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Friday, June 27, 2014


1. Cultural Loyalty is noble and not just a civil obligation. 2. People can identify their patriotism reaching their very souls. 3. Which is why international dispute is not about - who's wrong? 4. But whether ruthlessness is rendered impossible?  

Centuries of diplomatic contest ironed out nations' differences so that theoretically now there are only remnants of rivalries festering in romantic violence in the 21ST Century. Civilized peace and tranquility shattered by hard heartedness? Diplomacy reigns opposing cold calculated zealotryJingoism or Responsible Pride? Leadership perhaps incapable of laughing at themselves? 

O.K. Corral sycophants? Torn nations' wrath? 
Humanity's up to our necks as reasons nation-states enforce character they can't afford? Support the Law!
Cue the band, "Do do what you tell me.""Come on?" 
However, Rebellious Individualism? 

A Person's Sanctity? Do not preclude the honor of citizenship. This past Spring I was privileged to serve a day of United States Federal District Court jury duty. A corralled experience that contradicted my feeling of complete independence. But it's marvelous watching the justice system's impressive apparatus of checks and balances impanel juries. An assembly line of respectful procedure requiring potential jurors have their moment on stage. Seated in the jury box where what you say can and is used to somewhat figure you out. I remembered being nervous questioned by two prior judges in other jurisdictions. Because this last time was a large jury pool and jurors were selected long before my scheduled interrogation. Which was an absolute relief for my preference not to judge. But our supervisor even said where'd they be if they "only considered volunteers?" 

As cordial a process as could be hoped, sitting in the gallery under the gaze of judges' portraits one hopes could close their doors to corruption. Not sacrifice honor. So? Serious scary business, profit and crime. No doubt people need more innocent incentive not to come into contact with direct supervision from the law. There has to be no sense of holiday in criminality? People can't be in their right minds to break the law? The law could be broken less without authoritarianism which is not civilized. Now is it? Soapbox View 

So? Pressed at this time of year for an expression of pride in my country the United States, what happened? What happened that such dignified judicial propriety has such a high price defendants' sentences are exaggerated when they don't agree to a plea? An eye for an eye court costs? Reality? Not that people aren't guilty, it's just people aren't more powerful than states or sufficiently motivated associations of individuals.
Protecting People is a State's Sovereignty
Justice Is A Heavy Responsibility

So. It is nice governments can patiently and magnanimously judge citizens' interests in courts of law. Because Power is an unwieldy, flexing, reality, and more often than not defense is just pushing back. The best advise of course is to negotiate from a position of power. Gosh wouldn't we all like that oomph at our back? 

Speaking of power, President Putin has shown patient reserve, after sanctions, letting momentum appear to swing, because momentum's always an issue. Especially in this contest over Ukraine and Russia's quest to memorialize their national vigor. A popularly honored world-wide theme, patriotism. Well? Winning is everything? And shame on churches precluding God's/Allah's judgement of mortal sin. Condemn not to not be condemned, I'd speculate. Because tolerance is the one value that shouldn't be overshadowed.

So it's hopeful Ukrainian President Poroshenko’s initially rejected amnesty had legs after all, huh? With more chess chest thrusts to go? Ukraine Signs Trade Agreement With European Union, The New York Times, June 27, 2014. Officials enjoy chess. For governments recent events have gone down downright swift. But whether fogs of conflict ever lift, the general mood of engagement and perpetual victimhood leaves a pallor of haze over everything all over the world. Rationality is symbolic compromise offsetting financial sanctions against Russia. Negotiate. Why Crimea was taken swiftly as an important piece on the board. Sure. It's all about national pride until the money's sliced. Shrewd operation. Good business. But what would be nice, President Putin? Is an independent objective judicial system. True, nothing comes between the business of nation-states. Putin Presses Extension of Cease-Fire in UkraineThe New York Times, June 24, 2014, by Neil MacFarquhar and Andrew Roth.
Litigation For Everybody!

If only a coin toss? Putin is Not a Nationalist, The Moscow Times,  June 24, 2014, by Andrei Tsygankov, highlights the president's blowing in the wind like any other politician. Exactly?

Who likes the sound of an independent Crimea as a solution? Crimea, the next Monaco?
Dr. Arnold S. Relman dies at 91. 
Health System Critic and twenty-three year editor of the New England Journal of MedicineFrom The New York Times ... On October 23, 1980, Dr. Relman, issued the clarion call that would resound through his career, assailing the American health care system as caring more about money than curing the sick. He called it a "new medical-industrial complex" - a deliberate analogy to president Dwight D. Eisenhower's warning about a "military industrial complex." ...  
According to The Times, Dr. Relman's prescription was a single taxpayer-supported insurance system, like Medicare, to replace hundreds of private, high-overhead insurance companies, which he called "parasites." To control costs, he advocated that doctors be paid a salary rather than a fee for each service performed.

Dr. Relman recognized that his recommendations for repairing the health care system might be politically impossible, but he insisted it was imperative to keep trying. ...
What might be true? Beyond speculation? Is we all lose when money doesn't circulate. It's a waste locking doctors' lives in financial treadmills. Of course they're smart and digest a lot to advise their patients. But that doesn't mean the system isn't backwards if doctors spend more time not quite being doctors than they're doctors. Sure. Doctors are shrewd and pursued magnificent things for financial incentive. But we're smarter than repetitive slogans and political branding? You'd think?
The Soapbox View Pursuing Twin Legacies 
Andy Rooney and I.F. Stone?_____________________


4. To Mideast Diplomacy Rendering Ruthlessness Impossible.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sadly Russia’s Political Trajectory Emulates Entire World’s Exclusionary Elitism

  Headlined Prosecutors Charge Protest Movement Leader The New York Times reporter ELLEN BARRY, with contributed reporting from Moscow by Anna Tikhomirova, wrote today Russian prosecutors charged the blogger and anticorruption activist Aleksei Navalny with embezzlement. A statute that carries a sentence of five to ten years in prison, and is, as The Times states, the Kremlin’s most direct measure to date against a leader of the protest movement that publicly erupted in Moscow in December. The State Investigative Committee accused Mr. Navalny of organizing a scheme to steal timber from a state-owned company, called KirovLes, when he was acting as an unpaid adviser to the governor of the Kirov region, resulting in losses of just under $500,000 to the regional budget. Mr. Navalny was released on his own recognizance but signed a promise to not leave Moscow while charges are pending. The Times reiterated this charge marks a threshold for President Vladimir V. Putin, who for 12 years as paramount leader has refrained from criminal prosecutions of activist leaders, sidelining them with softer methods such as short-term detentions and limited access to television. But the charges on Tuesday suggest the Kremlin is eager to limit Mr. Navalny’s impact now, outweighing the risk of a political backlash. As Mr. Navalny emerged from Tuesday’s hearing, he called the charges “absurd and very strange.” Comparing the accusations to the case against Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky, the oil magnate and Putin rival who has been in prison since 2003 on tax evasion charges. Mr. Navalny said, “All these jokes that Khodorkovsky stole all the oil and Navalny stole all the timber, basically reflects what has happened today. As far as I can tell, the single idea behind this is that people watching the news on the first channel can hear on the news that Navalny stole 16 million rubles.” The KirovLes deal, which dates to 2009, was the basis of a previous criminal charge against Mr. Navalny, which was closed earlier this year by investigators in the Volga region. Mr. Navalny received documents informing him that he was no longer under suspicion and his legal expenses would be reimbursed. But a statement Tuesday from the investigative committee, the main federal investigative authority, said the embezzlement case was opened after the files from the earlier case were transferred to Moscow, and augmented by “financial analysis and investigative materials, which confirm Mr. Navalny’s participation in the execution of a crime.” Mr. Navalny said he believed the case had been revived in the wake of an unexpectedly large demonstration on May 6, on the eve of Mr. Putin’s inauguration, culminating in clashes between riot police and members of the crowd. Last week, he accused Russia’s chief federal investigator, Aleksandr I. Bastrykin, of secretly owning real estate and other investments in Europe. Whereas in the United States you can openly head a free enterprise participant in the military industrial complex before becoming the nation’s vice-president involved in propagating a war that financially benefits that firm, thereby producing rewarding returns on their investment in a prime mover and manipulative shaker who, according to his resume, may have never labored an actual day in his life. The Times says Mr. Navalny said the Kremlin was calculating that the protest movement was weakening and testing the waters with a series of actions against participants in the May 6 march. The 16th such indictment took place on Friday when investigators identified a university student who they said had wrestled other protesters from the hands of security forces and resisted the police. And the fact is Russia’s security services are strong and large enough to one step at a time shut down the country’s protests that would then leave the population cowering before the nation-state. Mr. Navalny said, “They are doing it to watch the reaction of the protest movement and of Western public opinion. So far they consider both of these things acceptable and so they are continuing along this line.” Uh huh.
August 1 - 31, 2018
Sadly Russia's Political Trajectory Emulates Entire World's Exclusionary Elitism

7/31/2012 concluded: Uh huh.
Idolized Elitism
Power Corrupting Absolutely Isn't A Maybe?
    Go ahead, try walking. Nothing's like, or compares to, thinking things through. A sidewalk or park, perhaps pacing in the open air. Nonetheless, we're all, usually, in such a hurry hurrying, compiling shortcuts sweep up that extra time contemplation requires. Reflection then is, theoretically, victimized by the vitriolic sniping catchphrases maintaining preeminent political positions. Verbatum's an ideology of concern? "The" political diorama's "rest of the story" even Paul Harvey didn't afford. Just one huge ferris wheel, joy ride's been carved from political views. The Debate Show's "talking about" claim when there's no real way of knowing what's happening "behind the scenes." Pass the grains of salt, please?
  Feeding on controversy is hard to fathom as something not acutely victimizing our time. But history's an ongoing reflection on the ramifications of what's been gotten away with in the past. Why would the present be any different?
  So on the subject of exploited patriotism? I can't condone the American flag's use as a chip on the shoulder. Since insensitive hypocrisy's trending, Colin Kaepernick kneels here as well - 
The Trouble With Saints
  Finding additional information on this rabbit hole proves dauntingly past this essay's time frame. And to avoid endless repetition, the satire, The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service provides more perspective. 
  Linked below are aspects of the various views of the Alger Hiss case. But as revealing as the documentation may be, the rounded out "story" still seems too surface and cursory. Why couldn't Time Magazine reveal more about how Mr. Chambers was even at the magazine, considering his known past even before his spy revelations. Partly Corporate privileged secrecy? But just a piece of small non-forthcoming suspicious doubt that there wasn't somewhat of a strategized game going on? Two wrongs don't make a right. Why there's the film of my reading from the novel next to the shortstop Roy Cohn's Townhouse. Right. More to the story than political professionals want the public admitting. Past the lights bells and whistles where understanding drives the culture forward, instead of tugging us, often enough, just for lucrative pay.   
  Another Wittaker Chambers investigation. From every angle, for the discerner, outright fraud is hard to concede. Especially when the benefit of the doubt's, so adroitly, maneuvered by publicity machines. Contemplating where's next's a cul-de-sac, due to such a strangling pedestal devotion, detached from their "hooks in you" in unquestioning staunch disbelief. Where next, would reason out history's histrionics, indeed.
  Fate wrestles with nothing but the present's, either too soon or late, fleeting moments.
  Not for nothing? Heard Robert Redford's retirement from acting announcement on news radio, just as I'd heard the publicist say, in the mid 1990s, he'd like to play Armand Hammer if he saw the right script. If only there'd been another title more easily absorbed by the consumer culture? Then maybe Mr. Redford would have noticed even the hour sample, above. But the satire happens to have rose to the title's use, in all sincerity, for everyone's understood benefit. As disappointing as your retirement is, it was nice having your commercial rainbow along for the ride. Happy retirement. 
August 16, 2018
Goshen, New York 
  Yes, no Press Release of denial necessary. None whatsoever, from the Mobile Throne Class? Some millennium that. Idolized destruction is human history? "Oh say can you see by the dawn's early light?" 
  The Greenhouse Effect's mean twin, could be described of John H. Sununu as expressed by The New York Times Magazine's 

Losing Earth: 

The Decade We Almost 

Stopped Climate Change

By Nathaniel Rich

Photographs and Videos by George Steinmetz

  About how avoidance was the easy way out that evolved. We've known what's wrong and how to fix it for a very long time in human years. The article traces the progression in understanding and dealing with abusing the planet, and how everything reaches a head when White House Chief of Staff, Governor Sununu carries the football against energy use progress that was as huge in its time as the current loggerhead constructed from exploiting the power of myth by an American Presidency. Again, as Mr. Rich's article eloquently alludes
  Often issues are industries that preclude their solutions. No end of martyrs for that fate. There being so much more money in arguing the point, than drawing resolution near. 
  Fake. Bamboozled. The public sphere's confusion's adamantly clear.
  Sununu himself gives the magazine's present day, paraphrased, parting shot that the politics haven't changed. A______s. The atmosphere's a chemical experiment?
Fun Links For Those Convinced Not To Read Too
     There you go. The idea that we're even able to be totally truthful with ourselves has been turned on our heads. In all this gung-ho modern euphoric religion-based political drive there's been a real alienation from what the Holy Bible reveals and what's been vainly adapted for manipulative use. And now, supposedly, there's been an alliance formed with one who'd adapt anything to personality abuse. His vocabulary toward his public voice enemies descends,  probably, from charlatans long ago in our past? God knows Roy Cohn wasn't an original leech. And that that man could come to symbolize an acceptable amount of earnestness in defense of American liberty is a travesty
  In the headlong belief in reinforcing the enforcement of morality, which is only God's right to judge, we've come undone by the most desperate of villains. The Political Chameleon. The only thing independent about our president are the twittered whimsies lashed out daily to shatter relevance's relationship with irrelevance. Telling the people to agree with his telling himself he's done and doing a good job. Bad examples shouldn't rule - 
The Soapbox View pursues the Twin Legacies 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Russian Opposition Leaders Jailing Assumed To Be Crackdown

May 10, 2012 & November 17 - 23, 2015 Below - ......
  Reuters et al. reports prominent 35 year old Russian opposition leaders, Alexei Navalny and Sergei Udaltsov, were jailed, for 15 days for disobeying a police officer at a peaceful protest on Tuesday against President Putin’s gala Monday inauguration. The Guardian cites the protest duos sentence as a sign the authorities’ patience could be running out as their cases are linked to Sunday’s violence. As The New York Times reported, 40 year old art director, Aleksei Yeryomin, saying, “Up until now, all was peaceful.”
  How necessary was it for everyone’s nerves to escalate?
  Times Moscow Bureau Chief ELLEN BARRY and reporter SOPHIA KISHKOVSKY honestly point to Sunday’s violence starting when a group of radical activists apparently tried breaking through a police column to reach the Kremlin. So now the same new president refuses to face criticism for riot police using batons and pepper spray.
  The Times nailed it. The paper quotes Alexander Rahr, a Russia expert with the German Council on Foreign Relations. “He (President Putin) is caught in the understanding that he is the savior of Russia, that everything depends on him. He sees himself as a historical figure already, a man who prevented the collapse of the country. The problem is, now he has to meet the real demands of people who are 30 years younger than him.” 
  For months the conflict of two Russias has been in the media about how Putin made this prosperous generation possible. But the new president should remember and think about how people became impatient with Gorbachev. That’s why when the Soviet reign ended Yeltsin could replace Mikhail. Otherwise deep down everyone loved Gorbachev and probably didn’t want to let him down. That is why Russia is this far today. Maybe the country survived for him and itself and Vladimir Putin still has to prove his legacy can be bigger than himself too for the Fatherland as he says he believes.
  Which would mean cutting out the crap. Such as his officials continuing to downplay the protests. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told Russia Today, “I don’t see a link between these incidents and the situation in the country as a whole. What I saw was a bunch of marginal people.”
  So whether you see it now, or not, President Vladimir Putin. Your mandate from this election is to uncorrupt the electoral process. After all a man of your stature doesn’t have to worry much. Your padded Supreme Court could probably give you a free ride through that election too if the results were close.
  But in the meantime with protests, what did John Lennon say Mr. President?
November 17 - 23, 2015
Russian Opposition Leaders Jailing Assumed To Be Crackdown 

5/10/12 concluded:

... in the meantime with protests, 
what did John Lennon say Mr. President? 

  Lennon said, "Give peace a chance" that peace never had. All history's fed war. Nourished hostility, explaining war. Generations rebel for nothing else to do. Desperate does what desperate do. While war with hate's only survivor's hate. Moral fabric, no clue? The inhumanity.

  Left isn't the board being played. It would be insane to think that King wouldn't just lash out indiscriminately. Imagine the tirading Medieval Tyrants chess' evolution parodied? How power's insularity made thrones incessant targets of attack. Hard to believe we've not evolved past that. When apparently, the game's just this. Individual vs. Apparatus.
  Your move, Mr. President. Yes I believe in your help with a better world for more than just friends and influenced people. Why? Because as redundantly repeated. Your legacy, as well as anyone's, is much more critically important than nation-states' reputations already set-in-stone

People's legacies are on-the-block
Mr. President. Your move. Hollow tradition? Royal authority. Curtain 1.
Removing Curtains Could Fix Façades
Lend A Hand
Man. Dude. Geopolitical Chess. 
  Looking trim and in the thick of it, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Don't wait for what happens to your reputation for not making more pragmatic moves. Especially during this time of grand smoke-and-mirrors when your picture with eminent authorities defines your status. Your history written with such broad flowery strokes.
Final Answer?

  Actor as Putin's butler walks into a bar. Orchestrated, but not planned. Nervous laughter becomes deafening until he sits. Then drinking starts again in earnest till the butler screams, "Power's absolutely everyone's" and two orderlies enter taking said patient away as ludicrous idealism has no place here slides down the television screen credits' end. c/o Vocabulary Management. Запас слов Управление 

The Tangled Web's Woven

  When what's really needed is: Humanity Worth Amnesty.


  Finally a meeting pitching Ed Begley Jr. Moves Next Door. Each month Ed moves into a new home given homeless families after Ed's departs. Ed enlightens neighbors about bicycle life, and how there's so much to gain from safe cycling and trains without auto congestion everywhere. How there's room for everyone. Even safety and Car Culture. Though much spookier now that it's obvious we're in the machines' way.
  Ed starts every episode puttering around the kitchen preparing breakfast. Episode #1 Ed says, "Of course I don't prepare all this myself. I have to get something working union rates." Said to an unseen narrator, embodied by the camera, Ed converses constantly with. He'll answer Ed's wages crack with, "Now don't go all political on us Ed." And Ed will smile and wave a utensil at the screen while the scene dissolves to commercial, but camera remains, as always, incessantly, obsessively focused on Ed. Other actors have to intrude between him and his camera to feel heard. The feeling of invisibility is uncomfortable for everyone, even sympathetic Ed. While the camera/narrator is heard both cracking up and seen bouncing with glee. Ed's wife, Rachelle Carson, has her own narrator, camera, etc. One episode the cameras duel to Dueling Banjos. A knock-off band. Live as the taped show films under the presumption of being alive tracing life. Like Survivor everyone's on Ed's Island. All Begleys have personal camera/narrators. 
  Back from first commercial, Ed's on his bike heading straight over the ground level camera. Bending down to look right into the face of the lens. Ed says, "Let's go." Then he first tours that community's best safe bike lane. Ed goes to one public City Council meeting. Plus whatever captures his curiosity because Ed lives there. Not just visiting for photographs. See the world. Get out of his California cocoon for a while. Do the man good in his un-retiring years and all. Like all agents Ed's is a waiter. But I bet Ed'd go for it. Oprah? Oh? Uh. Meeting's over. On Begley Street exists. And Living with Ed. And, never mind.
  So anyway, Mr. President. Catch the drift's gist? Something like that. Broaden horizons. Make your career more interesting. Not just this sycophantic brazen Chester business. Authoritative chests pushed out to here. The groveling that must go on in mimicking this. It debilitates most countries. Better not be involved? Others responsible? Stalin's style. Except to be more than a celebrity president. A true star. Beyond the manufactured glamorous shine provided by an elitism that's still just as Oblomovianly satisfied with the dirt-poor not belonging. 

Здравствуйте President Putin, 
  Dear Presidential Future. Has a nice sound, no? Legacy. Winners mold history is entirely true. And cock and bull's entirely believed, true too. So where does that leave your standing? Ramrod straight ambivalence. Proud, yes. But boo! Oblomov believed in himself too. While there's much, much, more for you to do. As my mother often admonished, Mr. President. Don't Just Sit On Your Laurels. 
  Sir. Сэр. Don't just be another Chester, please. Because despite this being our world, it's not the crowd any of us belong in. 
Previous added essay November 2 - 16, 2015 
For some thinking different's jarred the most.