Sunday, March 24, 2024

Happy Sunday


    Sunday is its happiest if killing, blood-shed and self-idolization end. Where in the education of Netanyahu is responsibility for his idolizing war and its effects? Brain set similar to teenager Putin knocking on the door applying for admission to The KGB's sacred halls of power
    It just can't be Israel's defense, that that man, Bibi Netanyahu, stands for Israel's Defense. Because Israel's Defense would have meant war ended long ago. Tried. But The Great Netanyahu's Throne is just the same stamped in behavior of Warrior Kings like Putin and Trump. Not HOPE, but keep feuds alive. 
    Believers in Figure-heading Authority for Bad Intentions' Sakes' Rule of the World. Destroying anything. The Donald Dump is FULL OUT shoving it down America's throats to Re-Elect his The Donald Dump's Defense of BIG-OIL Destruction. While President Biden defends the same. 
    Muslim hate, ditto. Civilization grows or posterity is done. Seriously. Saudi Arabia donate solar panels to Palestine for Palestine to sell electricity to Israel. Something! Elite Muslims and Jews are either off your high-horses, or GOD damned wrong. 
    Catherine The Great of Russia? Why was she not liked? Because she wanted the men's confabulations controlled. Potemkin Villages of lies etc. 
    Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964, and Chairman of the Council of Ministers from 1958 to 1964. He was deposed and settled into garden retirement because Stalin's killings left bad tastes in the Central Committee's rulers mouths. But they weren't letting Khrushchev give Ukraine back to Ukraine. 
    Muscovy vs. Kiev. Nation State Rivalry is not authentic culture. History can be so much better lit for people to understand warmongering's just - warmongering.  
    Warmongering. Such a treat. All wrapped in patriotism. Otherwise the selling's short of what it takes to convince to die for something more meaningful than yourself. A lot of things have been fought and died for. But the most famous for killing to control history? That's right. How remembered. That's Dump's and Putin's shared legacies. Dump likes Andrew Jackson? Someone told him why. Didn't figure it out for himself.  
    Yeah, so right, Sunday could use happy news. Nothing new. Impossible to love Sade more than I do and embarrassing myself speaking up too soon? Not illiterate. We'll work on anything necessary. Crap from co-workers history, or else lock me up. DISNEY/ABC's liars! Dag gum it. Flamboyant gibberish is all Ritter World produced. FACE FLASHER?

I Hate That Man!

    Try pretending I'm at ABC to bother you RITTER? And NYPD better lock you up. Perpetrating over and over. Hiding behind the plasticized disfigurement of America's Open Forums. You read the News? You're TOKYO ROSE in drag, monster. You interfered when obviously not asked or wanted. You're as creepy as George W. Bush and The Dump all at once. FRAUD. Robert "Bob the Enabler" Iger? California Military Complex Conspirator too? Of course. The entire top of the economy is infiltrated with deadbeat men supporting the glass ceiling fraud and Weaponry's Money Industrialized Complex. Creep ABC Channel 7, New York supports, DISNEY/ABC? Your consciences not face-able either, huh? Ritter, truthfully the benefit of the doubt even sounds better from me. Anyone whose read knows, only an idiot would stand there like Dump like he's above it all when so beneath integrity it's disgusting. ABC? Your lap. Not a good day, sirs. But it will be a Happy Sunday. And remember, Ritter's not shown the integrity to cry about even that. Bill Ritter Ruthless Male Chauvinist PIG. 


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