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CHARAS ... C Squat ... MORUS

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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Artists feel inspired to create murals for the former Charas/El Bohio Community Center

    A group of local artists continues to paint a series of murals on the Ninth Street side of the former Charas/El Bohio Community Center here between Avenue B and Avenue C. 
    The artists include (aboveSeth Tobocman ... Sabrina Jones...
...Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz...
... and Ariel Kleinberg ...
    The work, which started on March 5, comes before the landmarked building heads to a foreclosure auction tomorrow, Wednesday, March 22, at the Hilton New York Midtown Fifth Avenue. (There is a Facebook invite to "Stop the Auction.")
    Meanwhile, there's a petition in circulation titled, "Save Charas Community Center! Stop the Private Auction!" Per the petition, which states, "Demand Mayor Adams use eminent domain to return the center to the people!" You can find the petition here.
    "We are operating on the assumption that we will get the community center back, and we are using permanent material that will last," Tobocman said. 
    He was quick to note that the participating artists are not involved with the various political groups and their plans for tomorrow's auction. 
    "We are just artists inspired to paint, inspired by the art that was painted on the other [10th Street] side," Tobocman said. "Sabrina Jones had a studio in the building before it was evicted. Some of us taught art classes to kids there back in the 80s. We have a Wednesday deadline due to the auction." 


Paving Paradise’s Amphitheaters For Luxurious People Parking Lots

    The, premeditated, 1988 Tompkins Square Park Riot served various cornered interests’ illusions. Illuminated in that debilitating Park Event remaining a drama transparently illustrating Modern America’s Political, Psychobabble, Delusions.

    Parallel to today’s American Southwest Front. The United States’ Mexico Border is an emblematic billboard for Evacuation Mentalities. Demeaning our Southwestern Hemisphere’s Migrants as having no rights in their unnecessariness in being hereCenter of not solving circulating money within coercive, private and government, sectors. Creating nightmarish manipulations. Hiding from the responsibility for Mexicans being short of the opportunities to even fully house themselves behind their own border. A world, scapegoat-captivated into a drug war fueling a belief morality overrides everything.

    Contributing to an overabundance of Bad Drugs done through every socially networked imbalance possible. Ron and Nancy Reagan’s figure-heading the hooking of the country on cocaine. When Columbia could have been providing the world’s best marijuana all along. But Ronnie chased and the opportunities followed burrowing ourselves in the hopeless belief scalawags were defending justice when it was only their sincere belief in their worths being above everyone else. Elitists, pure and simple, run the world in the ground Capitalist. Socialist. Whatever game’s the town.

    Authorities demanding obedience to a collective rule, is why this country was founded to stop that from having a specifically damaging effect. Crime clearly has legally evolved aspects. In magic marker, folks, bottom line. Whitey perpetrated, goofing off, playing off, imagining ruling the moon too.

    In the case of The 1988 Tompkins Square Riot, everyone’s a blemished pawn. Peaceful Protestors manage protests peacefully. Police and protestors both, obviously infiltrated by unrest. For landlords, yearly rising tax rates buttress their ideally crawling under or on top of neighborhoods’ economic calculations. Known on Real Estate’s Battlefield Chart as the wedge-word gentrification. That neither side has political wiggle-room from at the convenient will of Government and Real Estate’s combined power. And State’s pragmatic attention to a top down economy exaggerating their own bottom line. If people were good with money the poor could pay to feed themselves.

    So as Mayor Adams was quoted, weeks back, on morning CBS Radio. New York has the “best hotel industry in the world.” Devastated, as everywhere else was, by a shocked middle class losing their home/retirement investments. Why Rent-To-Own isn’t considered a national Housing Industry standard is on someone(s).

    American-Issue Migrants, even at the south of our border’s home, are perpetually used, and stand as a self- housed border defiant entity. Their use as a strategy of pawning off blame is well documented. New York City’s Tompkins Square Park Riot was confusingly concealed within a riot of faceless participants. No matter the charges, or everyone’s martyrdoms. Notice OCCUPY Wall Street did not allow their being duped into Aggression’s Tactic that would would have meant the demeaning of everything the casual demonstration stood and stands for.

    Right, the Tompkins Square Park Riot is explained by focusing on the poor, wretched, homeless itching to fight? And why such a representation of a professional militaristic Police Force? Even before King Rudy ruled only he and his Henchmen knew, impossibly, everything?

    A lethargic pattern of ignoring community responsibility became a polished park. A destroyed amphitheater that contained so much more real history than anything anyone decides to ever destroy in New York City ever again. Even that pathetic charade to debilitate a neighborhood another generation around Madison Square Garden, is still nowhere near the embellished meaning in destroying a public free speech opportunity podium in Tompkins Square Park. The Tompkins Square Park Riot Bandshell should be returned to its proper place in Tompkins Square Park.

    I remember the encampment made around the Tompkins Square Park benches. Leveraged, but always under siege to a (Peace) police (Officer) force enforcing poverty’s menagerie vision that it is something they’d not gotten across as a border all on their own. Where charity’s something the poor are seen as not affording at their own cost. Because money lost touch with just enough? Not only The Financial Question. But managing money is the answer for everyone.

An Open Letter to NYC Mayor Eric Adams

RE: The CHARAS Cultural and Community Center and Public Vocational School

Dear Mayor Adams:

Regarding the decades-long stalemate over the reclamation of the CHARAS cultural and community center (formerly PS 64), you once said“This nonsense has to stop, and once I am elected Mayor we will issue a building permit and move this project forward.” Now, following the property’s foreclosure, and pressure from the East Village community, you have indeed ordered substantial work onsite. But we wonder: Why now? To what end? And for whom?

    As you are aware, built in 1905 and recently designated a landmark, Public School 64 functioned until 1977 when it was shuttered for health reasons (asbestos, lead). Soon after, NYC leased the building to the CHARAS community arts and cultural organization until the late 90s when former Mayor Giuliani auctioned it, evicting the community center. It now appears that the building is back in the hands of the city. Meanwhile, a private auction of the building has been set for March 22, 2023! That’s right! A private auction of a “community use” space! We are opposed to selling our beloved community center which for decades was a place of positivity and enrichment in our community. We demand that it be made anew!

To that end, we address the following proposal to you regarding the building’s future: We ask that as Mayor you reclaim the site through your powers of eminent domain as a “hybrid” public vocational school and cultural and community center to provide a wide range of training opportunities including; computer coding, construction trades, ESL and literacy, nursing, pre-law, public school teacher training, training in the arts, in aviation, and programs for differently abled and neurodivergent individuals, as well as programs for migrants recently arrived in our city.

Utilizing the buildings’ ample 135,000 square foot space, the Community also envisions CHARAS once again serving the neighborhood as a cultural and community center, comprised of various “walk-in” social services (employment, food, housing and health), along with after-school and evening programs such as theater and film, tutoring, GED classes, harm reduction services, rehearsal space, dance classes, artists’ work space, children’s theater, and activists meeting space, with a portion of the ground floor housing the Armando Perez Community Auditorium.

After decades of determined opposition to the destruction of our community center, it is clear that our Lower East Side community wants CHARAS to once again become a beacon of light and hope after sitting so long in disrepair. We can make it a green space, a state of the art facility using renewable energy (solar and wind power), a green roof for urban farming, carbon capturing technology, and composting and recycling programs. The top two floors of the building can serve as a school for ecology, preparing our youth for careers in sustainability and tackling climate change.

Mayor Adams, we hope you are as inspired with this vision as we are! We call on you to reclaim the building through your powers of eminent domain and then transfer it to the NYC Department of Education (DOE). The New York City School Construction Authority
(SCA) can “green” renovate and upgrade the building. The SCA, charged with keeping NYC public schools safe, attractive, and environmentally sound, maintains hundreds of historic school buildings, and designs, constructs and renovates capital projects in over 1,400 public school buildings, (half of which were constructed before 1949) and is therefore the ideal means by which to reclaim CHARAS.

Your appointee, (interests purposely conflicted?) David Banks, NYC DOE Chancellor, is Chair of SCA’s Board of Trustees . The DOE currently offers Career and Technical Education connecting students to a wide range of career pathways. Furthermore, Public Art for Public Schools, the country’s only public art education program, maintains nearly 2000 existing artworks in the NYC DOE’s collection and provides schools with art to enhance the learning environment and inspire students. How great it would be to offer vocational training in the arts as part of its mission, and to facilitate the participation of East Village neighborhood artists in the project!

The CHARAS Community and Cultural Center and Public Vocational School is a visionary project. But we also believe that it is a realistic means of reclaiming the site as a “city-wide” center of social and educational activity consistent with your recently announced “Apprenticeship Accelerator” initiative. And it’s a vision consistent with the legacy of the former CHARAS, supporting our sisters and brothers striving for a better future, offering hope to the under-served in our community in need of attainable, accessible and affordable vocational training.

Thank you Mayor Adams for considering our proposal.

Sliwa Admits Faking Crimes For Publicity
Credit...The New York Times Archives
See the article in its original context from 
November 25, 1992, Section B, Page 1Buy Reprints
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The Guardian Angels' founder and leader, Curtis Sliwa, has admitted that six of his group's early crime-fighting exploits were actually faked and former and present associates contend that even more of the group's activities were publicity stunts. Derogatory _sshole.

GUARDIAN ANGELS: AN ASSESSMENT OF CITIZEN RESPONSE TO CRIME VOLUME II TECHNICAL REPORT October 1985 San Diego ASSOCIATION OF GOVERNMENTS 1200 Third Avenue Suite 524 Security Pacific Plaza San Diego, California 92101 (619) 236-5383 Susan Pennell Christine Curtis Joel Henderson, Ph.D. Prepared for the U.S. Department of Justice National Institute of Justice

I delivered to 100 GOLD for years in the two thousand oughts. What's going on? Housing luxury, killing New York City?

    The property that developer Gregg Singer purchased during a city auction in 1998 for $3.15 million fell into foreclosure last year. Through the years, Singer wanted to turn the one-time P.S. 64 into a dorm (more here), though those plans never materialized. Some residents want to see the space used again as a community center, as it was during its time as Charas/El Bohio Community Center. Singer evicted the group on Dec. 27, 2001.  
John Penley said...

CHARAS , MORUS and others held a rally at City Hall last week to ask the City to give the building back to the community. There is some video on You Tube of this. Apparently , the city ignored them and they got no press coverage so I assume the auction is still on. This leaves the protest , not rally , at the actual auction at the Hilton as the last hope to stop the sale so everyone , including the muralists featured here should go and I suggest bring chalk to add messages to potential buyers on the sidewalks around the Hilton. There is one final option and while I don't want anyone to say that I advocated it but it is each individuals choice and that is to re-squat CHARAS and stop the turnover that way !


It’s been thirty-five years of World War 3. 

As momentous as it sounds, no one could have known in 1979 that this self-published periodical based in New York City would become the longest-running anthology of political comics in the world–at least, that we’ve been able to find. Doonesbury

    And gist is just a mockery how history is twisted not to mean the reality of war and violence existing from the financial profit. Figure the CHARAS location on Ninth Street, backed by the Tenth Street Side location, should be considered the complex in its' entirety because REAL ESTATE already owns its' stake in The East Village. And stood idly awaiting their own way that's exactly like the idea of demolishing the more than adequate Madison Square Garden to build an entertainment complex to highlight the dismal results of Real Estate not developing around the GARDEN, MR. KNICKS, CLYDE THE DRIVE, was reduced to years, now closed, on far away Tenth at 47th. The cab driven luxury elite probably no longer enticible? As HONKY'S done throughout racist history scapegoating everything. 
    World War 3's meaning was/is the illusion that the Nationalist Fabrications only muddle the public's awareness of why countries need to be defended, since altering our Middle Ages' Arrangements should have ended over these last centuries. But no. The Military Industrial Complex can't legitimate the reason for stockpiling weapons. So Media colors media hysterically in having common sense laughed down in THE US HOUSE OF McCarthy Cultural Court Jesters. So there's been a dance through history through NOW. That includes itinerant Russian Generals pretending someone could actually be fully in charge of such ridiculous madness. Crimea should be run by Crimeans, and not whoever was planted to kill them whenever. Partly why Zelenskyy smiles, the broad comedian smile, touring the world for money. Money that the shell shocked Chinese will throw anywhere just to not face that their Slave Labor Force should have evolved by selling themselves their own products. While the elite rewarded themselves czar-driven success unable to grow up as America was also deformed. HOPEFULLY NO GOD DAMNED MORE

A Revived CHARAS revives all of New York City's Village Hope

Some faces (if ever?) seen in The East Village, distinctly πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ shine PUPPET. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
    IMPEACH GERALDO! Kurt Vonnegut DETESTS you. Nonsense. In LITERATURE it's not news there's reasons Vonnegut is publicly recognized hating that man pictured. Geraldo Rivera. Him and his idiot reasoning no doubt. Whoopi, more words for the DAMNED Honky? !!! Wrote on The View page. THIS POST then REMINDED 23 hours left suspended. Though told what I see isn't what people are getting. OPEN FORUM deemed not worthwhile by hierarchical wisdom that's led through war after hysterical skirmish blamed on the other Guy unwilling to be told what to do most likely.  - - - The official news site of the College of CharlestonMore than 50 years after its release, Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five (aka The Children’s Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death) is not only still relevant: It’s inspirational.
    Kurt says your move dirtbag Geraldo and Scum Dump Trump. 
I and Ron Kuby defend Leonard Lopate to the New York City Audience too. Celebrity shouldn't be two full strikes against anyone. Especially accused by idiots in The National Enquirer ConspiracyLeonard Lopate-At-Large on WBAI.
Fug You traces the flowering years of New York's downtown bohemia in the sixties, starting with the marketing problems presented by publishing Fuck You / A Magazine of the Arts, as it faced the aboveground's scrutiny, and leading to Sanders's arrest after a raid on his Peace Eye Bookstore. The memoir also traces the career of the Fugs -- formed in 1964 by Sanders and his neighbor, the legendary Tuli Kupferberg (called "the world's oldest living hippie" by Allen Ginsberg) -- as Sanders strives to find a home for this famous postmodern, innovative anarcho-folk-rock band in the world of record labelsFUG YOU: AN INFORMAL HISTORY OF THE PEACE EYE BOOKSTORE, THE FUCK YOU PRESS, THE FUGS AND COUNTERCULTURE IN THE LOWER EAST SIDE by Ed SandersBernard Stollman, the founder of ESP-Disk, in 2009.Bernard Stollman, the founder of ESP-Disk, in 2009.
    Bernard Stollman, whose staunchly independent record label, ESP-Disk, provided an indispensable chronicle of the free jazz of the 1960s, and a series of provocations from the psychedelic counterculture. London's First Happening provider brother Steve ... "Yeah, you heard huh?" About the disgruntlement everyone felt knowing what Kerouac knew and Ginsberg set Kerouac commercially culturally free in degrees. "I was traveling the country(!) too." And I saw his eyes go slightly up seeing the dawn of Simon and Garfunkel's waking AMERICA up.
    Steve and I talked upstairs at 49 East Houston and Ed Sanders made a few shekels describing why culturally the Establishment wasn't facing anything. Accepting that to hide and speak up, and accept cultural mockery from the fools, is completely facing those bastards self-perpetuating enjoyed, defenseless, miseries. 
FUCK YOU, hippies RULE too.
    And Supreme Court Justices Are Cast Defending the right to words and the American Republic's responsibility is to actually listen and not reinterpret jargon as just among friends designed to eliminate more noble competition. Wrote yourselves into history, idiots. These two women could be both president and on the court and do more than you hypocrites have undone for more than a century of amusing yourselves and charging everyone else because LIARS willingly accept anything. 

The CIA, Tuli Kupferberg and Me

CIA Man, written by the late, great Tuli Kupferberg, is one of the Fugs‘ oldest songs. I first heard it live at the Harry Smith Memorial Concert in DC produced by the Smithsonian Institution about ten years ago (I think that’s the version I’ve linked to here.)  To my delight, I recently discovered that “CIA Man” plays at the end of the Coen Brothers’ movie Burn After Reading. It’s worth it to see the movie just to hear the song. FANS PAY RESPECTS 

 Ed Sanders' History Class
on the Nature of Sacrifice 
for the American Flag and our country's honor."Abbie Hoffmanthe Jim Thorpe of Social Action."  "Jim Fouratt and Abbie throw money on the floor of the Stock Exchange."28:00 "Out demons out at the Pentagon." 

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