Monday, March 18, 2024

Happy Monday

    Yes Monday's here till Happy Tuesday, etc. A very, very sweet film, Happy Mondays' music video STEP ON. NOW reach down inside where the where-with-all is, and pluck that Male Dominion Demon right from Sigourney Weaver's core.
    Right. Reason I support Vice-President Kamala Harris for President of the United States is she's a woman positioned for the position. Whatever theatrical nonsense House Republicans pivot, to keep her from The Public Eye, or even being a logical discussion point, because of both the President's age and age of the disreputable candidate-in-waiting who's fiddlesticks is fiddlesticks. On three, everybody, "FIDDLESTICKS!" 
"Roy Cohn was a hard-liner to the end." - Roger Stone. Ruthlessly ethicless enabled hard line. 
    We're really, so extremely, impossibly in the hole National Political Resource Wise? Because once people make mistakes, mistakes are repeatedly stepped in mistakes
    Much can be done to stifle teenage and accidental pregnancy. But relatively nothing's been achieved for generations in the Adoption Enterprise System. Where kids can't help but be last in line no matter what judges decide. Accountants rule is reality. As well as commercially enterprised. Whaaaaaaaaaaa! Smack. Don't worry, lawyer's cell's next to the crib, kid.
    To have an encompassing focus is difficult. Because we're not exactly an overall strategized. There's rightfully feared authoritarianism. So Public Approval is a financial competition for the Public Mind. No? Then why is there so much more money in Private Enterprise Politics than real thing? Much, much more.
    Real thing legislatures being the last place Raises should be voted on for Themselves. And approved as their homage to Inflation's Requirement they play catch-up with the elite - commercial enterprise system. Whip Inflation Now. No? 
    Ending inflation is the only way to fix the economy. Where is a Further Devastated Poor Index? Worst places on Earth money should circulate well enough to feed and house.
COMPETE WITH THAT? Dream World? Well, true. But look how far gotten wondering why Gulliver travelled? Ambitious beyond our invented traps. Otherwise just mortals twiddling around, watched over by the ruthless enough. The Little People are squashed. Why corporations accordingly receive such devotion. 
    Big Brother Bezos smiling everywhere - 
    Pretend competition and dissolving the cycles of money's very hopes and dreams. And ability to need people? Money is important? As disheartening as it sounds, money's reality. And LEGAL THIEVERY! Lying to ourselves continues. 
Even Michigan's own President Ford could not 
Navalny Returned To Russia To Die and Imprisoned Where He Would. While yesterday Navalny's Executioners Elected Themselves a Monarchy Again and again and ... 

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