Talking Heads Star Heralds Child’s Toy As Transportation Staple

  Sunday musician David Byrne, famous for the Talking Heads, achieved another milestone. Never before Mr. Byrne’s pleasant essay has the front page of the editorial section of The New York Times included an editorial advocating the bicycle for general transportation. While the Times has consistently increased coverage of bicycle news over the years, the excuse, or rather occasion, is an event, worth noting, Mr. Byrne lauding New York City’s upcoming new commercial bike sharing program he finds effective when he travels to various parts of the urban world. 
  From such a prominent soapbox Mr. Byrne not only lauded but virtually inaugurated the endeavor. New York known for thieves who made the Kryptonite lock unguaranteeable is becoming a bicycle paradise as he sees it. Mr. Byrne even advocates everyone stopping at red lights now. But how now that bicycles aren’t just intermittent bikes, but traffic itself, won’t countless still ignore David’s law-abiding advice. Automobiles in my neighborhood habitually run stop signs and when a police officer was asked if she knew that a particular corner produced at least two accidents a year, she said, “It’s more.” 
  People just like getting things. Seconds at a Stop. Celebrities making ideas popular so we’re all entertained and not bored by doing the right thing. Mr. Byrne apparently doesn’t realize that irregardless of habitual bike use’s immeasurable health effects, traffic remains dangerous. Our culture doesn’t function on a polite enough basis to insure we stop bumping into each other. So yeah, great, the bicycle is finally front and center, big time, or will this turn out to be another summer of hope brought down to earth by snow all over the place and how sometimes the bike isn’t easy enough for everyone to ride in the rain.

  Will full-time riders not be thought eccentric anymore? Certainly despite his collective effort otherwise, the mainstream radical artist, David Byrne makes that official. Even the subculture of bike advocacy has separate social strata. In August there will be a twenty-fifth reunion for a protest known as Fifth, Park and Madison when the mayor, Ed Koch, tried banning bikes on those avenues to effectively stop bike messengers from traveling the wrong way in traffic. The mayor lost in court and the advocacy group Transportation Alternatives grew immensely as a result of bike people coming together at that time. TA has chosen to not be involved with memorializing the bike couriers beer-swilling hey-dey no matter how instrumental that event was to the organization’s present success. For as Mr. Byrne’s fateful article signals, it is now time to all celebrate and do as the Paris Review editor George Plimpton did and arrive on our bikes in a tuxedo.

Transportation Alternatives' Noah Budnick 
schmoozes with Bicycle Diaries author, David Byrne

March 24 & 25, 2016
Talking Heads Star Heralds Child's Toy As Transportation Staple

5/30/2012 concluded: TA has chosen to not be involved with memorializing the bike couriers beer-swilling hey-dey no matter how instrumental that event was to the organization’s present success. For as Mr. Byrne’s fateful article signals, it is now time to all celebrate and do as the Paris Review editor George Plimpton did and arrive on our bikes in a tuxedo.

  TA (Transportation Alternatives) donated support for that bike courier event. That's what I get for avoiding the loop and going off half-cocked. Where would we all not be without TA? 
  Anyway. Child's Toy that's adult. ... . 
  See, this is my problem with New York City bike lanes. They are the panacea for perfect conditions. But the fact mobile throne traffic couldn't modify and adapt to safer shared road-space has meant cyclists darting innocently confused people all day and night. This virtual expansion of the sidewalks through which people move, has everyone outside the mobile thrones' designated tracks having to constantly dart their eyes and only glance at their next piece of space fraught with just too many infringements from too countless many directions all at once. The streets aren't supposed to be a carnival game where the lucky aren't hurt. Almost a coincidence participants agreeably figure out how to get around. Always went around pedestrians before, only now there's nowhere to go. I know. It'll get better. Improve. 
  Though aggressive, traffic was predictable. Even jaywalkers. A span of vision to cover. More variables infringes on anticipation's decreasing the unanticipated. This is ridiculous. Pedestrians and cyclists dodging for space we all own. 
  The future promises extremely luxurious mobile thrones while riding's made out to be the chore. Yet here's where we're evolving from. Perfected the mobile throne, in essence, will be just like individual train cabins decoupling from track to track with coupling ease. But that bicycle, skateboard, all self-propelled technology. Those will be what reflects real human pride. Thing is cars mean money. Status. Inevitable the Chinese gave up on their bicycle culture by copying American mistakes that over-exploit the environment. A/The broader American transportation system was sabotaged by the glittering heights. Why not everyone's? 

  We're either proving we're smarter than what's not functioning properly or we're not. Transportation molded to reflect the automobile's primacy is the very reason the infrastructure needs fixing. Traffic lanes up the ying-yang incessantly clogged. Why doesn't the biggest industry in the world participate in the future of energy? Piddling around disputing with this concept that maybe the earth's not been damaged enough? While being realistic is keeping the public's minds and consciousnesses on the steering wheel? So, in conclusion: 
(Robert) Moses' Legacy Requires Serious Touching Up
  A few people live in the resplendent suburbs of Detroit and beyond who feel the car did more for us than it took away. The asphalt transportation system was subsidized. Biggest socialist scam going. Can Anyone Buy A Clue? Wake up, there's coffee? 
  The entire transportation system should have been properly upgraded and subsidized as was the traffic system which always claims ACCIDENTS every day. ALL THESE TRAGEDIES ARE MISTAKES. Not accidents. Our financial insurance juggernaut that counts life as a series of gambles WHEN WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE SMARTER THAN THIS. 
  In the broader picture people take too much for granted and go too fast accepting a certain level of risk that stretches what's cautionary leading to what's called accidents but are really mistakesWE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE SMARTER THAN THIS.

Copy every day. No issue gets further than sound byte. Gossip. Harrumph!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What A Difference A RUSSIA DAY Makes

  A Red Square stage festival, covered by RT, concluded the Russia Day Celebration of Russian independence from the Soviet Union, while reports of no arrests during the earlier in the day protest march made this, despite the dissatisfaction with government progress, a great day in the history of Russian politics, so far. For example anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navaly, liberal activist Ilya Yashin and TV host Ksenia Sobchak attended interrogation appointments preventing their going to the demonstration, while leftist politician Sergei Udaltsov ignored his summons, saying it was his duty to lead the protest as one of the organizers. But Russia’s Investigative Committee said it wouldn’t seek his immediate arrest and interrogate him later. While Monday fear hung over the city of 1937 secret police type life disruptions that had entailed family members becoming virtually lost by the system. Except this time a suspect was actually found with a lot of money in their apartment and trusted on their own recognizance to turn up for questioning and miss the protest. Neither was a choice in 1937.
  But just so there’s no over-confidence Reuters covered the announcement by four bipartisan United States Senators behind rescinding a Cold War era law that limited trade with Russia because as Russia enters the free-trade World Trade Organization, Americans need to compete on better footing with the rest of the world trading with Russia. The money that’s eventually coming might never reach a majority of demonstrators but it’s possible that’s the incentive behind the demonstrators’ protection today. Before the demonstration the police even announced there’d be less police presence, strangely understanding that might agitate the crowd less. Quite a day. The Chicago Sun-Times covered an Opposition Rally composed of the most organized nationalists yet to participate in the demonstrations, with their yellow, black and white flag. As nerve-wracking as so many strong voices in contradiction may be, Russians are feeling they’re participating in politics which should give their president every reason to feel so very proud.
  RT even cites presidential press-secretary Dmitry Peskov in a letter to the Financial Times newspaper saying Russia’s new law on street protest violations is a step toward creating legislation similar to that in European countries. As rigid as Putin’s government feels toward demonstrations, at least a spokesman bothered to try to explain.
  This is Russia Today‘s Protest Manifesto coverage and maybe with the unexpected miracles so far even President Vladimir Putin himself might read it, eventually.
George W. Bush Apology Clock
July 13, 19 - 28, 2016
What A Difference A RUSSIA DAY Makes

6/12/2012 concluded: This is Russia Today's Protest Manifesto coverage and maybe with the unexpected miracles so far even President Vladimir Putin himself might read it, eventually. 

  6/12/12, hopefully, concluded insinuating people shouldn't need "miracles." Equitable power not require magic. But when financial solutions remain more prudently profitable by detrimentally exploiting resources, West Virginia should be on-the-dole to see how the investment turns out in their lives. But really? Diversification's secrets were kept from the coal industry? That's a Federal Case. Collusion of some sort that certainly a certain Senator Rockefeller should have already addressed as a central issue, at least, with the constituents of their state, before retiring
  The earth excavated for money that flew too far away from the hollowed-out states to industry's more realistically important outlets and markets. But everything's not as bad as alarmists claim is the heard mantra. "This is surviving." Blazing trails through handed down liberal hocus pocus diluting smoky-mirrored facts? Because the harm can't be measured from denying pollution's harmful enough? Well? There you go. If Americans can't explain nature's devolution well enough to ourselves. China's just going to have to understand this themselves. Heaven knows they rode bikes before buying into the Mobile Thrones' successful three-ringed commercial-circus. Making wrong from a right and captivating lights. That the planet's had stars in our eyes is not the cars' fault
  Yeah, the point. The original essay's point. Well? It's doubtful President Putin's reading and, if he were, there's no point re-repeating myself. Trigger profits by ensuring oil's more precious? How ruthless, though already a part of everyones' legacies. The ethical loop hole everyone's responsible. I ride a bike. Why can't the President hold-his-own? Because Progress is more than a toy, or has the smartphone finally proven joy's all life means? Anyway. Until exploiting ourselves proves less profitable, we're stuck with the future's technology and consciousnesses worthy of Mobile Thrones. When probably just a really huge, (no one can afford?), logarithm could dig us out. 
  Right. We're still here. P.T. Barnum's world hasn't shed Stalin's fantasy. The delusional thread that ran right down the middle of the Cold War. Where the right everyone fought for was keeping their jobs. Including, and, or, especially, SPIES INC. That, in retrospect, though goofy enough, still poisons today's relations. Realistically. Yet there's a shiftlessness to authoritarianism, that, at best, is ego thwarting real ambition "for the people." 
  So, we are in the middle of the great market-share tug-of-war over humanity's fuel use. The immense collision between the nobly individualist mobile throne and socialist train. Where America supported itself exploiting the car, while accomplishing things trains weren't organized to do then. But in the various aspects of service, access, and created wealth, we came up short at being smarter than ourselves. Shrewdly elevating the car's separation from the transportation equation. Think about it in traffic. Our own current President of the United States counts the saving of the auto industry as one of his administration's major accomplishments. Either way. No way people are letting go of their satisfyingly fulfilling, status machines. To put it bluntly. And in no way is the spoiled world involved. Drive Safe. 
  So. Everything'll be solved soon when the right logarithms have-a-hold. A real grip on where everything fits if programmed correctly. If we finally own up to having the financial guts to bridge and trestle everything to facilitate accidents' becoming less the result of design flaws. A relatively few accidents/mistakes a year when the percentage should be none? Railroad crossings saved on investment, but have done nothing but be excuses for avoiding solutions. Soon enough though we'll probably figure out how to profit from fuel made from anything. Except people would still need to fit the bike into their lives. SHARE THE INTERSTATES As inconvenient as slower vehicles seem, solving tragedies of any kind is the right equation. I wish I could recommend that everyone should ride a bike. Again, not my fault. Soapbox View 
  Get your Huxley App. Wherever minds are stole? Of course. The end of the line's been reached because profitable objective thinking legibly absorbed sycophantic buying's rule-of-thumb. From idealizing beliefs to washing minds clearly disposed to preferring a militarily excused, but inclined, Criminal Enterprise System that enforces problems opportunistic state conspirators created for their own satisfaction. Morality isn't a hammer. Morality's ethical. 
  Humans are a maze of contradictions. But revenge is still revenge. Right? The world's problems are all psychological. New York City's Police Chief Bratton derides subcultures and views a weed as responsible for a peaceful society having enemies. El Chapo didn't make the monster all by himself is his defense claiming less criminal intent. Lured by wealth into the socially distorted Criminal Enterprise System. Hallelujah! What would Law Enforcement do without criminalizing citizens for marijuana use? Please. Please, responsibilityWe're nowhere blaming excuses. 
  It's been apparent for decades that what Aldous Huxley predicted for the future has taken place. Spectacularly sophisticated citizens simplistic enough not to fathom reality's problems have already molded us to accept the conflicts. Tradition compelled adherence primarily for the purpose of smoothing the path to the "right hands." 
  Everyone knows there's a business of global warming that's adequately feeding and supporting families from both sides of the issue. Scientists crunching numbers till they're, in fact, spilt over too. Over something that's probably, already a, fait accompli, disaster. The horror. If moderations meant to reverse damage to the ecosystem stalled just for money? That'll be the future's memory of our present since they'll figure, apparently, we've not been all that smart with finance at all, after all. Mr. Buffett? Any plans to expand your rail-freight empire to include humans, or is the Train-Barons', Railroad Tycoons', detrimental legacy to remain intact for how many more generations? Where the country got out from under one yoke replaced with another. It's not just the car that needs a good mechanic. The Transportation System really needs us all to be the one. 

  But money talked people into really not liking each other enough to care whether tomorrow has to step over our generation's polished decline? That there's no change without finance the convenient excuse. Soapbox View 
  Free speech? No clue exists as to how expensive speech costs? Relative cost in time, probably: priceless. Why environmentally conscious accountants lose their hair over charity's disaster that, while necessary and noble, excuses our not facing everything. The guilt oozing from all the political positions' pores. Squeezed so everything'll come out? No, not quite. Polished.
Note On The National Conventions
  Think America's lucky? Where self-servingly contrived ideas don't die. But are grilled over hostile embers removing the fingerprints at a tidy profitBlame then claim to restore an already restructuring itself, New York City, sufficiently prepared to profit on the allowed for exploited blight. It's easy to hold the door open for money. But the real work of securing a proportional flow? That's someone else's concern, plus beneath the interest and welfare of the voting public. Great. A son recited a list of all the things to be on the right side of rather than left. Emblematic of brands in a country conceived for individuals' independence but, actually, contrary to individualist dogma, mythologized powerful leaders who're hypnotized as all before have been by the idea the word mandate could ever apply. The first man of the moment, who'd tagged along, in a leadership role, furthering the Criminalization of America. Still rides those coattails trailing diamonds claimed to exemplify caring by being responsibly rough. Preaching what's wrong was better before. Plus forced to steal the word "change." While claiming awareness of where the confusion's from, there's still speech/preaching destruction is warranted revenge, not ridiculous fate. Last year's solution is next year's forever? No. Rudolph (Rudy) Giuliani. God can forgive and do whatever Allah wants. But the convention floor's domination by wailing for the continued militarization of victory is tasteless. 
Signed: Registered Republican, 
Charles M. Fraser
Did you hear the one about politicians going into a bar? No one knew where the cash was specifically from. So, it seems, the cut was more democratic.
"Yes. What we need, now, is another, major, entertainment, spectacle."

  I looked at his plate wondering, get Dustin Hoffman to play the producer? And if, however well-meant, was the intent embellished just to mirror my clouded my mind? Except obviously. A sarcastic approach was understandable. So I countered, "Doped athletes?"
  And his somber head hung from the wine too. Ethical questions require less hype? But for some worlds there's no point otherwise. How else is attention grabbed? Our best, brightest and most prosperous thrive where listening's predisposed to not hearing what's not wanted told. Imagine the surprise at seeing forgotten e-mails. The possibility of not recognizing yourself. Maybe why people repeat what they're told because there's so much involved in originality? Because the process has us all out compliantly, cut-and-dried, and hung in line. Where nothing's developing a real difference calling itself change. 
  People know what happens to opinion. That they either follow or seem to not care enough by not believing. Not sharing a significant role. Sycophantic patriotism becoming the only form of reliably trusted pride. Fine. Except straight from Stalinist behavior codes
  Not to mention, but bring up. Wars are ruthless. So solving them is of absolute more importance than winning. More than a soundbites at relative intervals. The point being some wars aren't meant to be lost. But I darn sure know the ones where people die are meant to end. But now here, in all our  various Establishment Class glories coliseumly parade the belief total victory's the bottom line. Denying their shredding life with that vicious useless hammer revenge. That's been uselessly overdone again, and again. Heedlessly pursuing revenge's nonsense because there's not enough profit yet in peace that's, however often, an illusional charade. True, or not, the statement's legitimately undeniable. 
  Though I'd not been listening for a while, I heard "we" had "to go" so we went. You couldn't believe how smooth the ride was. These huge machines not only categorically reinforce superior beliefs, they allow your your dream to luxuriate. In your time. Calculate opportunity, rehashing moments, that women carting water on their heads might have also gained nurtured learning, yet, still, not the same as water served ensconced in your own Mobile Throne on your own rolling estate. The train's goal in a well-thought-through transportation system
The chasm between turning around and turned is immense viewed from the excuses' size.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Could FACEBOOK Be Any More Wholesome, Or Cold Tomorrow?

  According to the Wall Street Journal, Friday’s Major IPO had Facebook stockholders only selling about 20% of the company’s common stock. Inundated by hype that’s a startling percentage when according to The Los Angeles Times the financial frenzy accumulated around $16 billion in the third-largest public offering in U.S. history. Oh for when billions were what millions meant.
  Still, success was even shorter of euphoric as Reuters reported Wayne Kaufman, chief market strategist at John Thomas Financial, saying, “We have got some unhappy guys out there.” Sentiment an unidentified Wall Street retail broker confirmed. “They were hoping for Facebook to be considerably better. I bet there are a lot of disappointed people in the market.”
  Facebook fizzles Yahoo opined since the shares rose to the mid-forties then back near the $38 dollar starting offer. Sadly institutional investors had to step in to stabilize the stock observers yesterday boasted were the only investors capable of the leverage to buy in since this Initial Public Offering was so huge. Hm?
  Well, business proceeds. There’ll be music with Facebook depicted as everyone’s social media friend. A fresh campaign as if we weren’t already entertained by the mass harvesting of glittering cash. Meanwhile maintaining public interest is undertaken by real market go-getters in addition to that being how Facebook already is, plus too big to fail. Gone are the days of casual Internet behavior, by-bye. People will feel forced to SET controls on their cyber-activity or the distraction of everything under the moon sold to them will overwhelm.
  No matter how financial giants paint Facebook’s Super-Sizing, you have to admit it’s a wonderful thing. In ages past people didn’t really participate in much of anything worth anything without financial access. So civilization has gotten somewhere if Facebook has 800 million users and growing. God forbid the service gets where it costs so much.
January  4 - , 2016
Could FACEBOOK Be Any More Wholesome, Or Cold Tomorrow? 

5/18/2012 concludedSo civilization has gotten somewhere if Facebook has 800 million users and growing. God forbid the service gets where it costs so much.
  Once again I can't reiterate or emphasize enough that this preposterous concept not believing global warming is a factor could ever excuse mistreating the global biological framework of this entire planet. 25 Sea Turtles washed ashore Long Island this morning having been frozen because they'd been confused and not migrated south. A few were saved but how many stuck to the ocean floor? Dust to dust, but it's the innocent who're punished and guilty conspiring to cherish rewards of encroachment on nature's domain.
Look at yourselves. Really look. Everyone. 
  Oh Dear Facebook. What's in a name? Promise or token appeal? Prestige or ethics or just a seal?
  One could under-imagine Mr. Zuckerberg tearing through the office in their earlier days, lighting into employees if perhaps the ads producing revenue weren't engaging. Not, as in interesting. But as installed, clicking in, cha-ching. Unlike this office where shoulder shrugs remind the despondent brain cookies crumble. While modifying to meet a shrewd outcome may be all it takes? That's hardly searching for full truth preferring valuing readers' trickling pennies as a basic real value, one. "The real world's" apparently most disregarded. Pragmatic absolute realistic measuring unit one. Nor inflated one where exploitation serves a purpose. Because it's accepted truth's better twisted to fit rather than question the twisted truth.
  Jeez. Financial complaints? That's life in the 40th Anniversary Year of the poem inspired by the Roger Dean picture of the lone man climbing the skinny mountain inside the YES album, FRAGILE. 

Closing in on a goal to achieve,
One must clear their own frontier.
Keep sights in line and goals in time,
And great wonders will appear.
Once conceived, all you'll need
Is the effort which attains accomplishment.
Thank you.
So sense of humor for everybody as this year's time
is found.

  But, once again, ad nauseam, the local CBS radio business forecaster, just as he'd done months before the 2008 economic collapse when he said experts don't expect the coming catastrophe others warned of and so he advised keeping investment up. Despite the eventual gloom the unrealistically inflated economy was doomed to face. Houses aren't actually piles of money yet treated as if they are. And so on. So now, this morning, 1/5/2016. Advise was automobile experts anticipate two more years of successful sales. Hell, cars'll soon be programmed to spend our day in traffic while we sleep playing games, finagling money, clicking a donation or two. While continuing to pretend losers won't do real labor that's no longer needed to be paid for as if work were never regarded as real anyway. Especially, he gushed, since naive "millennials are 30% of the market." Nothing, nada, zilch about participation in a logical transportation transition. Except ignoring responsibility for finance trending to destroy Detroit's inner-city because the industry's success actually circulated elsewhere becoming inspiration for China's rampant inspired by America's elite's success. Well played money-making money and - good luck with that.
  I could defend sensible car use as easily as sensible gun use. Yet reality's actually beyond the necessity of defending either. So remember there's not really any such thing as right or wrong, but simultaneously right and wrong.
  Be realistic? Sure. I'm all for giving it a shot. Otherwise move out of your way. Got it. 
  And again. Good luck with that since the next day the exact same local business forecast used the term, "psychological boost" in redundant Babbittry on behalf of a subsidized industry that's more than given people alse belief it's realistic worshipping the car
  Just this morning, walking home, an older gentleman stopped at a green light with traffic behind and also coming the other way while he was signaling for me to cross with his permission. That I always refuse because that idea mobile throne sitters give people something has led to countless accidents and so something I object to. But finally, after honking at me, he hits the gas while shaking his brain enclosed head because I wouldn't honor the belief mobile throne offering's are really gracious when they're an act of naive superiority. So Solomon might remind there's exceptions to the rule? 
  So the business forecaster, using the term "psychological boost," could be realistically guessed to be, ultimately, pitching advertisers, rather than a better performing, fully circulating, economy. Financial façade without razz-ma-tazz promotional-ism boasting of sponsorship by Bloomberg Business. That totemized NYC name from a former relatively adequate good NYC mayor. Pedalstal-ized against pervasive gun possession. While apparently content backing a century of auto idealization undermining mass transit because "cultural suicide's" not his affair. Pointlessly not using alternate fuel experiments in sports-car racing that was racing's great tradition. We can get to the moon any time we want. Why's it so important to get there in a car? No one's asking Nascar to become solar powered nuts. But not giving a crap? Running on, for all practical purposes, down-graded jet fuel. Car Racing is a metaphor for the ongoing financial spin circulation dreams its' way across the top. Where money's shared selling and re-selling while the less-leveraged lower classes pour their financing up to purchase the fiction of riches deemed theirs for just for a major-minor cost. BAH HUMBUG
  Epilogue: Morning of 1/7/2016, a peep about mass transit was heard from the above cited business forecaster, Joe Connolly. Keep up some good work. Meanwhile the other Gov. Gateway, of New York, announced further auto subsidy stabilizing bridge tolls to come out of other revenue sources. Though I am against gouging customers. Still, more subsidy of a system that's truly allowed to exploit the public's misunderstanding of what contributing to the planet's future really means. 

This comment's unusual because The Soapbox View refuses to advocate any person for the American Presidency.

  Nonetheless I am very, extremely, upset by the local Corporation for Public Corporate Broadcasting radio station, WNYC's sycophantic pandering praise of Governor Gateway of New Jersey and if the American public selects Gov. Gateway president I will think God should just as well take this planet out. Because those who relish taking on God's benign judgement for themselves in a malignant fashion will only grow in influence. And as such their more profitable Criminal Enterprise System using the police against themselves and the people will continue as will the pounding of their Chester chests rather than humbly submitting to this world's judgement of our troubles as God's final say alone.
P.S. Funny huh, right? How a soapbox loner bows to no person alive on this planet? 

  But while I'm p____d. This redundant traditional critically posing of NYC's Mayor de Blasio as not being of the traditional conservative economic logic persuasion, and consequently naive, is utter balderdash. He did not escalate the cost of everything in New York so only large amounts of money maneuver the city. Real Estate bought and sold and shared while the money hardly touches down. G__ d___ shame. Suck it up privileged and fly right. 
  So, consequently, if The Soapbox View's reading numbers are to be believed. Maybe those posing as Conservatives have chosen not to read my criticism anymore. Making self-satisfied liberals the next target for their lazily combatting that contrived other supposedly self-satisfied political persuasion that's battling their own definition of progressivism? Heretofore labeled here as making up history as it goes along. Go ahead. Label my opinion that too. I dare ya'llBut back to Mr. Posturer who on Sunday used that ole heading off criticism tactic, grandstanding over guns, calling President Obama "a petulant child" when that's exactly how I've always seen Governor Gateway pompously posing as the Poster Child for Enforcing a Moral Farce. Bait and switch Americanism? 
  One question: Why is there not pride in paying taxes as there is in paying (not necessarily affording) exorbitant real estate though both are rudimentary foundations of our country's paying for itself? A remnant of that ole excuse the weak undermine our strength. Especially in NYC where the mayor is blamed for the more visibly homeless when I've seen more of an age group sleeping on the streets that were never out there before which obviously resulted from the posture that there's no such thing as success unless the wealthy are satisfied. Hardly economic circulation and not entirely the elite's fault but rather the leeches attached to them. Ooo, now I'm in trouble?
"Our tax code is like a leaky barrel." - J. Todd Metcalf 
Democrats chief tax council on Senate Finance Committee
  Ultra-wealthy Americans are able to hire high-priced lawyers, real-estate planners, lobbyists, and anti-tax activists who exploit and defend a dizzying array of tax maneuvers, virtually none of them available to taxpayers of more modest means. 

From The Chatter in The New York Times, Sunday Business, 1/3/2016. 
What resonates, reverberates in the appearance
of projecting merely a great politician.
  Saudi Arabia executes 47. Iran vows continuing cycle of revenge because a cleric was executed. While responsibility is avoided by the United States of America, the world's most prominent nation, that won't stand against the farce of rationalizing execution by using the death penalty itself. As for example going back before and after Nigeria's execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa over how oil revenue wasn't shared. When the U.S. voiced objection but couldn't be taken seriously enough. 
  Ya notice whether, or not, anyone could see profit from this, that the conservatives say liberals say conservatives are what liberals say conservatives say what liberals say conservatives say liberals mean so t's as if there's almost the other's utter cluelessness about what's right about what they're wrong about even when they're both right about being wrong? Still there's a world class mind funk going on here when public discourse is so ruled by cliché. 
  So to conclude. However much people profess worthiness of forgiveness, there's nothing God/Allah can't see for what we really mean. Because paraphrasing Stevie Wonder,
you ain't done nuthin yet.
Plus, "It's been a long, long time. Isn't it?"