Sunday, April 7, 2024

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

HEY! R____r's Sycophants!

    Right, ABC Enablers. Time and chances plenty, the reality chosen was strictly heads up Ritter Sycophant Paradise. Overwhelmed by the fume thoughts were confusion. Three Security people, at least, funny as hell lost in actual thought and relatively oblivious to the ritual cracking up the opponent escapade run by truly Donald Dumpish Quackery worthy of ever-after known as worthless as Bill (All you care to be?) THE GOD Damned "LA Business Writer" Ritter!

    Anyone closing a History Book, Ron De Santis' Neighborhood especially? Behinds behind me in line. And closing ANY HISTORY stops NOW! Except Figureheaded Male Hierarchy Shell Cooperations Ruining our planet's role in the Universe. Capitalism, socialism, whatever. All, an entire amalgamation of conspiracies of individuals. 

Found the enemy, us.

But certainly beautiful neighborhoods.

Have a good Sunday. Realize every day Holy.

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