Saturday, April 6, 2024

Male Hierarchy FIGUREHEAD

Finally! Walt Disney's smiling more than pictures hiding Corporate Insincerity.

    Yeah Jack. Sorry, Mr. _ss. Imagining above anything necessary without imagining everything? Or much of anything, Ritter. You were witless. I've seen long-gone redneck idiots show more relative coherence than your idiot acting face deicing to talk with the lower class. YOU REALLY ARE A COMPLETE SCUMBAG! 

    Notice Iger? He's not afraid of your protecting yourself. Shooting Star that one. Take care of yourself. Ritter self-identified idolized self. You tell em T

Male Hierarchy

TyrannyDARN IT? Door-to-Door Automobile Convenience? Pampered mobile throne Does not Face Integrity.

From: Dam My Eyes ...

    The United States Public built the roads the Industrialized Gas Auto Engine Industry still runs on and pretends trains paying for track is competition. Hysterical! GREAT BAMBOOZLING of AMERICA, right under our, closed by lechers, eyes. Congestion Pricing does make the public pay again. So criminal overcharged. 30 years this has floated producing TODAY'S PUBLICITY DELUGE. THE FINE SOCIETY is ultimately disrespectful. Police ourselves is the solution. Ruling has destroyed for centuries. 
    See public? Reason for Congestion Pricing, to begin with, is The Public hasn't been drawn to solving the environmental crisis for three generations. Solutions that are not reached for goals? Mismanaged For Big Oil's Money's Sake keeping tied-up economy to bad habit viceSolar panels in Sahara not lighting Europe? The horror. The shame. 
    No? Fact appears everyone's included with Scumbags inside Big Oil's Trickery
    Slick, right? Pragmatic public bought and were sold that we chose gas over alternatives when everything other than oil's been clearly undermined centuries. And generations of wasted recent wealth tricking ourselves to the satisfaction of complete WASTES such as DONALD JOHN DUMP
THIS STOP, twilight zone

Be careful what public found knowing. ðŸ˜ŽðŸ˜ðŸ˜Ž

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