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Friday, December 13, 2013

Here's To The Ukraine In All of Us

Leveraging nations is a big affair and, of course, why so many Ukrainians filled Independence Square protesting probable closer economic ties with Russia than to Europe. There's no solution other than preferring Ukraine ALREADY HAD DEALS with Russia and Europe as part of healthy economic circulation. A real shift from the actual conundrum this international situation highlights? That territorial competition is exactly why wars and skirmishes were always fought and however costumed we're on the same path centuries of experience explain is just a Dead End. But nothing a good suit can't camouflage? Because past the veneer Stalin was a dapper dresser for his era too.

Sadly the political sin of violently curbing peaceful protest occurred in Kiev, UkraineA bad reflex for rulers possibly lamenting their power isn't outright authoritarian fear. Because as thoroughly mixed-up as he was on a personal level, authoritarianism was very good for Joseph Dzhugashvili, uniformed left above. Yesteryear reality? When today's politics aren't competition, just raw wielded Power. It's a bitch, huh?

A breakdown in civility happened in Kiev, November 30th according to Ukraine Leader Calls for Talks With Protesters by David Herzenhorn in The New York TimesThen contradicting the notion of Peace Officer, violence again in December 11th's Ukraine Forces Retreat, Ceding Square to Protest (NYTby D. H. and Andrew E. Kramer. Co-packaged, first-page with In Ukraine's East, a Message for Protestors: Stop (NYT) by Andrew Roth from Donetsk, Ukraine. Explaining people with work are content and the belief politics is futile is still around. Dissatisfaction and contentment everywhere so no need for violence. No? Friday, December 13, Ukranian President Yanukovich Meets With Opposition Leaders and gives his word, "no more violence." The New York Times

So? This is business. If you don't use power you lose it. So Europe had a deal with Ukraine that left President Putin's Russia out of the equation? It's asking for interference while trying to steamroll through. On its' face, as I'm not privy, it seems a strategic ignoring of an important detail when spheres of influence are no joke. 

What I don't understand is why citizens have to be accosted over what, in the end, bottom line, are business decisions? Can't get past the extent of corruption? We're living with now. Our entire ways of life are constructed around how the law is bent and power used ruthlessly. Period. Or am I missing something? Ukrainian Political Opposition arrested? Arrested? What has that to do with anything? Unless politicians flap their gums nothing's going on. People need to be a little more cool. Everyone? President Putin's Attitude For Everybody!
Because Independence Square should mean money for everyone.

All Obituary Is Lament

February 2, 1946 – December 12, 2013
Jang Song-taek, pictured far left, a leading figure in the government of North Korea was executed yesterday. A month-and-a-half before his sixty-eighth birthday. Officially labelled a drug-user, the great scapegoat crutch of the elite behind alcohol. But what sticks in my craw is I was a bandwagon-jumper writing laudatory appraisals on the bright side of Kim Jong-un's rule. 

Soapbox View was wrong? No this execution demonstrates real power is public appearances and basically no one interferes with authoritarian auto-pilot. 

Funny what I'd expected to satirize, The New York Times headlined Execution Raises Doubts About Kim’s Grip on North Korea by Choe Sang-Hun. In American slang, a real soap opera.

When even revenge against officials responsible for North Korea's prisonish existence shouldn't be executed. Hello?

So. What the political purging ahead means is a busy elite translates as self-serving and lazy. Lazy because in most countries fired Party faithful receive severance pay. A Command Economy is an illusion. Communism doesn't exist without capitalism and anything less is pretend. I just don't believe Jang Song-taek's plan was to tarnish the family legacy further with a coup. Well one witness down and ruthlessness continues as a rule? ...
Plus for good measure, Paranoia anyone? Or The New York Times, Russia vs. Europe by Bill Keller, December 15th.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


An easy speculation to associate with the above commercial conjecture is the world is owned but not profiting from our entire planet's health and well-being? Despite the U.N.'s best face and The Rockefeller Fund's announced divestment of fossil-fuel investments over the next five years notwithstanding? Power manipulates to control. But, bully for the Rockefellers of course. Thirty-two years after the bicycle became my primary transportation. Drive a car. I don't care. Except please be a part of road safety for everyone.

While, pollution notwithstanding, last week, the day after Scotland voted to remain in Great Britain and not reconstitute as an independent sovereign state, the press' news readers claimed the election wasn't close when 45% of Scotland voted for independence raising this sarcastic reply - tyranny of the majority is alive and well and self-satisfied. Because as a descendent of Simon Fraser of Glasgow, 850 A.D., I take great pride in my being of Scottish descent, American and raised Floridian. As if I were a flinching professional baseball player every time a baseball almost hits me because I'd already been hit and do not appreciate being threatened. I find any type of gloating insulting when some of that 55% of Scotland made a pragmatic economic decision theoretically reflecting Prime Minister David Cameron's boast that if Scotland voted to secede they could never come back into the British fold though Scotland strengthened Britain as much as any in the monarchy. God Save The Queen. That said, I didn't have an opinion because I've never even visited, though I love the Scottish ideals as if I've lived there my whole life. Britain, don't gloat. Scotland has made a second chance. It's not socialism they prefer but a capitalism that actually works right. Despite elitists' claims? Or excuses? ... .

Mapping History's Ruthlessness?

History and tradition are the supposed precepts the powerful stand on to justify encompassing power. Thus the diplomatic effervescent glow above. History is portrayed as what winners produced through centuries of shameless ruthlessness. Mentioned here because of the specific theme in Ukraine's situation. The explanation we've all read and heard that's firmly planted in public consciousnesses. That the reason for Russian Crimean expansion is rectifying what the clumsy Soviet Union lost of Russian territory and pride. Including wherever Russian speakers are, they're to be protected (all nations' sovereign right). Though citizens were planted in local cultures throughout the former Soviet Union to ensure the dominance of an elitist Moscow political machine rather than the specific benefit of a local locale. Still. No offense intended to Russian and Soviet descendants.
Russian loyalty really is a worthy patriotic frame of mind to support except for some basic things that hold true everywhere. This shaky idea the Russian Soviet Union was more than a mere 20th Century speed bump in a long complex history perplexed by the concept of ruling and being ruled as the foundation for state loyalty rather than individuals' respect. Pushy government is pushy government
As it happens Ukraine was where the Greek-Orthodoxian influenced Russian alphabet began in the Ninth Century. Long story short, further north, Moscow, was a nuisance to reach, so they held back their tribute/taxes to the Mongol Horde and eventually Ivan The Great in 1480 at The Great Standoff on the Ugra River became ruler of all Rus plus the bread-basket of Russia and Soviet Union. Ukraine. 

Come on Владимир. Lift the facadé. The World-wide Potemkin Village the led and mis-led perceive as their only heritages. Competitive hateful rivalry nonsense requires deeper solutions than just waiting for the winners' bombing to stop when the innocent are gone. There is no superior morality no matter how much we're dressed up. Nor screaming from Allah's/God's house. The Creator just can't be as convoluted and messed-up as this world is when it comes to facing responsibility.

President Putin? Please be deeper than petty rivalries. Deeper than imagining that the world's different and separate cultures are superior or flawed. Because this era is about being when the smartest alive still can't run fast enough from being used by partisan politics for contrived massacres. Parties or gangs. Teams playing for opportunities with their constituents' lives. Bite the bullet, Mr. President. Justice is not this game of economic rivalry. Russia is bigger than when opportunistic monarchs ruled the earth's borders. No? 

So as long as I'm pushing buttons in La-La Land, President Putin, it's true. Why should you be less selfish than anywhere else? Except it would be especially nice if you stood in the way of one more pawn's sacrifice to the shame of abused military honor or police state disrespect of even the lowest criminal to protect us from mistakes. Ahem. Because this is on your shoulders. Your public ambivalence amusing when there's actually probably always been a plan all along, or at least the intention to re-take Ukraine. You know Moscow could grow food in-doors year-round now? But who's kidding whom? It's not about the equity of wheat distribution anymore is it? But don't let Caesar's triumphs be your illusion. Your legacy will be the whole story. Please embrace the noble in what the Soviet Union and Russia were meant to be. Not the veneer of imperial disgrace no ruling elite should ever feel free to laugh off in the face of history.  

Yes, of course, President Putin. Diplomats are too mature to stand up to you. But only you and those who form opinions will form your legacy. Powerful? Sure, that's fine. Unless of course you like being remembered as the ruler with Stalin's satisfied grin. So it's somewhat natural for me, from my point-of-view watching. I just can't help wishing in believing in you're too smart for a legacy this tarnished. Please?

End conflict as toys that include massacre, destruction, maiming and death. And yes, I do know this Russian President is above-it-all. Gripes can't really reach leaders of such supreme stature. Pardon me. But still, please, do not never mind. Be involved rather than a monarchical figure head. How about that for a kicker? Hear other opinions. 

Even now? Here's a decadent West Carnegie Corporation supported weighing of perspectives on Ukraine from 27 recognized experts living in the West.


Rebuilding U.S.-Russia Relations


Putin Renames Police Unit After Bloody Cheka Founder Dzerzhinsky

Go Team?

But, after all, why should you, Mr. President, give up on this game of national power when it's an ideal people derive so much pride from even when used wrong? Because losing Ukraine was Gorbachev's mistake? Letting the empire go? You were KGB. What's the odds the right people didn't always know what was going on when it was time to land and take over democracy? If America's any scale upon which to dissect the evolution of corruption, Russia's still just a baby. This mess could be left for generations after we're both dead. Legacy? Because you can see, President Putin. There's no way one man is a reason for anything. Take the myth of Ronald Reagan ending the Cold War by standing down the Soviet military that had already given up on everything but the expensive swagger the world still dwindles away at a profit for God's/Allah's sake? 

As we both know. KGB knew everything and now you too sit atop a puzzle of smoke shielding massive financial maneuvering. There's too much of that in this world, no? For instance a look at the American Congress. Or yours for that matter. Oh well. You portray a good king.

It's nice President Putin can be blamed as just another blowing in the wind politician riding out the factors waiting while carving up Ukraine piece-by-piece. But of course this all happened before. Military power set precedent as this Soapbox View essay, Transition Who Can't Afford?, alludes, a centuries old path kept on course not just by off-the-handle terrorists but democratic conspiracies. Pity. Real apologies never seem to be politicians' forté, especially within their lifetime. Well. To your eventual apologists, Mr. President. 

Woop de do! Cycle of Revenge For Everybody? Disengage President Putin. Former President Gorbachev can be marked by our generation as the loser who lost an empire. But he is the man who gave the world a look at freedom no matter how almost impossible it still seems. 

Lighten up President Putin. All you have to lose is a tarnished legacy. Set a trend. History won't always be the legends powerful friends make of their celebrities. Which might then just become true history?
There's even The long game editorial, The Economist
Soapbox View
So in conclusion. From 1984. An explanation of conspiracy Bob brought to my attention.

Plus don't be a sycophant and have a sarcastic day.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fix The Sidewalks Party

** A comment was added, April 17, 2014, and this
Soapbox View of Ukraine

Okay the deposed Ukranian president was thwarted from consolidating Russian influence through a months-long, 24/7, street demonstration. A Tiananmen Square-like police/military action failed to stifle protestors and superficial concessions provided temporary cover for Yanukovych to abscond to Moscow, leaving a palace, but taking an as yet undisclosed fund as, after all, Moscow's business supposedly isn't providing charity to their fellow ruthless as neither Europe nor America would want to have their own positions slanted as well.  

Granted, Crimea was Russia's by virtue of centuries-old imperialism and despite rural-Khrushchev's gift of the territory to Ukraine a Russian majority has remained planted there thanks to the Soviet Union's previous jingoistic enforcement of Ruissian-ism over their entire domain. State-Capitalism remains the name of the game despite ALL claims otherwise throughout the planet. Just as the Russian Congress is the domain of millionaire-access, the U.S. Congress, rightfully so, is made up of millionaires representing billionaire-ish access. 

THE POINT: Though we want an easy to understand defined common public knowledge, what we have is a commercial interests' crafted networked public sphere. Consequently making it too easy to thrust complete blame on either Western influence OR a Putin dictatorship. While neither are merely tips of the ruthlessness iceberg - The elitist commercial structure moving trillions and quadrillions of dollars, rubles, pesos, pounds, euros and assorted negotiable banknotes a few feet a day from one account to another while claiming only hard-work separates the poor and less poor from a greater share of the wealth that's NOT COMPLETELY CIRCULATING in anyone's dreams - yet. 

MY POINT: In a world where public opinions are craftily bought, the public is not even receiving a minimal compensation for OUR attention. As the American-ism rubber stamp Sean Hannity once publicly voiced on his television show, with his fellow poll-taker/watcher, the truth doesn't matter. The message only has to cover what the public has already been convinced to believe. Hence Russia's television hypnotized public and America's jingoistic exceptionalism.

FIRST: Let's get further than the excuse of Russian corruption. Just as China's mass pollution resulted from mimicking American automotive success when China already knew how to ride a bike, America itself hasn't evolved out of its' own corruptive roots. From a 6-figured salaried Congress that could debatably ALL survive without the personal salary and a lucrative publicly financed Socialized (insurance) Medicine for themselves, to a business environment that minimized actual work while manipulating the account books to preserve inflationary elitist wealth, progress is, and has been, actually slow. Another example is the tradition of Democrat Party politicians access to wealth through graft and Republican "business" connections i.e. mass arrests of local Democrats in New Jersey the day before former Federal Prosecutor Republican Chris Christie won the New Jersey governorship is evidence corruption, legal or illegal, is and always will be an activity among friends and or, at the least, convenient acquaintances. FAVORSHence Russian police curtailing open street journalism and street vagrants being the problem rather than just a symptom of the actual problem of poor financial circulation that's cursorily dealt with through extravagant charity organization dinners awarding comfort for the charity-givers substituting for actual circulating economies benefiting - EVERYONE.

SO? A good place to start is to consider every legacy, as currently portrayed, a shame. Top to bottom, no one, corporation, state or nation, is worthy of their current images as they are being sold. Sycophants are not creative but creations and only Allah/God has any business being even slightly satisfied with a devotion, result, such as that. While the Divine Creator really has no business being accused of harboring so many human frailties/prejudices as the world's religions try portraying. There's just so much smoke and mirrors when, obviously, the technology already exists for the least among us to be living closer to more comfortable lives. It's time they weren't the excuse and power the only thing the powerful believe in. President Putin et. al. ?

OR: We are tectonically moving toward George Orwell's prediction of hemispheric alliances diametrically opposed for the sheer thrill of THE GAME. Turn on the consoles, the children of the world are primed and ready to play.

Okay. Redress has finally been achieved over Khrushchev's short-sighted anti-Russian nationalism. The path is clear for the backwoods revitalization of Stalinist disguised statism. Secret Police For Everybody? As with Wal-Mart, drinks are on the house until market-share domination is secure then prices rise as per convenience. Because surfing inflation has never been or ever will be - for everybody.



Putin (phone call) throws ball to Kirchner in Argentina for Argentines or for the United States to play more in that court and therefore divide to conquer? Dominoes again? If only anyone ever really stopped playing that game. Because business is supposed to consist of quality rather than the current certain amount of actual disrespect for the customers' interests. 

And so it was in my personal experience that seven years ago on my first trip to Argentina I sprained my ankle on a portion of cracked sidewalk. It doesn't matter where, though I remember, because the sidewalks throughout the country are broken except in the most exclusive or recently constructed neighborhoods. It was back then in this country of multi-political parties tugging this way and that for influence changing nada that I thought a Fix The Sidewalk Party would be apropos. But be a business that only fixed sidewalks as in my seven yearly visits to Buenos Aires I've only twice seen three-person crews working on small portions of sidewalk. A structural laziness co-personified by dog-poop lying everywhere and drainage gutters that cause flooding rather than hinder it during storms. With dogs' natural function thought of as their fault when the irresponsibility is that of the dogs' owners. Reminding me of how a former New York City Mayor is credited with ridding New York City of indoor tobacco smoke when all along tobacco smokers should have been politely smoking responsibly outside already themselves before their claiming to have been picked on when it's obvious now how much more comfortable indoors has been made for everyone. A law concerning picking up pet refuse should be unnecessary where people appreciate being polite. No? I'd also wager broken sidewalks are chronic all over the world except where prosperous economics made it possible for land owners to be held responsible for paying for their own portions of sidewalk. 

Needless to say Buenos Aires is experiencing road improvements for the most successfully subsidized industry in the world? 

Oh well? Rhetoric is everywhere you turn, ya know?

** April 17, 2014 Facebook Post
comment that highlights my frustration over Ukraine. 

Tony Gillings - I'm supporting the Ukraine in their fight against Russian-backed tyranny and Putin's empire-building covert military actions. I am sad that when we all thought including Russia in the global market place and opening our markets to trading with them, would be a way to embrace them and building political trust, this is how they respond - grabbing land, ignoring the sovereign integrity of neighbours and throwing the world into chaos and fear. Way to go Putin!
  • Charles M. Fraser - The dude needs to create a whole other role for himself or his powerful legacy will just mean that. Which explains their almost casual reviving of respect for Stalin, anticipating how extreme the leaders might have to go to enforce control. It's all a bunch of bs until certain dudes learn to lighten up. 
    Word Search Soapbox View Comrade Putin
    + Power Is Tenuous?



Pete Seeger died Tuesday, January 28, 2014 outliving his persecutors?

Austin Horse - "I've got a ‪#‎PeteSeeger‬ story to share- Quite a few years back I was at Clearwater with Times Up! doing the bike valet. Pete came up and told me a story from his youth. Apparently he had spent summer riding his bike all over New England. He'd ride until the late afternoon and then look for an idyllic farmhouse or barn. Then he'd stop to paint it with watercolor. When he was finished he'd go down and knock on the door, show it to the farmer and offer it to him. They'd be very curious about what he was doing riding around and then he'd allow that no, he didn't have a place to sleep for the night and yes, he was hungry, and they'd usually take care of him afterwards. Always dug this memory of him. Peace!"

Circle The Hysterical Wagons? 

Nancy Grace on Pot Chris Christie is morally against.
How much sense is it making believe we can all be civilized then insist we'll always be at war over people's taste in stimulants? 

Friday, June 27, 2014


1. Cultural Loyalty is noble and not just a civil obligation. 2. People can identify their patriotism reaching their very souls. 3. Which is why international dispute is not about - who's wrong? 4. But whether ruthlessness is rendered impossible?  

Centuries of diplomatic contest ironed out nations' differences so that theoretically now there are only remnants of rivalries festering in romantic violence in the 21ST Century. Civilized peace and tranquility shattered by hard heartedness? Diplomacy reigns opposing cold calculated zealotryJingoism or Responsible Pride? Leadership perhaps incapable of laughing at themselves? 

O.K. Corral sycophants? Torn nations' wrath? 
Humanity's up to our necks as reasons nation-states enforce character they can't afford? Support the Law!
Cue the band, "Do do what you tell me.""Come on?" 
However, Rebellious Individualism? 

A Person's Sanctity? Do not preclude the honor of citizenship. This past Spring I was privileged to serve a day of United States Federal District Court jury duty. A corralled experience that contradicted my feeling of complete independence. But it's marvelous watching the justice system's impressive apparatus of checks and balances impanel juries. An assembly line of respectful procedure requiring potential jurors have their moment on stage. Seated in the jury box where what you say can and is used to somewhat figure you out. I remembered being nervous questioned by two prior judges in other jurisdictions. Because this last time was a large jury pool and jurors were selected long before my scheduled interrogation. Which was an absolute relief for my preference not to judge. But our supervisor even said where'd they be if they "only considered volunteers?" 

As cordial a process as could be hoped, sitting in the gallery under the gaze of judges' portraits one hopes could close their doors to corruption. Not sacrifice honor. So? Serious scary business, profit and crime. No doubt people need more innocent incentive not to come into contact with direct supervision from the law. There has to be no sense of holiday in criminality? People can't be in their right minds to break the law? The law could be broken less without authoritarianism which is not civilized. Now is it? Soapbox View 

So? Pressed at this time of year for an expression of pride in my country the United States, what happened? What happened that such dignified judicial propriety has such a high price defendants' sentences are exaggerated when they don't agree to a plea? An eye for an eye court costs? Reality? Not that people aren't guilty, it's just people aren't more powerful than states or sufficiently motivated associations of individuals.
Protecting People is a State's Sovereignty
Justice Is A Heavy Responsibility

So. It is nice governments can patiently and magnanimously judge citizens' interests in courts of law. Because Power is an unwieldy, flexing, reality, and more often than not defense is just pushing back. The best advise of course is to negotiate from a position of power. Gosh wouldn't we all like that oomph at our back? 

Speaking of power, President Putin has shown patient reserve, after sanctions, letting momentum appear to swing, because momentum's always an issue. Especially in this contest over Ukraine and Russia's quest to memorialize their national vigor. A popularly honored world-wide theme, patriotism. Well? Winning is everything? And shame on churches precluding God's/Allah's judgement of mortal sin. Condemn not to not be condemned, I'd speculate. Because tolerance is the one value that shouldn't be overshadowed.

So it's hopeful Ukrainian President Poroshenko’s initially rejected amnesty had legs after all, huh? With more chess chest thrusts to go? Ukraine Signs Trade Agreement With European Union, The New York Times, June 27, 2014. Officials enjoy chess. For governments recent events have gone down downright swift. But whether fogs of conflict ever lift, the general mood of engagement and perpetual victimhood leaves a pallor of haze over everything all over the world. Rationality is symbolic compromise offsetting financial sanctions against Russia. Negotiate. Why Crimea was taken swiftly as an important piece on the board. Sure. It's all about national pride until the money's sliced. Shrewd operation. Good business. But what would be nice, President Putin? Is an independent objective judicial system. True, nothing comes between the business of nation-states. Putin Presses Extension of Cease-Fire in UkraineThe New York Times, June 24, 2014, by Neil MacFarquhar and Andrew Roth.
Litigation For Everybody!

If only a coin toss? Putin is Not a Nationalist, The Moscow Times,  June 24, 2014, by Andrei Tsygankov, highlights the president's blowing in the wind like any other politician. Exactly?

Who likes the sound of an independent Crimea as a solution? Crimea, the next Monaco?
Dr. Arnold S. Relman dies at 91. 
Health System Critic and twenty-three year editor of the New England Journal of MedicineFrom The New York Times ... On October 23, 1980, Dr. Relman, issued the clarion call that would resound through his career, assailing the American health care system as caring more about money than curing the sick. He called it a "new medical-industrial complex" - a deliberate analogy to president Dwight D. Eisenhower's warning about a "military industrial complex." ...  
According to The Times, Dr. Relman's prescription was a single taxpayer-supported insurance system, like Medicare, to replace hundreds of private, high-overhead insurance companies, which he called "parasites." To control costs, he advocated that doctors be paid a salary rather than a fee for each service performed.

Dr. Relman recognized that his recommendations for repairing the health care system might be politically impossible, but he insisted it was imperative to keep trying. ...
What might be true? Beyond speculation? Is we all lose when money doesn't circulate. It's a waste locking doctors' lives in financial treadmills. Of course they're smart and digest a lot to advise their patients. But that doesn't mean the system isn't backwards if doctors spend more time not quite being doctors than they're doctors. Sure. Doctors are shrewd and pursued magnificent things for financial incentive. But we're smarter than repetitive slogans and political branding? You'd think?
The Soapbox View Pursuing Twin Legacies 
Andy Rooney and I.F. Stone?_____________________


4. To Mideast Diplomacy Rendering Ruthlessness Impossible.