Monday, August 26, 2013

Every Major Military Strike Has Advance Warning?

War Tard

Still The Precipice, Again?

Is there literally no one safe in their own homes who doesn't know war is an easy way out for enemies to have not to compromise? The real game of life. Push and shove and now in Syria's case what do they mean, jumping line? Feigning having little idea that the use of chemical weapons betrays this advantageous strategy shared by nations whereby wealth is military hardware distribution that has nothing to do with preventing acts of destruction since we're all, after all, so mature, smart and civilized? 

But crackpots released the gas? And why did idiots believe it was just the right stuff to have lying around waiting to be cracked open? Because enemies don't compromise? That's the deal? Death and zealotry define us, win, lose or draw? Spelled out the facts aren't so cute, huh? While we're all just standing in virtual awe of the absolute power of corruption.

Yet everyone's expected to be intelligent with the dangerous toys only used for honorable wars that, guess what, is the problem to begin with as honor is in the defense, not the war. Signals are crossed then, if ends justify lethal means? 

So it would be nice if referees just stepped in between and said, "stop fighting. The cycle of revenge has to end." 

But that's comic book superhero mythology. Where ultimate warriors of objectivity just drop in on warring neighbors and beat everyone up that needs destroying. However ridiculous, the cycle of revenge be damned. Uh huh. That life exists under the ultimate might of military right is reality. As is the problem also of Syria's Assad thinking like everyone else that he's not just a pawn too?
 Justice Is Not Revenge  
No not Pontoon. Pawn too. Soapbox View 

Are Politics Just Standing On Our Acrobatic Heads?

Politics are essentially mental calisthenics that don't take actual Einsteins to figure out how much shrewd ruthlessness is rewarded above all else? Only paling in comparison to the indignity life is by being both bought and sold out for no other reason than the same ole song and dance my friend? 
Turns out that the staunchly labelled and well tailored liberal Bill Moyers, who conservatives wanted whitewashed as a poison inside Public Television where William F. Buckley, Jr. planted the Conservative Firing Line flag a generation back, continues enacting his revenge on the political game on his show, Moyers & Company. For instance this past week, except for his closing editorial, Mr. Moyers  interviewed Mark Leibovich of The New York Times Magazinefor the entire show, about Mr. Leibovich's book This Town.  
Their discussion cut to the nitty-gritty basics of how Washington D. C. is finally the place to grow rich for the reasonably young and successful entrepreneurs this country is already supposed to be thriving on. Now.
"all it's about is bein here"

On the other hand this literary review episode actually copies an April 27, 2012 Moyers & Co. softball presentation of the tainted money in politics issue with the writer of Eddie Murphy's The Distinguished GentlemanMarty Kaplan of The Norman Lear Center. *            Solutions?
* Both Moyers and Leibovich had huge grins during the distinguished film satire's rendering on their episode.
"Son the system ain't perfect. The fleas come with the dog."

And you know what they say about sleeping dogs? You let 'em lie.


We Know What's Happening?

There's not much to be confused about. Money is a simple enough system. Yet corruption is just the surface of what the real problems are with power that generally makes people seem outright mean. Our generation has learned to make a lot of money mean a lot and a little not enough. But it takes money to accomplish anything and that's for the best. Cut to the chase,

Then Corruption For Everyone Is The Real Test? *

The Soapbox View Satirical Twist in pursuit of the Twin Legacies

* Russia's Kremlin is used here to represent the entire world's Institutions of Authority. Merely historical coincidence this ideal structure is so intricately beautiful.

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