Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Marching Ahead, Past, Through or Around Censoring Forces of Censorship? All That's Important Is Women Get Us Where We Should GO

    Attempting t
ruthfulness, as much as I can. Just had a half awareness, and no expectation, before the start, that my neck was really, literally, or figuratively, being placed on the Guillotine of American Public Opinion. Wow. You know. Where the excitement of going up meets the exhilarating thrill of watching the demisable repercussions fall.  Fascinating how The Donald Dump has gotten away with, and gets away with, denying awareness when he evidently aim(ed)s at the repercussions. 
    But I'm not facing America as two-faced as that Jerk for President is running. When America's Majority knows he's really a criminal. January 6, staged mayhem so what? It was outright criminal abuse of power. I'm thinking The Dumpster wants me Siberianized as Navalny was. Navalny returned to die, knowing he wanted the deed finished in, up yours Putin-Reigning-Elite, Russia. 
    Some day everyone drives a Putin? Come on, work stuff out. Put guns' absurd demagoguery away. 
    What you fools conjured in lieu of George Bush Jr.'s Presidential Supreme Court heistIncredibly destructive, you belligerent wasters of time when our Planet Earth needs repaired NOW. Because of your, our, damage done
    Hello NBC's TODAY SHOW? Still using flame retardant on that Bush parked by Brilliant Hoda? Because nothing warms my heart more than people sidling up to and facing history. Does she need a Robert A. Caro moment like I had? Walking away thinking there's explaining to do if I'm that damned nervous that close to history? Of course she does. FACE THE MUSIC! Gas Burning Bushes.
Whether his Spirit is proud or not, I'm after emulating THOMAS PAINE against The Tyrannies.

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