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HANG 'EM, The Lawyers and Clint “Shallow Conservative” Eastwood Imagery, HIGH

    HAMAS attacks benefitting both Muslim & Jewish Hates towards each other. Actual Fact: Extreme Cultural Flaw. Affirming what Hate's Financial Support(ers) want(s). War in the Middle East as has always been, is really all it is everywhere else. Really. There's more money in violence, even, or especially labelled neutrality. 

    No one keeps their word. Negotiation is like how what Andrew The Jackal Wylie and I mentioned to each other during our lobby conference. Understanding Hollywood wasn't capable of keeping their word. So what am I listening to, is what an objective person concludes. PUBLIC RELATIONS has sold us money buys creditability in every aspect of life. How many specifically, of American Jewry, remain bought off by Bibi "Militaristic Identity" Netanyahu? Plenty, GOD damn it. No human representation of religion can claim to speak for GOD. GOD waits for us to grow up. And we humiliate ourselves, costumed. Properly attired and tie enough to get by, while still time-to-time, color of skin. We're GOD damned. 

    This whole idea GOD is proven by war against other religious identities? Nonsense! It doesn't even make sense in the preaching of ALL THE RELIGIONS, once you get past the MALE HIERARCHY placing themselves exactly where they are. Embarrassing GOD we've been so unequal all this time. 

    Money, salaries, no not just that. Bigger than money. Watch. Men can't hide it. They show their thinking superior all the time. Ultimately resulting in getting their way. Guess what? Women could rule the world and it's still the 30 centuries of Male Hierarchy nonsense responsible for OUR FAILURE. People've ruined the Earth that needs fixing. Don't believe it? Your conscience.

    We're GOD damned idiots. Get it? No. Don't bother. I don't believe there's HELL exactly, where a soul just burns. It's consciences facing themselves. Perpetually some sick _hit to deal with, for some people. 

    Human thinking GOD is limited in outlook to one religion's thinking misses the mark. These religions in some part all evolved together. How ya doin Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

    People are funny. Respect a President? GameChanger the Donald Dump even claimed Presbyterian is his religion. Get it? He is that stupid. Presbyterian is a denomination of Christianity the religion. Incidentally, that GOD judges based totally on human understanding and manifestations? Underestimates GOD by Lightyears

    Can't solve war you pay yourselves to succeed keeping up? Duh. 

    Mistake Middle East has not formed a type of EU as just Council For Debate. For airing grievances. FACING each other! Arguments aired could replace some violence, and maybe eventually - objective rationality ends our Idolizing Our Warring Heritage(s). 

    SAUDI ARABIA GIVE SOLAR PANELS TO PALESTINE so they sell electricity to Israel. Somehow financial giants must stop being mental pygmies. There's enough money. Buy a clue

    No power to enforce? Good. Power manages wanting wins more than solutions. Why Chasing Inflation - THE SOLUTION, destroys economies. And has been on hyper-drive last two generations as mangling money was more popularized. Hey, we're smarter. 1920s throb shocked Wall Street. Since? Wall Street strives and country catches up letting inflation eliminate the bottom incapable of being sold subsistence as now just poor. Charity = Evidence Economic Circulation Broken. A collapsed economy and homelessness. Dag gum it.Don't worry. All "above" Bill Ritter's "(my) pay grade." Resting easy idolizing him, is nowhere near joke.

    American Money nurtured Rupert Murdoch's Nonsense, Toxic Legacy. Reducing these United States to redundant complaint as a satisfactory consequence. Imagine, Murdoch perpetually facing his NEVER FACED Conscience? He hasn't.

    To sound nice, is calling it complaining as represented by Sean HannityRarely reaches the ballpark of actual usefulness. Bill Ritter's pass through, pretending to confront and talk? Was basically ANNOUNCING: "I don't have to deal with this" after he'd even said - "I don't believe in GOD." Why he even made it a competition over GOD didn't make sense to me. I couldn't remember saying GOD, but did explain my absence traveling the 4 Northeast Corridor train stations for details on THE ROBERT MOSES TRAGEDY

    That was the last moment I cared to try to converse with you, Mr. Ritter. Like Mr. Andrew Wylie not talking to Hollywood. What's the point if everything you say just gets twisted to fit lies. Made your point. Information, understood. We, you and I, are not two cultures needing to compromise. We're two men where one's shredded historically for interfering beyond what Ritter himself confessed, "beyond his" (my) "pay grade." 

    Funny man knew he was culturally trapped too? Maybe. But sympathetic once, doesn't mean how  _issed off I am can be negated from preferring king ritter AND POMPOUS, ARROGANT SECURITY JEFF defanged by ABC-7. I've not hurt their reputation. THEY CORRUPTED SELVES. A lot of women in that company, DISNEY/ABC. Remember? It's women I want MALE CHAUVANISM uncomfortable facing. 

    Herr Ritter got at least near ten people, in my presence, hearing me explain ABC embarrassed is to understand their being fooled by a complete lack of integrity. Your substance-less ritter! Defending bad people. But that's okay. Propped up  everywhere and anywhere he is. Only people intelligent enough to know, know what Disney/ABC allowed to destructively undermine their history(ies) as encapsulated in Bill  SS Heritage Ritter. Your responsibility BOB IGERBuck stops somewhere

    My conscience is clear on how and why that SHALLOW MAN and his sycophants trapped me. Just shamefully shallow. And Chairman of The Pile of Money, Bob Iger? Silly. Soupy Sales was nationally disgraced and went on to live well enough in Hollywood working part-time.

Doesn't matter. Always Bill "Useless Time" Ritter to me. That important to stand up to me? Fraud behind a desk doesn't have to mean anything? Scream IT Ritter! You said you didn't know who I was outside that studio window respectfully waiting on Ms. Baderinwa. We spent many months making sure we were in sync because of the situation. A summer inquiry she could not respond to. Delivered to your mailroom, last summer, signed by ISRAEL! You ritter ethiclessly INTERVENED months later. Disease breath. See. I can't stop. Everyone knows insulting can lead to not being read, but there you sit Teflon Bill every night in the legacy of Teflon Ron, Teflon Don and Teflon Bill. Third ranking, but you scored in my life. Too bad for one of us, JK Fraser is an "Advertising Legend."  
    Hear that Shill Bill? Echo from The National Enquirer's Mike Hammer's twisted face demanding I can't think of myself "as an intellectual." Boo! I can't buy enough vowels?

    Cool part is us together wouldn't have time to discuss Mr. Ritter at all. Like curse words. A thought stopper. And curious eight months, kept apart, like this? We could even hate each other and still be curious. I Love You Sade. Speculation could never invade my heart's clinging to wanting to be with you ...

    Does ABC-7's Newsreader, exposed as mere Male Superiority undergraduate/never graduate, have a chance? C'mon, everyone does. What's to watch? He shouldn't have been a righteous creep requiring my relentless attack(s). ABC? Withered professionalism? Uh huh! 

    RITTER THE GREAT aspire to replacing President Putin? No, The San Diego Naval Industrial Complex Plant's satisfied pretending ABC Security represented protecting women. Women know it was pure heel. Self-righteous Male Figurehead

    Go ahead. BRAG TO THE OFFICE you're not afraid to face your conscience. That Fear of the Lord stuff. I had/have nothing to fear. But Male Hierarchy-ism's condemned. Can't disprove even in our lifetimes. Pinhead

Mr. Peace Sign Made A Game Man 

    Bill Ritter, Symbol of the distortion of Public Relations for money against logic. True, virtually all news-casting, certainly across America, has the Male Lead image role. As if characters in a play. Male Lead. Female Lead. No? Paid to lie to self then. Because Bill Ritter targeted me as Security has all over the place the last year. Probably since known ROBERT MOSES' biographers and I talked. 

    Ithaca, no. But Philadelphia, no not really. Only there on a day-trip. But Wilmington, Delaware and Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D. C.? All significant in that Security is custom, and Americans regarded as necessarily guarded. But just kept in line, not particularly wanted. Move along. Unlike the Welcome Mat atmosphere in the World's Elite Airports For The Richer. Where sit on then floor if you have to, not designated illegal though nowhere written in LAW. 

    Meanwhile, an anyway, Ritter. The Police have watched me since age six, Meathead

    Ritter's conflagration, he started, "above my pay grade" still coincided exactly with my condemning the mess all of America was made by mediocre spending and slicing profit from the jaws of the best designs possible. By sycophantly following, and absorbing, Robert Moses' and American Executives' denying they're a TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY. So the destruction of America and world? Was habitualized, overdosing on gas and the money pulling too much of the core from the centers of the planet. No? Fall hurricanes have become preponderant. Face the polluted music. 

    Getting away with commercially selling the public that the PUBLIC chooses gas over electric? PRed condemned consciences to kingdom come for the already perpetrated massacre. Ruined the planet over-exploiting everything. Not my threat is it?

     The American Public was bamboozled that train tracks and car roads cross each other. Design flaw in not insuring lives from unnecessary threat. That's not facing things. What people who thought destroying me was fun stand up for. Or sit behind desks. Ritter following Roy Cohn protocol by not denying he's a Gas-auto pilot for Bad Oil. Another Dr. Armand Hammer Occidental Bitch, Shill Bill Ritter! 

    Oversights excused because of construction cost while INSURANCE IS MAKING DOUGH. As if just a game, politicizing everything to tear apart. Ya know there's rednecks in the South that don't allow being bothered with Equality, because they have the right to not be bothered with politics? It's cultural. Politics is even cultural, the small slice that it is for such a big chunk of swallowed up universe. Aren't fixing the ruined Earth? Some consciences are in for it. Oh yeah, writing Ritter for luck. Knock-knock.

     Everything bad about the world finds places to hide. Folks I've been hounded since about six-years-old by confused bastards who may as well all represent my being hated by Groveland Four Murderer Sheriff Willis V. McCall. That's how disgusting interfering with her and I is, poor Male Tale FIGUREHEAD.   

    Accomplishments to our detriments, PUBLIC RELATIONS? The idolization of Roger Stone! Ya'll are freaks not facing yourselves. Historical Fact idolizing that whole devastating legacy. It's moronic, and you're defending America against communists and socialists? You're defending Executives not counting money right. That's it!   

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