Wednesday, December 6, 2023

ABC-7 News Reader Bill Ritter Peaces Out, Chairing Male Inferiority Complex


    Yes true, in the scheme of things ABC Management can't tolerate letting go of the Male Monarch news leadership approach. Suited to the Male Superiority Project of how many centuries? Including wars? Mr. Ritter mocked himself portraying an enlightened Ted Baxter that could only make Ted Knight very proud. That gigilo Drew Bongianni bragged his daughter'd been emotionally indentured to plead from the street six flights below. Stared within himself admitting Mr. Knight hated him. The arrogance of the Mike Hammer user, and both just plain culturally unevolved. Pure snob. 
    Honored cartooning self as lambasted by Mary Richards herself. Dag gum right.
    So Ritter World? Crazy Male Superiority Funeral Marching?
comes across more deep voiced & even debonair. Beyond Mr. Ritter's being boxed in by the Hammer Museum/LA Business Writing Pedigree. I don't know though. I'm mad at anyone, for any reason I find that're involved in separating me from you. Asset Baderinwa Leaves Ritterworld Envious. 
    Happens. But you don't know means your head needs examined. For your answering machine, Sade Meanwhile my heart's always longing for you. My favorite cartoon. I need to see you - 
    Ritter and the Executives have certain outdated ideas about women's use. Not only as hidden away in castles despairing knights who don't take time to put on their pants. Giuliani and Ritter too? 
    However they've convinced themselves this assignment means watching your interests smothered? We watched. We're real people, not game show line up. How insulting is it to see Disney/ABC as simplistic sat upon money as the New York City Council is also entrenched. New Yorkers knew as proven by how the truth about that _sshole was kept from the country. 
    Ritter made a point of valuing ABC Security and they've proven the opposite  to me. 
    Hey. Want a RUSH
    If you catch the song's drift if America does produce a Tom Paine they should be heard or America will be headed as jargon preyed inadequately ruled by Big Money intolerance of opening the dag gum society up.
    So I get that all the women ABC DISNEY, Ritter etc. Must be a subset hall of discarded Law Degrees once partner out of the reach off the system is made.
    Hey! Screwed up royally on the use of trains and Florida everyone must face blame or discard the future cause the planet's been ruined and needs fixing or we are off the mark. October hurricanes all that recently didn't used to happen. GET A GRIP!
    So I get assets for the male ideal of leadership I am recalcitrantly and resolutely opposed to. Bill Beutel, great record man and yet, truth is obvious so many careers are backed off from being promoted across New York. And it is pinhead lining up all the women behind a man who can't even read Caro when. Right. Can't convict a man for not reading. Last president convicted himself for that and Ritter's case is ll the women are great. But where's the Marcia Kramer raw power that hits home? Lightly done at ABC for reasons so Bill the Monarch's cursory assessments hold weight. Like we'll always devote ourselves to idolizing the destruction of the world with oil. 
Bill Ritter trained to destroy careers in LA, Snoop? Dr. Dre? 
Sade and I. Fans Page. Our novel located in a physical library
    this one's cute right? Simmer forever like Chuck Scarborough except Ritter World need that credibility of huge political jump. Bandwagon right up uyour hump's the vote from me. 
    The He could make a mint giving lessons. Ha ha. 
    But face it Billy-Boy, he's got the chops. Whether women find he's married or not, and I'm not looking's he's not interfered, as far as OI know though considering these months and you? Giving up one man on the front holding back women's bursting through might be too much fro the game need ing that male balancer. Considering twenty-one plus centuries of not ending war, pestilence and nonsensical personal tragedies? Men have been paid well enough to step aside. 
    Wrote this on Facebook on All of it with Alison Stewart where she commended All In The Family's #NormanLear who made my day stopping before entering a car so we could nod. I was just stunned there watching that it was him. He could see from my stare I was just awed. And he told the woman he was with I have to do this and made sure we modded as he got in. Damn. That7's exactly as it happened. Because it was there on the screen what America wasn't facing and he'd done it. THE GREAT NORMAN LEAR.   
    ... BUSINESS, NOW Ms. Stewart ... Sure Sade, decades ago crush. Not like I don't know the public's programmed to love media personalities. Ritter though. Pure conceit to not think out of his box. Move a pawn something, Ritter because I depend on the New York City Police to know why Baderinwa isn't on the tube. Face it, child splay we're documenting history. Big Business Politics doesn't face evolving human needs claiming a special psychological hold on the AMERI0CAN NEED TO CONTINUE THE GAS engine. People that's out of our minds and needs facing. Hurricanes should not form in October, PERIOD. We've regressed to far and need fixing. 
 ... Dear Ron Kuby, we're NOW facing the tragedy of Mike Hammer and his National Enquirer cohorts bringing down famous liberals. #LeonardLopate, case in point. Your client. At same table I saw Robin Bilinkoff look at Hammer and say we now know some things at our station and Hammer dropped his head. I didn't know the bigger picture was hiding from me and keeping me framed small. Anyway, Ms. Stewart, I believe you should make amends for Mr. Lopate's being arrogantly falsely charged and him having a once a week feature - LEONARD GETS BACK or something cute to remind viewers not to let the big picture get away from them when news slicers don't stop mis-slicing the news. Anyway, Ron Kuby has a lot of friends and it's just still offensive that bringing Mr. Lopate down still percolates. JB Nicholas, Nicholas Kristof, Patti Smith, Carla Jean, Contributor Morus & Seth David Tobocman for the full realization World War Three is even broader than the militaries of the world aimed at us - the collateral damage. Hey Sade ... News Reader under wraps because Billy-Boy Ritter has the Male Inferiority Contagion. Sick head dope. Wonder what Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre might say about your Los Angeles newspaper career writing business stuff. After your Navy furlough from protesting Vietnam in San Diego. I can't find things readily, as with Baderinwa's earlier career indicating crafting a sliced image. Deciding the market needs a precise imagery. Thing is? Evidence isn't scattered. Those days you were out, I actually noticed Kemberly Richardson at the desk. I've seen her do studio spots but not at the desk. Meaning the women took the cue and started right off showing they've seen all along what they can do if everything wasn't so crafted ar6ound covering for 

dingbat you playing craft another Ronnie Reagan so we can play war forever. The weapons that exist are modern enough to last a hundred years. Ya'll can fix em. Actually money into something that just kills is money lost. Like not including the poor's ability to exist in the economy and losing touch with it as a reality means the mess we've made is as big 

as representing any News Reader as significant enough to be promoted in politics. His next gig? Whatever? Point is Sunday Morning News Shows are vastly better than the meager results Bill Ritter built and the others are kept from doing cause Ritter can't loo. stupid. Bullcrap. MAKES ALL MEN LOOK STUPID. Just ask Mike Hammer. He worked for Rupert Murdoch several times without getting away with anything for retirement. Something right? Works for my being framed as a failed writer, yet know his personal Lifeson ... Alex who is the State Attorney I have castling Bill Ritter now in our chess game he's framed oh look what I made happen when Sade and I've just been paused waiting for him to play a card. Thing with pawns is when they're chekerheads like Ritter the thought is getting away with it never hurts. Any lie builds a house of cards. This is what is stupid. You're reacting over and over with the peace sign like some noble fellow still vacuously avoids where our conversation developed. The ✌️ sign at all, even addressing my adamant use of the repeated 🖕finger means - aloof. And if anything, women know that admits to _hit for brains. Ritter out at first. Next? Board Member, anybody. Cause y'all have fifty years of the future sitting in a circle in Dizzy World AND THE FACT IT DOESN'T CONNECT Orlando, LAKELAND, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville Tallahassee is the vacuous idea it's okay to dig everything out from inside the Earth. Global Warming is ahead of predictions because the lopsidedness of the earth cause d by excavation wasn't figured in while the beer was flowing and memory's - OUT TO LUNCH!

Part I
Big Bachelorette-In-Development Scoop - - - Revealing Stupid Not Stopping Being Stupid 

    Have to go to sleep. I'll get back to it. I'm debilitated somewhat, rendered penniless because friends Lied I don't know money. The dishonesty bothers me more than penniless when I shouldn't have to be. Fixing me just made no sense when rendering me destroyed still pretends help. CRYING can't hide the idolatry of money and satisfied ruining me made money.  Damn it Sade, I'm tired of remembering them the conceited _ssholes. Grin a mile Komanoff, I liked your money yours where the NUCLEAR you claim isn't a sin also goes shoved up your JUDY A__! Money Idolizer you can't deny. Be all you can be in Komanoff's life. Losing to Big Oil. Bill, the liar intimidated me in the museum the electrics were pedals and that's it so shove those up JUDY too burnt out Harvard prick for a dick. Jay at least said some things helpful. You came out JUDY again my French girlfriend said he's disgusting before he married you in your two twin shams. Sorry. I never learned how to not think while I'm being used. Sorry kids your mother showed evil from her eye to mine in The Great Hall. So? Means even your wife's less a liar in my face than you Komanoff. I wouldn't mind seeing Jay again. Ego like yours leaves me ashamed. But I did love you. Should have made an effort to not be worth hate. Bob Murphy sycophant. Fake Consumer pay for congestion pricing Komanoff. Makes living on complaining all the time. See Bill Ritter? And I hate you more and I'm risking Sade talking to me. Risking not talking to Hammer people probably. Malcolm said what if he knows you. That grin meant Bill Ritter is a _hittyhead!

    I'm including this poem from my real life as significant. The monsters attached to me, even NOW pretending. Not just earlier this year. I was some star stalker at best. Turned out I'm the stalked as historian Robert A. Caro among others pointed out. A favorite rock band even dramatized my future in a short especially Screened Clip during their show. 

    So I developed an indifference and am not comfortable coming back to these people still pretending I'm off by letting their controlling my money hurt me but be realistic and beg again we love you. I've written about how a Family Dad pushed his homosexual employee at me just to play with my heads. Adults thought I had nothing better to do than experiment being as adulterous as that Elizabeth I never wanted to live with but the law and my age beat me. 

    So, possibly My Editor Was Paid To Hide Bill Ritter and Not Tell Me and that's what rolled his eyes when confronted. I've seen Ritter devious. If he holds the cards? 

    Sue me! Close Enough. Possibly D(tr)UMP Bragged on the phone with my editor in his and Roy Cohn's assault on the Forbes' Magazine staff researching the highlight reel idolizers of money are still charmed by. Dump was always fake lustre. The most corrupted weren't fooled he's an idiot and why Dump was usable. 

    So maybe A Bonding With LA-Tuned Ladies Men Dr. Armand Hammer and Business Stud Bill Ritter, happened in Malcolm Forbes' Yacht's PRIVATE Office STALL! A boat full of people only the gibberish was possibly discussed topside. Thing is my editor crossed a loyalty line. Everybody stepped back from pretending I'd failed as novelist when people on top of me lied to my face. Oh well. Hammer was clear. That all blamed me they didn't make more money and still pretend the Argentinian is relevant to my life. Lightspeed has a brother-in-law pretending detachment from the machine and just being friends as we always were. If that he wouldn't hide behind tell me I know nothing about your life. Prick sent me to trump's floor in 1986. Criminals Empire stuff it down Robert Wyatt's pretend he understands Muslims throats. Vicious family of money-worshippers, the problem over and over again. Can't prove they stole from me again. But game's changed you gutless wonders can't prove yo've not stolen from me my whole 66 years. Eat SHIT BEZOS. You're just a regular Monopoly Criminal. Nowhere near disgraces to literature that were around me you stuff it all; up your nose monster. Another delivery company built on shortcuts you don't pay for. LIAR FOREVERMORE BEZOS. PYRAMID UP THE _SS topper!

    There was that sense Malcolm knew he wanted out of the way. And I just thought it was meeting the Russian mob financed Rob Wyatt who Malcolm agreed was lost in the fantasy his brain had a wave. Create a brother-in-law to pretend friends is separate from your group's props. Your burdens are liars to my face LIGHTSPEED

    To be continued ... 


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Sade Baderinwa time is told. 

For the world's elite Legal Criminals: Official Notice Scam Ruining Me Exposed! Emailed and public because even the guilty need protecting from MIKE HAMMER, Whore Bongianni boyfriend!

Charles M. Fraser

6:18 PM (0 minutes ago)
to Gabriela

Don't know if you've written back because you're mad or anything. But the thing is destroying me was so efficient however hurt you are. You were used to destroy me and I DID KEEP asking you to stop. Anyway the ad worked and the stupid selfish elite of Argentina can't claim they won using you TOO! Hate their greeds specifically. DR. SHITHEAD there's not enough money in Argentina to keep destroying so do it to Spain! How you couldn't face the corruption! 
    Mike Hammer could claim you're his victory but he barely watched. You yelled and kept me scared and sheltered there in Astoria. That was the game you adapted to. George is corrupt as hell. Period. 
    I don't want the IRS bothering you. American Way so what. Can't say the money is part mine. IRS can disprove that based on tracking me all those years. They're efficient. 
Around ABC 66 and Columbus and Lincoln Center there's pushing by people to bother you for money. Pretending I'm just stupid homeless! 
    Jay still does, when I unblocked him. Let you run me or let Social Security keep me tied to paperwork for months. The way I was attacked about the teeth insurance when Dr. Castagna wouldn't charge more for that anyway. He knew the abuse! YOU are blinded by money and hurt me with it purposely grinning about it and not my mate doing that. I told you and you ran years ago from Castagna. The film was most important is how my life works. 
    Two months without a shower or changing clothes and the cold is bad. But not right people made me small. Bill Ritter lasted a while but he could be sick and has been off air for days now. Been ten days since Security kept Baderinwa and I from each other. That that company can be as evil as any tyranny is judging themselves. Her and I will be alright. 
    I thought to go to you so you can look trying to help with money. Not pretend bits to treat men like a lured in fish. But as with Jay, you know. Just haven't faced yourself and I'm hated not making you believe in my responsibility FULLY. ABC is looking worse in history but you know. Their money and yours are safe till you're history. Can't cry to me because I spent 23 years wanting to help you and my life was made worth nothing. That we meant something to each other and you obviously wanted me ruined deep down. Thanks. Pissed on my love after ALL and we loved each other. But you still support my enemies pretending you know nothing. LYING! I don 't make things up. Not a second goes by I'm not suffering and you are a part of making it happen and lying to protect I don't do. You lied to me. Hammer knew I'd see him stupid as Jay would. You lived top lie to me because money ruled. Cry bitch. Fake caring you don't want me suffering homeless. DID IT! With help from racists that hounded me my whole life and you let them make you the bad one. They destroy the world but you get to say a loyal man was ruined because Money is more important than his caring for others more than himself. Rewrite that so history's clearer you admit something. Me pained hurting the cat between us is just me saying we were close and I can't be expected to forgive every method of ruining me. ... I'll take money. Don't pretend I'm not findable. You were rot competent. Especially viewable how leaving home I was intentionally badly financed for someone who is and expert with money. Right, I should be pissed but can't have to respect feelings. Us used people see that gotten away with all the time. _crew Me!
    I don't know about Mike Hammer or Deb. But Bill Ritter made a big deal about not believing in GOD and then proved he's just stupid and doesn't read. Not an intellectual. That barrier I broke saying to DEB I don't want those two them portraying me less anymore. Hammer protested I'm not. You programmed to say nothing OUT LOUD!  I am ruined. But you Money Idolizers painted yourselves blaming me and I can't argue anymore. There wasn't an US for you. I am the enemy.
    So I die missing Ana is how ABC wrote this, and I was left with nothing because your pride was hurt. I treated you bad. You let them make me worth dirt.


P. S. Wishing can't fix things. Ritter is evil and you hate me too making sure I die worthless. Big publishing ruined me and you couldn't let me have $5 a week to feel less worthless. But beg you? You learned some rotten crap you put a smile on. Don't be confused I'm resentful. I hate the friends that refused to try to help you help me. You letr bad people convimnce you I'm a retirement. FUCK ME! Thanks

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